Customs: Universe 2.0 25TH anniversary cheetor improvements

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    as i wait on some parts ffrom a buddy to finish my transmetal tarantulas vs transtech cheetor set i thought i'd let you guys know this;

    Last friday i bought a loose incomplete (missing unimportant ninja diskies) for 13 BUCKS! On eBay and according to fedEx its due to arrive tomorrow on tuesday and i intend to do a few modifications and custom paint job (tutorial can be made upon request) theres a leg mod i saw in the customs section and it looks neat-o so i might test it out, the second thing i'll be doing is giving cheetor his signature gut-gun (tutorial coming for that once cheets arrives). The third thing i'll be doing is showing how to detail cheetor to make him look better than he already does, the possible fourth (but prob not final) thing im going to test is find a way to put the front cheetah fore-arms to attach to the backpack so its not just a yellow lump (not the cheetah bicep kibble, just the fore-arms)

    if anyone has things to suggest or to actually do let me know!


    P.S the tarantulas/cheetor set as i said is 1 step away from finished then its back to making my cybertronian/transtech beastie megs and dinobot just so you guys know, i havent forgotten or stopped work on either set =)

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