2D Artwork: U Face Space Toaster! And Then This Thread Was Made...

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    For some reason....welcome to the thread, I suppose. My name is Space Toaster, and I came here to post some sketches and devour some souls...but I see no souls here.

    Let's start with Jet Convoy, the leader of the surviving Cybertronians and the member of the new Council of Elders, who are in charge of the Grand Crusade against the forces of the the Void Gods, who are responcible for the destruction of Cybertron.

    The main goal in Jet Convoy's life is to find a new home for his people and avenge his race by destroying every Void related being or anyone, who will stand on his way, either innocent or not. He'll make sure, that Megazarak and his masters will pay for what they've done to him and his people.


    P.S. Thanks to all those artists and good people, you've inspired me to make my own thread and start to work with my artistic skills.

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