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    Can't for the life of me remember this user's tfw ID, but just so you know avoid this buyer like the plague.

    Impatient, uncommunicative, and will probably just rob you.

    To elaborate, I sold this person a MIB titanium G1 Ultra Magnus for £18. Not content. with the low price, they insist on dismantling the box and just shipping the essentials to reduce cost. Fine, fair enough. The item was shipped out in the first week of December, which also happened to be the middle of a major snow storm in the UK (it took half an hour to walk to the post office on sheets of ice, no appreciation there).

    Fast forward a month to 8th January. No word from the buyer, nothing to indicate the item's arrival or lack thereof. Suddenly, I get an email from paypal telling me a case has been filed and raised to a claim within an hour of been opened. The buyer had claimed the parcel had never arrived, but never contacted me to ask about its whereabouts either.

    And now, I'm £25 down and short of a rare titanium figure that was in pristine condition. The lessons: don't trust people you deal with, always get tracking insurance, and avoid shifty characters.

    Not recommended AT ALL.

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