Minor/Repaint: Universe (Classics) Ironhide and Ratchet

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    So this is my very first attempt at customizing Transformers. I am limited in what I have to use to customize though =(.

    I bought Ironhide and Ratchet off ebay and thought they needed touching up.

    Note: I also did the head modification on both of these so the head isn't looking down so much. I don't remember where but I found it on here.

    Also, I added Reprolabel Autobot logos to the chest plates to make it stand out more.

    Ratchet bugged me the most with the Red crest on his head and not black. His big black forearms bugged me too so I attempted to paint him and this is what I got.
    As I have never customized before I really didn't know what to do to paint them or how (I was always a colored pencil person not paint haha). I ended up going with Spraypaint and the end result turned out good I guess but in person the paint job is really bad. I thought the spray paint would work really well but it was like not sticking at first and black was showing through. I put clear coat on after that but it was like making the paint run even though it was dry. I tried painting the face silver and taped it off and everything and some how the paint go through so I had to paint the face over with white.

    I think the only successful thing I did with this project was switching the plate behind the windows so Ratchet has silver and Ironhide has Black. I painted both bumpers over with metallic Silver so they matched.

    The last thing with him was I just removed that front bumper guard thing from Ratchet as I thought it looks better only on Ironhide.

    Ironhide Got the same general treatment. I painted the face silver instead of blue but same with Ratchet some how the paint got through so I had to paint the face. It doesn't look as bad on him though as it does on Ratchet. I also painted the Shoulders Black to give him a more G1 look and I just thought there was too much red. Same as with Ratchet I just couldn't get the paint to work right so it's painted but it looks like a 2 year old did it =( Anyway here he is:

    I also as I said with Ratchet, switched the Black and Silver chest plates and Painted the bumper silver. Also Just to match I painted the Front Bumper Guard of Ironhide the Metallic silver

    In the end, I liked what I was trying to do in concept but I just feel as if I ruined 2 perfectly good figures with crappy paint jobs. The paint is already coming off. Like I said it was my first time doing anything like this so maybe thats why I don't really know. They don't look bad on the Shelf with the rest of my collection but on their own i personally think they suck =( Cant wait for the PP05 Igear Ironhide and Ratchet now.


    P.S. If you would like to see pics in Vehicle modes just let me know.

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    These are awesome!! Vehicle mode would be greatly apreciated.

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