Unicron Trilogy: You're Not Alone

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    You know what? I actually love this story very much, and I've spent a lot of time writing one chapter after another while having spare time on the computer at school. I don't expect people to just like it right away, but obviously, I don't care if I get reviews on it or not, this is just put up here for entertainment, and enjoyment. So please enjoy it.


    Chapter 1:

    The Loss of a Father​

    A young purple and blue seeker femme rushed forward to greet her father, Storm Saber, a tall grey mech with kind blue optics and the wings of a born flyer. Storm Saber picked up the tiny femme and swung her around, making her squeal in delight as the grey jet-bot brought her back into one arm and tickled the cockpit on her chest, receiving another squeal.

    A dark blue and purple femme with golden optics and the alternate form of a water-based vehicle, in her standards, approached the laughing seekers and Storm Saber held the young femme out of the way so that he could greet his bondmate with a kiss, which the young femme retorted with a squint face. “Daddy do yuckies in front of me!” she giggled.

    Storm Saber laughed and brought the young femme close towards his chest and blew a kiss on her light grey face, which she giggled loudly. “Then daddy do yuckies on baby?” he asked.

    “Noes!” the young femme squealed before Storm Saber put her down and she rushed off to hide while her father gently pulled his bondmate, Aquablade, close to himself and kissed her on the forehead. The water based femme kissed him in return and they pulled each other into a hug before the young femme’s voice broke them apart.

    “Momma and daddy read bed time?”

    “I’ll do it this time, love,” Storm Saber said with a wink.

    “Alright honey,” Aquablade laughed as the grey jet-bot left his bondmate alone to go read their daughter a bed time story.

    The young femme was only five thousand years old, an equivalent to that of a five year old human, and was not at the right age to receive a name that would suite her personality. This would only come to be if she reached the age of ten thousand years old (ten human years old) and might be quite the fireball when it came to be.

    Aquablade was thinking about naming their daughter Firespitter because of her fiery nature to get what she wanted, but she changed her mind and shook her head. The rule was as simple as anything else. Wait until the colours shone.


    Storm Saber sat down on the edge of the young femme’s bed and took out her favourite book. “Do you want daddy to read this to you?” he asked.

    To his surprise, the purple femme shook her head. “Daddy tell story about Primus and Unicron,” she answered and a glimmer was seen her little sun flower optics.

    Storm Saber laughed and helped his daughter into bed before covering her up with the covers and sat down in a seat beside her pillow. “Alright, but will you promise to go to sleep when daddy’s finished?” he asked.

    “I promise daddy,” the young femme promised as she crossed her cockpit where her Spark was located.

    “Alright then, here it goes, but it might be a bit rusty,” Storm Saber answered and cleared his throat.

    The young femme nodded as she settled down.



    “Before the dawn of time, Order and Chaos existed within an extra dimensional entity known as ‘The One’. To explore the fledgling universe, He created the astral being known as Unicron, and then subdivided him, creating his twin, Primus. Both brothers were multiversal singularities, unique in all realities, but whereas Unicron could only exist in one dimension at a time, moving between them at will, Primus existed simultaneously in all realities at once. It is suggested, in fact, that the two brothers embody the basic concepts of reality – good and evil, order and chaos – and that their continued existence is necessary for the stability of the multiverse.

    “As Unicron and Primus went about their appointed task, venturing through the cosmos, it became apparent to Primus that Unicron was a corrupt being, and he took it upon himself to stop the threat posed to all of his existence by his sibling. In combat, Primus was no match for Unicron. In cunning, however, he proved himself to his brother’s superior when he shifted their battle to the astral plane, and then back to the physical world once more, only to have both their essences manifest within metallic planetoids, leaving them both trapped. It was of this act of sacrifice that Primus hoped to contain Unicron’s evil forever. Unfortunately for him, over time, Unicron learned to shape his prison into a giant metallic planet, and Primus followed in suit, becoming the mechanical world of Cybertron. When Unicron then learned how to transform his planetary form even further, into a gigantic robot form, Primus adapted the idea to suit his own ends – rather than transforming his own body, he would create small beings that would be able to change their shape, like Unicron. After performing a ‘test run’ on the moon of Protos, where he successfully created twelve transforming robotic beings, he birthed from his own body a group of thirteen robots that possessed the ability to change shape, like Unicron. These were the Thirteen Original Transformers, each one infused with a fragment of Primus’ life essence known as a Spark.

    The Thirteen were Primus’ soldiers in his war with Unicron, which came to its seeming end during a climactic battle in which one of the Thirteen, who would forever afterwards be known as the Fallen, betrayed Primus and became an acolyte of Unicron. The battle ended when the Fallen and Unicron were sucked into a black hole and disappeared from reality. With Unicron gone for now, Primus entered an eons-long-slumber, his self-imposed sleep preventing Unicron from detecting him through the mental link the brothers shared. The Transformer race grew, and Primus fell into the realm of legend, with a portion of his power, the Matrix of Leadership, handed down through the generations, serving as the Transformers’ ever-present link to their creator.”

    End Flashback


    When Storm Saber opened his optics, he just had to smile. His daughter was sleeping ever so peacefully she must’ve fallen asleep when he was only half-way through the story. Gently, he rubbed her light blue head and kissed her with his pale grey lips. “See you in the morning, little one,” he whispered as he stood up and headed for his and his bondmate’s quarters.


    By the following morning, Storm Saber gave a reluctant sigh, he hated to leave his family at a time like this, but once duty called, there was not a thing he could do about it, especially when it had something to do with Decepticons attacking the far outskirts of Polyhex.

    Just before the grey seeker mech left his apartment, he turned to face his bondmate and daughter and he kissed his wife on the pale blue lips. “I’ll be back soon, love, I just hope that I won’t be gone this long,” he said sadly.

    Aquablade gave a quiet laugh before their daughter reached out towards her father. “Daddy give hug?” she asked.

    Storm Saber laughed as he picked up his daughter and picked her up. “Can daddy have a kiss?” he asked.

    The little femme wrapped her arms around her father’s neck and planted a slobbery kiss on her father’s right cheek. Storm Saber laughed again, then, he too, kissed his daughter on the cheek before she let off a little giggle. “Daddy promise to be back soon?” she asked.

    “I promise,” Storm Saber said as he handed his daughter back to his bondmate and planted a quick kiss on her lips again. He reluctantly let go and he shifted to his Cybertronian jet form and blasted off, but little did Aquablade and her daughter know that Storm Saber will never come back.


    By near midnight, Aquablade was busy reading a book while her daughter was sleeping the night away. She’d just turned the page when she heard the knock at the door. Sighing, Aquablade got up and headed towards the door, but she failed to notice that her daughter was peeking round the corner where the front door was.

    Aquablade opened the door and saw two mechs standing in front of her door. One was silver and blue with a pale blue visor covering his optics, and the second one was silver with tints of grey with a red ‘V’ shape on his crest. “Can I help you?” she asked.

    The visored mech cleared his throat, but then looked away, so the silver and black mech spoke. “Are you Aquablade, bondmate of Storm Saber?” he asked.

    Aquablade nodded as her daughter finally made herself known by grabbing her mother’s leg and looking up at the strangers that looked so uncomfortable with breaking news of what had become of her beloved flyer. Before Aquablade could try and get her daughter back inside, the little seeker gave a cry. “Daddy sleeping?”

    The silver and black mech nodded reluctantly as he looked away. “I’m sorry,” he whispered.

    Aquablade burst into tears as she picked up her daughter and cried while the grey and blue mech explained what had occurred.

    It had turned out that the Decepticons had invaded Polyhex and Megatron had tried to destroy one of the locals, but Storm Saber, who’d been present at the battle, had grabbed the Decepticon Tyrant’s cannon and had tried to focus his attention on the grey seeker, but the moment Megatron had turned and faced Storm Saber, he pulled the trigger on his cannon and blasted the Autobot seeker in the chest, right where his Spark was located.

    Prowl, the silver and black mech, bent down beside Aquablade and gently rubbed her back while Jazz, the grey and blue mech, lowered his head and quietly said, “He was a good soldier, he even saved Optimus’ life once and our commander couldn’t have been any more prouder than he is now. We hope that Primus cares for his Spark.”

    Prowl nodded and turned to Aquablade, “If there’s anything you need, ma’am, we’ll be happy to give you what you need. Especially when you’re caring for your sparkling,” he said gently.

    Aquablade continued with her break down while the young femme wiped her mother’s tears away. “Momma not be sad. Daddy sleeping peacefully now,” she said.

    Jazz nodded slowly in agreement. “We’ll give you some money so that you have live, even Optimus Prime agrees with the idea because of what Storm Saber did for him and dieing for his belief. It’s the least that we can do for you because we know that Storm Saber would’ve wanted this more than anything.”

    Aquablade stood up slowly, still holding her daughter. “I thank-you for your hospitality, but I cannot accept your charity. We have enough money to dwell on, and if we do need you, we’ll give you a holler.”

    Prowl and Jazz both nodded and they did a quick bow before they turned and left, leaving Aquablade and her daughter to quietly cry as the water-based femme closed the door and gently carried her daughter to hers and Storm Saber’s room. Time seemed have stopped the moment that Prowl and Jazz had given the news about Storm Saber’s death, and Aquablade could no longer think straight. It was as though her Spark had a hole in it and would never be filled up again.

    Gently, she laid her daughter on the bed and she climbed in after her. It pained the water-based femme to be in such a state, but somehow, they were going to have to learn how to cope without the mech that had meant everything to them. As soon as the young femme seeker fell asleep, Aquablade’s optics glowed in the darkness as they cried themselves to sleep, but not before a final thought crossed both their minds.

    You promised that you’d come back, Storm Saber (daddy), but what caused you to do such a futile attempt when you knew what was going to happen? Why did you abandon us? Why did you leave us all alone without you to protect us?

    None could ever know such an answer, and little did the young femme realise was that her life was about to get even worse than it already was.
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    Chapter 2:

    The Price of a Bond

    A sigh escaped pale grey lips of a blue and purple femme seeker. This thing was becoming extremely old, but it was for the best. Security was becoming low these days, and she had no intention of stopping. She’d come too far to give up now, and she had a mother to care for. Ever since her father, Storm Saber, had been killed at the hands of Megatron, things had become extremely complicated. Her mother, Aquablade, had continued to refuse help from the compassionate Autobots, even when they offered her money. And just when things couldn’t get any worse than they were before, her mother had slowly started to change over the pass five thousand years. It was like as if her mother had become a complete stranger and that home seemed to be a bit unsafe during midnight. That was the time when her mother would return from stealing Energon or selling it to anyone so that she could get the money to buy high-grade Energon. And when her mother would return home, the young femme would quickly make her escape out into the untamed world of Polyhex without a trace, or sign, that she’d been there in the first place.

    The young femme sighed again. She didn’t like to steal during midnight; especially when security was so low these days, and she knew that something wasn’t right. But her fuel tanks growled in protest. She hadn’t eaten all day today because of saving the Energon for her mother when she was home alone. Sighing once again, the purple and blue femme seeker quietly moved forward but still scanning her surroundings.

    As much as she hated to admit it, but obviously, she was nervous and afraid of what she might be getting herself into. Ever since her mother had started raiding the Energon storages, the security had been getting lower and lower by the thousandth year. Either they were trying to catch the thief, or maybe they were just getting slack with themselves. Whatever the case was, the young femme knew that she would still have to be careful.

    As she rounded a bend, she peeked around its corner and saw that there was an Energon storage only half open from its back. The femme froze when she spotted someone walking round the corner. When the guard had passed, the femme took off again at a swift, but silent, pace in case the guard might return in a quick flurry.


    Ducking into the storage as quick as she could, the femme seeker realised that there was only half the amount of Energon than she’d anticipated. Though she didn’t care as long as she got what she needed and would leave before the guard might come back.

    Taking out a bag, the femme began to pick up as much Energon cubes as she could. The time limit had been set, and she would have to work fast if she was to gather enough to last herself, and her mother, an entire year before she would have to come back and collect some more.

    “What the slag?!” a voice cried out.

    Startled, the femme dropped the bag and looked up so swiftly that she thought her head was going to fall off from the toss. Her Spark-beat had increased a dramatic amount, and she felt fear crawl up her back without even knowing about it. Her desperation to run away, however, was cut off because of the guard standing at the front of the door.

    The guard was yellow and black with a brown head, and his optics were sky blue that glowed in the dim darkness. Though what made the femme more terrified was the look that he was giving her, and that was of fury, and rage.

    The guard took a step forward and the femme took a step back, the bag full of Energon cubes now in between them like a scarp of meat while both of them were like a lion and a cheetah fighting over it.

    “What’s a kid like you doing stealing the Energon?” the mech asked in a stern voice.

    “I… uh…,” the femme stuttered, obviously too afraid to answer the mech’s question.

    “Can’t think of an excuse?” The mech took a step forward and the femme tripped over her own feet and she fell onto her skid-plat.

    When the guard lifted an optic ridge at the femme’s fear, he looked down at the bag of Energon cubes, and then focused his attention back onto her again. A slight gasp escaped his lips when he saw how thin the femme was, but his face returned to its sternness. Finally, he lifted up a hand and pointed in the direction that led outside.

    Confused, the femme stood up and tilted her head to the side. “You’re…”

    The mech gave a warning growl. “Go on! Get out of here before I change my mind!” he snapped.

    “Y… yes, sir,” the femme whispered as she tried to walk out the door but the mech stopped her in her tracks. “And take that bag with you. If I catch you sneaking Energon from here again, then I’ll do more than just rearrange your circuits. Clear?”

    The femme nodded weakly as she picked up the bag with the cubes still in tact, and she took off at a run before letting off her thrusters while the guard sighed and shook his head. “I must be losing it, I actually let a thief go,” he mumbled.


    Returning from the outskirts of Polyhex with a bag full of Energon had to be extremely difficult for the young femme, especially when flying through a fly free zone because there were tonnes of Transformers here that could bump into her while she would be flying home.

    As must as she hated doing this, she knew that it was for the best. Besides, flying made her feel free, but that encounter with the guard had knocked the feeling out of her systems, and it made her tremble in fear, but she dared not show it.


    When she landed at the foot of her mother’s apartment, the young femme felt a tremor of fear wash over her. Was her mother still awake and waiting for her return? Unsure about it the answer, the femme hauled the bag of Energon cubes onto her right shoulder and carefully walked through the trashed up front. The apartment was old and worn out from age, and it looked like it hadn’t been used in many years, obviously it had seen its hay day long ago, and now it was nothing more but a lonely place because of the other buildings being knocked down and this one left alone because of Aquablade not finding a place for herself, or her daughter, a place to live.

    When the young femme walked into the apartment and opened the door to her mother’s room, she placed the bag onto the floor and winced when she caught the scent of high-grade Energon. It seemed that her mother had raided the fridge again and had helped herself to some high-grade, though she knew that her mother hadn’t killed herself, just gave herself an overdose.

    “Mum! I’m home!” the young femme called.

    No answer came right away, but the seeker femme was used to those long pauses, especially when her mother was drunk.

    The answer came a little quicker than expected. “That you, Storm Saber?” her mother asked.

    “No, mum, it’s me, Nameless!” the femme called.

    “Don’t be ridiculous, Storm, come sit down and have dinner.”

    The young femme sighed in defeat. It was becoming so hard having to remind her mother that she wasn’t her father, but now that he was gone, things were going out of control. It was like as if her mother didn’t know who she was anymore, or if she was in the past, present, or future.

    The nameless femme sat down at the table. Her mother hadn’t given her name since she’d started showing her personality, and now, the young femme took it upon herself to just be called Nameless, it was like as if a name didn’t matter to her anymore.

    Aquablade placed a plate of Energon in front of Nameless and then left her to eat.


    Several days later since her raid on the Energon, Nameless decided to fly about in the fly free zone of Polyhex, but she avoided the crowded areas as much as she possibly could. Too much around her made her nearly choke to death if she stayed around in the most dirtiest sections of Polyhex, even the most crowded areas seemed unsafe because of the way those mechs stared at her like as if she was some spoiled brat. So, Nameless decided to go visit the outskirts of Iacon and find out what the golden city would be like in her optics.


    When Nameless landed at the front gate of the golden city, she felt a wave of fear pulse through her mind, and somehow, the lovely city made her feel small and alone. She paced up and down in front of the gate, hardly noticing that a familiar Autobot was watching her every move.

    Nameless stopped and looked up at the gate. She felt like a cyberant compared to those fine glorious walls that protected the city from fierce attacks like the Decepticons that were raging war against their adversaries while Nameless’ kind lived in the slums to avoid getting involved in the war, but they had to pay the price on living on low supplies and ignore the compassionate ways of the Autobots.

    “Hey! I remember you! You’re that kid who raided the Energon storage. Am I right?”

    Nameless froze in utter fear and turned to face the familiar Autobot who’d been watching her the whole time since her arrival at the giant gates of Iacon. “Y... yes, I guess I am,” she replied nervously as the bot approached her.

    “What brings you here then? Have you decided to stop raiding Energon storages?” the Autobot asked.

    “For the time being, I suppose,” Nameless answered and looked down at the ground, avoiding optic contact with the Autobot.

    “I suppose we did get off to rough start when we met. Name’s Landmine. What about yours?”

    Nameless shrugged and answered in a quiet tone, “Nameless.”

    “Nameless? Odd name for someone as fine as you, but I suppose if that’s you name, I could get used it. Mind telling me why you were raiding Energon storages?” Landmine asked.

    “My own personal reasons, sir.”

    “Alright, that’s understandable.”

    Nameless looked up at the gates of Iacon, her own golden optics shimmering in their blazing light. She hardly noticed that Landmine was watching her carefully with his sky blue optics. “Say, I’ve never really seen a femme seeker before, we could use all the fliers we can get to help us win this war, care to join us?

    Nameless shrugged. “I’ll have to think about it for now, not sure if my mother would approve it or not.”

    Landmine chuckled. “I have a feeling that you’re not a Decepticon, or an Autobot, because of not wearing any of the faction symbols. Are you from the slums?”

    Nameless didn’t answer right away and Landmine tilted his head to the side. “Never mind if you are or not, it shouldn’t be any of my business anyway. Are you going to go in?”

    Nameless shook her head and turned and left, leaving a puzzled mech to ponder on her strange behaviour towards him. He knew that bots that came from the slums were always one to avoid such deeds, and this young femme just cut the cake. But what made him confused was her non-optic contact. Did this femme have a problem that he couldn’t quite figure out? He’d have to find out if she ever joined up at the Autobot Academey, but right now he needed to complete his guard duty.


    When Nameless returned to her mother’s apartment, she knew instantly that Aquablade had gone out to steal some Energon and then normally wouldn’t return until midnight. She caught the scent of high-grade Energon again and she shook her head in disgust. Just what was she going to do with her mother? She might as well clean up and then head out as quickly as possible to raid an Energon storage before her mother would return with the high-grade and get herself drunk again.

    Then again, Nameless could always stay behind for a bit and try to make this place as roomier as she possibly could. As she picked up some of the empty cubes, she heard a loud bang and then a thud. Looks like her mother had returned a little early. A little too early.

    Nameless looked up and saw Aquablade stumbling a bit before collapsing onto the floor. The young femme rushed forward to help her mother up, but Aquablade pushed her away. This puzzled Nameless a lot. Why was her mother acting like this? Was something terribly wrong? Did anyone harm her?

    Nameless was about to ask what had happened when Aquablade’s optics glowed blood red. Something was wrong, really wrong. “Mum? Are you alright?” Nameless asked.

    Aquablade gave a growl when Nameless helped her up and sat her down. “Where’s Storm Saber?”

    Nameless was puzzled, but answered, “He’s... dead, don’t you remember, mum?”

    “Of course he’s dead! They killed him! Those slaggin’ Autobots killed my bondmate!”

    Nameless lifted an optic ridge. “But... Prowl and Jazz reported to us that he was killed at the hands of Megatron.”

    Aquablade smirked. “That was all a lie,” she answered coldly as she looked up at Nameless. “You’re no child of mine, who gave you the right to come here anyway.”

    Nameless took a step back in fright. Something was really wrong with Aquablade, and it hardly made any sense. “What are you saying, mum?”

    Aquablade stood up, her now blood red optics glowing deeper. “Get out of my house!”

    Nameless tripped over a pile of empty Energon cubes as Aquablade stood over her, and then, without warning, she threw an arm out and slapped Nameless right across the face. “It’s your entire fault that he’s dead! You’re no daughter of mine! You’re a disgrace!”

    “Mum! Settle down! You’re not well!” Nameless cried.

    Aquablade just laughed. “I am very well thank-you, Autobot!”

    Nameless moved backwards as Aquablade turned and walked away, but then she took out a dirty old knife and gave a silent sigh. “I’m tired of living like this. My.... Storm Saber was taken away from me by those... Autobots, they killed him.... I heard them talk about it, they were celebrating his death. Even Optimus found it amusing.”

    Nameless’ optics widened. “What are you saying?”

    “I’m saying,” Aquablade whispered, “the Autobots are liars, they were the ones who killed him. I heard those slum bots talk about it, and they meant every word about it.”

    Nameless shook her head and stood up, ignoring the stinging sensation on her slapped face. “Please! Don’t do it mother!” she begged.

    Aquablade laughed softly. “I don’t know who you are, but you... seem familiar to me. My Storm Saber, he used to read you stories, even telling you about Primus and Unicron.”

    “It’s me, mum! I’m... Saberblade, named after yours and father’s name,” Nameless whispered as she bowed her head.

    “Saberblade?” Aquablade asked.

    “Yes.... just don’t leave me all alone! I need you!”

    “Sorry.... but I must go... and be with my Storm Saber,” Aquablade whispered before thrusting the knife into her chest where her Spark was located. She then collapsed onto the ground.

    “MOTHER!” Saberblade screamed as she rushed towards her mother’s side and removed the knife from her mother’s chest. “Please! Don’t leave me!” she begged.

    But Aquablade didn’t answer; she gently placed an Energon covered hand on her daughter’s right cheek where it hadn’t been slapped and she smiled her last smile before her optics dimmed into darkness, but not before she whispered her final words. “I love you...., Saberblade.”

    Saberblade cupped her mother’s head, tears pouring from her golden optics before her body shook with devastation and pain. “Mother....,” she sobbed. She then pulled her mother’s limp body towards her chest and sobbed into her neck. In her desperation, she threw back her head and screamed with all her might.


    Without a moment to spare, Saberblade stood up and then ran out of the apartment, tears streaming down her pale grey cheeks as she continued to run. Confusion and loneliness burning through her body like an out of controlled fire as she continued to run.


    Saberblade didn’t know how long she ran for, but she didn’t care until she reached a large gutter that was near the outskirts of Polyhex. She stopped to catch her breath, hardly noticing that her Spark was beating at a thousand miles an hour and her oxygen tanks were screaming for a breath. In her anger and mental confusion, she crawled into the gutter, not caring if any of the gunk got into her joints, and she curled up into a ball, her wings drawn up against her body to stop them from getting in the way while she lay down.

    Saberblade hardly cared how long she lay there, but as long as she was left alone, that was all that mattered to her. She never even noticed that she’d cried herself to sleep, but the next thing she found herself thinking about was the dead bodies of her father, Storm Saber, and her mother, Aquablade.
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    Chapter 3:

    Before It’s Too Late

    Seven thousand solar cycles, Landmine thought to himself as he walked down the corridors of the Autobot Academy. It had been seven thousand years since he’d last time seen that femme, who’d called herself Nameless, though he wondered what had become of her. Was she dead perhaps? He knew that he shouldn’t jump to conclusions on such matters. Right now, he had to give Prime a report about the Energon storages getting raided again. It had been going on for the last seven thousand years that time when he’d last seen Nameless. The security had to be lowered so that they could get the thief’s confidence going overboard, but the storages still managed to get raided every single time. This made the old teacher extremely worried. Something wasn’t quite right, and he had to find out if it was Nameless, or someone else who’d just gotten far cleverer than Prime had anticipated.

    When Landmine knocked on the door of Optimus’ office, the Autobot Leader’s answer came out simple and stoic like always. Landmine entered the office and gave his commander a quick salute, which he returned. “Got the report about the Energon raiding, sir,” Landmine said.

    Optimus Prime sighed quietly before motioning his old friend to sit down. Landmine did so without hesitation. “What have you got?”

    “Want the bad news, or the worse news, sir?” Landmine asked.

    “I’ll go with the bad news, Landmine,” Optimus Prime answered, keeping his face calm, but preparing himself for anything that might come his way.

    Landmine sighed, rubbed the back of his neck and began to speak. “Alright, the bad news is, the thief is getting far too clever for us to anticipate his next move. Every time we lower our security, he keeps on getting into the storage without getting detected. It’s like as if he can guess what we’re going to do.”

    “And what’s the worse news?”

    “The worse news is that our Energon supply is getting pretty low. The raids are happening once a month.”

    Optimus Prime sighed gently. Whoever this thief was, he sure was good at this whole raiding. It was like as if he was there one minute, and then the next, gone before anyone could identify him. “Is there anything we can do?”

    “Our best priority is to double the security. If these raids keep up, we won’t have enough Energon to put up a fight against Megatron.”

    Optimus nodded slightly as he frowned when he noticed that Landmine had shut himself out. Placing his hands together and putting his chin on top of them, he leaned forward a bit until he was looking Landmine right in the optic, but the old warrior hardly noticed his old student’s look.

    Finally, after several minutes of silence, Optimus spoke up in a concerned tone. “I’ve known you since the day I first came here, I know when you’re looking concerned, or anything else, and this silent treatment is one of them. What’s on your mind, old friend?”

    Landmine snapped out of his daze when he realised that Optimus had read his face like a book. “You got me, sir. Obviously, I’ve been worried about a femme that I haven’t seen in the last seven thousand solar cycles, and I can’t help but jump to conclusions on her whereabouts. Something’s really wrong here, and I don’t like it one bit.”

    Optimus Prime’s golden optics softened as he leaned back in his chair. He remembered when Landmine had told him about a young femme seeker coming into one of the Energon storages and trying to steal some Energon. Despite his efforts on trying to warn her off, he gave up his gruff act and let the femme go, but gave her a fair warning that if she was raid another storage again, then he’d have no choice but to turn her in. He even remembered Landmine telling him about how he saw the femme again when she appeared at the front of Iacon City’s gates. The talk had been small, and the femme was gone after Landmine had insisted on her joining up at the Academy. And that was the last time the old mech had seen her again.

    “You... think she could be...,” Landmine halted at the final word.

    Optimus Prime shook his head. “We should not jump to conclusions, Landmine. Our best guess on her behalf is that she might still be functioning. But with this thief out there stealing all our Energon, I cannot guarantee that we’ll find her, especially when we’ve got Megatron out there.”

    Landmine groaned in annoyance. He was about to speak again when the alarms started blaring. Both the Autobot Commander and the old warrior jumped to their feet and rushed out to the Control Room.


    “What’s going on?” Optimus Prime asked as he and Landmine rushed through the door.

    Red Alert, the CMO, looked up from his typing. “We just detected some Decepticons attacking the outskirts of Polyhex, sir. They’ve knocked down a massive building that could’ve caused a lot of causalities.”

    “Alright, you, Landmine, and Inferno, should go out to rescue anyone that has been injured while the rest of us shall cover you in case the Decepticons decide to attack again!” Optimus Prime ordered.

    “Roger that sir!” Inferno answered as he stood up and took off at a run with Red Alert following, but Landmine didn’t follow. The old mech’s optics were scanning the area, his thoughts were on the brink of nearly frying themselves. Please, he begged, don’t tell me that Nameless is amongst them.

    “Landmine, didn’t you hear me?”

    Landmine snapped out of his daze and looked up at Optimus Prime. “Sorry, Prime. I was... in a trance,” he said quietly.

    “I understand, but don’t let your emotions get in the way of your job. Go on now and help them,” the Autobot Commander said, his golden optics looking into Landmine’s own sky blue optics.

    “Yes, sir,” Landmine answered as he took off and followed after Red Alert and Inferno. However, his thoughts were going so fast that he thought his CPU was going to explode. Please, Primus, just don’t let Nameless be amongst the casualties, if anything happened to her, I’ll never forgive myself. If she dies, then take my life instead of hers.


    The old warrior and the two emergency mechs arrived at Polyhex so fast that they lost track of time until they reached the collapsed building. The building was in a crumpled heap, it’s top section had landed right on top of many buildings that had gotten in the way, or were extremely close by while it’s bottom section remained perfectly in tact but still had jiggered bits sticking out with beams now looking sharp to the point.

    Inferno advised his two comrades to use extreme caution because the bottom section of the building looked very unstable and could collapse anytime. Having shifted to his Cybertronian version of the fire-truck, he quickly put out some fires that were small but still dangerous.

    Red Alert looked around and spotted a large hole in the side of the collapsed building that was barely supported by a very unstable beam. Turning to Landmine he said, “Landmine, could you give me a hand on supporting this beam? It could go down at any second if I go inside, so your dumpster (Cybertronian version of a bull-dozer) should be able to hold it up.”

    “I think I can do that, but let me know if you come across a purple and blue seeker femme,” Landmine answered with a nod.

    Red Alert lifted an optic ridge from behind his visor. “Why’s that?” he asked.

    “Just let me know, I don’t have to explain my reasons,” Landmine snapped.

    Red Alert waved his arms in front of him. “Alright, alright, no need to get snappy!”

    Landmine sighed and he carefully approached the hole where the unstable beam was being held up. Shifting to his alternate mode, he brought his dumpster up and tried to hold the beam steady while Red Alert went inside, but he used extreme caution like Inferno had ordered him too.


    Red Alert was shocked at how much damage had been caused. He had to guess that this was the work of Megatron, for not a single Decepticon alive could cause this much and get away with it. There was no other explanation and the CMO was extremely positive with his answer.

    As he crawled through the room, he found no signs of any causality, nor any signs of bodies on the floor. He was about to give Landmine the report when a soft feminie voice gave a whimper. The whimper was so faint that he thought he’d missed it.

    Red Alert looked around for a brief moment until he discovered a collapsed beam in the distance and he crawled towards it. “Are you there?” he called.

    The whimpering ceased as Red Alert drew closer. “Come on, talk to me! I can’t help you if you’re quiet,” he called again.

    The whimpering began to grow louder and Red Alert spotted a purple and blue foot and panic swept through him as he moved onto the other side. To his shock, he thought that he was gazing into the face of Starscream, but when he got a closer look, he realised that the design of the seeker was feminie, and far too slim to even be like him. And he doubted that Starscream had golden optics, or a blue head, as well.

    The femme seeker spotted him and she tried to scramble away from him, but Red Alert ceased his approach, trying not to startle her and make her even more frightened of him. “Easy now, you’re going to be alright now,” he said gently.

    The femme tilted her head to the side in confusion, as though trying to make out his words and whether or not she should trust him or not. When her struggling had calmed a little, Red Alert approached her a little more slowly and gently placed a hand on her right wing, making her flinch from his touch.

    Red Alert was shocked to find a few faint scars on the femme’s arms and wings, including a very large, but old, scar on her right thigh. Seeing fresh wounds on her face told him that they had been caused from when the beam had collapsed on her leg. Another injury, that looked a little serious, was her right wing that was missing; it appeared to have been sliced off by a sharp object, or maybe by a sword. His best estimations of her age was seventeen thousand years old, a little young for someone so tall, and he guessed that she must’ve had a tall creator.

    Now that the femme had settled down, Red Alert could get to work on getting her free from the beam that had trapped her legs fiercely. His com-link went off and he answered it without a hesitation, but the femme struggled a little at the sudden noise, so he calmed her down by gently rubbing her left wing that was uninjured.

    “Red Alert, did you find anything?” Optimus Prime’s voice asked.

    “Yes, sir, we’ve got a femme seeker caught under a beam, she’s got a sliced wing, but that’s the only visual injury I can give. My best guess for her legs is that they may be broken, or perhaps twisted a little,” Red Alert answered.

    “You said a seeker femme?! Is she purple and blue?” Landmine asked in a startled voice, since Red Alert had his com-link open to all his comrades.

    “I can’t give any details at the current moment, right now she’s in shock and is very frightened of me,” Red Alert answered.

    “Can you get the beam off her?” Optimus asked.

    “It’s not whether I can do it, sir, I must do it.”

    “By Primus, just help her or the Allspark forbid me!” Landmine mumbled.

    “I’m going to need some time, cutting through the beam with a buzz saw isn’t going to be easy, and it’s extremely dangerous, especially when there’s an injured involved.”

    “Do what you must, we’ll keep an optic out for the Decepticons. Optimus Prime out.”

    “Be careful,” Landmine whispered before he switched his com-link off.

    Red Alert switched his off and turned to the seeker femme, who was watching him with intelligent optics. He gently place a hand on her arm before drawing out the buzz saw from his missing arm and moved it towards the beam. But as it prepared to cut into the steel, the femme screamed and struggled against his gentle grip. Red Alert settled her down again easily, but she still watched him cautiously.

    Red Alert tried the buzz saw again and, this time, the femme didn’t struggle. As the CMO cut away at the beam, Landmine and Optimus Prime kept a constant watch for any Decepticons, even keeping their com-link channels open in case Red Alert could use any help.

    Finally, after half an hour, the beam, that kept the femme’s legs pinned to the ground, was removed with ease after the CMO and the femme worked together to shove it off. Red Alert turned to the femme, who was still watching him, and he said, “Will you let me drag you out?”

    The femme moved back a bit, obviously still not trusting him. “I know you don’t trust me, but I need to get you out of here. The building could collapse at any nanosecond and would bury you and me alive. Now, will you trust me, or do you still wish to die here?”

    The femme tilted her head to side, still deciding if she should trust him, but after several seconds of thinking, she turned herself around and spread her arms out wide so that he could drag her out into the open. Red Alert accepted that tact and he gently placed his arms underneath her arm joints, causing her to wince a little, and he gently dragged her outside, but he was careful to not inflict any more pain.

    “We’re coming out now, get ready to drop it, Landmine,” Red Alert called.

    “Already got you covered!” Landmine answered.


    By the time Red Alert had dragged the injured seeker out, Landmine looked like he was getting to the point of overheating from holding onto the beam for so long. When the CMO and the femme were clear of the hole, the old warrior dropped the beam and the hole collapsed. Quickly, Optimus Prime was at their side and he also helped drag the femme a safe distance from the building, and it collapsed on the last second with dust kicking up and the Autobot Commander shielded them both with his blue, silver, and royal red body.

    After the dust settled down, Optimus Prime uncovered them and Landmine and Inferno rushed up to them. “Is she alright?” Landmine asked.

    Optimus stood back to get a good look at the femme, who frowned up at him but then focused her attention to Red Alert as the CMO carefully approached her, holding his hands up, his body language telling her that he meant her no harm. She relaxed a little, but was still cautious around the others. This odd behaviour puzzled Optimus greatly.

    Landmine cleared his throat, catching the attention of the femme. “I thought I’d never see you again, kid,” he said.

    The femme shrugged as Optimus Prime looked at him with curious optics. “I take it that this is Nameless, the seeker femme that you told me about?” he asked.

    “Yup, that’s her alright. Just never expected her to be this tall after five thousand solar cycles,” Landmine said with a chuckle.

    The femme lifted an optic ridge and tilted her head to the side, hardly noticing that Red Alert was tending to her fresh wounds. Finally, she spoke in a quiet voice that was a little scratchy. “I remember you. You’re that mech who let me go after that Energon raid and you’re that guard at the Iacon gates. Landmine was it?”

    Landmine smiled a little. “You got that right, kid,” he said and frowned a little when he noticed her scars. “Quick question, Nameless...”

    “Saberblade, my name is Saberblade now,” the young femme corrected.

    “Right my apologies, Saberblade. Anyway, back to the question. What happened to you?”

    “I’d... rather not talk about it,” Saberblade answered quietly as she stood up before Red Alert could stop her. The CMO tried to sit her back down, but she jumped out of his reach and turned to him. “Leave me alone!” she snarled, snapping like a wounded animal.

    Red Alert growled and grabbed her a little roughly. “I will not leave you alone until your injuries are tended too, are we clear on that?” he snarled back.

    Saberblade winced from his tone and tried to break out of his grip, but it was no use, he was just far too strong and she was far too weak to even stand up much longer. “Fine,” she growled as she sat back down, “but only until you fix my wounds, and since I still have to trust you.”

    When she said the word ‘trust’, Red Alert had heard her snarl at the word. He patched up whatever wounds he could until he stood back up. “I’ve done what I can, but we need to get you more proper medical care back at Autobot HQ,” he said.

    Saberblade winced at the word ‘Autobot’, and she stood up, her golden optics flashing in anger. “I’ve kept my end of the bargain by trusting you! I will not go to the Autobots if you want me to get involved with your stupid war!”

    Optimus Prime lifted an optic ridge. “And what makes you say that we want you to join us?” he asked.

    The question caught Saberblade completely off guard. She lowered her head and bit her bottom lip before answering in a dark tone, “Because you the one responsible for killing my father, Storm Saber.”

    Landmine looked up in surprise. “You’re Storm Saber’s kid?” he asked.

    “Took you long enough to figure that out,” Saberblade snarled, turning to face Landmine, making him wince. “You don’t know how long I had to live alone on the streets! Seven thousand solar cycles of living a miserable life without a mother to care for you! Seven thousand solar cycles of raiding Energon storages just so that you can survive! Seven thousand solar cycles of living in a gutter where you did nothing but cry your optics out, wishing that it wasn’t true that your mother committed suicide after your father was killed by either an Autobot, or that Decepticon Commander, Megatron!”

    “You mean it was you who raid the Energon storages?!” Landmine cried.

    Saberblade ignored him, but she continued to glare icy daggers at everyone around her. It wasn’t until the kind words of Optimus Prime made her shocked to the core of her Spark. “You’re right about the second saying.”


    “It wasn’t us who killed your father, Saberblade. Megatron was the one who delivered the final blow on him. Storm Saber saved my life before, and he did it again on that day that he died, and I never got the chance to thank him, or repay him for what he did for me. You don’t know what it’s like to think about one of your best soldiers being lost to a menacing killer who must be stopped at all costs.”

    Saberblade looked away, her golden optics welling up into tears and she broke down by bringing her knees close to her chest. Red Alert had to follow her in her collapse as she cried her optics out. “Will you still let us take you to Autobot HQ?” he asked.

    “Will... will you let me go after I’m... recovered?”

    “It’s up to you to decide whether you do want to stay or not. We wish to only help you regain the trust that had been lost after seven thousand solar cycles of being on your own. You do not have to trust us if you do not wish too, but at the moment, we need to get you back to Autobot HQ and get some repairs done,” said Optimus Prime, his voice gentle, but stern.

    Saberblade took a deep breath and she looked up at Optimus Prime, but then she toppled over, collapsing into Red Alert’s arms, who’d caught her just in time. The CMO looked up, concern in his red visor. “We have to get her back as soon as possible! She might be going into shock!”

    Optimus Prime nodded as he ordered his men to transform and roll out without a moment to spare.
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    Chapter 4:

    Only Time Will Tell

    When Saberblade switched her optics online, everything was all in a blur. She had no idea how long she’d been in stasis lock for, but her best possible guess of where she was, was indeed very clear because of how clean the walls were and how there was not a single sign of age, rust, or even a scratch. So she must be in Autobot HQ, or in the hospital. She felt a tremor of fear pulsing through her and she sat up so suddenly that she cried out in pain when she felt needles in her arms and sides. She struggled to get them off, but she only made the pain worse.

    The moment her second scream carried out, the door opened and Red Alert rushed in, his concern was hidden so well behind his red visor that Saberblade found it hard to believe that he was concerned at all. The CMO gently grabbed the young femme’s wrists and tried to calm her down, but she struggled harder, her fear showing in her golden optics as she cried out again, causing the door to open again and Optimus Prime rushed in with Landmine following.

    At the sight of the two Autobots, Saberblade removed her wrists from Red Alert’s grip and tried to remove the needles again, but a gentle hand stopped her and her struggling ceased a little.

    “It’s alright, Saberblade, it’s me,” Optimus’ gentle voice whispered.

    Saberblade growled a little, but she stopped making an attempt to remove the needles. “I thought you said we’d be in Autobot HQ!” she snarled.

    “We are,” Optimus replied.

    “It doesn’t look like it to me.”

    “You’ve been out for only several cycles,” Red Alert said.

    Saberblade lifted an optic ridge. “How do I know that you’re not lying?” she asked.

    “We don’t require you to trust us, Saberblade. I said this to you before, we only wish to help you,” Optimus answered as he released his grip on her hand.

    Saberblade thought about it for a moment. She knew that the Autobots would never go back on their word, but after that incident with her mother five thousand years ago, she wasn’t sure if she could trust them or not. Did the Autobots really kill her father, or was it all just overhearing? She did remember her mother being over-energized, so it was a possibility that she may have overheard it. Obviously her father wouldn’t have joined the Autobots unless he had a reason, and that was either for the safety of his loved ones, or just so that he could acquire the money he needed to support his family. Whatever the option had been, the ending result hadn’t been very good at all.

    “Hey, kid.”

    Saberblade looked up from her thoughts and saw the kind blue optics of Landmine. She remembered at how angry he’d been at her when he’d discovered her raiding the Energon storages, and then remembered at how shocked he was when he saw her thin frame against the dim light. She even remembered the slight flash of sympathy he had on his face and how he’d let her go with the cubes.

    The young femme turned her head away, avoiding optic contact. She didn’t deserve his kindness and sympathy, not after what she’d done during those five thousand years of hiding away from everyone and stealing Energon cubes.

    “If you think I’m mad at you, I think you misunderstood me,” said Landmine with a smile on his lips.

    Saberblade lifted an optic ridge, obviously confused. “What do you mean?” she asked as suspicion crossed her face.

    Landmine chuckled a little. “I can read your face like a book, kid. I know that you think I’m angry at you for stealing those cubes during the pass five thousand solar cycles. Our supplies maybe low for a moment, but you that we can recover extremely quickly. I forgive you for your actions because you had every right to do it. You were just trying to survive in a world that just wanted to be left alone.”

    Saberblade tilted her head to the side in confusion. How could Landmine understand the pain and loneliness that she’d suffered over the past seven thousand years? He didn’t live in the slums like she did! “How do you know what it’s like?” she snapped.

    “Way before I joined the Autobots, kid, I too lived out the slums.”

    “As if that had ever happened! You’re just trying to get to me!”

    Landmine shook his head slowly. “Perhaps if you get the time, you can read my profile. I don’t like talking about my past in public, and neither does Optimus Prime. He was once a student of mine and he too knew about my past. Slums or not, we both had something in common: Peace.”

    Saberblade frowned. It was hard to believe that Landmine had been from the slums, but the more she looked at him, the easier it became to see that he really was. She lowered her head in sorrow. “I’m sorry,” she whispered.

    “Whatever for, kid?”

    “It’s not just for being disrespectful, but for being so ungrateful for what you and the others have done for me. If it hadn’t been you and your kindness, then I wouldn’t be here right now.”

    Landmine waved a hand. “No need to apologize, kid. It’s what happens when you’ve been in the slums for so long. All we have to do is build up your trust that you lost over the last seven thousand solar cycles. If all goes well, then maybe you’ll find your true place amongst the Autobots.”

    Saberblade smiled weakly. She was going to have to get used to smiling if she was to succeed on becoming a better bot. She sighed before lowering her head as Red Alert reattached the needles that had slipped out after her struggling.

    Optimus Prime cleared his throat, catching everyone’s attention. “Now that it’s sorted out, I suggest that we leave to allow Saberblade to get some rest, I believe that we’ll have much to talk about and sort out as well.”

    Landmine nodded, agreeing with his previous student. He turned to Saberblade and gently placed a hand on her own. She flinched a little, but it was less than before. “We’ll see you soon, kid. Right now, you just focus on recovering physically. Got it?”

    “Yes sir,” Saberblade whispered.

    Landmine nodded before he and Optimus Prime left the room with Red Alert just making sure that the young seeker femme was comfortable before switching out the lights.


    “So what do you suggest that we do with Saberblade, sir?” Landmine asked as he and Optimus Prime walked into the Autobot Commander’s office. Optimus Prime sat down in his chair while Landmine sat in the other chair that was in front of his desk. An uncomfortable silence flowed through them for a moment, but Optimus finally spoke in a calm and gentle voice.

    “After her physical recovery, I’m thinking about putting Saberblade through counselling, but I reckon it’ll be too much for her to handle. It could take weeks, months, or even solar cycles for someone like her to understand that we mean her no harm in any particular way.”

    Landmine sighed before he spoke again. “Then let me take her in, sir! She trusts me more than any other mech!”

    Optimus Prime shook his head. “No, I’ll be the one to do it, you will not even have the time to care for someone who has been mentally damaged, and plus, you have students to teach as well at the Academy.”

    Landmine sighed quietly. He knew that Prime was right, he’d have to give up his job as a teacher in order to help Saberblade, and it would include getting the right amount of money to help her recover.

    “Also, we can’t just have her trusting one Autobot, we need to get her to realise that we’re all worthy of her trust.”

    “You’re thinking about adopting her, aren’t you?”

    Optimus smiled from behind his silver mask. Trust Landmine to guess my intentions correctly, he thought to himself. Out loud, he said, “Indeed I am, old friend.”

    “And for that, I can understand your reason. Your will to help the unfortunate is so strong that I have no doubt in your abilities.”

    Optimus nodded as he leaned back in his chair for a moment until Landmine stood up, instantly knowing that he was dismissed for the day. Before he walked out the door, he turned back to face his commander. “I wish you luck on helping her, sir, if there’s anyone who can help her, it would be you,” he whispered and left the office.

    Optimus sighed and bit his bottom lip. He’d have to figure out on how to get the adoption papers on Saberblade, but he doubted there’d be anything on her because of living in the slums her entire life, and neither Storm Saber, nor Aquablade realise that they’d die sooner than they’d thought.

    Standing up with slowly, Optimus Prime left his office and headed for Med-Bay to tell him of his intentions, but not to Saberblade until she’d physically recovered from her incident.


    Optimus Prime had arrived just in time to find Red Alert just leaving the Med-Bay. As he approached the CMO, he cleared his throat to get his attention. Red Alert turned and faced his commander and gave a quick salute.

    “At ease,” said Optimus with a chuckle. “I’m off duty now.”

    “I see,” Red Alert replied quietly.

    “Is she resting?”

    “It took me longer than I realised to settle her down after you and Landmine had left. She freaked out so much that I nearly threatened her with an aesthetic. By the way, what are you doing here if you’re off duty now?”

    “Try not to give her any threats, Red Alert. It’ll do more harm than good, and I have no intention on breaking the trust that we’ve earned from her so far. As for what reason that brought me here, I wish to speak with you in private, if she hasn’t fallen into recharge yet, then I do not wish for her to hear anything until everything is sorted out.”

    “Very well, sir. Follow me.” Red Alert turned and walked away with his commander following until they reached the CMO’s office.


    After Red Alert closed the door and locked it, he turned to his commander and tilted his head to the side. “It’s about Saberblade, isn’t it?” he asked.

    “Indeed it is. I’ve decided to take Saberblade in as my adoptive child after she has physically recovered from today. I’ll need to get some papers on doing this, but unfortunately, she does not have anything on her because of the incident with Storm Saber,” Optimus Prime answered calmly.

    “I see,” said Red Alert thoughtfully. “Yes, it is going to be difficult to take her in because of her living in the slums, and she wouldn’t exist in the Autobot files because that as well. The best possible ways of doing this is by going to the orphanage and tell them of your intentions. I’m no psychologist, but I’ll help in any way that I can to help restore her trust.”

    “I was also thinking about putting her through counselling, but that will be difficult to manage because of taking some of my time to keep the Autobots functioning and stop Megatron at all costs.”

    “That’s true, sir. I was hoping to result in me taking her in while you go out there onto the battlefield.”

    “That would be a big help, Red Alert, thank-you.”

    “Anytime, sir, I’m just doing my job to help out in anyway that I can.”

    Optimus Prime nodded and he bid Red Alert farewell before he turned and left the room, leaving the CMO to ponder on the situation of Saberblade’s condition. Obviously it would take a very long time for her to restore her trust, but with enough love and attention, she might be able to pull through in such situations. Physical recovery was extremely easy, but mental recovery was so hard that Transformers that suffered so badly ended up committing suicide some time later. Something inside Red Alert told him that someday, Saberblade will pull through. Though he just hoped that it was no… mistake.


    Saberblade had recovered far more quicker than Red Alert had anticipated, but he was secretly glad she was going to be alright. It had taken a nearly a month for her to recover, and Optimus was looking forward to telling her the good news of getting adoption papers from the orphanage, who’d approved of him taking her in as his own, but as long as she was given mental treatment as soon as she’d recovered, everything should be alright.

    Saberblade had been lying on the medtable for so long, that she’d nearly forgotten how to walk, so Red Alert had to give her a helping hand, and soon she was running about like an energetic sparkling, but she hid her excitement so well, that Red Alert thought she looked glad to just get the strength back into her legs and get of here as soon as possible.

    Optimus Prime had come around from time to time to see how she faring, and the visits were becoming quite the routine for the young seeker femme, and she grew used to his presence, including Red Alert’s because she had no other choice but to accept him as a doctor, whether she liked it or not.

    But when the Autobot Commander came around, Saberblade knew that something was amiss, otherwise he wouldn’t be here at this time. But what surprised the seeker femme was that Optimus’ optics seemed to have a glint of kindness that she’d never seen before, including warmth that seemed to seep through her. Something wasn’t right about this whole thing, and she didn’t like it one bit.

    Optimus Prime seemed to smile with his optics and he offered a hand out to her. Confused by this whole ordeal, Saberblade tilted her head to the side in confusion. “What’s going on?” she asked.

    “You’re going home,” Optimus replied gently.

    “Home? But... I don’t have a home anymore. It was destroyed by the Decepticons, remember?”

    Optimus chuckled, catching Saberblade off guard. “Not back to the slums, little one. You’re coming home with me.”

    Saberblade felt her jaw drop. Had the Autobot Commander gone nuts? He couldn’t have done something during the past four weeks... could he? Frowning, Saberblade looked up at Optimus Prime, suspicion in her optics. “Can I still trust you?” she asked.

    “You’ve trusted us this far in the past four weeks, have you not?” Optimus asked monotonously.

    “I... guess so,” Saberblade whispered, lowering her head. “Sorry.”

    “You do not need to be sorry, Saberblade. I’ll do my best to make you feel like it really is home to you, but if we’re going to build up a bond between friends, or family, then we’ll have to start by trusting each other. Can you do that for me?”

    “I’ll... try.”

    “That’s all I ask from you, Saberblade. Now, let’s go home.” Optimus offered his hand out to Saberblade once more. She eyed it a little while longer before her red hand took hold of his and he gently led her away towards her new home, a new future, and a new journey that has just begun.
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    Chapter 5:

    A New Life Begins

    “Well, here we are, Saberblade,” said Optimus Prime as he stopped in front of a large house that was rich looking and very clean. “This will be your new home. It might seem a little big, but you’ll get used to it.”

    Saberblade bit her bottom lip and shrugged. Not only was she uncomfortable of living in a very nice looking house, but she was completely terrified on what lay inside. Being inside a house brought back terrible memories of long ago, and she did not want to live in another house that would do such a thing, but she promised that she would trust Optimus, and she never liked to go back on her word. But living in the slums alone had made her cautious and very afraid of what lay ahead of her.

    Optimus Prime approached the door of the house, keeping a gentle arm over Saberblade’s newly repaired wing. He knew that she was uncomfortable, but he was doing the best that he could to ensure that everything was going to be alright for her, and make her feel more welcomed in a world she believed that she didn’t belong in. But with enough love and attention, Saberblade was bound to get far in the future, but what else could he do other than be there for her?

    The Autobot Commander opened up the door of the house and the two walked inside in silence.


    The moment they walked inside, Optimus set Saberblade down on a couch. “Do you want me to fix you something? Do you require anything at all?” he asked, trying to make her feel better.

    Saberblade didn’t answer. She was too busy looking around her, trying to take in her new surroundings until Optimus gently touched her on the shoulder, making her jump in surprise until she took a deep to ease up her tension. “Sorry,” she whispered as she lowered her gaze and then looked away, refusing to make optic contact with the Autobot Commander.

    “You do not need to be sorry,” said Optimus gently as he stroked her wing carefully. He then repeated his questions and she shrugged, unsure of what she really wanted, so Optimus decided to go and fix her up something. But while was doing that, he suggested that she explore the Prime Mansion and get a better feeling of her new home so that she would be more comfortable with herself.

    So Saberblade got up and set off to explore the ‘Prime Mansion’. She wasn’t sure why it was called that, but she guessed that it had something to do with the title of ‘Prime’. She remembered sneaking a book from the Iacon Library long ago. She also remembered that it had been about the history of the Primes and what their goals were. She knew that the title of Prime was given to those that the Autobot Matrix of Leadership chose amongst the Autobots once the previous leader had died, or rejoined the Allspark of Primus. Of what the Matrix did to the new leader was increase their physical appearance and were also given amazing abilities that exceeded many. The abilities were simple. They were able to take short glances of the afterlife, were given vast amounts of wisdom and knowledge, and they could even take small glances into the future and the past. Other such abilities were never listed because unknown reasons or they just cannot be explained.

    If Saberblade remembered correctly the book had been called History of the Primes, and she knew that she still had the book stored somewhere in her sub-space pocket. But she couldn’t remember where exactly. She’ll have to search herself when she got the chance.


    Saberblade was amazed at how carefully well done the structure of the Prime Mansion had become. Obviously she’d never seen anything like it before, and she guessed that the Elders had ordered this to be built finely for whatever Prime that stayed here. Though, she had the feeling that Optimus hated living in such a rich place while everyone else just lived lowly below him. She did not deserve to live in this place, and she doubted she ever will fit in amongst the Autobots of Iacon, and they’d probably reject her in a matter of seconds if they saw her. But who was she kidding? She would never find a place to truly belong in, and this place was no acceptation.

    She found many rooms of the Prime Mansion and even one that looked like a guest’s room. Probably for those that wished to visit a Prime and then leave after staying for a fair while. She guessed that this was the room that she would be staying in, or maybe in that nice room that was just a few door lengths away.

    She then visited the top floor near the attic and she came across Optimus’ room. It was so neat, tidy and smelt fresh and clean like as if a cleaner bot had come by just today, or yesterday. She reckoned that Optimus had been spoilt a fair bit, and he probably hated the Prime life, but she knew that she would have to put up with it for as long as he functioned.

    Folding her wings against her sides to offer herself comfort, Saberblade decided to check out the bathroom. It too was neat and tidy, and it smelt of fresh perfume that made her optics water. She would have to get used to this new life, and she hated every detail of this place. But as much as she wanted to complain, she knew that it would only make her stay even worse.

    Bored and wanting to find something to do, Saberblade searched through her sub-space pockets and loose joints to find the History of the Primes book that she’d hidden somewhere. Finally, her hands lay upon her chest where the cockpit of her alternate mode sat. Carefully, she opened it up and revealed the book safely tucked away near her Spark chamber. How could she have missed that spot? She’d been so caught up in her thoughts and the events that had occurred that she’d forgotten where she’d stored her favourite book. She was very surprised that Red Alert had not found it there in the first place while he’d been scanning her. Perhaps her Spark had decided to use some of its energies to hide the book from view.

    Taking the book out carefully, her fingers just missed getting an electric burst from her Spark, as she closed her Spark chamber gently. Stepping out the bathroom with the book clutched closely to her chest plate, Saberblade headed back downstairs to sit herself down and read for a bit until Optimus would call her.


    The moment Saberblade sat down to read, she realised that the book was a little torn and had a couple of bents and dents from age after taking it from the Iacon Library long ago. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d sat down to read, but she believed that being kept busy 24/7 of looking after herself had kept her away from even reading. Sighing, she opened the book carefully and began to read a paragraph.

    The Matrix of Leadership

    The Matrix of Leadership is a talisman of legend, passed down from Autobot leader to Autobot leader. It comprises an oval-shaped container, holding a glowing, blue crystal. To open the Matrix is to release an unpredictable wave of power from this crystal. The Matrix is believed to an intelligence of its own and will determine when, and how, it will be used. It is also believed that the Matrix came from a piece of Primus’ Spark that houses a vast amount of wisdom and knowledge that allows a Prime to have vast amount of abilities that is still being worked out today. The Matrix also changes a normal Autobot’s physical body, making them stronger, and able to take more damage than they previously do, and are given the title of Prime. Once a Prime dies, their Spark rejoins the Matrix and improves the wisdom of the next leader. The Matrix is then passed down to the next ‘Chosen One’ that it selects on its own or whoever has a Prime Spark amongst the generations of Primes.

    Saberblade continued on to read until Optimus’ head popped around the corner and he cleared his throat, catching the young seeker completely off guard by his voice. She looked up at him as she quickly closed the book and hid it away from the Autobot Commander’s line of sight. “Dinner’s ready if you want it,” he said.

    Saberblade nodded and she stood up, keeping her train of thoughts to herself as she approached the kitchen and sat down at the table to eat. Optimus placed a bowl of liquid Energon in front of her (an equivalent of soup) and he sat down with his own. “I thought I would make something easy for you to have since your body is taking its time to heal inside,” he said.

    Saberblade shrugged and put the spoon to her lips, careful to not burn her tongue. To her surprise, the liquid tasted like nothing she’d ever had before. Looking up, but trying to keep her emotions in tact, she felt a smile tug at her lips and said, “Thanks, it’s been a really long time since anyone’s ever made me something nice.”

    Optimus smiled back. “You’re welcome. I’m thinking about taking you to see Ratchet for counselling soon, though I’ll have to book you an appointment to see him.”

    Saberblade nodded as she took another spoonful of the Energon. As she swallowed, she felt her throat become parch and her lips seemed to turn as dry as the sun’s rays. She had no idea why it was happening, but she felt herself shake in her shoulders and she dropped the spoon, then she pulled her knees close to her body and cried. Optimus was at her side at once and he gently rubbed her back, but she flinched from his touch and continued to cry. He sighed and let her be for the moment until she regained herself. She had no idea why she’d just cried, but she knew that it had something to do with what had happened in the past. “I… I just don’t know what to believe,” she sniffed.

    “Believe what?” Optimus asked, tilting his head to the side in confusion.

    “I… I want to believe that Storm Saber died defending you, but after what Aquablade had told me before she committed suicide, I’m… just not sure what to do,” Saberblade answered.

    Optimus sighed and gently placed a hand on her wing, this time, she didn’t flinch, just looked at him from the corner of her golden optics. “Believe what you want to believe, I will not pressure you into choosing what lies in your Spark.”

    Saberblade nodded once before sniffing again. It just hurt so much to have lost her only family that she’d known since the day that she’d been created and had been raised in a world full of suicide, murder, and hatred. Why couldn’t she have been brought up in Iacon? Then she wouldn’t have to go through with all this mental pain that she suffered all those years ago. Without thinking, she leapt forward and wrapped her arms around Optimus’ neck. She couldn’t help but leave her tears on his fine metal, and she reckoned that he did care about his armour getting coated in teardrops.

    Optimus Prime hadn’t expected Saberblade to give him a hug, but the moment he felt her tears, he knew that she really meant it well. He didn’t care if she wept on him, she could cry on him for as long as she needed to. Gently, he placed a hand on her back and rubbed it, caressing her for as long as she sobbed. He was glad that he’d taken her in as his own, and that she wouldn’t have to live on the streets of the slums anymore. For as long as he functioned, he would protect her with his very life if he had to. Gently he pulled her off of him and wiped the tears away from her optics. “Let’s get you into your room. You need to get some rest if you are to make it to full recovery.”

    Saberblade nodded as Optimus stood up and led her to her room.


    Optimus shook his head when Saberblade approached the guest room. “No, you will not be treated as a guest while you’re under my roof. Come, I’ll show you to a much better room,” he said as he led Saberblade to another room that was just next to his room.

    Saberblade had expected the room to just be something too fancy to her taste, but she was shocked to find that it was just a normal room. She took a glance around at the room and walked inside. “I figured that you wanted a more decent room that would be just ordinary to your liking. I hope this suits you just fine.”

    “I… I just… don’t know what to say,” Saberblade stuttered.

    “Just say nothing about it. It’s the least I can do to make sure that you feel right at home in the Prime Mansion. I know that you must be extremely uncomfortable living in a highly rich place, so this room was made for those that didn’t like the fancy rooms. To be perfectly honest, I really don’t like living in this Mansion and it makes me feel disgusted that I live above those that live on the streets, including the slums in Polyhex.”

    Saberblade was a little shocked to hear that coming from Optimus. Had he actually read her mind about what she’d previously thought about? She wasn’t sure, but she remembered that the Autobot Matrix of Leadership was capable of doing incredible things, and it must’ve given Optimus the ability to read minds, or maybe he’d glanced into her future or something like that.

    As if he’d read her mind, Optimus turned to look at her, his golden optics soft with vast amounts of knowledge and wisdom beyond anyone’s understanding. “I’m sure you’re wondering why I seem to have a habit of reading minds, or if I’m capable of doing such a thing. To answer that question, I cannot do that. How I know what you’re thinking is by the look in your optics and the way how your facial expression matches it perfectly. If you have anything to ask, or if you need anything, I will be downstairs calling Ratchet on making an appointment for you. Goodnight, Saberblade, I hope that you’ll feel better in the morning.” Without another word, Optimus turned and left Saberblade standing there alone.

    Sighing, the young seeker femme headed into her room and sat down on her bed. She was glad that she had an ordinary room and that it suited her perfectly for her moods. She lay down on the bed with her hands behind her head and gazed up at the ceiling. She couldn’t help but wonder what the future held for her, but she was unsure, and right now, she had to focus on getting her trust back into action. But she found herself thinking on what Optimus had said to her. “Believe want you want to believe, I will not pressure you into choosing what lies in your Spark.”

    Just what exactly lied in her Spark? Should she really believe that Storm Saber had died at the hands of Megatron, or should she believe what Aquablade had said about the Autobots killing her father mercilessly? She wasn’t sure what to think, and it pained her Spark greatly. Clutching her chest as though it was in pain, Saberblade rolled onto her back and took out the History of the Primes and decided to read for a bit.

    She reckoned she lost track of time after a while, for the last thing she remembered was turning her optics off, seeing a red, blue, and silver figure tuck her under her blankets, and then she felt something warm and gentle touch her forehead. She wasn’t sure who it was, but she heard words of a familiar voice. “Sleep well, Saberblade, I understand what it’s like to go through so much pain and suffering in your mind. We’ll see what Ratchet says about your mental condition tomorrow.” And then, total darkness swam through her mind and she knew no more.


    “Good morning, Saberblade. Did you sleep well?” Optimus asked as Saberblade walked into the kitchen and sat down to have breakfast. She shrugged her shoulders a little, obviously not in the mood to talk about how she’d slept. Understanding her desire to not wanting to answer, Optimus decided to move onto a different topic. “Ratchet says that he’d like to see you this afternoon.”

    Saberblade looked a little unsure when Optimus said this. She’d just gotten to know the Autobot Commander, and had no wish of trusting anyone else but him. But if she was to make a full recovery on her mental problems, she would have to put up with idea. After all, she did make a promise didn’t she? Sighing, she just nodded and said, “What can I do in the meantime?”

    “I was hoping you might say that. I was thinking about taking you to Autobot Head Quarters to see what it’s like there, or you and I could go for a walk and discuss further matters, but I’ll leave that up to you. But obviously, I need to fill out some reports once your appointment is over for today,” Optimus answered.

    “My guess is that you have to go back to Head Quarters to fight the Decepticons?” Saberblade asked quietly.

    “It’s a possibility, but it depends on if my men need me. If not, we can spend the rest of the day here at home, but if they do need me then I’ll have to leave you here to look after yourself, or I’ll let someone come here to look after you while I’m gone. Possibly Jazz or maybe even Prowl, they are good friends of mine, and would treat you with as much respect as I do.”

    Saberblade trembled. “But… what if they’re not who you think they are? What if it’s all a lie?” she asked as her voice nearly reached at breaking point.

    “Saberblade, they will not harm you for as long as they function. They have been my friends since the day I first turned into a warrior, and became a fresh Prime. I trust them with my life and they would do anything in their lives to help the weak and helpless. Now, let’s not discuss this topic any more, I do not want you to worry over nothing.”

    Saberblade nodded, mentally agreeing with Optimus’ decision on not wanting to press the matter any further than it already was going towards. Sighing, she sat down and had her breakfast.


    During the morning, Optimus Prime did not need to go to the Autobot Head Quarters, and it made Saberblade more relaxed until the afternoon rolled in. For most part of the morning, they just spent quality time together, speaking of whatever was on their mind and asking each other questions, but Optimus did not want to ask too many, for he feared that he might step into a territory that he might be forbidden to go into until Saberblade would feel more comfortable talking to him, but it was when the afternoon came that everything seemed to go downhill. The kind chat that they had had completely vanished and Saberblade was reluctant to go and see Ratchet. But Optimus promised her that he would come with her if she needed him and she loathly agreed as long as he did not leave her side until she grew more accustomed to her surroundings.

    Saberblade found herself and Optimus Prime standing outside a house that almost looked like a cottage in human terms, but to the Transformers, it was just a house that had been designed to make Ratchet’s patients less threatened by their treatment, and it was starting to have an effect on the young femme’s dislike towards the therapist/medic. Gently taking her hand in his own, Optimus Prime led Saberblade inside the house slowly.


    Once inside, Optimus set Saberblade down and he approached a counter and told a femme that he and Saberblade were here to see Ratchet. While he talked, Saberblade took a glance around at her ideal surroundings and she noticed a yellow mech sitting beside a much older femme. The yellow mech looked like he was the same age as Saberblade and he hardly seemed to be paying attention to anyone but the femme next to him.

    Saberblade wondered who the young mech was until Optimus Prime sat down beside her, taking her out of her thoughts. He looked towards her with his golden optics and smiled behind his silver mask. “Ratchet will be with us in just a nanoclick,” he said, “he’s just finishing up with another mech.”

    Saberblade nodded and she touched her chest where the History of the Primes laid inside. She was about to start thinking of what the previous Autobot Commander had been like before Optimus Prime when a mech walked out of a room and a silver mech, with a cross on his shoulders, walked behind him. In his hand, he held a clipboard and a holopen. He turned to the mech and said, “Well I hope to see you again next month, Hotwire, and try to stay out of trouble like you always do. And also, take good care of your son, Hot Shot, he’ll be worth your while when you spend more time with him. There’s nothing better than to strengthen the bond between creator and sparkling.”

    “I will, Ratchet, and thanks,” Hotwire said and held out his hand, which Ratchet shook before he smiled. Hotwire then turned and approached the femme and the yellow mech that Saberblade guessed was Hot Shot. “Shall we go home now?” he asked.

    Hot Shot smiled and nodded. “Yeah,” he said as he, Hotwire, and the femme, left the room, leaving Ratchet to look at his clipboard before he looked up and then at the young seeker femme, a warm smile caressing his lips. “Saberblade, you’re up.”
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    this is great i love the prime matsion and i hope there more to come
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    Chapter 6:

    Facing One's Demons

    Saberblade nervously stood up and approached Ratchet, she heard Optimus Prime follow her as she lowered her gaze, not wanting to appear rude in front of the boxed mech. Ratchet tilted his head to the side as he looked at her for a moment before he gave a warm smile and he motioned them to follow him. They obeyed and followed the white mech into a room that was out of earshot from the waiting room.

    When they sat down, Ratchet took out some paper and placed them in front of him. He looked at it for a moment before he said in a gentle voice so that he wouldn’t frighten Saberblade, but he did. “So, this is Saberblade?” he asked. He frowned when he saw the young seeker flinch but he made no comment about it.

    “Yes, I do believe Red Alert’s told you a bit about her?” Optimus asked.

    Ratchet nodded and he looked towards Saberblade again. He was a little surprised to see that she was making optic contact with him for a second before she removed her gaze from him and appeared to be staring at something else. “Well, I suppose we should get started then. You mind telling me what the problem is?” he asked.

    “To be perfectly honest, I’m not sure what the problem is, Ratchet. Saberblade has suffered some mental damaged long ago and I believe that you’re capable of finding out how and why,” said Optimus as he tilted his head down a notch, his optics looking into Ratchet’s blue ones.

    Ratchet placed a hand on his chin and looked towards Saberblade once more. She hadn’t said a word since her arrival and he reckoned this was part of the mental damage. Not trusting strangers right from the moment she meets them. “Does she refuse to make optic contact with anyone except those that she doesn’t trust or meets the first time?” he asked.

    “As far as I can tell, that’s an affirmative.”

    “I see,” Ratchet said as he took out a holopen and began to write on the paper. The sudden movement made Saberblade twitch and Optimus’ hand gently touched her, giving her a little encouragement to be brave. Ratchet then gazed at Optimus once again. “Does she flinch or even try to move away from a stranger’s touch no matter how nice they are?”


    “Uh huh,” said Ratchet as he scribbled down the answer and he asked the final question that might be something that Optimus couldn’t answer instantly. “Did she ever suffer from abuse or perhaps being yelled at by someone she once trusted?”

    Optimus was caught completely off guard by the question. If there was one thing that he couldn’t answer, it was this question. How could he know that Saberblade had suffered abuse from someone she once loved? He wasn’t sure, but he looked at Saberblade for help, but she refused to speak about it. He turned back to Ratchet and said, “I don’t know, her past is a mystery to me, but I believe that she did, otherwise she wouldn’t be on her own in the first place.”

    Ratchet stood up slowly and placed the holopen down. Saberblade cautiously watched him as he approached her and bent down in front of her. “Do you mind if I examine you?” he asked. She looked terribly frightened by the request and even Optimus’ gentle touch couldn’t calm her down. But in the end, she submitted and nodded.

    Ratchet gently took her arm and took a look at some of the scars that had been there before the accident. She winced when he used a finger to gently offer her comfort. “Hmm,” Ratchet mumbled. “Scars from being whipped, are they not?” he asked.

    Saberblade looked surprised by his question. In a trembling voice, she asked, “How did you k… know?”

    “As both a therapist and a medic, I can easily read what your body’s been through. You’ve been whipped a dozen times by a leathered whip two thousand solar cycles ago. Am I correct?”

    “Y… yes,” Saberblade whimpered and she quickly removed her arm from Ratchet’s grip. “Please! Don’t hate me for escaping a slave trading unit!” she begged.

    “Why would you think that?” Optimus asked gently.

    “Because you’ll take me back and turn me into a slave again!” Saberblade screamed.

    Ratchet shook his head. “We have no intention on hurting you, Saberblade. We only want to help you,” he said.

    Saberblade quickly retreated into the far corner of the room, away from Ratchet and Optimus Prime. Her trembling body told them that she was terribly frightened and had no way to escape the room, for Ratchet blocked the only exit with a chair that prevented the door from opening even the slightest notch.

    Sighing, Ratchet turned to Optimus. “Let’s not ask her about it again, I’m afraid even the slightest mention of you-know-what would bring back terrible memories. We’ll move on to something else so that we will not push her until she’s ready.”

    “Very well, Ratchet, what else is there that you wish to know?” Optimus asked.

    “From what I’ve gotten from you, it’s quite clear that she’s suffering from both abuse and painful experiences that we know nothing about. There’s a name for this kind of condition, but I’ll need to look into it just to be sure that I’m wrong. The only thing that we know from her past is the you-know-what and some harsh experiences of her family falling apart when she first lost her father, Storm Saber. You mentioned that her mother, Aquablade, did not die straight away from the prices of being a bondmate?”

    “Yes, that’s what we’ve heard from Jazz and Prowl when they came to their house to tell them the news about Storm Saber’s death. I was only expecting to hear that there was another relative there, but I was shocked to hear that it was Saberblade’s mother,” Optimus explained.

    “Thought so,” said Ratchet as he nodded. “What Aquablade actually did was cancel out some of the side effects of the bond. So when Storm Saber died, Aquablade did not feel a thing because of numbing the feeling of pain between her bondmate and herself. How someone does that takes practise, but if a bondmate dies and the other lived, they’re most likely to go through insanity and start to lose their memories of who and what they are, including not remembering their loved ones. It’s a painful experience between the one who suffers from it and their children, and it always ends in death by committing suicide several thousand solar cycles later. And thus it ended badly for Saberblade.”

    “So what can we do for Saberblade?” Optimus asked.

    “The only thing we can do is try to rebuild her confidence and trust. It might take days, week, months, even solar cycles. It all depends on how well she works with us, though I cannot guarantee that she’ll pull through in a matter of seconds. Time is of the essence and if she does not make it, we’ll have no choice but to do the cruellest, but best, thing that we can do for her. Put her into stasis lock and dispose of her remains.”

    Optimus Prime bit his bottom lip underneath his silver mask. He couldn’t give up on Saberblade! She had to pull through this condition, she just had to! “I will not give up on her, I will do everything in my power to ensure that she becomes a normal Transformer again! Did not deserve to lose a father at the hands of Megatron, and same thing goes for Aquablade. For as long as I function, I will make sure that Saberblade gets well again!”

    “I thought you might say something like that. In that case, we’ll need to get to work on this as soon as we can if we are to get Saberblade normal again. See me twice a week... say about... the weekend?” he asked.

    “That sounds good to me, Ratchet, I’ll keep it in mind,” said Optimus with a nod.

    “For medical examination, it would best to visit Red Alert once a month to check on her physical healing.”

    “Alright, thank you Ratchet.” Optimus Prime stood up and shook hands with the white mech and he gently approached Saberblade, who had her knees pulled closely to her body to offer herself protection. But when he was fully upon her, she looked up at him with sullen optics. “Come on, Saberblade, let’s go home,” said Optimus gently as he offered her his hand.

    Saberblade hesitated for a moment but she took his hand and he helped her up. Slowly the approached the door as Ratchet opened it up for them and he gave a kind smile towards Saberblade, but she only gave him an emotionless stare that looked so blank. Can the Autobots really restore her self-confidence, or will they have to do the unthinkable to her? Ratchet wasn’t sure, but he had the feeling that if anyone can get through those barriers, it was Optimus Prime.


    For the last eight weeks, Saberblade continued to visit Ratchet, and a bond began to build up between them with the time that they were spending together. But despite that, Saberblade was a little reluctant to trust the boxed mech, so Optimus Prime continued to go with her until she started to feel that it was time for her to go on her own. Ratchet still hadn’t gotten back to Optimus on what Saberblade was suffering from, he didn’t mind, as long as they continued to keep with the appointments.

    Seeing Red Alert again made Saberblade feel better and his gentle hands of examining her physically made her feel safe and unafraid. Her friendship between the CMO and herself began to grow and even Optimus seemed pleased that the work between her and Ratchet was beginning to pay off and she was being a little more open and more social than he thought he realised. But still, when it came to meeting new Transformers, she would become distant and quiet until she’d get used to their presence, which only took several days when she believed that they’d earned her trust.

    But while waiting to see Ratchet again on the seventh week while sitting in the waiting room, Saberblade spotted a familiar Transformer sitting on the opposite side of her. It was the same yellow mech she’d seen before when she’d first visited Ratchet and he had his arms folded across his chest and he looked a little impatient. What was his name again that Hotwire called him... Hot Shot was it? Saberblade thought to herself.

    Shifting her weight a little, Saberblade decided to pass the time on her wait by taking out the History of the Primes book from her Spark chamber. As she opened it and proceeded to read about the previous Prime before Optimus, she didn’t notice that Hot Shot was looking at her in a curious manner. As she turned the page, she felt someone sit down beside her. Looking up, she was surprised to see that it was Hot Shot. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to intrude on your reading,” he apologised.

    “I… it’s quite alright,” Saberblade said quietly. She really hadn’t expected the yellow mech to sit down beside her, and she felt a wave of nervousness prickling at her CPU. She swallowed her fear and bit her bottom lip secretly. Hot Shot didn’t look too bad, and plus, he didn’t seem to pose a threat towards her and she reckoned that learning to trust him might be a good start on her way to recovery.

    Hot Shot nodded before he twiddled his thumbs together. A sigh escaped his lips before he looked at the book in Saberblade’s hands. “So… what are you reading?” he asked. “I’ve never really seen that book, and yet, it seems really interesting.”

    “It’s… called History of the Primes, I’ve had it since I was really little… and it’s… all that I have left of my… creators,” Saberblade partly lied. She didn’t want to tell him that she’d stolen it from the Iacon Library, and if she did, he’d probably hate her and never talk to her again.

    Hot Shot lowered his head before he raised it again, gazing into Saberblade’s golden optics with his baby blue ones. “I thought Optimus Prime is your creator, or did he adopt you?” he asked.

    “He adopted me,” Saberblade replied quietly.

    “I’m sorry. It must be hard to live without your real ones,” Hot Shot whispered as he diverted his gaze towards the counter. He felt awful for saying such a thing, but it was all that he could muster in his breath. “My father, Hotwire, is suffering from depression, so my mother, Swiftstar, and I are helping him to get through it. Though I have a feeling it won’t last long. Hotwire’s been going through a lot lately and… it’s getting worse. Every single time we take him here, he hardly changes, and yet, my mother continues to put him through this just so that he doesn’t do anything stupid.”

    Saberblade lowered her head. “I’m sorry to hear it. I hope he’ll make it. But my problem’s worse than your father’s problem,” she said and she felt a tremor of nervousness creeping into her mind. Should she tell him about her past, or should she save it for Ratchet to know? After all, she is slowly getting better.

    Hot Shot looked a little surprised by Saberblade’s words, but nodded at her to carry on. Saberblade sighed before she closed the book and placed it back in her Spark chamber. She leaned forward a little and put her face in her hands while Hot Shot looked on in confusion. Was something wrong? Was her problem far worse than he realised? He wasn’t sure, but he placed a hand on her back and gently rubbed it. He felt her wince at his touch, but she made no move to stop him. “You don’t to talk about it if you don’t want to. How about when we get to know each other, you can do that?” he asked.

    Saberblade looked up, her optics sparkling a little. “You mean it?” she asked.

    “Every bit of it… erm… I didn’t get your name,” Hot Shot said and he laughed a little.

    “It’s Saberblade. I take it that your name is Hot Shot?”

    “Don’t know how you guessed it, but I think you overheard Hotwire saying it to me, didn’t you?”

    “Kind of.”

    Hot Shot was about to ask something else when Ratchet stepped out the room with Hotwire walking beside him. Hot Shot stood up and approached the two, but what he’d expected to hear from Ratchet was something he could never bring himself to understand. “It’s worse than I thought,” Ratchet said when Hot Shot asked how it all went.

    “What will happen to him?” Hot Shot asked, trying to stay calm.

    “I’m not sure, normally I can treat depression, but I cannot cure it. Hotwire continues to get worse as time progresses and I’m afraid he could commit suicide any time, so it would be best if you kept an optic on him. You never know what could happen when you’re not looking.”

    “I’ll try to, Ratchet, and thanks for trying your best, I couldn’t have asked for a better medic,” Hot Shot whispered as he placed an arm over Hotwire’s shoulder and he led him away, but not before Hot Shot stopped and looked at Saberblade. “I’ll see you around?” he asked.

    “Sure,” Saberblade said heartedly.

    Hot Shot nodded once more before he and Hotwire walked out the building, leaving Saberblade alone with Ratchet. “Come on, let’s not worry about other patients, we have you to deal with now and I’ll be shutting the place down for the night. Don’t keep me waiting,” Ratchet joked, earning a giggle from Saberblade.


    “So, Saberblade,” said Ratchet as he sat down on one side of the table while Saberblade sat on the opposite chair. “How are we today?”

    Saberblade shrugged. Now that she’d begun making proper contact, Ratchet could see that her optics were a little glassy. It worried him a little, but he knew that he was going to have to push the young femme to her limits. It was time to take the plunge. “I’m feeling better, I guess, but it’s still hard trying to… communicate with everyone, I mean, I’m getting used to the Autobots, but it’s still frightening when I come face to face with them.”

    “I understand how you feel,” Ratchet said as he leaned back in his chair for a bit. “Though I reckon it’s time that we talk about something, something that might make you uncomfortable, angry, or whichever negative feeling that you might fly at me. But if we’re going to help you recover, then I’m warning you that I’ll be pushing you to your limits until you feel like you’re going to explode and scream at me.”

    Saberblade looked a little suspicious, but she nodded, accepting the pain that she knew that he was going to put upon her. If she could endure what she’d go through so far, then she had the feeling that this one was going to be harder than she thought. If he was going to dig deeper into past, then so be it. She was ready, she knew it.

    Ratchet nodded back and he leaned forward a little, his optics serious and deep. “Would you mind telling me about what happened after your mother committed suicide?” he asked.

    It was not a request, and Saberblade knew that, she swallowed the lump that had been forming in her throat. She’d been expecting the question, and yet, remembering still made her flinch. Sighing, and knowing that it had to be done, Saberblade began her tale.


    Flash Back, Saberblade’s POV

    I didn’t remembered much the day I ran into that gutter and cried my optics out, but as far as I could tell, I knew that time was progressing so quickly that I hardly noticed how hungry and alone I felt. But then again, I knew that if I was to survive, I would have to steal Energon from the storages. Yes, Landmine told me to never do it again, but I had no other choice. I had to survive at any cost, even if it made the Autobots’ supplies a little low for the war that they were fighting with the Decepticons. It pained me to do such a horrible thing, but it had to be done.

    So I began raiding the Energon storages without a hesitation and becoming wiser on when to steal the cubes and when to not do it. How I knew this, I don’t know, because everything was happening too fast and I remembered very little of the crimes I was committing. But when I approached the age of fifteen thousand solar cycles, I decided to take the time of wondering about, and that was the gravest mistake that I’d ever made in my entire life.

    While leaping from rooftop to rooftop, I sat upon the ledge of an old building, gazing out onto the old blinking lights of Polyhex, the place was so old and worn out that it hardly seemed like the best place to live anymore for the ‘slum bots’, that’s what we were called to the snobs of Iacon, and I’d snuck into that place once to go into the library and read a book. I’d just taken out the book I’d wanted to read when someone startled me by crying out ‘Hey!’ In my panic, I’d ended up taking the book from the library and had leapt out the window before the guard could get a better look at me. The only thing that he could get was an old cloak that had gotten ripped from my neck when the guard had grabbed me, and it turned out to be nothing more but an old blanket that I’d taken from my old home in the apartment. It had been all that I’d had left of my family, and now, it was gone.

    But while I’d been gazing out into the dim lights of Polyhex and looking at the old buildings, I’d hardly noticed the approach of a black figure until it was too late. The moment I felt those cold hands wrap around my throat and place a cloth over my mouth, I knew that my fate had been sealed. The only thing I could remember was a dark voice hissing in my voice: “You’ll make an excellent slave, seeker.” And then, darkness took over completely.


    I don’t know how long I remained in stasis lock, but I knew that a long length of time had passed. And when I came around I realised I was in a big cage. Standing up, but staggering a little, I approached the bars and shook them as hard as I could, begging to anyone that would hear me. No one came when they looked at me and continued on with their walking, thinking that I was insane and not worth it.

    I heard a voice speak and I looked towards it. It was the mech that had put me into stasis lock. Growling, I lunged towards the cage, but I was shocked the moment my shoulder made contact with it. Angrily, I grabbed it with my hands, but nothing happened. Confused, I charged at the cage again, and I received the same punishment as before. What was happening? Why did it shock me when I charged or tried to break out? I wasn’t sure, but I had to get out!

    The mech, who was looking at me, laughed at my pitiful state. “Nice to see that you’re awake, little seeker,” he said as he kneeled beside me, stuck his hand through the bars, and grabbed my throat, surprising me with how much strength he had. I couldn’t see him fully, but I knew that his hand was black and maroon in colour. Growling, I used my right hand and pulled it right off, I got up and backed away from the cage’s bars.

    The black mech laughed at my nervousness and confusion. “I like you, femme, you’ll serve me well as a slave, but since I’m a seller, and not a buyer, I cannot do such a thing. I’ll sell you to a ‘good’ owner and I’ll get paid triple the amount that an ordinary slave would get, because seeker slaves are rare these days, so rare that they are worth a fortune.” He opened the cage door and approached me slowly, but I stood back until my back was against the wall. Now that I could see him almost perfectly, I could tell that he was bulky, but could still move pretty fast if he wanted too, and had optics as red as blood.

    The strange mech, (that I called ‘Blacky’ mentally) stooped down until he was levelled with me and lifted a hand and placed it on my cheek. “So, my dear, are you going to cooperate, or are you going to continue to resist until I have to break your spirit?” he asked.

    Without warning, I bit him on the hand and he recoiled in surprise and pain. He held his hand close to his body to offer it protection, and I continued to stare at him like a wild animal. For as long as I lived, my spirit would never be broken! I crawled away from Blacky until I reached a corner and curled up into a ball, hoping that he would go away and leave me alone.

    And Blacky did leave me alone. But before he left, he placed a bowl of very low graded Energon next to me, and was gone before I even knew it. Sighing in relief, I quickly grabbed the bowl and ate as quickly as I could, but little did I know that my ‘new life’ was about to get worse when the buyers began to come.


    Several days later after my capture, Blacky returned to my cage to check on my progress. Once he was there in front of me, I gave him the coldest stare that I could muster and he laughed at me. “Full of spirit, aren’t you?” he asked as he bent down and roughly stroked my right thigh. I rolled away from him, not liking the way how he was touching me.

    “You’d best be on your best behaviour today, little seeker, for you are about to be sold today, and I expect to see that you do as you are told. Clear?” he growled.

    I didn’t say anything. I’d learnt how to keep my mouth shut and not say a word long ago, and I hadn’t spoken since the day I’d left home and stayed in the gutter. The only thing I preferred to do was body language because it was more comfortable. I just nodded, making Blacky pleased. “Good, then I’ll see you as soon as the buyers come by.” And he was gone.

    I was bought by a cruel couple and the moment they placed the thousands of credit in Blacky’s hands, they took me away, leading me on an Energon chain that had my hands tied together in cuffs. It made me angry and desperate to obtain my freedom, but I dared to not make a word about it. When we arrived at the cruel couples’ home, I tried to struggle against the Energon chain, but they were too strong, and the mech slapped me across the cheek with a hand while the femme laughed at my pathetic form as I was knocked to the floor and all Pit broke loose.

    I’d lost track of time, but I knew that two thousand solar cycles had passed. I’d suffered greatly with the cruel couple. They raped me, used a whip on me if I didn’t obey their every commands, slapped me, kicked me, and when things couldn’t get any worse than they already were, they would lock me up in the basement of their home and leave me to starve, but I would get only a very tiny bar of Energon.

    But one day, after the two thousand solar cycles had passed, I realised that they were becoming slack with themselves. How I knew this was extremely simple. They’d forgotten to lock the Energon cuffs properly after they’d finished having their fun with me. Without a second to spare, I broke the cuffs by pulling my wrists apart and they came off easily. Standing up on weakened legs, I turned and sprang for the door.

    The mech noticed me making my escape and he tried to grab me, but I easily side-stepped him and burst out the door of their home. The mech shouted curses at me and released a blast of purple energy at my back, but it hit the wall instead and I turned a corner.

    I’d ran so fast that I’d hardly noticed I was being watched by someone with a big cannon attached to their back. His blood red optics seemed to smirk in the lonely darkness and he pointed his cannon at me as I continued to run, freedom had never tasted so sweet before, but I’d thought too soon and I saw the deep purple blast being fired upon me, and then everything went white.

    End Flash Back, End POV


    Saberblade brought her knees close to her body as Ratchet listened when she released her tears that she’d held back for so long. She’d finally conquered her fears and she’d gotten them out into the open. The white mech took out a tissue and handed it to her. She accepted it andblew her nose before wiping away her tears. “You did well, Saberblade, I’m very proud of you,” Ratchet praised, his voice pleased and angry at the whole story. No one deserved to be treated like that, especially when she’d nearly suffered at the hands of Megatron.

    Saberblade nodded her thanks. “I… I did it, didn’t I?” she asked.

    “Yes, you’ve managed to face your demons that have haunted you for so long. Remember when you told me you had nightmares and you never told Optimus about it?” Ratchet asked.

    Saberblade nodded. “Should we tell Optimus?” she asked.

    Ratchet shrugged. “If you want to, I can tell him. It looks like you’re well on your way to recovery and that’s a thing that we can breathe easy about.”

    Saberblade nodded once again. She could feel her past beginning to lift off her chest, and she found it easier to breathe. Yes, she was going to get better, she just knew it! “Thank you so much for everything that you’ve done for me, Ratchet,” she said.

    Ratchet shook his head. “We’re not done yet, Saberblade, but at least the worst is over, so you’ll be easier to help now that you’ve talked about the thing that haunted you the most. Your past. Come on, I believe Optimus is waiting for you, how about you and I go together and tell him the good news?” he asked.

    Saberblade smiled, and this time, the smile was bigger than it was before. She hadn’t smiled since the day her father had been killed by Megatron. And now that it was all over, she could finally get back on her own two feet and get other things out of the way between her and Red Alert. Maybe someday, she could do something to repay him for all that he’d done for her.
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    Chapter 7:

    We Meet Again

    Five thousand years passed since that encounter with her past demons, and Saberblade emitted a deep breath. During those years of working with Ratchet on her mental damage, the young seeker femme had learnt how to deal with many things that could trigger painful memories. But now that the worse was over and things had to be explained to Optimus Prime, the Autobot Commander had felt the biggest amount of rage that he’d ever felt in his life. Nevertheless, facing one’s demons proved to be the biggest step in Saberblade’s attempt to becoming well. She may have recovered from all the damage she’d suffered from, but she had a few problems with trusting other mechs, but Ratchet’s instruction to how to deal with the pain was extremely simple. Breathe in and out. Keep doing it until you feel like you’re floating in space.

    Saberblade had changed a lot during the past five thousand years. She’d changed from a frightened, untrusting, and helpless young sparkling to a brash, high-spirited, young femme that had been hidden since the day she’d lost everything to the Decepticons. It hurt to think about it, but it was less painful now that she had a new family that would love her just as much as her previous ones did before this one, and she couldn’t have asked for a better miracle from Primus

    Saberblade lowered her head a little as Optimus Prime approached her. His golden optics seemed to shine in pride and fatherly love that had increased their bond greatly over the years they’d spent together. But, now that the war was beginning to increase and claiming many lives amongst the Autobot cause, the Autobot Commander had suggested, now that Saberblade had recovered, that she come into the Autobot Academy and she’d agreed without a second’s hesitation. She was determined to avenge Storm Saber, and that would prove to be her greatest desire, and the source of her strength that would drive her to achieve her goal, though she only mentally vowed that she would bring down Megatron, she did not tell Optimus Prime of her one reason for doing this. To bring down the one nemesis that had caused her so much suffering over her young years of life would be a blessing from Primus.

    Optimus Prime motioned Saberblade to follow him, and she obeyed without a moment to spare. They had already arrived at the Autobot Academy, and Optimus Prime was taking Saberblade to meet the other students and their teacher that the Autobot Commander had been keeping as a secret. He wanted to surprise Saberblade, and he knew that she hadn’t seen the one mech that had saved her life for five thousand years. Once Saberblade would be in her teacher’s hands, Optimus will leave her side for the time being and return to his duties as Autobot Commander, but he knew that they would see each other again soon.


    When Optimus Prime and Saberblade arrived in the middle of the building that had no roof and revealed the welcoming sky of Iacon, Saberblade looked upwards as she gazed longingly at it. Her desperation to fly had increased greatly over the years, but because Iacon was a no fly zone, nearly all of her freedom had been claimed and she hated every bit of it. But Optimus Prime would take her to Polyhex to have a little fly around, but he always made the trip quick because of hostile Transformers that might’ve despised the Autobots and Decepticons, including the war that had ravaged on for so long before Saberblade had been born. Optimus had said that it had started nearly four million years ago, way before Saberblade was born.

    When Saberblade put her mind back into reality, she felt her voice catch into her throat when she spotted a mech that looked exactly like Hot Shot, but the yellow mech wasn’t there, and she felt utterly alone for being amongst strangers that were chatting away while waiting for their teacher to arrive. Casting her optics onto Optimus Prime, who chuckled at her look, Saberblade lowered her head, waiting for him to speak.

    When Optimus saw that she was waiting, he said in a simple manner. “Take care of yourself, Saberblade. I’ll be leaving you in the care of my most trusted friend, and I believe he will train you well and bring out your full potential that you’ve had hidden from you since the day you were changed. Guard well your Spark, for it will help you in becoming the best Autobot warrior he’s ever had, including me when you someday join my team.” Optimus Prime then placed a comforting hand on Saberblade’s shoulder before squeezing it gently. “May Primus watch over you… my daughter.”

    “And you I… father,” Saberblade whispered and she hugged the Autobot Commander and he in return. They stood there in their embrace for a long while until Optimus Prime finally let go and he stood back, his golden optics looking into her own before he sighed deeply, not wanting to part at a time like this, but his duties called him and he knew with all his Spark that he could not ignore them.

    Turning his back on Saberblade, Optimus Prime turned and walked out the building, leaving Saberblade to watch him until the shadow engulfed him. She knew that she was on her own for the time being, but she had the feeling in her Spark that she would meet him again. Calling him father and him calling her daughter had never been exchanged between the two, but now that they’d admitted their family bond, it had increased their love even more, making sure that it would withstand the test of time if anything dared to separate them from each other. It was one of the greatest gifts that Saberblade could’ve ever hoped from the Autobot Commander, but now, she no longer saw him as just a commander and a stranger. But a family that had changed her the moment she fell into his care.

    “Are you new around here like us?”

    Saberblade snapped back into reality when she heard a strange voice talking to her. She turned to look at the stranger and saw that it was the same mech that was identical to Hot Shot, only he was redder and he had yellow flames on his back. “Erm... yeah, I am. What’s your name?” she asked.

    The mech chuckled. “I’m Exillion, but it’s an odd name really. What’s yours?” he asked as he tilted his head to the side in curiosity.

    “I’m Saberblade, adopted daughter of Optimus Prime,” Saberblade replied as she bowed her head, showing her respect to Exillion.

    “Hmm, I was wondering who that was you were with. Anyway, I’m the cousin of Hot Shot. He told me all about you and said that he misses you, he really wanted to be here to see you, but he had to go to a different teacher. My creators are Rodimus and Starfire,” Exillion explained as he smiled when Saberblade bowed her head.

    Saberblade laughed a little, but not too cheerfully, just keeping her emotions in tact. Exillion did look a little cuter than Hot Shot, but she didn’t dare to say that out loud. “Are you proud of your... family?” she asked.

    Exillion just laughed. “Kind of, but my father is suffering at the moment. Hotwire died two years ago and, including Swiftstar. He misses them terribly and he nearly committed suicide if Starfire, my mother, hadn’t stopped him. He’s never felt so devastated in his entire life.”

    “Exillion, I’m so sorry about your family’s loss, I wish there was something I can do for you,” Saberblade whispered as she sighed and looked away and tried to think of something to say to the young mech, but she couldn’t and she shook her head.

    “No, it’s okay. The only thing we can do is move on. The only thing I want is a friend who would be there to support me. Would you..., Saberblade, be that friend I was looking for? Hot Shot won’t mind because he likes you.” Exillion then held out a hand towards the young seeker femme. “So what do you say? Are we friends?”

    Saberblade smiled and she took it in her own and shook it carefully. When they let go, Exillion let a wave of tears escape his optics and he looked away, trying to rid them, but he failed and Saberblade gently placed her right hand on Exillion’s shoulder and she stroked him gently. She took a deep breath and was about to speak when a voice interrupted her voice. Sighing, she and Exillion rushed towards the other young mechs and they stood in a straight line, waiting for their teacher to arrive.

    When the mech walked through, Saberblade felt her jaw drop at the sight of him. She had not seen him since the day she’d been rescued by him and she’d hoped that she might see him again someday, but she’d never expected to see him this soon. She bit her bottom lip as she took a deep breath. I never expected to see Landmine again so soon, but I guess Primus has His ways of letting fate decide when we should meet again, she thought. She smiled and chuckled lightly as Exillion looked at her once more.

    “You okay?” he whispered.

    “Yeah, I’m fine, I just didn’t expect to see Landmine again,” Saberblade whispered back as Landmine continued to walk towards the young mechs and femmes that stood in a straight line.

    “You know Landmine?”

    “Yeah, he and Red Alert saved my life five solar cycles ago. I just never expected to see him so soon. My best guess is that Primus likes to keep our minds in suspense for a while until He decides to allow us to see what he means. Maybe He might have something planned for me in the future?” she asked.

    Exillion shrugged and he quickly straightened himself as Landmine finally reached the straight line. He looked at every one of the mechs and femmes and he shook his head. But when his blue optics landed on Exillion, he looked at him up and down before he said, “You have hidden potential in you, kid. I suppose that you’re going to try and be the best warrior that you’ve ever been?” he asked.

    “With all my Spark, I shall live up to my father’s name,” Exillion replied.

    “I couldn’t have asked for anything else from a new student, kid. I like you, you have spunk, but you lack discipline and the guts to kill. I have a feeling that you will hesitate for a short while before a Decepticon slashes you to tiny pieces. What is your name?” Landmine asked, his optics squinting, as though he was trying to pierce into Exillion’s soul.

    “My name is Exillion. I am the son of Starfire and Rodimus,” Hot Shot answered simply as his optics squinted back.

    Landmine smiled. “Your uncle, Hotwire, was a great Autobot, Exillion. I’ve known him since before his accident and he fought like a true warrior. It is a shame that he died and Swiftstar instantly followed in his footsteps to be with her beloved bondmate. You have my sympathy, Exillion.”

    Exillion nodded his thanks before Landmine’s optics widened at the sight of Saberblade. “I don’t believe it. Saberblade?” he asked.

    Saberblade found herself smiling a little at the old mech. She couldn’t help but laugh as Landmine shook his head. “You’ve changed since I’ve last time saw you, kid. I take that Prime did his job of healing you?” he asked.

    “You can thank Ratchet as well when you see him. He was the one who taught me every technique about calming down, and he taught me how to face my problems and he even helped me cope with the one thing that has been haunting me since the day I ran away from home. My past was what was holding me back. It prevented me from pushing myself, and it even caused me to trust no one except those that I love. I have come to accept Optimus Prime as the father that I thought I would never have. You and Red Alert are in my debt for saving my life when you pulled me from the debris five thousand solar cycles ago, and for that, I would be honoured to have you as my teacher.”

    “You do not need to thank me, kid. I’d taken a liking to you the moment I first saw you at the Energon storages. Just be thankful that I allowed you to escape, otherwise I wouldn’t have met you again.” Landmine then winked at Saberblade and she smiled before he continued, “Anyway, we should get started on the training, can’t have these other kids looking impatient, can’t we?”

    Exillion emitted a snort of laughter before he coughed, as well as Saberblade. Landmine chuckled in return before he gently rubbed Saberblade on the head and he stood in front of everyone to get their attention. Their optics laid upon the old warrior and he nodded his thanks before clearing his throat and saying, “Welcome to the Autobot Academy where you will become valiant warriors to the Autobot cause, I trust that you will do well while you are here, and you will be under my supervision until further notice. This training will last for three thousand solar cycles before you join the Military as a full-fledged warrior. On top of that, I expect to see the very best of you, not slobbery workouts or being lazy. If I see any of that, there will be punishment, and that means straight out the door. Understood?”

    “Understood, sir!” everyone replied as they stood up straight and saluted so quickly that Landmine had to smile.

    “Very well, we will begin the first part of the day doing some exercising so that you can get used to what we’ll throw at you while you’re here. Now we are extremely strict when it comes to training, but I expect nothing from you except you to do the best that you can. We’ll begin by doing fifty push ups.”

    Some mechs groaned in annoyance but didn’t complain out loud, not wanting Landmine to hear them whine. Saberblade and Exillion just shrugged and they got down on their hands and feet and started pushing themselves up and down. Although Saberblade did her best, she nearly pushed her body too hard and she almost collapsed in exhaustion, but she didn’t give up on herself. She will push herself beyond her capabilities, even if it killed her.

    When Saberblade got to forty-five, she felt her arms shake and Energon beginning to drip from her forehead. She didn’t notice Landmine approaching her until she saw his feet in front of her. She stopped and looked up at her mentor and he seemed to be frowning. “Saberblade, I think you should rest,” he said simply.

    Saberblade shook her head and tried to push on to forty-six, but her arms gave away and she collapsed to the ground, exhausted. Landmine kneeled next to her and placed a hand on her shoulder. “Take a break, Saberblade, that’s an order,” he said a little firmly.

    The young femme finally sighed and she stood up slowly, her legs shook and she fell back down. Landmine caught her easily and helped her back up. “You went way too fast, kid. The others are still on twenty-one. I don’t know how you managed to get to forty-five so quickly, but next time, take it slowly.”

    “Sorry, mentor,” Saberblade apologised as she bowed her head.

    “No need for apologise, Saberblade, just remember to not push yourself beyond your limits. If you know your own body, you’ll be able to do great things,” Landmine said as he sat Saberblade down. “I did say do your best, not go beyond your limits.” He then chuckled.

    Saberblade nodded once more as Landmine handed her a glass of Energon. “Drink that, rest for ten cycles, and come back when you think you’re fully rested. Am I clear?”

    “Yes, mentor,” the young femme answered.

    Landmine nodded before he turned and walked away, leaving the young femme to take another sip of Energon as the old mech continued to observe the young ones’ training process. Saberblade felt ashamed for pushing herself, but she found it quite funny that she’d done the push ups faster than her classmates, and it amused her a little. She hadn’t noticed that Exillion had reached thirty-five until he sat down beside her with a bottle of Energon in his hand. When she looked up, she could see him putting the bottle to his throat, gulping it down until he wiped his lips and looked at her. “Forty-five, huh?” he asked.

    Saberblade chuckled and shook her head. “Yeah, I was so focused on trying to go past my body limit, that I lost track of everything. Sorry if I... bested you.” She then lowered her head once more, not making optic contact with the yellow mech. She didn’t feel Exillion place an arm around her shoulder until his fingers touched her wing completely by accident. She felt her wing twitch and she looked at him in surprise.

    “Hey, everyone makes mistakes, Saber. And believe me, I’ve made a couple before, and so you’re not the first. Besides, Landmine was pretty upset when you went beyond your endurance,” said Exillion kindly.

    “Was he really?” Saberblade asked confusingly.

    Exillion nodded. “Yeah, just try not to do that again, I hate to see anything happen to my best friend,” he said, winking at her from the corner of his optics. Saberblade chuckled before she nodded as she promised that she wouldn’t do it again and Landmine called both of them to come back. Exillion let go of her shoulder and blushed a little at touching her wing, which was the most sensitive part of her body.

    When they returned to the line of the young Autobots, Landmine ordered them to run around the course one lap. They charged off without a hesitation and returned within half a megacycle. Landmine nodded, glad of their running and ordered them to take a break before they would move on to the proper training.

    Once everyone had recovered and had chattered about, Landmine called them back to him and the students came rushing over to him. He looked at every one of them before he nodded his satisfaction. “Alright,” he said, “we will begin with the true training now that the exercising is over. Who will be the first to try and knock me down?”

    “I’ll go, sir,” said Exillion as he stepped forward, his blue optics shining with his desperation that had never burned as much as before. Saberblade had to chuckle in amusement at his determination, but she knew that he couldn’t help it. She watched as Landmine got into a fighting stance and clenched his hands into fists.

    “Alright, kid, show me what you’ve got.”

    Exillion nodded before he braced his body, and then charged without warning at the old warrior. But the old mech barely even blinked as his arms came out of nowhere and grabbed Exillion’s waist and hoisted him into the air, above his shoulders and over his back. Exillion landed on his on the ground and a groan of pain escaped his lips. Wincing, he looked up at Landmine as the old mech looked down upon him with his blue optics. “You’re fast kid, but you need to think twice about your situation when you come face to face with dangerous opponents. If you do that, you might just be able to succeed in beating me,” he advised.

    Exillion nodded as he picked himself up and returned to his position beside Saberblade. The young femme looked at her friend and gave a gentle smile. “Don’t worry, Exillion, you’ll do better next time, just remember that doing anything reckless will cost you your Spark if you do that again.”

    Exillion just chuckled as Landmine motioned to Saberblade. “Care to show me your stuff, kid?” he asked as he tilted his head to the side and chuckled when he received a questioning look from Saberblade. “Don’t worry, it doesn’t matter if you fail, you just have to work on it.”

    Saberblade nodded as she took a few nervous steps towards Landmine and she got into a fighting stance. “Whenever you’re ready, kid,” he reassured her gently. She nodded her thanks before tightening her muscle cables in her legs and charged forward. Her balance was perfect, her timing was excellent, but her calculations of knowing when to charge had been completely wrong.

    One minute Landmine was standing there, the next minute, he easily sidestepped Saberblade and his right hand grabbed her throat. The moment his hand had touched her throat, Saberblade felt an overwhelming sense of panic wash over her CPU and she struggled in a futile attempt to escape as she tried to conceal the thought of her past when the evil couple would choke her if she refused to obey a command. “Landmine,” she managed to squeak. “Not the throat!”

    Landmine realised his mistake and he instantly let her go. “I’m sorry, kid,” he apologised and bowed his head. “I forgot that you’d suffered past traumas, but that is what happens when an enemy will sidestep you. Do not let down your guard again, always be on the look out for a weakness and calculate when to strike.”

    Saberblade nodded her head and she sighed quietly. “It seems,” she said quietly, “that we all forget some things, but only time will tell of healing past pains and wounds.”

    Landmine nodded as well and gently placed a hand on her shoulder. “The past maybe over but there is always today, and tomorrow. Focus on the present, and do not worry about the future.”

    Saberblade then returned to her position and watched as the next mech advanced on Landmine and nearly succeeded in bringing down the old mech, but Landmine once again easily bested him and the young mech received a harsh blow to the leg for his harsh mistake and his recklessness, making the young mech limp back to his position to heal his pride and injury.

    The day continued to linger on with none of the young bots succeeding in bringing down their teacher, but he was pleased with their trying. “You did well for first timers. Go and rest and we will continue this tomorrow,” he said.

    “But where will we rest?” Exillion asked, earning a chuckle from Landmine.

    “You will be resting in the dormitories that are at the Autobot Academy. Femmes with femmes, and mechs with mechs,” the old warrior answered humorously before he turned and walked away to give the report of the day’s training to Optimus Prime, who was also training some young mechs and femmes.

    Saberblade and her classmates just shrugged their shoulders and they turned and left to head to their rooms that they would be staying in.


    Landmine sat down at his desk and pressed a button before a screen rose from his desk and revealed Optimus Prime, who too was sitting at his desk. “Evening, Optimus Prime, sir, I take that the training with your students goes well?”

    “Incredibly well, Landmine, Hot Shot shows great potential. Although, I am mostly concerned about Frostfire, who hardly shows anything,” Optimus Prime replied as he turned his head down a notch to nod a little. “But enough about my day, how goes Saberblade?”

    Landmine chuckled. “She went beyond her endurance by doing forty-five push ups in just twenty cycles, but she did almost best me during the first round of combat,” he replied as he took out a cube of Energon and took a quick sip.

    “That’s excellent news, Landmine. Let’s hope that she manages to get through this time. Did she suffer any past incidents?” Optimus asked, lifting an optic ridge.

    “She almost did when I grabbed her throat. Good thing she warned me in time before I could possibly grab her. But I told her that there would be possibilities that a Decepticon might do the same thing to her and that she must learn to overcome everything if she was to become a warrior.”

    “Perhaps she does not need to be a warrior. She could be something that does not involve harmful contact, but learning to become a warrior for self defence is what my main priority is. But if she chooses to be something else, like a communications officer or a weapons specialist, then she can, as long as she doesn’t get hurt, then I’m happy with her choices.”

    “Alright, Optimus, but we’ll have to wait for the three thousand solar cycles to be up, and then we’ll see what she decides,” said Landmine as he closed his optics and thought about it for a moment and opened them again. “You were a good student to me, Optimus Prime, and I’m sure Saberblade will do the same thing as you. She has potential, but she just needs a little guidance and a boost of confidence.”

    “I’ll leave that to you, Landmine, I trust you to keep her safe until that time is up. Until we communicate with each other again, and tell her to do her best. She likes that saying, especially when it comes from me.” Optimus Prime seemed to smile behind his silver mask and he chuckled. “And good luck with the other students, including Exillion, that lad may have determination and potential like his cousin, but he is hard tempered, so watch yourself.” Then Optimus Prime turned off his monitor and Landmine shook his head and he sat back to take another sip of his Energon.

    Let’s hope, he thought, that Optimus Prime is right about Saberblade getting through the next three thousand solar cycles of becoming a warrior, but I’m more concerned about her past pains. She may have overcome her fears, but she could still have a fit or two about the events that occurred long ago. Perhaps she’ll need a little more guidance than I thought.
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    still doing great i love it
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    Chapter 8:

    The Departure and Tragedy

    Saberblade lashed out with a punch at Exillion. For a thousand years she’d been doing everything she could to maintain control over her thoughts and emotions from her past, and Landmine had been helping her with that. It seemed like everything would be okay for the time being, but Saberblade knew that in her Spark, she would have to face the one who’d caused all this from the start. Megatron.

    Now that the young seeker femme’s skills had increased greatly over the years, she’d been practising her hand to hand combat that had made her a deadly opponent, but all the while, she sometimes pretended that she was wielding a sword or two and even Landmine seemed pleased with the way she’d been progressing and he couldn’t have asked for a better student. But one day, things changed dramatically.

    “Saberblade and Exillion, can you two come here for a moment?” Landmine called.

    Saberblade and Exillion stopped their combat and approached the old warrior. Something was wrong, but they knew it had nothing to do with the Decepticons, but all the while, it worried them both with what the old mech was going to tell them. As soon as they were right in front of Landmine, the old mech looked into their optics and said in a soft voice, “I’m afraid I have some… news for you.”

    “What kind of news?” Saberblade asked quietly.

    “I’m not sure how I am going to break this to the both of you, but I’m afraid its news that none of you will like.” Landmine took a deep breath and continued. “I’m leaving with Rodimus on a mission.”

    Saberblade’s and Exillion’s jaws dropped. “But… who will continue with our training, who will be there to guide us?” Exillion asked in a panicked manner.

    Landmine sighed again. “I’m afraid that you and Saberblade will be going onto a team right away as soon as I leave.”

    “But that’s not fair!” Exillion whined as he looked at Saberblade, then back at Landmine, frustration in his blue optics.

    “I know it isn’t, Exillion, but you must understand that Optimus made the choice, not I, and plus Rodimus needs me.”

    “Will you and father be back?” Exillion asked.

    “We don’t know when we’ll be back, but we hope it’s soon.”

    Saberblade lowered her head. She didn’t want Landmine to go. But the more he stuck around, the harder it became for her to part with the one that she’d considered as family. Why couldn’t Rodimus have asked for someone else to go with him instead of her teacher? Her head was so full of her questions that her head began to spin out of control and it felt like it was going to fall off any second.

    Landmine turned to Saberblade and gently cupped her chin. “Don’t worry, kid, you’ll see me again soon. Real soon. I got you a gift by the way,” he said and he turned around for a moment before he turned back to her with a case in his hand. “Take this, I made these specially for you.”

    Saberblade took the case and opened it. And much to her surprise, she found a pair of swords that were the colour of purple and silver with the Autobot symbols on them. “You… didn’t really need to make me a gift, Landmine,” she said as she looked up at her teacher.

    “I wanted to, kid,” Landmine said with a chuckle as he took the two swords out and handed them to Saberblade. “Just place them near your shoulders and they’ll snap into place like they are already a part of you.”

    Saberblade took them in her hands and placed them near her shoulders like instructed and they instantly folded into them like wings. “They’re… perfect,” she stuttered a little as she looked at her teacher as he nodded.

    “When will you be leaving teach?” Exillion asked, his blue optics shinning in the dim light.

    “First thing in the morning,” Landmine answered quietly.

    Without thinking, Saberblade rushed forward and wrapped her arms around her teacher’s neck. She could’ve sworn that tears were streaming down her cheeks and onto the slightly rusted yellow armour of the elder mech, but she didn’t care, and neither did Landmine. A slight sob escaped her throat, but she didn’t dare to say anything until she felt Landmine’s arms wrap around her like a blanket offering her warmth. Silence was all that went between them, but words did not need to be exchanged between them. The body language was doing it for them.

    After five minutes, Saberblade let go of Landmine and the old warrior wiped a tear away. “If there’s one student I’d miss more than anything, it would be youse two. You’re both my top ones, and I couldn’t have asked for anything else. So I ask this from the bottom of my Spark. Will you do your best while under the supervision of a friend of mine named Firestorm?” he asked.

    Saberblade nodded, as well as Exillion.

    “Then that is all I ask of you. Do your best and do as you are told. Alright?”

    They nodded once more.

    “Come on, let’s not weep while doing training. Let us make this one last day of training something special. What do you say?”

    “Yeah, Saber, let’s not cry over saying goodbye. That doesn’t happen until tomorrow morning, so let’s make this day something special for old Landy?” Exillion asked with a slight laugh, earning an annoyed stare from Landmine.

    “You’re lucky you’re Rodimus’ son, kid, otherwise you would’ve received the biggest punishment of your life,” Landmine said with a growl.

    Saberblade let off a small laugh. Yes, she shouldn’t say goodbye so soon, it would only make things harder for her and Exillion, so it was best to save it until tomorrow morning when Landmine left with Rodimus. But she wondered what this mission was and what they were going to do. That was mystery that she could never solve, especially when it had nothing to do with her.


    By the following morning, both Exillion and Saberblade had woken up extremely early. They had hardly slept a wink the moment they’d went to their recharge berths and had tossed and turned trying to dim their optics into darkness, but all they could do was ponder on where Landmine was going to go. So, the moment the two had walked out of their dormitories and met each other, they turned and headed outside to watch the sunrise without needing to say a word.

    The two friends sat down on the edge of the building that overlooked the training facility. Their optics did not look towards the other, just straight ahead to watch the rising sun that began to peek from behind Iacon’s walls, casting a warm glow over the city as the steady warmth began to increase.

    Neither Exillion nor Saberblade said a word. Nothing needed to be said until Saberblade slightly turned her blue head to look at the red and yellow flamed mech. His blue optics then darted over to her golden ones and they stared at each other for a moment until a smile tugged on their lips. Slowly, Exillion’s hand extended until it touched the top of her hand and gently rubbed her fingers before she twisted her own hand and her fingers wrapped themselves around Exillion’s. They continued to gaze into each other’s optics and their smiles stayed the same.

    They then casted their optics back towards the sunrise until they heard the familiar footsteps and they turned to see Landmine watching the sunrise as well. No one said a word again until the sun’s rays finally touched Iacon’s tallest building. The Council of Ancients. The trio didn’t pay any attention to the tall building. Instead, they continued to watch the sunrise until Landmine looked down at the two and cleared his throat, catching the two young bots’ attention.

    “It’s time now,” the old warrior whispered gently.

    Slowly, Saberblade and Exillion stood up, their heads had hung low and the saddened look on the young femme’s face was unmistakable to miss. But Exillion gently rubbed her fingers with his own, giving her comfort, and an unfamiliar feeling began to swell through her mind. It confused her greatly, for it was something that she’d never felt before in her entire life. She did not say anything about this feeling because it felt so alien to her, so she decided to figure it out for herself later on once Firestorm had taken her and Exillion under his wings.


    Saberblade, Exillion and Landmine stood next to an impressive ship that was much bigger than the young femme had realised. Sure it was amazing on the outside, but she wondered what it looked like from within because she had never been in a ship before but she didn’t dare to ask if she could go in.

    Landmine had his back to the two young bots for a while until he turned to look at them. His blue optics looked from Exillion to Saberblade as a red and white mech approached from the side of them. “Take care youse two, Firestorm will take good care of you and he will help you with your skills. If you need to ask him a question, don’t be afraid to ask him. Alright?” he asked.

    They both nodded as Landmine gently took both of them in his arms and pulled them close to his chest. The warmth of the hug seeped through both of their Sparks. Golden tears streaked down Saberblade’s face but she quickly wiped them away as a silent sob escaped her throat and the old warrior let them go before he placed a hand on each of their shoulder.

    “Take care, the both of you,” he said gently.

    “You too, Landmine. Come back soon, okay?” Saberblade said.

    “I will kiddo. And I promise to you that when I return, we can resume your training. Is that a deal?” Landmine held out a hand to the both of the young Autobots. They laughed and took it as they shook hands.

    “Landmine, time to go!” Rodimus called from afar as he stood beside a blue and grey mech with a pair of pipes on each side of his helmet.

    “Yes, sir,” Landmine answered as he stood back and saluted Saberblade and Exillion. They saluted back and the old warrior turned and left onboard the ship with his two comrades.

    The moment the door closed, the ship gave off a humming sound and smoke escaped its engines as it began to lift off the ground. Both Saberblade and Exillion waved as the ship went higher and higher off the ground. Its gears went up and its magnificent wings spread out wide. Turning slowly until its engines faced Iacon, the ship went into ignition and it slowly began to pull away from Cybertron, growing smaller and smaller by the second. It soon vanished amongst the stars, never to be seen again.

    The red and white mech turned to Saberblade and Exillion. “Come on, you two. You and my team have a mission already, so come on. Don’t keep me waiting,” he said gently and winked with his right blue optic.

    Saberblade and Exillion nodded and they followed after their team commander.


    Both Saberblade and Exillion found themselves on the outskirts of Kaon. Why on Cybertron would they come here? Saberblade frowned a little as she looked at Firestorm with her golden optics. The commander was peering from the side of the wall to check to see if anyone was coming their way. The other two team members, Dreadnought and Thunderbolt, were standing behind Exillion and Saberblade looking bored.

    “It’s all clear,” Firestorm whispered.

    Saberblade and the others nodded, standing up straight and followed after their commander as he rushed off towards another wall that would conceal their movements. Placing their backs against the cold metal, the team looked above their heads but saw nothing that would give their positions away. Firestorm lowered his head and looked behind him at Saberblade and Exillion.

    The two were shaking to the core of their Sparks. It was normal to be nervous on first missions, and this was no excuse. Sighing, Firestorm whispered words of encouragement to them and they calmed down a little, but they were still nervous.

    “Remind me again why we’re here?” Thunderbolt, the black and yellow mech, asked.

    “We’re here to get information,” Dreadnought, the brown and grey mech, growled.

    “What kind of information?” Saberblade asked quietly, her teeth chattering together in fear as she felt Exillion gently grip her hand to secretly offer her comfort, which she gladly accepted without a hesitation, glad of her friend’s company.

    “Information that would allow us to take advantage of the Decepticons,” Firestorm replied as he looked down at the young bots. “If we can get the information that we need, it will help us to gain the upper hand against them and end this once and for all.”

    “Are you sure?” Exillion asked in a confused tone.

    “I am positive,” Firestorm said with a small smile.

    Saberblade sighed as she pulled out her right wing saber and bit her bottom lip but Firestorm placed a hand on her blade, lowering it and shaking his head. “Not yet,” he whispered gently. Saberblade nodded a little and placed her saber back into her shoulder.

    Firestorm peeked over the other wall and his blue optics flashed when he spotted the Decepticon base. He pulled his head back and looked at the others. His blue optics looking into theirs, he seemed to be a bit unsure of whether or not this was a good idea of infiltrating the base. But after a minute of silence, he nodded and motioned his comrades to follow him before he took off at a run towards the entrance where the two bored guards stood.

    The team was quick to destroy the guards without a second’s hesitation before they even knew the team was there in the first place. Once Firestorm and Thunderbolt had dealt with the guards, Dreadnought took a code card and typed the code in a control panel, making the guarded door rise up to allow the team in.


    As soon as the team walked inside, Saberblade and Exillion glanced around nervously while Firestorm, Thunderbolt and Dreadnought walked towards a massive computer. Firestorm started typing away and the team provided cover for him.

    Saberblade thought she spotted movement in the shadows and she pulled out her left wing saber. Her fingers twitched nervously and they tightened their grip around the sword’s hilt. Exillion stood closer beside her, his blue optics darted left and right as his right shoulder touched Saberblade’s left one, offering her hidden comfort.

    “Firestorm, how long will this take?” Dreadnought asked as his golden optics watched the slight movement.

    “Almost done,” Firestorm called over his shoulder and he uttered a growl of annoyance as he hit another password requirement. “Slag this,” he growled as he typed again.

    More movement came from Saberblade’s right and her optics darted towards it, but it was gone again. Saberblade felt her back tingle with nervousness and she turned quickly, only to face nothing but the sheer darkness that surrounded her and her team. Just what exactly is going on here? She wasn’t sure, but whatever, or whoever, was stalking them, it was making her extremely afraid.

    “Firestorm,” Thunderbolt growled at the corner of his lips as he took out his blaster.

    “Give me a few more seconds, guys,” Firestorm growled back.

    Suddenly a growl sounded right next to Dreadnought and a mech leapt out of the darkness, standing in front of the brown and grey mech before it pulled out a black and red sword and sliced Dreadnought’s head off before he had time to react. Dreadnought collapsed on the ground, his neck spitting Energon from it.

    Saberblade gave a cry as another mech leapt in front of Thunderbolt and easily cut him down. Exillion pulled out a grenade launcher and released a grenade from it. It exploded on the mech that had killed Dreadnought, leaving bits and pieces of him on the ground as Firestorm looked on with horror as he took out a disk.

    “We have to get out of here!” Exillion cried as another mech landed next to Firestorm and prepared to kill him, but Saberblade had swallowed her fear and had used her saber to kill to slice his arm off, forcing the unknown mech to drop his gun and take a few steps back as Saberblade glared at him.

    “Right, we don’t have time to collect Dreadnought’s and Thunderbolt’s bodies, we’ve got what we came for!” Firestorm called as he transformed into his jet mode and sped off while Saberblade grabbed Exillion’s wrist without thinking and she ran for it with Exillion following right behind her.

    Purple blasts shot over Exillion’s and Saberblade’s heads, but they ducked them every time. As Firestorm and his team drew closer towards the exit, the door began to close. Firestorm transformed back to robot mode and stood underneath it, waiting for Saberblade and Exillion to reach him.

    Saberblade’s body began to heat up and she felt her oxygen tanks scream in exhaustion as she tried to reach out for her commander, who held out a hand towards her. The moment their hands touched, Firestorm took out a blaster and fired at a con that had tried to grab Exillion and the trio rolled underneath the closing door.

    As soon as they got to their feet, Exillion let off a little laugh of joy until someone put their arm under the closing door, raised it at Exillion’s back and fired straight through his red and yellow armour. Saberblade’s whole world went grey as Exillion fell forwards and collapsed on the ground, holding his exposed Spark that was beating so quickly that it almost seemed to flicker with what life it had left.

    The door closed on the still raised arm, cutting it right off.

    Saberblade rushed towards Exillion and tried to hold him up. “Exillion!” she cried.

    Exillion looked up weakly, his blue optics fluttering rapidly, then slowly as he looked into Saberblade’s golden optics. “Saberblade,” he gasped as he coughed up Energon onto Saberblade’s purple and blue armour.

    Firestorm bent down and checked Exillion’s pulsing Spark. “It looks serious,” he whispered as he looked up at Saberblade, his optics sad.

    “Can… can we get him back to base in time?” Saberblade asked, trying not to let her voice break.

    “I… I don’t know,” Firestorm replied softly.

    Exillion coughed again and he tried to raise an arm. “Saber… blade,” he said again as his grey hand gently touched Saberblade’s silver face. “I’m… not… going to… make it.”

    “No, no! You will, Exillion! Don’t say anything! Save your strength!” Saberblade cried as streaks of tears fell down her optics and gently splashed onto Exillion’s flamed chest next to the hole.

    “Don’t… lie to yourself, Saberblade. You know it’s true that I won’t… make it,” Exillion laughed as he coughed again and a trickle of Energon dripped from the corners of his lips.

    “Please! Stop talking!” Saberblade ordered, but Exillion shook his head.

    “Listen, Saberblade. I have something… important to tell you… When you get back… to Iacon, tell Hot Shot what happened,” Exillion whispered as he gently pulled Saberblade closer to his face. “And also… I… really wanted to tell you this for a long time since we first met…”

    Saberblade nodded slowly, keeping her hand on Exillion’s as his thumb gently stroked her cheek, wiping away her tears. “I’m listening, Exillion,” she whispered to him slowly.

    Exillion’s hand then moved to the back of Saberblade’s head and pulled her towards his lips. “I… love… you,” the young mech whispered so quietly that Saberblade had to strain her audio receptors to hear him more clearly. Then, Exillion pulled her closer until their lips touched.

    Saberblade mentally gasped as Exillion’s trembling lips touched her own. She responded to him gently as she accepted his dying kiss. He continued to hold her for as long as possible. His breathing began to lessen and his Spark pulsed smaller and smaller as it began to dim into darkness, rejoining the Matrix.

    Saberblade let go and her lips moved to his right audio receptor. “I love you too, Exillion,” she croaked.

    Exillion nodded once more as his Spark faded away into nothingness. Soon, his beautiful sky blue optics darkened into navy blue. The only thing that seemed to prove that he was still online was the small smile planted on his lips.

    Saberblade’s hands clenched into fists as Exillion’s hand dropped from her head and laid lifeless against his side. She dimmed her optics for a moment and she threw back her head and screamed into the night, hoping that the Decepticons would hear her cry of agony and anger. She then screamed out Exillion’s name over and over again until Firestorm silenced her by gently placing a hand upon her shoulder.

    “Come on, Saberblade. Let’s go home,” the commander whispered softly as Saberblade’s cries faded into the quiet city.

    Saberblade looked at Firestorm, her tears fell less, but her lips trembled as she bit her bottom lip. Every emotion, ranging from anger, pain, sadness, and agony dwelled within her crying Spark that longed to hear Exillion’s voice again, to see his handsome smile, and to feel his hand brushing her fingertips. But never again would she be able to do any of those things with the one mech who’d meant everything to her. He could’ve been hers, while she could’ve been his.

    Slowly, Saberblade shook her head. “I won’t leave him,” she growled weakly.

    Firestorm’s grip tightened on her shoulder. “We can take his body back to Iacon and tell Optimus Prime what had happened, as well as Hot Shot. We also still need to get the data disk back as well, but unfortunately, I was unable to get all the information that we needed.”

    Saberblade nodded slowly. Her tears had stopped falling, but she still cried in her head.

    Firestorm helped the young femme up and he gently picked up Exillion’s body. Without another word, the two transformed to their jet modes and flew off as fast as they could.


    The news of Exillion’s death devastated Hot Shot when he’d heard it come right out of Firestorm’s mouth. Saberblade did her best to not break down in front of her friend, unfortunately, she proved unsuccessful and she was removed from Firestorm’s team after Firestorm had handed over the disk. But what was even worse news was that the data disk had gotten damaged from the battle that had nearly cost the team’s life.

    Saberblade was sent into a new team that belonged to her adoptive father, Optimus Prime. Despite everything that had occurred during the dangerous mission into Kaon, the young femme could never get over the horror that had enveloped her after the loss of Exillion. Even Optimus Prime had a hard time with her, including Hot Shot, who mourned over his only family that he had had left.

    But time moved on extremely quickly once again that would lead to one of the greatest battles that every Transformer would remember by for many years: the Minicon Battles.
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    Chapter 9:

    Lost Family and Departure to Earth

    Getting over Exillion’s death had not been very easy, and Saberblade could not help but fear that a hole was forming in her Spark. Sure she missed Exillion, and so did Hot Shot, but it was never easy to accept the fact that he was gone forever. If only she and Exillion hadn’t joined Firestorm’s team in the first place, then none of this would have ever happened.

    Optimus Prime had done the best that he could to maintain her sense of justice, but Saberblade’s steadily growing rage, at the Decepticons, began to increase. But once again, Optimus managed to provide Saberblade with enough care to make her understand that violence will never bring Exillion back, no matter how far she went to bring down the ones that had killed him.

    Now that Saberblade had turned 25,000 years old, it was a time for her to be brought into the army, even though she did not complete her training with Landmine. It was a nervous first time, but Hot Shot was with her every step of the way, providing her friendship, kindness as well as understanding what she had been through when they both lost Exillion.

    With things slowly starting to get better once again, Saberblade found herself part of a new team once Optimus had decided that she was fit enough to leave his own. Saberblade was now part of Jetfire’s team, the Vice Commander of the Autobots, because of her ability to fly. Besides herself being part of the team, there were two other mechs known as Blackout, a black Cybertronian jet like Saberblade, and Overcast, Jetfire’s brother, who looked just like Jetfire, but he was blue and white instead.

    Jetfire tilted his head to the side as he looked at Saberblade curiously. He seemed to smile behind his golden mask and said, “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Saberblade. I’ve heard so much about you from Optimus Prime himself. He tells me you had... quite a difficult time long ago. I’m sorry to hear about Exillion.”

    Saberblade shrugged, not wanting to hear about Exillion’s name again. “I’ve heard about you as well, but I would prefer if you didn’t speak about Exillion whenever I’m around. I don’t want to be reminded of what happened to him,” she said sadly, lowering her head.

    “Of course, of course, my apologies,” Jetfire apologised as Overcast and Blackout sniggered a little. “Well then, we’ve got a job to do, you three. Optimus requires our assistance on the battlefield. He needs an airstrike to take down a group of Decepticons that are refusing to back down from a battle.”

    Saberblade nodded slightly. “Yes sir,” she said.

    Jetfire nodded as well and placed a hand on her shoulder, giving it a gentle squeeze. “This is your second time on the battlefield, right?” he asked.

    “Yes,” Saberblade replied simply.

    “I can understand that you despise of fighting, Saberblade, but you must realise that if we don’t fight, then we’ll all perish for nothing. It’s all come down to this, alright?” Jetfire said, looking at Blackout and Overcast.

    Saberblade remembered her first terrifying battle that she’d fought before losing Exillion. It had frightened her to the core of her Spark and she still wished that the battle hadn’t happened, but there was no point arguing about such a trauma. Things must be left behind in the past. It was time to move on and forget about the horrors that could take over your mind.

    “We should get going,” said Blackout. “They could be outnumbered by now.”

    “Yes, let’s go,” said Jetfire as he transformed to his shuttle form and took off, leaving his wing-mates behind for a bit until Blackout and Overcast followed in suit while Saberblade pondered a little bit longer when Jetfire’s com-link opened up to her own.

    “Aren’t you coming, kid? We’re waiting for you to take off. We don’t go anywhere until each of the team-members have left the building.”

    Saberblade sighed as she transformed and followed after her comrades, who were circling around in the sky, waiting for her to catch up. When they were all together, Jetfire gave the signal to move out and took off with his team following right behind him.


    Optimus Prime ducked a blast as it shot over his head, exploding right behind him and kicking up dust in its wake. He’d radioed Jetfire just a few minutes ago to send it an airstrike. He just hoped that the Vice Commander would get here in time. Megatron was nowhere to be seen obviously, and it annoyed Optimus to the core of his Spark. He must be behind enemy lines to protect himself or he would not interfere until the Autobot Commander made his appearance.

    “Optimus sir, sit tight, we’re on our way!” Jetfire’s voice cried over Optimus’ com-link.

    Optimus breathed a sigh of relief. Backup was on the way and he was looking forward to it. He just hoped that Saberblade would be capable of fighting on her own without needing any protection from Megatron, or from any of the other high-ranking officers of the Decepticons.

    “Optimus, they’ve arrived!” Hot Shot called over another explosion. The deep humming sound of jets in the distance rang about as Jetfire and his team arrived on the scene. Their engines roared with life as they went into a triangle formation, swooping over the ground-forsaken Autobots and Optimus instantly recognised the blue and purple one that flew beside Jetfire, flying with grace and agility that could never be equalled to those that did not know the skies as much as she did.

    Instantly, the jets broke apart from their formation and they transformed to their robot modes, landing in front of Optimus Prime. Saberblade landed on Jetfire’s left while Blackout stood beside Saberblade, and Overcast landed on Jetfire’s right. They saluted their commander.

    “Jet Team reporting for duty and at your service,” said Jetfire.

    “Clear a path for us!” Optimus Prime called.

    “You got it!” the Vice Commander replied as he transformed to jet mode and took off with the others following in suit. As Saberblade flew underneath her commander, her optics caught sight of a red and white mech that she’d never even seen before. But the design of him looked oddly familiar. Mentally shaking her head, Saberblade focused her attention on the job.

    “Get ready to split up and fight whoever gets in your way. Do not kill an enemy, just injure them badly enough to make them cripple. Am I understood?” Jetfire ordered.

    “Yes sir!” the other fliers replied.

    Without further instruction except for a motion from Jetfire’s wing, the Jet Team swooped down upon the battlefield, instantly transforming to robot mode and bringing out their weapons. The only weapon Saberblade preferred to use was the wingblades that she’d received from Landmine. While it hurt that he was gone on a mission, Saberblade did not let her emotions get the best of her this time. She landed on the ground with a dull thud that caused dust to become kicked up from underneath her feet. She stood up straight and charged towards a Decepticon, swiping at his arm and sent it flying. The mech cried out in pain and got down on his knees as she chopped off his other arm. His howl of pain seemed to satisfy her audio receptors as she did the same thing to another mech that was foolish enough to approach her from behind.

    Saberblade stood up straight, her golden optics shinning with battle lust and fury, but she kept herself firmly under control. She was in no mood to snap at taunts that came from out of nowhere, and neither was she in the mood to allow someone to escape her wrath. Saberblade spotted the same mech that she’d seen before from underneath Jetfire’s belly. She frowned a little as the mech swiped at an Autobot, killing him in the process after chopping off his neck.

    Clenching her hands into fists, Saberblade charged towards the mech, hoping that the mech had seen her.

    He had.

    He raised his own sword and charged towards Saberblade. The two bots collided together and they stared into each other’s optics. Orange piercing gold as they tried to push the other back with whatever strength they had left. But both of them had burned most of their energy reserves when they’d started fighting, but neither one was going to back down. They pushed harder and harder and both of their right knees gave away. The more they pushed, the more difficult it became for them to surrender to the other.

    Saberblade emitted a growl underneath her breath, as did the red and white mech. “Stop copying me!” Saberblade spat as she pushed harder than she previously did before.

    “No!” the mech spat. “You stop copying me!”

    Saberblade ignored him and she was forced to step back and release a kick on the right side of the mech’s torso. He hissed in pain and stumbled a little, but he quickly regained his equilibrium and charged towards Saberblade, his head connecting with her cockpit and she fell onto the ground on her skid-plate, both of her wingblades left her hands and clattered to the ground. The mech stood above her and raised his sword, preparing to deal the killing blow. Saberblade closed her optics, hoping that the end would come quickly.

    But the end didn’t come.

    Saberblade looked up and saw the mech staring at her in puzzlement. Growling, she said, “What are you waiting for? Strike me, Decepticon!”

    “But… why do you look like me? You and I both have the same designs… like as if we’re…” The mech halted at his words as he continued to stare down at Saberblade. The femme seeker’s hands clenched into fists again and she bit her bottom lip. What is wrong with him? Why doesn’t he strike me down? Saberblade thought angrily.

    When the mech still didn’t strike, Saberblade stood up and stared into the orange optics of him. “If you still won’t strike, then I’ll have to strike you down instead!” she spat as she reached for her right wingblade, but the mech stamped down on her hand, making her cry out in pain.

    “You look familiar, but I haven’t seen you before, and I know what you haven’t seen me either. Tell me, were your creators Storm Saber and Aquablade?” the mech asked, catching Saberblade completely by surprise. She looked up at the mech and gasped. Now that she looked more closely at him, he did look a little like her, as well as looking more like Storm Saber.

    “How did you know my creators?” she growled, hiding her surprise by her annoyance.

    “Because my creators were also Storm Saber and Aquablade,” the mech answered quietly.

    Saberblade gasped as she tried to stand, but the mech continued to keep her pinned down. “That’s… that’s a lie! You’re a Decepticon! How could your creators be mine when I’ve never even seen you since the day I was born?” she asked coldly.

    “Because before Aquablade declared that she was in spark again I was sparknapped by Megatron, who infiltrated our home and trashed the place. After that, Megatron took me away and raised me to become the warrior you see standing before you. I wasn’t sure if my creators survived or not, but I do know was that my creators still had a sparkling with them. So I guessed that I had a little brother or sister,” the mech explained, his tone emotionless and cold.

    Was that why my home was trashed when I was still a sparkling? Saberblade thought to herself. The mech released his foot from Saberblade’s hand and stood back, watching her as she picked up her wingblades and stood up, looking at him like as if he’d sprung eight heads. “What is your name?” she asked.

    “You may know me as Starscream,” the mech answered. “What be yours?” he asked.

    “Saberblade. Saber came from my father, who was killed at the hands of Megatron. Blade came from my mother, who committed suicide some time later,” Saberblade answered quietly.

    “It suites you, sister. Will you come with me to the Decepticons and get rid of the Autobots?” Starscream asked.

    Saberblade shook her head. “I will have to decline that offer. Optimus Prime and his Autobots took me in as their own and helped me heal from mental wounds,” she said, her lips quivering as she tried not to appear weak to her so-called brother.

    “Fine then, but just remember this, Saberblade: we will forever be enemies on the battlefield because my loyalties lie with Megatron because I swore an oath to him. Once an oath has been made in the Decepticon Cause, there’s no chance of breaking it,” Starscream said as he took a step back from Saberblade and transformed to jet mode. “We’ll meet again another time, but I will not tell Megatron of you and I being brother and sister. Consider that as payback for not killing me when you had the chance.” With that said, Starscream ignited his thrusters and shot off into the sky, shouting an order to the other Decepticons to retreat.

    The other Decepticons followed in suite, leaving the Autobots to cheer for their victory. But Saberblade had gotten down on her hands and knees, she was biting her bottom lip as she tried to get the truth out of her head. It’s got to be impossible! Starscream couldn’t be my brother because none of my creators talked about it. It has to be a lie, it just has to be! she thought to herself as frustration clouded her mind and she slammed a fist into the ground, catching the other Autobots’ attention.

    Saberblade felt someone place a hand upon her shoulder, but she did nothing to shrug it off, knowing fully well that it was Optimus Prime who was standing beside her. Slowly, she looked up and saw his golden optics looking into her own. He wrapped an arm around her shoulder and pulled her close to his chest. “What happened?” he asked gently.

    “Starscream… brother,” Saberblade managed to say before she shuddered a little.

    Optimus Prime sighed and motioned Red Alert to come to them. He did so and Optimus ordered him to repair the minor damage that she’d suffered at the hands of some of the Decepticons, including Starscream. While he worked, Optimus Prime ordered his Autobot warriors to depart back to base and they will talk about what their next move should be.

    Once Red Alert had fixed up some of the minor damage, he, Saberblade and Optimus Prime also departed back to base, but Saberblade went back to the Jet Team, leaving Optimus to ponder on why she and Starscream were related, but unfortunately, he managed to gain only some info that something had happened to Saberblade’s family before the young femme had been born, and he knew that Megatron had something to do with this.


    Several weeks after the truth had been pulled out of the bag, Saberblade was standing on a look out platform when she detected an energy signature that was coming from space. At that same moment, a red streak of light shot across the black starry night sky and the whirling sounds of an alarm rang across the Autobot base.

    Instantly, Saberblade transformed to her jet mode and shot off towards the base to get some information on what it was, but she reckoned it had something to do with what happened long before she had been born. Whatever it was, it must be really important if the energy signal was to catch the attention of the Autobots.

    Saberblade found herself standing in the middle of a hallway with many other Autobots. But she was standing next to Jetfire, Overcast and Blackout instead of amongst the others. She noticed that Optimus Prime was standing in between Red Alert and Hot Shot, and she knew that the signal had something to do with all of this.

    “Jetfire, I want you to be in charge while we’re gone, and take care of Saberblade for me, alright?” Optimus asked as he looked at Jetfire with his golden optics. Saberblade looked from her team commander to her adoptive father. She wasn’t sure what was going on, but the alarms kept on blaring, forcing Optimus to look up at the ceiling, as though he was staring into thin air.

    Saberblade took a step towards Optimus, her golden optics flickering in the light. “Are you leaving for the time being?” she asked.

    Optimus nodded silently. He didn’t say anything, and Saberblade wanted nothing more than to go with him, but she didn’t dare to ask, otherwise he would decline in an instant. She lowered her head and her thoughts carried her to what she’d been taught by, both, Optimus Prime and Landmine, including the times that they had spent together before this whole thing had begun. If only her whole life wasn’t filled with lies and betrayal, then she wouldn’t have to face these problems all on her own. Now that Storm Saber and Aquablade were dead, Landmine away, Exillion gone out of existence, and Optimus was leaving, everything almost seemed to fall apart.

    Saberblade felt warm hands gently place themselves on both her shoulders and she forced herself to look up into the wise optics of her adoptive father. The alarm continued to blare, but to Saberblade and Optimus, only silence mattered to them.

    “I will be gone, but only for a while, Saberblade. I promise you, when we’ve collected all the Minicons, we will return here and finish off this war. Once it’s over, we’ll celebrate by taking the longest vacation that we’ve ever had, alright?” Optimus said. “I promise you that I’ll call you twice a week. How does that sound to you?”

    “I would like that very much… father,” Saberblade replied with a small smile.

    Optimus nodded and his hands gently squeezed her shoulders. “Starscream maybe your brother by Energon (blood), but he will never be your brother like Hot Shot has been, and you’ll always be a daughter to me. Just remember everything that I’ve taught you and you’ll do fine.”

    Saberblade nodded once more and she embraced Optimus. He held her close to his chest in a protective manner. The sudden warmth from his body was all that mattered to Saberblade, and she did everything she could to not shed a tear. Optimus’ voice whispered in her left audio receptor. “Take care… my daughter, and we’ll meet sooner than you think.”

    Saberblade smiled softly and she let go of Optimus and they stood back, staring into each other’s optics before Saberblade saluted Optimus Prime. “Good luck, commander. And may Primus watch over you,” she said.

    Optimus Prime saluted back. “And may the stars bring you happiness and shield you from misfortune,” he replied as he turned to Red Alert and Hot Shot. “Let’s go you two, we have Minicons to save!” he called.

    The two nodded and Hot Shot smiled warmly towards Saberblade, who smiled back, and he and Red Alert leapt into the Space Bridge right behind Optimus Prime. Someone cried out and leapt in after them. Saberblade wasn’t sure who it was, but she had the feeling that it was a friend of Hot Shot’s.

    I’ll see you guys real soon, Saberblade thought to herself as Jetfire motioned her to get back to her post to keep an optic out for any Decepticon activity. She obeyed without a second’s hesitation and headed off back to the lookout platform.
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    Chapter 10:

    Entrusting this to You

    For the past month, and receiving eight calls during the weeks from Optimus as he’d promised, Saberblade began to feel oddly different about herself. Now that she’d recovered from the shock of losing the ones she loved the most, including Exillion, and finding out the truth about her long lost brother, Saberblade began to feel cocky, brash, and overconfident. This worried Jetfire because, on numerous occasions, Saberblade had disobeyed orders by not falling back when Iacon’s defences were slowly dying down, and by running off to attack a scouting enemy when Blackout, or Overcast, ordered her to not do so.

    This began to lead to an even bigger habit than the last. Proving herself to her elders that she did not want to be treated like a child and Jetfire was beginning to get sick of it, and even Optimus could do nothing to break her of this unusual behaviour that seemed identical to Hot Shot’s when he received the Star Saber just two days ago.

    Yes, it was sad that Optimus Prime was not here to reason with Saberblade’s odd behaviour, but Jetfire knew that he would have to talk to her on his own. But, much to his surprise, Saberblade managed to evade him whenever he tried to catch her on her own. He wondered why she would do this, but he reckoned it had something to do with her cocky attitude. He then remembered that Optimus would not approach Saberblade until she was ready to speak. Good Primus, this was going to be a long day.


    Saberblade’s golden optics flickered gently as she watched the monitor, waiting for Optimus Prime to call her. It was a good thing she was on monitor duty, otherwise Optimus would have to ask someone to deliver a message to her if it was him or not. But she did not want that because of her desperation to prove herself worthy amongst her fellow Autobots. Sure they knew she was getting cocky, but that was her problem and she had to deal with it on her own. She no longer needed anymore cooing and babying. She was too old for that, but she reckoned to Optimus, she would always be his daughter even though they were not related.

    Saberblade placed her hands behind her head and leaned back in her chair a bit to relax, but she had the feeling that Jetfire might storm in and tell her to get back to work, so she unfolded her arms and set her chair back into position. She was about to start pressing buttons to ask the computer whether or not the Decepticons were busy, but she nearly jumped out of her armour when the monitor alerted her that a call was coming in.

    Pressing a few buttons, Saberblade ordered the computer to bring up the screen of whoever was calling. It obeyed and a warm smile tugged against her lips as Optimus Prime appeared on the screen.

    “Greetings, Saberblade. It’s been a little while,” Optimus greeted.

    Saberblade bowed her head. “And you too, Optimus. How goes the search for the Minicons?” she asked, tilting her head to the side as she waited for Optimus to answer her question.

    “All goes well. Although I wouldn’t say the same for Hot Shot,” Optimus replied.

    “Why? What happened?” Saberblade asked as worry filled her Spark, for she feared that Hot Shot might’ve gotten hurt while on the unusual planet that the Minicons had chosen to awaken on.

    “Unfortunately, we lost the Star Saber to the Decepticons. Sideways was one of them all along,” Optimus answered sadly.

    “Is Hot Shot hurt?”

    “He’s fine, now that he’s managed to make a full recovery, but I wouldn’t say the same for his pride. He’s broken, Saberblade, and I doubt he’ll ever come out of this guilt feeling until he talks to somebody. He refuses to speak to me, or Red Alert.”

    “Maybe I can help. Send him in, will you please?”

    “Of course, Saberblade,” said Optimus with a nod and removed himself from the room, leaving Saberblade alone for ten Earth minutes until she spotted Hot Shot coming from the door where Optimus had disappeared into. Poor Hot Shot, his face was sullen, and he looked extremely guilty for losing the Star Saber. Saberblade knew that she must talk some sense into him, even though she could not come to him and provide him comfort.

    Silence engulfed the two old friends. The only sounds that could be heard were the gentle beeps of the computer in the Autobot Base. Finally Saberblade broke the silence by speaking first, “Is this it?” she asked.

    Hot Shot gave a look of surprise and he jumped when Saberblade’s hand smashed down on the keyboard, nearly breaking it in the process of her anger. “What are you talking about?” he asked.

    “Is this the Hot Shot Exillion and I know and consider as a brother?” Saberblade demanded.

    Hot Shot lowered his head when Saberblade mentioned Exillion’s name. It pained Saberblade to use it, but it was the only example that she could use to snap him out of this foolishness. When he didn’t say another word, Saberblade took advantage of this situation. “I thought you were better than this, Hot Shot! The more you wallow in the loss of the Star Saber, the more your team starts to fall apart! Look at yourself!”

    Hot Shot looked away.

    “Don’t you look away from me, Hot Shot, Exillion would not want you to feel like this! If you keep this up without realising how much your friends are doing to help you get back on your feet, then what good are you to the Autobots?”

    Hot Shot gave a look of horror. “What are you saying?”

    “I’m saying that Jetfire is thinking about sending me to take your place and then you can take mine if you don’t start acting like the Hot Shot I’ve come to see as something else. The Star Saber may be out of your hands, but at least you’re still online, and that is what is important. Now, are you going to continue to act like a depressed sparkling, or are you going to act like your normal self?”

    Hot Shot bit his bottom lip for a moment and gave a huff. Just what could he do to make up for his mistake? Saberblade shouldn’t be angry with him, she should understand what he’d gone through back at the Decepticon base on the moon after Sideways had betrayed him. He sighed quietly and turned his back on the monitor. “I’m sorry, Saberblade. I shouldn’t have trusted Sideways in the first place. The kids were right to not trust him,” he mumbled.

    Saberblade lifted an optic ridge in puzzlement. “Sideways has nothing to do with our conversation and neither do the humans that you’ve made friends with. We’re talking about you, Hot Shot. You should learn to think twice about what you’re getting yourself into and maybe, you can learn a thing or two about warfare. I may not have been fighting for as long as you have, but at least I understand what it means to lose someone you love.”

    Hot Shot chuckled as he looked back at the monitor. “You sound just like Optimus and Scavenger,” he said quietly.

    “That’s because I’ve lived with Optimus for nearly all my life. Landmine was the one who taught me the skills on how to fight, but it didn’t last long because of him leaving with your uncle, Rodimus. I still haven’t heard anything from them, but I’ll bet they’re out there somewhere keeping us waiting. Now, answer my question, Hot Shot. Are you going to continue to wallow in your depression?”

    Hot Shot shook his head.

    “That’s good, because I don’t want to come down to Earth and replace you. It hurts me to see you like this, Hot Shot, so please, do not go through it again. Understood?”

    “Crystal clear, Saber,” Hot Shot replied and he turned his head towards the voices of the kids. “Hey, I got to go, the kids are calling me. I’ll talk to you later and I’ll say bye to Optimus for you.”

    “Right and you take care, Hot Shot, because if I find out you died, then I’m going to come marching right over to that planet and drag your forsaken carcass back here. I’ll keep slag-slapping you until you wake up.”

    Hot Shot laughed as Saberblade sniggered at the thought. “Okay, I’ll see you soon.” The monitor switched off and Saberblade stood up, stretching her arms above her head, knowing fully well that her monitor duty was just about over and done with. She sighed as her thoughts wondered over to Hot Shot. She couldn’t help but feel sorry for him since he’d lost the Star Saber to the Decepticons. The need to pound Sideways in the face was almost uncontrollable, but she kept her emotions in check.

    I got to hand it to Sideways though, he sure knows a lot about deceiving those he used to work with. Maybe he isn’t a Decepticon because of the way he acts. I remember Hot Shot telling me about him being a bit of a drifter after they met him. Something about him doesn’t seem right at all. I should look up some info on him maybe that will get him off my thoughts.

    Saberblade set herself down and started to type in codes and commands to the computer. She had to go through many different files, including some that were top secret that she was given access to. But when she came to profile searches, she typed in Sideways’ name, but somehow, no such mech existed. Not even the Autobots had info on him, and this puzzled her greatly. All the Autobots had info on every Decepticon and themselves, but why didn’t they have any info on Sideways? Was he young, a rookie, or perhaps just different species of Transformer that no one knew of?

    The more she thought of Sideways, the more puzzling he became. Shaking her head, she stood up when she heard the familiar voice of Overcast approaching. Saberblade greeted her wing mate and he greeted her back with a nod. “My turn for monitor duty,” he said a little sombrely.

    Saberblade chuckled and gently placed a hand upon his shoulder. “Sorry to hear that, my friend,” she said kindly before she headed off to go and do guard duty that Overcast had just been doing.


    Saberblade was only halfway to her destination when she heard someone approaching from behind her. Straining her audio receptors to listen to whomever it was that dared to approach her from behind, but there was no need. She sighed in relief when she saw it was only Jetfire coming up beside her.

    “Any news from Optimus?” the Vice Commander asked.

    Saberblade shook her head. “Nothing yet, Jetfire, the only thing he told me was that they lost the Star Saber to the Decepticons thanks to some traitor named Sideways. I haven’t heard of him before, so I did some research on him, but I’ve found not a thing about him. It’s like as if he doesn’t exist at all.”

    Jetfire placed a hand under his chin, thinking for a moment until he shrugged his shoulders. “Maybe he was just brought online,” he suggested, but Saberblade shook her head.

    “If he was just brought online, then we would’ve known about it straight away.”

    Jetfire lifted an optic ridge. “You could be right, but I’m not here to discuss about Sideways. I came here to send you on a mission that only I could entrust you with.”

    “What kind of mission, and why would you entrust me with it instead of your brother, or Blackout?” Saberblade asked as she frowned a little, obviously not liking where this was going.

    “The reason why I can only entrust you with this mission is because you’re the only one that was able to get into the Decepticons’ base thanks to your teamwork with Firestorm. This is going to require a lot of patience and a great deal of spy work. You’re perfect for this because I know Optimus would do the same thing,” Jetfire explained.

    Saberblade felt a wave of horror wash throughout her entire systems and she took a step back. “No,” she growled, “I will not go back to that place! You know how much I hate the words ‘Decepticons’ base’ because of how much it reminds me of Exillion’s death. Optimus would never send me back there unless it was absolutely necessary. Don’t you know how much I had to go through during that mission?”

    Jetfire sighed. He remembered that terrible day when Firestorm’s team returned with two missing and one dead. The mission had been so close to being a success until the data disk had been damaged somehow in the process of the battle that caused two of the team members to go missing and killing Exillion in the end.

    “You’re right, I don’t know how much you went through, but you’re the only one, besides Firestorm, who knows the best place to sneak into the Decepticons’ base without getting detected. Besides that, we’re actually going to give you a disguise and give you a new identity while you’re in there.”

    Saberblade lowered her head and bit her bottom lip. Should she really go back to the Decepticons’ base and face the place that had killed the mech that had admitted his feelings for her and had died right there in front of her. The thought of that incident terrified her to the core of her Spark, but she knew that Optimus would want her to face her problems. Dimming her optics for a moment, Saberblade thought long and hard until she switched her optics back online and nodded slightly.

    “What must I do?”

    Jetfire nodded his appreciation and cleared his throat, “I want you to signup as a new Decepticon recruit. Now that Megatron’s on Earth, I believe Shockwave will be in charge until his return. I need you to try and steal as much information as you possibly can on what the Decepticons are planning to do, their Energon reserves, and if there are any weak places that the Autobots can penetrate. You’ll be on your own for most of the mission, but you can call me to give updates on how its going.”

    Saberblade nodded once more. “What kind of disguise and identity will I get?” she asked.

    “You will mostly receive a repaint so that you don’t appear to be a femme to the Decepticons. They despise femmes, so you’ll mostly be black and grey. And you’ll have to switch your voice box to mech. That is if you can. You will be named Blackfire while you’re a Decepticon.”

    Saberblade bit her bottom lip angrily. Already she hated this, but she didn’t dare to argue with her commander. “Okay, I’ll do it, but I will contact you, do not contact me because the Decepticons will get a whiff of what I’ll be up to. And I can change my voice. Don’t all Transformers do that?”

    Jetfire chuckled. “Understood, Saberblade,” he said, ignoring the question. “And I wish you good luck on your mission.” Jetfire then stood back and saluted Saberblade. “Just head down to the Med-Bay and tell them that I sent you to get a repaint for an important mission. Do not tell anyone where you are going. Am I understood?”

    “Yes, sir,” Saberblade said and she turned and headed for the Med-Bay, leaving Jetfire to watch after her until she turned a corner.

    “Let’s just hope,” he said to himself, “that this will teach her about not getting too overconfident in herself.” He then walked off towards the Command Centre to get a report from his brother.


    “You don’t look too bad in black, Saberblade, but I think that purple and blue really suited you the most. Black just isn’t your colour,” said a mech named First Aid as he looked Saberblade up and down.

    Saberblade was no longer purple and blue because the black paint covered every detail of it. The only parts that were not black were the grey tints on her arms, calves, and wings, including her face. She felt ridiculous for being black because of how dull it made her. It just didn’t have the lifelike colours like her purple and blue. She looked at her wings where the Autobot symbols had been painted over and had the Decepticon symbols sitting over them. She looked at herself in the mirror and saw that her optics were blood red and she cringed at the sight of them when she remembered Megatron’s own optics. The very thought of him terrified her completely.

    Saberblade sighed as she lowered her arms and looked away from her reflection before looking at First Aid. “You know, for a medic, you sure know how to paint,” she joked, trying to lighten up her mood.

    First Aid laughed. “When I have spare time, I intend to do such things. Although I should thank Ratchet for introducing me to the art,” he said as he rubbed the back of his head sheepishly.

    “You know Ratchet?” Saberblade asked in surprise as she remembered the boxy mech who helped her overcome her fears of the past.

    “Of course,” First Aid answered. “He was my mentor.”

    “What do you mean ‘was’?”

    First Aid winced and lowered his head in sadness. “You know the place where he always helped those that had been mentally damaged?” he asked.

    Saberblade nodded.

    “Well, the place was destroyed by the Decepticons that penetrated Iacon. We managed to find his remains that were buried under all that rubble.”

    “Why didn’t anybody tell me?” Saberblade demanded as she grabbed First Aid’s neck armour and lifted him off the ground as if he weighed like nothing. “Why didn’t Optimus Prime tell me that my doctor was killed?”

    “It happened while Firestorm’s team were infiltrating the Decepticons’ base! Optimus thought that it would be best to not tell you,” First Aid answered quickly as he waved his arms in panic. “Please, put me down!” he cried.

    Saberblade’s optics widened and she lowered First Aid back onto the floor. “I… I’m sorry… it’s just that… Ratchet was the one who made me the femme I am today. How could Optimus do this to me?”

    “He was going to tell you until Exillion’s death reached his audio receptors, and when he saw your condition, he thought it was best to not do so because you went through a lot back then, He reckoned it was best that way until you regained your feet, but obviously you’re still trying to get over Exillion’s death.”

    Saberblade lowered her head and sniffed a little, but she didn’t break down in front of First Aid. She had to be strong for the mech that had changed her life after helping her confront her past. She bit her bottom lip to stop the tears from falling down her face and she shook her head. Why did she have to lose so much in her life? War just wasn’t her thing and she hated every moment of it. The more she fought, the more she lost. Her shoulders shook a little but she quickly regained herself.

    Those Decepticons are going to wish they’d never set foot into Ratchet’s home! Saberblade thought bitterly as her hands clenched into fists and she took a deep breath to calm herself down. “I better let Jetfire know that I’m ready to go,” she said to First Aid, who nodded.

    “Good luck, Saberblade,” the Medical Officer said softly as she nodded her thanks and headed out the room.


    “Well, now that you’re ready to go, I’ll let you go now,” Jetfire said to Saberblade as she nodded at him when the two of them were standing just outside Iacon’s protective walls. He really didn’t want to send her on this suicidal mission, but it was for the best, and even Optimus would be reluctant to let her go, but since Firestorm was on another mission and Saberblade was the only one available to know of the Decepticons’ base, then he would have to agree with it.

    Saberblade then saluted Jetfire, which he returned, and she felt a wave of fury bottling up inside her tanks, but she paid no heed to it at all. Sighing, she transformed to her jet mode and took off into the dark blue sky that would conceal her until she reached Kaon, the capital city of Praxis.
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    Chapter 11:

    Dark Retrieval Part 1

    If Saberblade knew Earth’s measurements, she would’ve guessed that she’d been flying for at least half an hour before reaching the boarders of Praxis. The very place itself terrified her to the core of her Spark when she remembered Exillion’s death. The closer she got, the closer she came to remembering every detail of the previous battle that had taken place a thousand years ago that had cost Firestorm’s team everything, losing two of the team members at the hands of the Decepticons, and killing Exillion in the process that had haunted Saberblade’s CPU for that long after his feelings had been admitted to her. Although she swore to never love anyone else, except Exillion, Saberblade began to believe that she was developing feelings for someone else.

    Shaking off the thoughts of long ago, Saberblade transformed to her robot mode and landed at the gates of Praxis. She looked up and a tremor of fear pulsed through her systems when she saw the many gun torrents that sat on top of the walls, watching her like a hawk that was preparing to strike a petro-rabbit. The walls were incredibly high and probably thick as well, which would make it difficult for a frontal attack or even an aerial attack. Saberblade was so caught up in gazing at the many defences of the city that she failed to notice a guard watching her with poisonous green optics.

    “Hey! You over there,” a voice called.

    Saberblade nearly jumped out of her armour when she heard someone address her. Turning, she mentally breathed a sigh of relief as the guard approached her. The guard’s deadly optics looked her up and down in curiosity and suspicion. Saberblade felt a pang of annoyance swelling through her, but she paid no heed to it. If she could get past this guard without causing any harm, then perhaps she might earn a reputation amongst the Decepticon ranks.

    “I’ve never seen you around these parts before,” the guard said gruffly. “Where are you from, who are you, and what are you doing here?”

    Saberblade quickly switched her vocal processor to mech so as to not make the guard even more suspicious. “My name is Blackfire. Where I come from is none of your concern, as for what I am doing here, I’ve come here to join the Decepticon ranks, but as you can see, I already am a Decepticon, I just happened to be created in the wrong place,” she answered in a more gruffer tone that sounded deeper and more menacing than she thought it might be.

    The guard chewed his lips before spitting on the ground in front of Saberblade’s feet. No other word was exchanged between them for another five more minutes before he finally said, “Fine, I suppose I should let you in. But I’ll be keeping an optic on you 24/7, got me clear?”

    “Understood,” Saberblade replied before saluting as the guard made a motion with his hands and the gates opened up to reveal the stanching city of Kaon. Saberblade turned back to the guard. “You know this place like at the back of your hand, care to tell me where I can signup?” she asked.

    “Pah, it’s in the middle of the city, you dolt!” the guard snapped, making Saberblade recoil from the sudden change of tone in his voice. She knew Decepticons were aggressive, but are they always like that even when overloaded with Energon? They’re probably worse than the Autobots when they get a decent overload. She’d seen some Autobots get drunk on more than one occasion, and she’d stayed well away from it. Although she did get drunk once, she swore to never do it again.

    Deciding to take on her disguised name and voice change, Saberblade walked through the gates, but the gun torrents still watched her closely until she was fully inside and the gates closed behind her with a loud bang that echoed through her hollow systems.


    Blackfire watched as many different types of Decepticons walked by each other, stealing objects when others were not looking, ganging up on some and punching them to death, and even backstabbing those that would trust them one second, and the next, they find themselves dead on the spot. Although this was a little new to Blackfire, he knew that this was just the way Decepticons were and he must act like them if he was to blend in completely.

    Since Praxis was a flying zone, unlike Iacon, Blackfire decided to get to Kaon the old fashioned way: flying. Transforming to his jet form, Blackfire kicked up his thrusters and shot off into the cold night that reeked with horrible smells from factories that used dead bodies to full them every day. Blackfire wrinkled his nose in disgust, Iacon was much better than this! This whole mission stank to the most of his worries, but since he was going to be like this for a while, he might as well get used to the smell and get himself dirty, whether he liked it or not.

    When he reached Kaon’s military facility, Blackfire transformed back into his robot form and looked at himself all over. His whole body was covered in soot from flying through many fumes of smoke that came out from the chimneys of the factories. There had been so much smoke that it had got into his systems, despite being in jet form, causing him to gag and cough until more of the smoke would come rushing back into his oxygen tanks and he had to clear them out again. Oh well, at least he fitted in now that he was covered from head to toe in dirt and looked like he really had come from the Decepticons and had been working in the factories for a long time.

    Collecting himself, Blackfire stepped into the facility, feeling a pang of nervousness flooding his systems. He just hoped that he would be able to get into the military, get the information that Jetfire needed, remove the horrible black paint, and get the slag out of here.


    “You mind telling me why a seeker, such as yourself, would join the Decepticon ranks?” a mech demanded as Blackfire waited calmly for him to stop yelling. Blackfire had been waiting in the room for nearly fifteen Earth minutes, his patience was about to run out, but Optimus Prime’s words of wisdom kept his temper in check.

    “I only wish to join the Decepticons for just the Pit of it,” Blackfire replied simply as he leaned on a wall and dimming his blood red optics, still waiting for the mech to give in. If he kept his many years of earned patience, that he’d been taught by Optimus Prime, up, then he knew that he would be accepted into the ranks quicker than he thought.

    “You’re the seventh seeker to join the Decepticon ranks, you know that, don’t you?” the mech asked as he growled in annoyance.

    Blackfire smirked. “No, I thought there was only three,” he said, trying to keep from saying that he already knew since he’d fought the cone heads and Starscream’s group before.

    “You really must be out of date if you’ve been watching our battles for so long,” the mech said as he reached under his desk and took out a sheet of paper. “Here, just fill these in and I’ll let Shockwave know that you’ve joined our ranks. Once you’ve filled them out, go down to the corridors on your left. Keep going down until you reach the seekers’ room. That is the place where all seeker Decepticons stay.”

    Blackfire nodded simply and took the paper and holopen before setting himself down on a seat and filling out the sheet. It took nearly an hour for him to complete it, but once he was done, he stood up, placed the sheet and holopen back on the desk and headed down the corridors to his destination where the seekers’ quarters were located.


    “You’re the new guy aren’t you?” a purple and black seeker mech asked.

    Blackfire nodded as he studied the mech’s details. He seemed the same height and body build compared to Starscream. So he might be a brother, or perhaps a cousin. Blackfire trembled when he remembered Starscream telling him the news about him and Starscream being Energon related. The mech was also purple and black, but the purple was the more dominant colour.

    “You look like Starscream. Are you his cousin?” the purple and black mech asked, looking Blackfire up and down.

    “I don’t know anyone named Starscream,” Blackfire growled as his hands clenched into fists. He was in no mood to discuss about Starscream. And if anyone dared to ask him about it again, he would punch them right in the face.

    “Oh, well, in that case, my name is Skywarp. And that blue and silver mech behind you is Thundercracker. I would introduce you to the cone heads, but they’re out on a mission, including that stupid tactician called Thrust who thinks he knows everything. Keeps bragging about the many battles he won long ago,” the purple and black mech explained.

    “Why are we discussing about that squid-head? He’s nothing but trouble!” the blue and silver mech said as he growled in annoyance. Blackfire had the feeling that this was the one that they called Thundercracker. But, he wondered why he was called that.

    Blackfire shrugged, not interested in this cone head they called Thrust. “Not to sound a bit rude, but who is Starscream anyway, and where is he?” he asked, obviously curious to learn more about his long lost brother.

    “Starscream is the Second in Command of the Decepticons. He’s mine, and TC’s, cousin. He’s actually one of the best swordsmen we’ve got amongst the Decepticon cause while TC and I are right behind him. They say, when he was a sparkling, he was taken away from his home by Megatron and lost his creators in the process. But we know that that isn’t true because we’re family. He tells us his secrets, we tell him his. He tells us that he has a sibling that goes by the name Saberblade and that she has joined the Autobots under the care of Optimus Prime. Rumour has it that Megatron is responsible for the death of Storm Saber, and he tried to kill Saberblade when she was only fifteen thousand solar cycles old,” Skywarp explained as he folded his arms across his cockpit.

    “I’ve heard the stories of Saberblade, and I know that the rumour of Megatron nearly killing her father, Storm Saber, is indeed true, because I witnessed it,” Blackfire answered, surprising Skywarp and Thundercracker.

    “Saw it perhaps, but I’m a little curious. How old are you, Blackfire. You look like you’re twenty-five thousand solar cycles old. So that means you were much too young to even set foot on the battlefield,” said Thundercracker as he raised an optic ridge.

    Blackfire laughed. “My father told me that he witnessed it, so my apologies, my CPU is a little forgetful.”

    Thundercracker nodded. “So what kind of stories did you hear about Saberblade?” he asked.

    “Heard that she was once mentally damaged after her creator, Aquablade, went insane after losing her bondmate, Storm Saber, and did some serious harm to her. I also hear that Saberblade raided an Energon storage a few times that caused the Autobots to lose most of their Energon reserves.”

    “She sounds really interesting. How did she manage to join the Autobot ranks?” Skywarp asked as he tilted his head to the side, getting more and more curious to know more about Starscream’s lost sister.

    “Well,” said Blackfire, “I heard that she went under training from that mech, Landmine. She spent a thousand solar cycles with that guy before he had to halt their training and leave on a mission with Rodimus. So they joined Firestorm’s team and infiltrated your base. Word has it that two of the team members went missing and one of them was killed. I heard his name was Exillion. Also, she joined Optimus Prime’s team, but stayed put on Cybertron while he and three others left for Earth to go find the Minicons. That’s when I heard that she encountered Starscream and learned the truth about them being siblings.”

    “You seem to know an awful lot about what Saberblade did during those days,” Skywarp said as suspicion hit his tone of voice.

    “That’s because word reaches Polyhex faster than it does here,” Blackfire answered as he smirked. “You need to have more mechs that know how to travel from place to place without getting caught and make them think that a Neutral is just travelling when in fact, he’s actually been collecting information wherever he goes.”

    Thundercracker looked impressed. “You sure are good for someone so young,” he said with a nod.

    Blackfire looked towards him. “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer,” he said before looking at Skywarp. “So, where do I sleep and when do I start for work?” he asked.

    “You’ll be sleeping here where TC, Starscream, and myself, sleep. And it’s not because that we’re identical in design, but because of the cone heads. Not only do they stab you in back almost 24/7, but they snore and drive you crazy,” Skywarp answered. “Your first task, tomorrow, is to go and check on the Autobot prisoners that we keep her to torture or get information from. We need to make sure that they haven’t killed themselves despite not having any weapons.”

    “And plus, Skywarp is in command of our team until Starscream returns from that organic infested planet, so you will do exactly as he says. If he’s not here, then you will obey me as well,” said Thundercracker, his silver optics peering into Blackfire’s red ones. “Are we clear on that?”

    “Yes, sir,” Blackfire answered as he lowered his head. The task that Skywarp had given him made him feel horrible to the core of his Spark. But it was good news to his audio receptors. At least it will tell him where the Autobot prisoners were located so that he could rescue them later when he got the information that Jetfire needed. Speaking of Jetfire, Blackfire needed to make his report to the Vice Commander of the Autobots, although he will have to do it when he got his privacy or when he made an excuse to leave a room. This was going to be harder than he thought.

    “Get some rest now, we have a big day tomorrow,” said Skywarp, snapping Blackfire out of his thoughts.

    “Excuse me, Skywarp, sir,” Blackfire said, causing Skywarp and Thundercracker to look at him.

    “What is it now?” Thundercracker growled, but Skywarp raised a hand, silencing his cousin at once. Skywarp looked down at Blackfire and nodded at him to speak his mind.

    “I’d like to know where there is a place for me to wash up. I ran into soot along the way here,” Blackfire explained as he pointed to all around his body and both Skywarp and Thundercracker laughed. “Did I say something wrong?” he asked.

    “No,” Skywarp answered as he shook his head. “There’s a mech washroom down the corridors on your right. I doubt no one would be in there unless Soundwave was planning to get information on someone willing to betray Megatron.”

    Blackfire nodded his thanks and left the room, eager to talk to Jetfire and get rid of the soot that he’d flown through during his travel through Praxis to Kaon.


    When he reached the washroom that Skywarp had directed him towards, Blackfire walked into the room, locked the door and turned on the Energon so that it would sound like he was washing himself. He wrinkled his nose in disgust when he looked around the room. It was not as clean as the Autobots’ washroom. Smudges from hand prints, cracks along the walls, and even the walls themselves looked like they’d not been replaced for a very long time, probably not since the day that it had been designed.

    Switching his vocal processor back to his ordinary femme voice and quickly replacing his name, Blackfire took out his communicator and switched it on. “This is Autobot Saberblade calling Vice Commander, Jetfire. Do you read me, Jetfire?”

    There was no answer as static could be seen on the screen of her communicator. Saberblade tried again a few more times before the static became normal and Jetfire’s face appeared. “Thank Primus, Saberblade. I thought you would never talk to me. I’m guessing that you finally got into Kaon?” he asked.

    “Yes I have, sir. It’s a bit off in this place, but I’ll get used to it. But, other than letting you know that I’m finally in, I have to say that my first job is to check on the Autobot prisoners that are located somewhere in this place. If I can find out where they are after getting the information, then maybe I can help them escape,” Saberblade said as she kept her audio receptors strained to listen for approaching footsteps that might be a danger of finding out about her disguise.

    “Yes, there have been various reports about some of our recruits disappearing off the face of Cybertron. Alright, once you’ve found out and got the information that we need, do what you can to rescue every prisoner that is an Autobot. Do not leave a single one behind. Is that understood?”

    “No problem, Jetfire,” Saberblade answered with a chuckle.

    “You’re starting to sound like Hot Shot, you know that?” Jetfire laughed.

    “I’ve learnt from the best. Anyway, I should be off, Thundercracker and Skywarp will probably be wondering why I‘m taking so long to get back to their quarters.”

    “You’re sleeping in the seekers room?” Jetfire asked in surprise as his optics widened.

    “Probably just a way to keep an optic on me, but don’t worry, I’ll do my best to keep you updated on my mission.”

    “Okay, Saberblade. I’m letting you go now. And don’t get yourself killed, Optimus just found out about your mission, and he’s none too happy about it. I understand his concern about you, but sometimes I think he’s a bit too overprotective of you.”

    Saberblade chuckled. “I always had the feeling he’d be like that. Tell him not to worry and I’ll be fine. Remember, this is like a test of gaining my independence so that I don’t have to rely on him protecting me all the time.”

    Jetfire laughed. “Alright, I’ll be waiting for an update, and I’ll give Optimus your message when he calls again. See you soon.”

    “Take care, Jetfire. Saberblade over and out,” Saberblade said and she switched off her communicator. Once the communicator was down, she switched her identity back to Blackfire and changed her vocal processor back to mech. Now that she was back as Blackfire, she felt the loneliness creeping up on her. The more she played around as this terrible Decepticon, the more she began to feel like one.

    Sighing, Blackfire then turned the Energon off and walked out the room.


    “So, do you know where the prisoner cells are?” Skywarp asked Blackfire the next morning.

    The night had not been peaceful to the disguised femme. Both Skywarp and Thundercracker had been asleep the moment Blackfire walked into the room, talking in their sleep as they mumbled something about hot femmes and destroying Autobots. What was even worse was that the cone heads had returned from their mission and had been snoring away in their sleep. Although the snoring was not that bad, but getting to sleep on an uncomfortable recharge berth had been even worse. Blackfire had tossed and turned in his sleep until exhaustion took over his CPU and he dropped into a deep sleep.

    Blackfire nodded as Skywarp had explained nearly twice about where the cells were. The cells were located on the second floor beneath this one. When he repeated what Skywarp had said, the purple and black mech nodded his satisfaction, pleased that he didn’t have to explain where the cells were again. “Well,” he said, “off you go and do your job. Once that’s done, come back here and give me a report.”

    “Understood, Skywarp, sir,” Blackfire answered.

    “You can just call me Sky, it’s easier than being addressed as Skywarp sir,” Skywarp said with a smirk.

    “My apologies, Sky,” Blackfire laughed as he left the room.


    Going down the elevator was the easy bit, but getting past the guards was even trickier. Of course, Blackfire could always send them away by sending them off on a wild goose chase, but he was here to check on the prisoners, not cause a havoc. Walking past the guards like a normal Decepticon warrior would, Blackfire gave a cold merciless glare with his blood red optics and the guards shook a little, but did nothing else.

    Blackfire then headed towards the first cell and peeked in through the bars. No one was in there. He moved to the second, but there was still nothing in there. Sighing, he moved to the third one and he spotted someone inside. Opening the cell’s door, Blackfire stepped inside the cell and closed it behind him. He approached the someone and kneeled down in front of him.

    The mech was covered in cracks all over his white body that was covered in dirt from head to toe. Something about this mech seemed oddly familiar. But Blackfire couldn’t put his finger on it. Switching his vocal processor to Saberblade’s original voice, Blackfire gently placed a hand upon the mech’s head and whispered, “Are you okay?”

    The mech slowly lifted his head and weak blue optics flickered in the dim darkness of the cell. There were cracks in the glass of his optics, but Saberblade could tell his spirit was still strong even though he’d gone through a serious amount of torture just so that the Decepticons could get information about him. But when those blue optics brightened up, Saberblade’s golden optics widened in shock at who those optics belonged to, and she’d always thought that the owner was dead after First Aid told her about the remains they’d found amongst the rubble of his home.

    “Saberblade, is that you?” the mech asked weakly.
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    Chapter 12:

    Dark Retrieval Part 2

    “R... Ratchet, what are you doing here?” Saberblade asked in surprise as her hand reached out and touched the medic’s cheek gently. She’d not seen Ratchet since the day that he’d helped rid herself of the past that had terrified her since Aquablade had committed suicide. But, now that he was here, sitting in front of her, attached to chains in a broken and battered heap, Saberblade could not help but feel a pang of excitement. She wanted to leap forward and hug him in joy, but she didn’t dare to harm him further. His condition could be a lot worse than it already was.

    “Ratchet, can you tell me how you came to be here and in this position?” she asked.

    Ratchet weakly looked into her golden optics and sighed. “I don’t have much strength to talk, but I’ll do what I can,” he said weakly.

    “Hang on, I might have something to help you,” said Saberblade as she took out an Energon cube that she had stored in her subspace pocket. She then placed the cube against Ratchet’s lips and he drank it gratefully. Once it was all gone, he nodded his appreciation before sighing again. It sounded like he hadn’t had a decent cube in a long time.

    “They came like a swarm of Insecticons,” he began. “I never even got the chance to call for help when they came through my door and destroyed everything before the lead Decepticon pinned me down and threatened to kill me if I didn’t keep quiet. I struggled to fight back, but they ripped off one of my hands and took out one of my optics. And the next thing I knew, they punched me in the face and I blacked out.

    “I then woke up here in this cell. The Decepticons never let me out for the last thousand solar cycles. They tortured me to pry out information, but I refused to speak, and they threatened to kill me if I didn’t talk, but they went back on their threat and decided to let me die slowly by not feeding me much Energon. As I said, I have never seen the light of day for the last thousand solar cycles. I thought I lost track of time, but my body continued to function despite losing nearly all of its energy reserves. I believe once a month they come down here to see if I’ve gone offline or to give me a small amount of Energon that I can barely function on.”

    Saberblade felt a pang of horror swell through her entire body. How could these Decepticons be so cruel to prisoners? The Autobots would never do that to a prisoner. Never in a million years. She took out another Energon cube and pressed it to his lips. Ratchet drank it all and she gently placed a hand upon his head. “It’s a good thing Jetfire sent me on this mission to steal some information otherwise I wouldn’t have found you. First Aid said that you were dead and that he’d found some of your remains underneath all that rubble where your home had just been,” she said.

    “Indeed,” Ratchet replied as he coughed a little and looked at Saberblade more closely. “Why are you painted black?” he asked.

    “I’m disguised as a mech known as Blackfire. I know it seems a bit strange to see me like this, but it was the only way for me to get in. The seekers, Thundercracker and Skywarp have accepted me into the group. Starscream, my so-called brother, went to Earth with Megatron and a group of other Decepticons to gather the Minicons. Optimus Prime, Red Alert, and Hot Shot left as well to stop them,” Saberblade explained.

    “I’m curious, how are you going to get us out without blowing your cover?” Ratchet asked.

    “I’m working on it, Ratchet. I need time. It’s not going to be easy, but I’ll figure something out soon.”

    “Well, you better hurry. They’re planning to execute me in about a week’s time, including the other Autobot prisoners.”

    “Slag! Who else is here other than you?”

    “I do not know at the moment, you’ll have to leave me here and check out the other cells, but all I know is that there are two Autobots who can help. One can produce holograms, so I think his name is Hound, and the other, who is identical to Soundwave, is named Blaster.”

    “Thanks for your help, Ratchet. I’ll be back every day to give you and the others some Energon to rebuild your strength up. I want you to keep on acting like nothing has happened and still feel weak so that I can work out a plan to get you all out without creating too much of a hassle.”

    Ratchet nodded and gently placed a hand upon Saberblade’s shoulder. “I wish you luck in getting the plan organised. It will take a lot of skill, perfect timing, and an intelligent mind. May Primus watch over you, youngling.”

    “You too Ratchet, I’ll see you tomorrow.” Saberblade then stood up and switched her vocal processor back to Blackfire’s voice. It always felt strange to be returning as a Decepticon, but she could tell she was getting used to it because of the dreaded feeling always vanishing before her optics. Waving goodbye, Saberblade then walked out the cell door and closed it behind her.


    The guards watched as Blackfire came walking out of the cell that belonged to that medic. The red optics of the seeker sent them a cold stare that instantly told them to shut up and not breathe a word about it, unless they wanted their heads to be chopped off and left pinned on his wall.

    With the guards silenced, Blackfire then headed towards the cells of Hound and Blaster. He was careful to not take too long with either one of them. After he told them the same story he’d told Ratchet of being disguised as Blackfire and that they not breathe a word about it until he’d figured out a plan to get them out. He’d learnt, from Hound after giving him two Energon cubes to drink as well as Blaster, that there were two other Autobots that could help them escape.

    So Blackfire promised them, like he did with Ratchet, that he would see them again tomorrow and give them more Energon cubes, as well as telling them to act like he’d just been in there to just torture them for the fun of it. Both Hound and Blaster had been a little hesitant, but they agreed nonetheless.

    And, when Blackfire went into the first of the two Autobots’ cells, he came across a mech named Mirage, an Autobot loner, and spy, who had the ability to turn himself invisible. It was an interesting trick, and would probably provide the weak Autobot group to escape. Since there were only five Energon cubes left in Blackfire’s subspace pocket, he decided to save the last three for the Autobot that Hound had told him about. He gave the cubes to Mirage and told him the exact same thing he’d told the others. Stay quiet, act like nothing happened between them, and moan in pain because he’d been torturing him.

    Mirage had been extremely hard to coax that Blackfire was an Autobot named Saberblade, it took several tries, but at last, he finally agreed to accept the cubes from him. Blackfire nodded his appreciation and left the cell for the last of the five Autobots that were prisoners of the Decepticons. Each of their stories had been the same as Ratchet’s; ambushed, captured, and tortured to get information from them, and none of them had ever seen the light of day since their abduction, and each of them were only a day apart from the other before their capture.

    Hound had said that this Autobot had been extremely difficult to pin down because of hearing roars of anger and fury, as well as hearing that nearly a quarter of the Decepticons had been killed by this enraged Autobot that threatened to kill them all. In fact, he’d been so dangerous that the Decepticons had to apply chains to every part of him. This ranged from his arms and legs, to his neck and torso. Whoever this Autobot was, he sounded pretty powerful, and could be just the muscle that he and the group needed to escape. That is if the Autobot wasn’t reluctant to leave or had the conscious to kill every Decepticon in his path for revenge.

    Blackfire opened the cell door to the final Autobot and stepped in. He was greeted by a growl as he closed the door and turned to face the chained Autobot. His red optics widened in surprise when he saw extremely thick chains wrapped around powerful jaws, the thick legs, the neck, and torso of an unusual animal. He’d never seen such an animal before, but something told him that this was the mech that had caused a lot of trouble and had killed a quarter of the Decepticons that had tried to contain him.

    Switching his vocal processor back to Saberblade’s normal voice, Blackfire approached the mech, who eyed him suspiciously, as he held out a hand that contained the three Energon cubes. It probably wouldn’t be enough to fill the mech’s stomach, but it would do to help him regain his strength.

    “You, Decepticon, not hurt me Grimlock?” the mech asked in surprise despite his jaws being hold together by the strong chains.

    Saberblade smiled warmly as she approached the unusual beast Autobot. “I hear you’re quite a fighter, Grimlock. I take it that you’re not very fond of being in this position?” she asked.

    Grimlock lifted an optic ridge. “You, Decepticon, look mech, but sound femme. Me Grimlock ask who you are,” he said, his tone deepening as the dim light cast down upon his proud blue optics of his beast mode.

    “My name is Saberblade. I am disguised as a mech named Blackfire. I was sent here on a mission by Jetfire to gather information, but when I got whiff of the Decepticons holding Autobots as prisoners, I realised that I had to change my plans. The Decepticons are going to execute you in a week, so I don’t have much time in getting you guys out. I have to make sure that this whole plan goes right without making any mistakes.”

    Saberblade stepped forward and placed the Energon cubes against Grimlock’s mouth. “Here, eat these, it will not fill your stomach, but it will make you feel better. You need your strength if we’re going to make it out alive.”

    Grimlock seemed a bit unsure about this whole thing, especially when he was feeling so stubborn to accept a femme helping him and some other Autobots to escape all of this. Finally, he opened his jaws as far as the chains would allow him, and Saberblade slipped the cubes between his triangle teeth. Grimlock closed his jaws and swallowed them. The femme was right, these cubes were not enough to fill his stomach, but at least he felt better.

    “Me Grimlock thank femme for coming to rescue us,” the beast mech said gratefully.

    “My pleasure,” Saberblade said with a nod. “I’ll be back tomorrow to give you some more, but right now, this is all I can give you until then. I’m curious, Grimlock, have you been to another planet, or were you just designed like this?”

    “Me Grimlock once created on a blue and green planet. Me not remember what planet, but me was told that this beast mode is called a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Me Grimlock always king!” Grimlock snarled as his thick tail twitched aggressively and he let off a silent roar.

    “Hush now, Grimlock, you and the others will be out of here soon. I need you to act like nothing happened between us, okay?”

    “Me Grimlock promise.”

    “That’s a good Rex. I’ll see you tomorrow morning and I’ll come back with more Energon cubes. So don’t do anything stupid to give away my cover, otherwise that will be the end of all of us.”

    Grimlock nodded and lowered his head, giving off a predatory growl as Saberblade petted him on the nose gently. She knew so little of this mech, but she had heard that he was part of a team known as the Dinobots, which was a group of dinosaur Autobots that were mostly relied on to counterattack heavy battle that would be too much for the other Autobots to handle. Saberblade hadn’t met them, but their reputation had reached her audio receptors, and she had longed to meet them face to face, but that chance did not come because of this mission, but of course, she’d gotten her chance because of this cell. The commander of the Dinobots was fiercely known to be ruthless and aggressive on the battlefield, but, when taking breaks, he was known to be childish and innocent like a sparkling would be, and it puzzled Saberblade greatly. But she had the feeling that he was young, much younger than Optimus Prime or herself.

    Stepping back and switching her vocal processor back to Blackfire’s voice once again, Saberblade then walked out the cell and closed the door behind her, but as she closed the door, someone came walking towards her and her defensive capabilities kicked in as she pulled out her left wingblade and placed it against the stranger’s throat. “Who dares to approach from behind me?” she asked in Blackfire’s voice.

    “Sheesh, you sure are feisty, hey Blackfire?”

    Blackfire lowered his wingblade when he realised that it was only Skywarp. “My apologies, Sky. I was just checking up on the last the of the Autobot prisoners. He was being annoying, so I gave him a cut across the face for being a smart-aft,” he explained.

    “Did the others cause you any trouble?” Skywarp asked, lifting an optic ridge.

    He must be on to me if he came all the way down here just to check up on me. I’ll have to tread carefully if he gets too close towards the goal, Blackfire thought as he bit his bottom lip. “No, not at all, Sky, they were far too weak to even lift a finger. Although, I’m more curious about that white and blue one. Who is he, and how did he get here?”

    “Interested in Mirage for your own pleasure?” Skywarp asked.

    “No, not really,” Blackfire replied as he smirked and returned his wingblade back into his left shoulder.

    “His name is Mirage. Quite a fellow though isn’t he? I hear he can turn himself invisible to sneak past our security. We actually ambushed him when he and a small group of Autobots were patrolling the boarders of Polyhex. It wasn’t easy taking them down, but we managed to kill all the team members except him. We needed information on the weak spots of Iacon, but he’s been very quiet lately. Guess all Autobots are quiet,” Skywarp explained.

    “So, what do you plan to do with all the Autobots?” Blackfire asked.

    “Why, execute them in a week’s time. Megatron was getting pissed off at not getting anything from them, so he requested that Shockwave would destroy them, but since the Minicons activated, he decided to let Shockwave do the honours without him. He was a little bit disappointed that he couldn’t be there, but he’s glad that these precious Autobots of Prime are going to die.”

    Blackfire bit back a need to slap Skywarp across the face. He hated this entirely, and he wished that he could come up with a plan as quickly as he could, but the more he bided his time, the more he wasted in getting his comrades out of this foreboding place. Blackfire shook his head mentally and looked up at Skywarp. “Did you need to see me for something?” he asked curiously.

    “No, I was just coming down to see why you were taking so long. But, now that you’ve finished, we can go off on patrol. Thundercracker is already waiting for us near the launching pad. It’s where seekers launch from when they’re feeling too lazy to lift off on their own.”

    Blackfire nodded before shooting Grimlock one last glance over his shoulder and he followed after Skywarp.


    “I swear I’m not doing another patrol like that again!” Blackfire spat as his back plonked harshly on his recharge berth. His whole limbs ached, despite being in his jet mode during the whole patrol. There had not been a single Autobot in any of the perimeters on the edge of Praxis, and he was glad that there hadn’t, otherwise he would have to fight all of those that might’ve been close to him, including Jetfire.

    Skywarp and Thundercracker just laughed at the black seeker. They too were aching in the limbs, but they didn’t show that they were in discomfort. They had been eager to fight an Autobot or two, but they’d only succeeded in finding nothing. It wasn’t worth it, but finding nothing proved that the Autobots were being quiet for the time being until something happened.

    Blackfire stretched his arms and swung them around in a circular rhythm, getting all the kinks out of his muscle cables that were hurting in every part of his body. Sighing, he cracked his neck and his muscle cables snapped a little, making Skywarp and Thundercracker wince in surprise.

    Blackfire stood up and looked towards the two seeker brothers. “I’m going to wash up again. I hate looking dirty even though I came from Polyhex,” he laughed and left the room, leaving the two mechs to look at each other in confusion. What is it with Blackfire needing to wash up a second time when they knew he was clean… well, perhaps he was dirty in a few places, but why all the fuss on small bits of dirt that could not be seen amongst that black armour. This mech was getting even more puzzling by the second.


    Blackfire locked the wash room door like he previously did and switched his vocal processor back to Saberblade’s. This was getting a little old now. Very, very old. Shaking her head, Saberblade then took out her communicator and turned it one. Like usual, only static was seen until Jetfire’s voice spoke over the static.

    “Saberblade, are you there?”

    “Yes, Jetfire, I am,” Saberblade answered as Jetfire’s face appeared on the screen. “It seems like there’s a lot more prisoners than I thought there would be. Blaster, Grimlock, Hound, and Ratchet are here. Did you know that they were classified as MIA?” she asked.

    “I knew that they were missing, but I did not know that they’d been taken hostage by the Decepticons. I think Optimus knew, but he probably didn’t want us to lose focus on the war that we’re fighting right now. But now that you’re there, you can break them out,” Jetfire answered.

    “It’s going to be a lot harder than you think. The five bots will be executed in about a week, so I’m going to have to get the information some time the day before tomorrow. Also, the bots are weak and are in pretty bad shape, so I’m going to have to request that you send Skyfire at this time.” She pressed some numbers and Jetfire nodded when they arrived on his monitor. “So make sure he does not arrive too late, or too soon, because he might get spotted, shot down, or the same thing will come to us.”

    “That’s understood, Saberblade. Is this all you have to report?” Jetfire asked.

    “Yes, that’s all for now. And while you’re working things out, I’ll be helping the others regain their strength so that they’ll be fit enough to travel for a good distance and use their abilities while they still can. I’ll be giving them four Energon cubes a day, but I’ll have to do it every four hours so that I don’t get suspicion.”

    “Alright, until the next call. Good luck on the rescue mission, as well as the information gathering.” The communicator went dead and Saberblade lifted her head to the ceiling, mentally praying to Primus that He would guide her Spark on this mission and help her accomplish it.

    I just hope that this plan works when I’ve decided what I need to do.
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