Ultima Guard volume mod. Quiet you!

Discussion in 'Tutorials and How Tos' started by Red2, Jun 17, 2018.

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    So Ultima is great. The sound effects are a great addition. But to me, it's a bit loud. Especially when you're playing with him and it goes off accidentally, 10 times in a row.

    Original volume:

    I wanted to quiet it down a bit, so I installed a resistor. There's probably a tutorial already for doing this to other bots, but I figured I'd put the step by step up for Ultima owners to reference.

    Tools used:

    - small Philipps screwdriver
    - wire cutters
    - soldering gun, wire, flux
    - heat shrink tubing
    - heat gun


    - resistor (330 ohm rated), this is maybe too high, I'd recommend a 150-200 ohm, but season to taste.

    Step 1: Remove speaker cover by undoing 4 screws at the back. The ones in the circular ports.


    Screws at the back.

    You'll have to press these two buttons down to slide the cover out.

    Step 2: Undo the screws holding the speaker down and the screw holding the circuit board down. This helps access the teeny tiny yellow speaker wires.

    Circuit board screw.


    Step 3: Once the wires are accessible, I located the wire that did NOT join with the black ground wires on the circuit board. The other wire (see pic below). I snipped it in half with the wire cutter then used my finger nails to pull back/strip the sheathing. This wire is so thin that even my wire stripper didn't have a small enough hole. (When I tried to gently use small snips, it cut right through. Use your fingernails. Be patient.)

    Install resistor. They don't have polarity, so either direction is fine. Before you solder, check if the volume is okay with you. If not, use a different one. When you're satisfied, don't forget to slide some heat shrink tubing on before you solder the connections. Then go to town.

    Only resistors I had laying around. Probably too strong. I'd go half, or two thirds this amount.

    Resistor soldered in.

    Volume check.

    Step 4: Re-install speaker and circuit board. Make sure wires and resistor are tucked in neatly. Then slide cover back on making sure you don't pinch any wires. Install hold down screws on the back. Then enjoy your not obnoxiously loud Ultima.

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