Heavy/Scratch: Trypticon Height and Mouth Guard

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    IMG_3784.JPG Hi there. I just got this awesome figure and started working on low-cost solutions to the common problems. First off though, you should probably check out these two mods:

    Titans Return Trypticon - the simple hip fix!

    Minor/Repaint: - TR Trypticon tail fix guide. (Pic heavy)

    I had to do them both. After that, I wanted to address three problems as cost efficiently as possible:

    • Trypticon Height
    • Visible Head Syndrome
    • Tiny Wings (Pun!!!)
    Honestly, I don't really care about the height thing. I display Trypticon bent over like a beast. But I can understand people wishing he could go eye-to-eye. So, while I look for other solutions, I just took two Combiner wars feet, folded them over and plugged them in. I'm ordering some Perfect Effect feet to see if they'll work better.

    Secondly, I didn't like that you couldn't close his mouth all the way, and that his head was really visible. So, you can trim his back tabs in his mouth and it will close almost all the way. That gave way to the second mod. Using some spare construct bot parts, I was able to fashion a Bridle/Mouth Guard/Drone weapon. With the bite mod, you can close his mouth around it and it's a completely secure fit.

    Lastly, the wings look a little dumb the way that they come. But you can pop them off the tabs and reverse them so that the triangle shape faces the way traditions wings look. You'll have to drill tiny little holes to line up where the Titan Master posts fall on the inside of the platform thought. To do that, color the offending posts and immediate fold the wing over and press down. This will put dots where you need to drill. I used a 1/16.

    So anyway, there's probably better solutions to these two problems, but I feel like these two fixes are cheap and easy. Thanks!

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    Nice work! Especially on the mouth closing mod. It sorta bugs me that he can't close his mouth all the way.

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