Heavy/Scratch: Ultimetal O/P weapons upgrade

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    I love my Ultimetal optimus prime, but he lacked the features he was supposed to get. They decided not to give him the lighter Ion blaster but they left the battery compartment
    So, I took out the inner workings and went to work. I hollowed out the base of the gun and added a small flashlight I had..then some paint details

    I liked his energon ax but it lacked also. I made a new mount so I didn't have to use his hand, and installed a flickering light mobule, red and orange lights up back and forth.

    Last, but not least, he needed another weapon that no Optimus should be without..alt mode Megatron! I used 6" xman bishop as the base, then parts from tfc ares sword, energon ravage, marker parts, and paint..

    Now THIS is how you do an OPTIMUS PRIME ultimetal figure...for the price, it should've came this way!! 20180212_194540.jpg 20180212_194516.jpg 20180212_194805.jpg 20180212_195346.jpg 20180212_194444.jpg 1518484737464-296953472.jpg
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