Minor/Repaint: universe 2003 megatron

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    (custom bio for the figure) after winning the beast wars and cybertron restored from his vehicon takeover, megatron felt his spark enter an endless limbo for what seemed like dega-cycles, until he felt the mighty hand of unicron revive feeling into his original T-rex body. Unicron made a deal with megatron that he shall lead the decepticon army unicron will bring forth only if he agrees to modify his original techno-organic virus to fit his plans, now armed with a cannon able to use the newly created unicron virus, megatron sets out for cybertron for revenge and to claim what is rightfully his.

    whewww boy where to start with this badbot..

    well for starters i absolutely LOVED the transformers universe 2003 line, it was one of the toylines that had a great story and involved every generation of transformers from '84 to '03, hell you could make you own story by having various toys from your collection all locked in a battle that would end however you wanted it to

    the one thing i did NOT like was megatrons absence in the story, sure it takes place after the great reformatting on cybertron from beast machines, but optimus primal got revived to bring forth fight unicron's decepticon warriors who set out to infect cybertron's inhabitants with the unicron virus, i could go on all day but the story itself isnt the point...ON TO MEGATRON

    i was excited to finally own a beast wars megatron (no matter the deco but i specifically wanted the dinobots T-wrecks mold) to me no matter what color scheme and name you slap on the package THIS-FIGURE-IS-MEGATRON (unless you like T-wrecks than thats cool too!) and immediately when he arrived the idea hit me to make him into a universe 2003 incarnation of optimus primal's mortal enemy, and the best part of this figure is i did it all without any major paint modifications, just a few extra colors here and there and BOOM this figure just SCREAMS megatron (more than the original T-wrecks deco)

    the dino mode is unpainted because its too badass to change, the only major mods i did to this figure was take all the gears and junk out the left arm and made the dino tail/pincher/shield thingey detachable by friction, i also took the water squirter out of the dino mouth (it didnt work anymore otherwise i'd have kept it =\) but i came up with a cool idea, i took a leftover blade from a 07 movie camaro bumblebee and glued it onto the squiter base (AKA the back of the dino's throat) and painted the entire inside of the mouth a deep maroon to make it look more realistic, i also added a simple AWESOME detail that im very proud of even thought its very small, i took the barrel tip of a energon rodmus blaster and glued it to the top of the bracket that triggered the water gun to be the "unicron virus" blaster i mentioned in the bio, and the best part is its conPLETELY concealed when the mouth is closed or in simple open positions

    i only put one dino-mode pic cause its unchanged, the difference is small but at the same time makes a big difference


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    Looks good. Need to touch up the T-Rex teeth.
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    Looks great!

    Luv me some Universe 1.0 based Transformers. :D 

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