Minor/Repaint: Universe Masterpiece Skywarp

Discussion in 'Radicons Customs' started by shadowfall1976, Apr 15, 2010.

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    This Masterpiece Skywarp has not been painted at all......

    here's the story..
    I tried making a MP Starscream, but one thing lead to another, first
    with crap ass paint, then after stripping and beginning assembly....
    he broke.... then pissed after all my work....he found himself ghost
    Starcream....once again.......

    So I decided to use his parts to make Skywarp a Toy / Toon hybrid...
    without actually painting the original figure, just a few screw loosened
    and a few pins removed, and some custom mixed paint..and here is my custom Skywarp,
    even the red eyes are stickers.

    The Thrust Vectors pop off, so when in jet mode you can replace the purple "Feet"
    versions with the dark grey originals. The only thing not customized to toon version
    is the wings & the upper arms weren't replaced, I painted the spares, but didn't
    want to pop the screw caps out, but I still may do so.

    For more detailed pics: Thundercracker & Skywarp on Flickr.

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