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    Issue 2 of Titan's UK comic arrived in the post today. Subscribers should receive it soon now that Royal Mail workers have called off their strikes, and it should hit newsagents later this comg week. So what's it got?

    Well the covermount gift - TF tattoos... Hmm, you can see what market they're aiming this at. :( 

    3 strips, the first one being an all-new movie prequel story telling Megatron's departure from Cybertron to find the Allspark, while Jazz, Ironhide and Ratchet try their best to stop him. Written by Simon Furman with art by Nick Roche, it seems to contradict the events of IDW's Movie Prequel - and didn't Mr Furman write that as well? It also adds further confusion to everyone's incorrectly-named Decepticon, Brawl, who is named as Devastator in this strip.

    Megatron gets a character profile, with a 'head-to-head' feature on Jazz and Blackout. After that we get #2 of IDW's Movie Prequel, then an interview with Andrew Burrows of Traveller's Tales, designers of Transformers: The Game (didn't know a Brit company designed it :) ). This is followed by #2 of Beast Wars: The Gathering. At just six pages long, it's impossible to get into this as very little happens in each part. It really doesn't do it justice, I wonder how long Titan will string it out for?

    There's a hell of a lot of competitions in this issue. You can win TF movie gear for your room - beanbag, duvet cover etc, copies of the game for Nintendo DS, posters, Unleashed Bumblebee and some rather interesting USB flash drives that are faction symbols with a detachable part containing the drive and a USB connector!

    Lastly the letters page is pretty much worth ignoring, most of the letters and art coming from under-13s which might appeal to younger readers. Disappointingly, a very nice coloured Movie Prime courtesy of Josh Burcham is printed in an absolutely tiny form with a thick black line going right through it!

    Issue #3 goes on sale September 13, and comes with "free kick-ass keyrings" and will include a Movie Ratchet one-shot strip.

    I'm still not entirely sure who they're pitching this at - kids or the older transfan? Nonetheless they're trying to find a comfortable middle ground but they need to work on that letters page (or bin it altogether).

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