By Generation: Two-handed Human Alliance Bumblebee!

Discussion in 'Tutorials and How Tos' started by Peaugh, Jun 25, 2009.

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    First off, get a second Bumblebee. Then unscrew his left forearm and remove the hand.

    Take the Bumblebee you're adding the hand to and unscrew the screw at the front of his right hand and remove that tip piece that the cannon snaps onto. Cut about a [millimeter] off of the end of the tube at the end of the forearm (this allows the wrist joint to sit deeper in the socket so his wrist is flush like on his left arm. [While] not necessary, the end result looks better.)

    Then use a Demel or X-Acto knife to widen the hole in the dark grey tip piece we just removed. This helps the wrist joint fit through. Go ahead and reattach the tip to the forearm.

    Take the hand and trim the wider circle to make it smaller. Continue to test fir in the forearm socket until the wrist joint is JUST small enough to pop snugly into the socket. Congrats! Bumblebee now has two hands! But what about that pesky thumb?

    No problem we just need to flip it around! The thumb itself it attached to a thick plastic sheath that runs though the whole hand, with a pin holding it in on the other side. Get a soldering iron and heat that pin for a few seconds, then use a small flat head screwdriver to pry the pin out. Take your time, reheating the pin if you start having issues as it cools.

    Once it's out, flip the wrist over and hollow out a little bit of the hole on the side where the thumb used to be, mimicking the slight countersink for the wide pinhead. The put the whole thing back together with the thumb on the opposite side! Voila!

    If you're feeling REALLY adventurous, you can cut the thumb on the angles at the knuckle and flip it over and glue it back in place so the thumb angles the right way.

    For most of you, that will be it, just pop the hand into the passenger seat in vehicle mode for storage. If you want ot go one step further, you can use your hobby knife or rotary tool to shave down the back of the passenger seat to allow the hand room to remain attached in vehicle mode.

    That's it! Your Bumblebee now has two functioning hands, and you can pop the hand out and still retain full use of his arm cannon as well! enjoy!




    (Some additional comments were made during the original discussion that may prove helpful; they are included below. ~Superquad7)

    Well, for transformation you just need to shave some plastic off the rear of the seat and he'll TF just fine. Using the cannon though pretty much requires the hand to be removable.

    Did the thumb as well.

    Wouldn't work, the hand is plugged into the hole that the missiles fit into, and even folded as flat as possible if you cut off the missiles to fit in the just the launcher, the thickness of the hand would have the cannon constantly angled inward. Can't have both. I did finish modding the seat back so he can keep the hand for transformation:

    (amd098's post is another hold over from the Human Alliance Bumblebee leg mod. ~Superquad7)


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