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    Just a little something that a friend of mine did for my WIP story that is part of an ongoing series called Little Shotty that takes part in the Armada series. While he was designed differently in a long ago profile, I decided to go with something completely different when I started up the story where he makes his most recent appearance in my latest story called Brother My Brother (sequel to Little Shotty), Weight of the World (prequel to Little Shotty) and Give Me A Sign (sequel to Little Shotty and prequel to Brother My Brother).

    I wanted to pay tribute to RiD incarnation by giving him the exact same personality, wings, and his direct hatred for Optimus Prime and his violent nature towards anything that gets in the way of his goals. His reason for that? I think you can guess why. But somehow, during BMB, he mellows down somewhat, but not all the way down. But probably enough to develop a soft side for a certain yellow bot. How that happens, you'll just have to wait and see if you are willing to follow it.

    As for where he got the scar on his chest/symbol... well, in Give Me A Sign, I think the name Sixshot explains a lot of things. ;P

    Please give credit to my friend for her hard work on this picture. She put a lot of effort into it by putting all her blood, sweat, and tears and I think she deserves a lot of love. It took her a whole year to make it and I can't thank her enough for it.

    You can find the picture here on DA: Art Request-Magnus by *xXTransformersGirlXx on deviantART

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