Unh-named and un-finished fan fic. Please give advise and ideas for title and such.

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    Hope this one gets more views than my last post here. Anyways, I was hoping if I could get some ideas or advise from some people here on a origins story I was writing. I got the idea mainly from WFC and a few other continuities. Anyway, here it is!

    Location: Iacon, Omegus Cosmo.
    Time: 1:22 A.M. Central Cybertron time.
    Situation: A rebellion has been set against the High Council. The rebels call themselves Decepticons. The High Council is setting plans for a team of Autobot warriors to oppose these rebel forces. The team is being lead by Optimus Prime, who was formerly known as Orion Pax before graduating the Elite Guard Academy. His team will consist of Auobots Ratchet, Jazz, Ironhide, and Silverbolt. They will be dispatched to defend Iacon from the Decepticon rebels.

    It is a time of political despair. The Decepticons do not agree with the High Councils concept of government for Cybertron, and have set rebellion against the High Council.
    The High Council is in grand time of need, as many Cybertronians are not fond of the way they do things since the Decepticons rebelled. The Decepticon leader, who is known as Megatron, wants to take Cybertron to power, and anyone who defies them will be destroyed.

    Time: 2:25 A.M. Central Cybertron time.
    There is a cold silence in the battlefield. The Decepticons have just gotten done with a slaughter of Elite Guard Patrol Enforcers (E.G.P.E. for short). As Megatron crushes the last bot’s head in his mighty hand, Starscream asks him “Mighty Megatron, I hate to be bothersome, but what will we do about this new E.G.P.E. team sent to oppose your order?” Starscream doubted Megatron greatly. “You are a fool Starscream, once we crush these final forces who oppose us, we will return Cybertron to it’s former glory!” Megatron replied to the ass kissing sly. The Decepticons had been traveling from city to city in the Cybertronian state Omegus Cosmo, which was dubbed “The Grand Autobot Headquarters” by many bots for it’s large population of polotics and Elite Guard memebers. The Decepticons are planning to assassinate the High Council member Maxion Prime. Once they arrive to his home, they are treated to the old and wise Maxion backed up into a corner. “Hmhmhmhmhmhmhmhm….” Megatron begins to smirk and laugh. “Ahahahahaha!!!! You weak coward, prepare to suffer in The Fallen’s Pit for all eternity!” Megatron shouted with a sociopathic sense. “Strike me down if you must, but I will become one with the Matrix!” Maxion Prime shouted. “The Matrix is nothing anymore. It’s power was used by Prima to seal The Fallen! No Prime has been able to use it’s power for it has been drained!” Megatron replied with disrespect. “It’s power will be unleashed in our darkest hour!” Maxion replied. “Such heroic nonsense…” Megatron said. With a swift strike of Megatron’s mace, he killed the wise Prime. The Decepticons left the area quickly before reinforcements arrived. Megatron let the Decepticons know that they were going to assassinate the rest of the high council like they did Maxion. Starscream argued that the new team would catch up to their plan very soon. Megatron pointed out “That is exactly my plan Starscream. We must lure them out while they are unexperianced, as well as vulnerable. As always you are yet to come up with a plan that COULD work”. “I could come up with a BRILLIANT plan that could wipe you out of the picture Megatron!” Starscream replied. Megatron enraged with this, grabbed Stascream by his throat and pinned him up against the wall. “You have quite an ego Starscream! I do NOT like it one bit, and if your pathetic little ego is in my presence again, then I will rip your vocal processor out personally!” Starscream silenced quickly and Megatron threw him on the ground. “Megatron, the Autobots have entered the city.” Soundwave called out. “Excellent…. We will let them find their comrade in this state. Decepticons move out!” The Decepticons left with no trace. When the Decepticons returned to their base, Soundwave started to download data from the archives. “Megatron, I have found a source where energon is produced.” Energon is a rich mineral substance that Cybertronians use as a sort of fuel. Without Energon their race would die out, which is why it is so valuable. “Excellent, Soundwave. We will wait for a good time to strike however”. “What?!” Starscream yelled out. “We must strike now while we have a chance! As usual you never find a good strategy Megatron!” “And as usual you are incompetent Starscream. We must strike more Council members, then when we are about to kill the final Council member, I will send a group to steal the sources while the new Autobot squad is busy dueling with us. We can hit two birds with one stone, and it will damage their efforts severely!” Starscream was silent. Soundwave watched in silence as they fought, as that was all he could do. The Decepticons later left their base only to return to Iacon. The Decepticons returned ready to assassinate the next Council member. The next Council member on their list to assassinate was Ultra Magnus, who was the highest ranked Autobot, and the supreme commander of all the Autobots and had the most authority in the Council. The Decepticons knew this would be no easy task, even though Magnus was old, he could put up a fight one on one with Megatron himself. Megatron was prepared for what Magnus was capable of. He had a small pack of Soundwave, Rumble, and Frenzy sneak to the back of Magnus’ home. Turrets were surrounding all entrances and exits, making it a challenge to enter without critical damage. Megatron ensisted that they waited for Starscream to signal their strike. Soundwave nodded, and soon after Frenzy and Rumble. Soundwave pressed a button on his chest, and a shockwave blast shut down all turrets and power in the area. Magnus, who was enjoying a set of archives, felt the shockwave as everything crashed. Magnus picked up his Magnus Hammer as soon as it crashed, and soon after got next to the door. Magnus was aware of the murders that accord, so he was ready to fight the threat head on. Megatron took out his club in preparation for combat. Starscream, who was keeping watch, saw that Magnus was at the door ready for an ambush. Starscream signaled Soundwave’s squad, and they kicked down the door, only to find Magnus slam Frenzy against the wall. Starscream knew this would give Megatron credit of a bad strategy, so he signaled Megatron aswell. Megatron obliterated the door in his path to find Magnus swinging his Magnus Hammer at Soundwave, who was avoiding the blows in desperation. Megatron hit Magnus in the back with his spikey club, which struck a large blow in Magnus’ back. Magnus, who was struggling on the ground, reached out for his Magnus Hammer, but Megatron picked it up before he could grip it. Starscream, who was shocked at the success at Megatron’s strategy, quickly shot Megatron in the back in desperation for taking leadership in his failed operation. Magnus reacted quickly by grabbing his Magnus Hammer and striking Megatron in the abdoment. Megatron fell down wounded of the blow. Soundwave tried to attack Magnus from behind, ut he was quickly put down by a mighty blow. Megatron, who was now infurious faked his horrid damage in order to fool Magnus. Megatron quickly tackled Magnus while he thought they were down. Soundwave got up and tossed Megatron the Magnus Hammer, which had fallen due to Magnus getting tackled. Megatron took the hammer, and with a quick blow, killed Magnus instantly. With the supreme Autobot commander dead, Megatron knew that the Autobots were as vulnerable as they ever would be. He then turned to Starscream, who was trying to sneak away from the scene. He took Starscream and rammed his Fusion Cannon into his stomach area. With a quick blast, Starscream was severely damaged, though not entirely offline. Megatron knew that the treacherous bastard was not dead, so he simply left him in his horrible pan to give him one last warning before he would kill him for another act of treason. Starscream knew exactly that, so he kept low for a good long while. Soundwave got up. He was wounded, but not in any way severely, so he carried on. “Must we continue our assassinations Megatron” Soundwave asked. “No” Megatron responded. “Are we going to strike the Energon factory now?” He asked. “Not quite yet. We must take care of other business.” Megatron again replied. “What is this business we must take care of?” He once again asked. “It is simple. We will root out the new Autobot squad after us.” He again replied. “Of course Megatron.” Soundwave agreed with Megatron, and was a loyal soldier, so he followed his orders with pride. The Decepticons simply waited for the Autobot squad, for they knew they would come after they killed Magnus. Before they arrived, some E.G.P.E. arrived in attempt to apprehend them. When the squad arrived, they witnessed a massacre, as they saw Megatron on the top of a pile, just as he was ripping out the spark of one of the Patrol Enforcers.Optimus Prime, who was focused on Megatron, was shocked at the brutal site. He signaled his men to attack immediately. The clash began, with Ironhide attacking Soundwave. Soundwave responded quickly, with disposing a turret, which slew Ironhide down. Soundwave’s shoulder cannon shot Ironhide down with a huge crash. Silverbolt pursued Starscream as he tried to take into the skies. Silverbolt soon engaged in a battle with Starscream in the skies with bullets flying back and forth. Jazz assisted Ironhide by taking on Soundwave, giving Ratchet time to heal Ironhide’s wounds. Jazz as fast, and skilled with combat, which gave Soundwave a good challenge. Soundwave dodged as many blows as he could, occasionally getting hit. Then when the time was right, Soundwave struck a mighty blow to Jazz’s abdoment, crippling Jazz in the process. The distraction gave Ratchet enough time to get Ironhide ready for battle once again. Ironhide engaged in hand to hand combat against Soundwave. Silverbolt was gaining the upper hand in the skies. He had shot Starscream a good number of times, which slowed Starscream down. Silverbolt delivered a striking blow with a missile, which shot Starscream out of the sky. Once Silverbolt landed to face Starscream, he was greeted by a sharp lazer, which came out of the rising smoke from the crash. It hit Silverbolt on his left cheek, creating a huge smoking blast on his face. As he screamed in pain, Starscream rose from the smoke and shot Silverbolt once more. The blow sent Silverbolt on the ground with a large force that sent a rumble onto the ground. With severe damage, and a wound upon his face beyond repair, Silverbolt was down for the count. Starscream looked upon him with pity before attacking the weakened Jazz from his battle with Soundwave. Starscream expected Jazz to be pitiful, but he was surprised with Jazz’s great comeback, as Jazz quickly struck Starscream in his optics, which blinded him for a good 5 seconds. Jazz used this time to deliver a powerful kick to Starscream, which knocked him over. Meanwhile, Optimus Prime watched in horror as his team was being overwhelmed. Megatron approached him and told him “You are a terrible, inexperienced, and pathetic leader. If the Council thinks your pathetic little team can beat me, then they will feel their own bloody hell.” Optimus had nothing to say, as he believed Megatron’s words of his inexperience, but he did charge at Megatron with his large Energon powered axe. Optimus Prime was quickly overwhelmed, as he took Optimus Prime by his throat and slammed him down to the ground. Megatron simply laughed at his pathetic attempts to oppose him, and rammed his Fusion Cannon against his abdoment in the same fasion he did Stascream. Optimus with his eyes full of fear Felt that it was the end for him and his squad.

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