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    This is a custom based on the Starscream who will appear in an upcoming fanfic I'm working on. I planned on doing Warp first (the main character), but I decided to start smaller since this is my first custom. Here's a small bio I wrote for him, and also the first few paragraph's of the story. It takes place early in the third season of Transformers G1.
    Starscream is a devious robot bent on power. His recent attempt to overthrow Megacron got him sent to a Unicon prison. After escaping thanks to the help of a mysterious figure known only as "The Doctor", Starscream went underground, staring a group of Unicon rebels known as The Screamers. Now, with a small army behind him, he plans once again to overthrow Megacron and take his "rightful" spot as leader of the Unicons.
    "Metroplex, this is Warp, do you copy?"
    "This is Blaster at Metroplex, I copy"
    "I need emergency assistance! I'm being sucked into some sort of vortex. I can't hold full reverse much longer!"
    "I'm dispatching Sky Lynx on the double, this sounds like big trouble!"
    "It's too powerful...can't hold...any LONGGGG---YEEEEAAAHHHRGGG!"
    "Warp. WARP!"
    "And that's the last thing I heard from him. By the time Sky Lynx got to his coordinates, there was nothing left but some debris. If only I had dispatched Sky Lynx earlier, maybe I coulda...", Blaster stops short, sounding more somber than ever before. "Hey, don't blame yourself, there was nothing you could've done", Arcee says, offering Blaster some comfort. "We all know it wasn't your fault Blaster. But our job is to figure out whose fault it was.", says Rodimus. "My energon's on those filthy Quintessons", says Ultra Magnus, jaded by his imprisonment at the hands of the Quintessons. "Well, we're about to find out. Let's take a little trip to the scene of the crime, if we are indeed dealing with a crime. Sky Lynx, you know the coordinates, correct?", asks Rodimus. "Correct, sir.", Sky Lynx says as he opens his shuttle door. Rodimus and the others jump aboard, "Well then take us there."

    Warp opens his eyes and looks around, but sees nothing, his eyes blindfolded, his arms and legs bound. He tries to speak but no sound escapes his mouth. Suddenly, he feels someone pull the gag from his mouth. "Where am I? Who are you? What do you want with me?", asks Warp. "Welcome to the house of The Screamers! I trust your stay here will be quite enjoyable." "Starscream?!", Warp says, clearly shocked to hear the voice of a spectre. "Yes! It is I, Starscr---wait, how do you know my name?", asks Starscream. "How could this be happening? You're supposed to be dead!", Warp says, still in shock. "Dead?! Laughable! No one could kill the mighty Starscream!" Starscream says boastfully, "That didn't answer my question though. How do you know my name?" "Everybody on Cybertron knows your name", says Warp. "So you say you're from Cybertron. Well then, mister "Cybertronian", why is it that you bear neither the Primal, nor Unicon insignia? Hmm? I think someone's playing a little joke on me. I don't like jokes." Starscream fires his null blaster at the ceiling, then presses the burning hot barrel right into Warp's head, as he screams out in agony. Starscream removes the blaster from his head, leaving a small hole behind. He exits the room with some parting words; "The Doctor will be in shortly.".

    "This isn't Warp." says Rodimus as he scans the debris. "How can you be sure?", asks Springer. "It's not the material we're made from. In fact, I've never seen any material like this. It's almost as if someone scattered this debris here to make us think he died.", says Rodimus, as Kup adds, "Maybe they were afraid we'd find out what really happened here." "Hey! I'm picking up his engine signature! It leads right up to there, and then it's just...gone.", says Arcee, looking distraught. "That must have been where the vortex was. We should be seeing a very long, very weak signature that stretches far beyond this point if he was sucked into a vortex. I don't think this was a vortex at all, but rather some sort of teleportation device."
    Let me know what you guys think, thanks! :) 

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    nice. surprised i haven't seen this done previously
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    It looks nice, but what I find interesting about this is the fact that thsi mold was originally used as Megatron!
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    I THOROUGHLY love the design of this one. Well done :thumb 

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