Ultra Magnus: Lost Shadows

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    Hello to all, this is a short story of Ultra Magnus. It's placed somewhere in G1, I'm not telling where or else it would spoil the plot. I leave it up to you to find out where it's exactly supposed to be. Let me remind you that this is fiction and not a rewrite or a do-over. I hope you enjoy it.

    Ultra Magnus:
    Lost Shadows

    -1 - The awakening

    At first I didn’t feel a thing, infinitive darkness and the dead silence of the far outreaches of space. It was cold and I didn’t have any sense of time. I was alone with my thoughts, a sea where I was doomed to drown in. So this was what humans saw when they dreamt? A huge nothing with random appearances of spirit fragments.
    After ages I could open my eyes, they felt sorrow. The light scrambled my HUD, my optics widened and closed again. I was forced to blink a couple of times, but I could see clearly now. A dessert filled with sand, what seemed very logical to me. But I’d seen many things on my journey trough space. There wasn’t one other sentient being that could’ve seen what an Autobot had seen. I moved my limbs but they seemed to be restrained. I stood upright, immovable, bonded to invisible strings. After a while I was freed from my prison for reason I could not understand or discover. Gently, step after step I walked further into this place.
    When I looked back, there was nothing, not a building, cave or space ship I could’ve left. In front of me, there was just this dessert.
    I tried to remember what had happened, but the only thing I could bring up was a battle. And Decepticons were involved. Could they’ve done this? I walked further and tried to figure it out, but nothing made sense. Even this place didn’t seem familiar to me.
    Was it Earth, the Sahara Dessert? But there wasn’t any sign of life, not even a bird flying over or a camel passing by. Humans said you could wander for hours in here without finding a living organism. So I continued my path along the sandbank.
    Some would ask me; “why don’t you try to make contact with the other Autobots?”
    Well, as soon as I could’ve opened my eyes, I tried every radio frequency, but it didn’t work. Only a strange humming sound, sometimes even a scream slipped trough. Would that be one of those panoramas? No, they only were a visual ‘disease’. I ignored the fact and kept walking. Some day I would pass by a human, am I not?

    ‘I can’t handle this right now’, I said to no-one in special.

    So I – Ultra Magnus – kept walking, I didn’t even consider to transform. A giant talking robot wouldn’t be as frightening as a talking car. Ever felt like you want to walk above driving? Well, some peace and quiet could do great now. Especially now I don’t know where I am. Maybe it just pops up in my mind, or not.

    ‘I hate it when don’t get any orders. What am I supposed to do when hell brakes loose here, if hell even exists out here?’


    After an hour or two I stopped walking, there was no end to this dessert. No sound, no clouds, no wind. Where in Primus’ name was I.
    Then this one moment a rock appeared from out of nothing. I climbed it and yelled: ‘Optimus! Elita-1! Springer! Hot Rod!’
    No response, no-one, nothing.
    Another pleasant fact I found out. The sun didn’t move out here, was it the dessert? Or was this one weird planet where the days were very long. That could mean various things, I first thought. One; we were further away from the sun then I thought and the gravitational field from the star hadn’t much effect on us. Two; there was a giant orb of fire in the atmosphere that produced the same conditions as a sun would do. Three; I was a lab-rat in a terrarium. I could easily scrape the last possibility.
    Only two hours and my mind was going wacko already. At least I remembered something; Cyclonus, he was one of the last living things I’d encountered so far.
    But that fact didn’t matter now, I was alone with my shadow.


    After a while I found some dead wood, just when I thought of it. I used my rifle to start a fire and sat down. The fire actually produced a black curtain on my body. The flames danced in a windless air. It was beautiful, it was the first time I could appreciate such things. The red and orange were jumping up and down in the same rhythm, like they were the perfect couple. It soothed the eye, a gentle shine, the warmth and the calmness. I threw another piece of wood in it and it was being devoured. The flames reached higher and I stepped back before they would reach me. I wasn’t afraid, but in this unfamiliar world, everything could happen.

    After the fire had died, I continued my journey. My footsteps didn’t leave any tracks. This was one of those days where the patience of an Autobot was tested.
    In the distance, I heard that scream again, the same high pitched tone as before. I transformed and drove off, with the scream as my lock-on point. The pauses between the screams became shorter and shorter, was the person in pain, or was I coming closer? It didn’t matter because almost cursed myself. I had reached my burned-out fire again. So where had the scream come from? From the midst of the circle I just had driven? I transformed to robot mode and started to run, my rifle in my right hand, prepared for battle. Thinking of the many possibilities I didn’t realise the screaming had stopped. I looked around, desperately in search of something.
    When I couldn’t find something, I threw my gun to the ground and kicked it. A great amount of sand flew with it and fell down again. I let my head hang down and closed my eyes. Breath in, breath out. I calmed down and opened my eyes again.

    ‘What is this place?’ Where I had kicked my gun a black hole had appeared, the sand that had flown away had made place for this.. nothing.

    I took a handful of sand and threw it in the hole, it disappeared the instant it touched it. I laughed, not of happiness, but from craziness. How long would it take for me to shoot my head off? My thoughts were interrupted by a rumbling sound. Hard enough to be heard a mile away. The ground began to shake and the sand around the hole began to disappear, or was the hole growing? I didn’t know for sure, but I did know I had to run. Where didn’t matter as long as it was far away from the hole. The sand under my feet became unsteady and materialized in front of my eyes. I didn’t know what was happening but I wanted to leave this place right away. When I climbed the first mountain of sand I saw the rumbling had stopped and the black hole had stopped growing to. I was freaked out, I hadn’t only lost my gun now, every time I stepped I feared the worst. I turned my body – that refused to move – back round and a few feet in front of me there was this giant crystal mountain.

    ‘Let’s hope this all is a dream.’

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