Universe / Classics 2.0 Jaw hits ground!!!!

Discussion in 'Transformers News and Rumors' started by Noisemaze2006, Jul 1, 2007.

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    I was just reading this:

    I was getting sick over the animated news, the attitude has changed 180 degrees, everybody's gonna love it, season 2 is in the works, the toys are 90% accurateto the show, it's going to take up all of 2008, will have better time slot than Energon & Cybertron. I want realistic Transformers plain & simple. I'm probably going to like a few of the toys but overall I don't think I'm gonna be into the stylized pre-school look. And sure, of course Cartoon Network will make sure it has a better time slot, they push their stuff & to hell with the rest!

    I was just saying in other threads that "I want UNIVERSE back" & "I wish they would continue Classics". Then I saw this & I'm totally speechless:

    FALL 2008 ... CLASSICS??????????????????
    CLASSICS 2.0
    Showed us Sunstreaker and Sideswipe.
    Want to continue realistic look with Classics.
    "Transformers Universe" in G1 styled font.
    Deluxe scale.
    Will not be licensed vehicles
    In early development.
    Sunstreaker and Sideswipe will not have the same chest, head or design. They look just as different in robot mode as their G1 selves.
    Showed us Octane (triple changer): military tanker vehicle and looks like the gun ship from TF Movie that took out Scorponok.
    Looking to add an ultra scale to Transformers Universe.
    They are planning on doing a new Galvatron figure that is not a repaint of Megatron.

    2 segments for fall 2008: Transformers Animated and Transformers Universe (Classics 2.0). I have the impression that the G1 styled font "Transformers Universe" is the official name for Classics 2.0. The fans shouted ... Hasbro heard.

    No mentions of Alternators or Titaniums - had to make some choices based ... $2 million dollars invested in Alternators and die-cast in Titaniums ... Hasbro wasn't getting a return on their investment with those lines so they decided to focus on Classics 2.0.
    Larger scales for Classics.

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