Two rare TFTM 1986 items.

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    The 3 pictures below are of 2 rare Transformers The Movie 1986 items that I have. The first is of a picture I cut out of a magazine in July of 1986 before the movie came out. On the back of the picture you can see the mail away offer. The offer says send your TFTM ticket stub along with $1.00 for a movie poster. I saw the movie and sent my ticket in and recieved that poor excuse of artwork. Im' sure you know what Im' talking about.... it's not the real movie poster. I wish I would have kept my movie ticket!
    Anyway... The second is of my TFTM VHS Cassette I ordered before it was released in 1987. I knew it wasn't out yet. And the CBS video club sent me this notice (proof of purchase) dated Jan 12,1988. It's the oldest proof of purchase of TFTM I have ever seen in the fandom.

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