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    Like a bonsai I've pruned my collection down to my faves: the following are therefore available for sale/trade...

    All are out of the box but in good condition - * indicates instructions

    Prices include postage (UK only I'm afraid) - trades etc can be negotiated

    TFA Shockwave* £8
    TFA Jetfire/Jetstorm* £8 (includes the comic)

    TFA Deluxes - Sentinel Prime*, Blazing Lockdown *, Soundwave+Lazerbeak, Black arachnia*, Oil slick - £6 each

    TFA Lugnut - incomplete, looks OK in robot mode - £5

    TFA Activators - Grimlock*, Bulkhead*, Ratchet* - £5 each

    Scouts: Clocker*, ROTF Dead End* - £4

    Movie Deluxe Dreadwing - £5
    Cybertron Deluxe Thundercracker - £5

    Legends*: ROTF Tankor, Fallen, Ravage, Megatron, Jetfire, Movie Blackout, Universe Skydive, Universe Air Raid (last two from the Aerial 5 pack) - £2 each or 3 for a five-spot

    G1 Starscream small scale knock off - all parts - counts as a Legend...

    Robot Hero Insecticon, Attacktix G1 Prime + G1 Megs - £1.50 each

    Star Trek Movie - Phaser, Tricorder and Communicator £5 each or all 3 for £10

    Open to reasonable offers, can supply pix. No hurry to sell, whatever's left goes in a box until baby gets old enough

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