Customs: trypticon asa ultra transmetal beast warrior?

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    let me know what you think of this idea

    a fellow kaiju fan over on deviant created this version of godzilla as being a sort of super powered up godzilla that has been enhanced using king ghidora dna. this makes it possible for him to draw power from both thermonuclear/gamma irradiation and solar iradiation as well as expanding on his already considerable powers and abilities and his regenerative healing as well

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    from what i have come to understnad from the movies over time

    godzilla draws his power fromn thermonuclear irradiation/gamma irradiation?

    while king ghidora draws his power from solar radiation what with him having all those gold colored scale armor pieces on him to absorb it with though presumably he can also draw energy from the core of a lviing planet through its surface as well

    while space godzilla draws his power from cosmic energy

    now for a moment imagine if this ghidora dna enhanced godzilla was also further enhanced with spacegodzilla dna as well.

    making it so that he could draw on a much wider spectrum of energy to sustain his lifeforce and hid body while also giving him a greater degree of intelligence and additional armorment in the form of crystalline like body scale armor for the clawed feet taloned finger s and also through the razor ridged back fins

    while also providing him with a set of big ass huge multisegmented quasi organic/psuedo crystal like wings growing out of the sides of his back trailing into the top of his shoulders like this.

    Godzookie Updated by ~kaijuverse on deviantART

    with a set of big as giant bat like wings it would really take him up to the next level and then some when it comes to the whole dragon like godzilla look

    now imagine what g1 trypticon would look like downscaled so he would transform into this for the beast mode as a ultra powerful optimal transmetal type beast warrior that is large enough and powerful enough to give optimal optimus dragon megatron and even tigerthawk himself a thorough run for his money in a 3 against one fight to the death.

    oh god damn i think i just creamed all over myself just thinking about that idea
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    Interesting idea. Now once you clean yourself up, get to work making this guy. :) 

    But seriously, if you actually decide to go through with this idea; you'll have one badass Trypticon on your hands. :thumbs2: 

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