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    Chapter 1

    Several eons back, I arrived on Planet Earth, and lived amongst the human population, as one of them.

    Even though I wasn't one of them.

    I called Jolt back on Planet Cybertron, asked him to meet me at Sun Park, and Optimus asked him where he was going.

    "I am heading to Earth to meet with Starfire" Jolt replied.

    Optimus was wondering as to why I had asked Jolt to meet me at Sun Park, so Optimus asked Hot Shot to tail Jolt,
    just to see what I was up to.

    Minutes later, I had arrived at the location. A nano second later, Jolt had arrived at the same location.

    I was waiting for him on a park bench. By this time Hot Shot had arrived, but kept a low profile.

    By this time I had removed my version of the Matrix, and had it in my hands and Jolt walked over to me,
    and asked me.

    "What have you got there Starfire, huh!, your Matrix!, but Starfire, why have you removed it?" asked Jolt.

    "you see Jolt, I still don't think I deserve to carry this ancient tallisman that resides within me,
    so I'm handing it back to Optimus" I replied.

    "He's not going to be very happy with you Starfire" said Jolt.

    "I know Jolt, so could you please return this to Optimus, and tell him that I don't deserve this" I replied.

    "Very well Starfire, but, he's not going to like it" Jolt replied.

    Hot Shot called Optimus back on Cybertron and told him.

    "Starfire has removed something from her chest and has handed it to Jolt" replied Hot Shot.

    With that Jolt took off back the space bridge and back to Cybertron and Hot Shot followed suit .


    Chapter 2

    I was starting my rounds once more when my trolley broke. I got so angry, so I scanned another trolley, then I found what
    I was looking for.

    I had placed all my work inside the trolley and started off once again, and when I was half way through my work,

    I felt something that wasn't quite right, it would seem that where the Matrix chamber was-was starting to act up,

    I couldn't figure out as to why, so I called Optimus and told him about the problem.

    I was having with my chest cavity, just then Red Alert came on the line and offered me an advice.

    "I think I have a solution to your problem Starfire, it would appear that your Matrix cavity is acting up
    without the Matrix being in there, so your wires are just slashing around in there,
    with nothing to latch onto, and your fighting the feeling your having, cause you don't want it within you Starfire" said Red Alert.

    "Hmmm, that would explain this feeling I am having Red Alert, and your right, I don't deserve it being in there" I replied.

    So I finished my rounds still thinking what Red Alert was talking about.
    I was thinking to myself you know he's right I am fighting this feeling I am having and I arrived back to my earth home.


    Chapter 3

    Jolt had arrived back on Cybertron and walked inside the Headquarters and walked over to Optimus and handed him the Matrix.

    "why?" asked Optimus.

    As he was looking down at the Matrix in his hands.

    "you see Optimus, Starfire said that she doesn't deserve this" replied Jolt.

    "Of course she does deserve to carry this, well in that case, I am heading down to earth
    and talk to Starfire about this...personally" said Optimus.

    So with that Optimus placed my Matrix within him, and headed outside the Command Center, Transformed into his earth vehicle mode
    and took off through the space bridge, and proceeded to head back to Earth, to confront me with this decision.

    A few weeks later, I started doing my rounds once more, and as I was on the last of them, I noticed a fire engine
    that was parked up ahead of me, when I saw the fire engine parked there I immediatly knew who it was.

    "o-oh, I'm in for it now" I said to myself

    I walked closer to the fire engine, and the door opened and I climbed aboard.

    "Er...hi bro...er what a surprise seeing you here" I said.

    Optimus was a little miffed with me by this time.

    "Starfire Prime! I have a bolt to pick with you, but we cannot talk here,
    is there somewhere quiet, where we can go and talk" said Optimus

    "Ummm there is Sun Park, we can go there and talk" I replied.

    So we took off to Sun Park.

    We arrived at Sun Park, and I scanned the area to make sure that we weren't followed.

    "Now Starfire, why in the universe did you remove the Matrix from within you?" asked Optimus

    "Optimus, I still don't think that I deserve to carry this item within me" I replied

    "Oh come on Starfire, that's just crazy, of course you deserve this, how many times have
    you put your life on the line, to save the humans from Megatron and the Decepticons?" Optimus replied.

    "Too many times to count Optimus" I replied.

    "That's why I'm taking you back home, so as I can replace the Matrix back where it belongs....
    within you" Optimus replied still miffed with me.

    "Ah before we go back home Optimus, can we make a stop off at my earth home
    so as I can drop a few things off? I asked.

    "Of cause you can Starfire" replied Optimus

    We took off back to my earth home to drop off a few bags, then we returned to Sun Park and took off back home.

    We took off through the space bridge and headed home,
    while we were travelling through the space bridge I said to Optimus.

    "But bro look, I still don't think I deserve to carry the Matrix" I pleaded

    "That's rediculous Starfire, we'll hear no more of this until we get home is that understood" said Optimus.

    With an authoritive tone in his voice, as he was still a little miffed with me.

    But I knew within my spark, that he was right, I shouldnt've done it,
    so I laid down across the seat and went into sleep mode until we got home.
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    Nice to see Jolt doing something. And Starfire is having doubts about carrying the Matrix. I'd be interested to know why Optimus thought she should be carrying it.

    When did Optimus become a fire engine then? This is movie Optimus we're talking about right?
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    As Black Oracle knows I love background or flashback stories!!. Why does she want to remove the Matrix, WHY does she feel she is unworthy? CP, if you fill us in on just a few background details, this will be a great beginning of a new series..:thumb 
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