Trying to get my computer to login automatically with Win 7 HELP ?

Discussion in 'Video Games and Technology' started by RedAlert Rescue, Dec 4, 2011.

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    I have followed the usual method of unchecking the login required check box on the password control panel 2 but it simply does not work - there's another method involving the bios that does not work either. It is an ASUS computer if that makes any difference.

    I can only get it to do one of two things have the login screen and no password prompt but I still have to press enter after it's half booted to get it to open in windows the rest of the way.

    or If I use the admin settings which I've had no trouble using before on other machines I've used you supposed to be able to set an account to open the operating system automatically and not bump back to the login screen every time it's put in sleep mode or hybernated etc..

    Basically I want it to open on the desktop and come back to the desktop every time it's hybernated switched on from full shut down or put on sleep mode.

    Also I have heard a rumor that ASUS computers run their batteries down faster than they should when hybernated as the express gate cloud is supposed to be doing weird stuff even then the machine is supposed to be powered down ..

    I thought the only thing it would have to remember is the time.
    My machine has (oddly) two on buttons one starts it in cloud mode and one in OS mode (both as for the password if entering the OS that way).

    So some questions.

    1) Does the Express gate run the battery down ? and if so why ? and if I only use the OS on button on the right side and not the cloud button will it still be doing something odd.

    I've not got the cloud looking for facebook messages or anything I don't want it or need it but i'm afraid to delete it.

    2) what the heck is a button shaped like a padlock next to the capslock light ? it's shaped like the caps lock but has a #1 on it rather than an 'A' if anyone has an ASUS do they know ?

    It also has another unlit light that a screen and a checkbook like pattern on it - I think this maybe a light for cloud mode but i'm not quite sure what it does - any one know ?

    3) I remember reading there is some way of muting the keyboard lights - especially when playing a game or watching video anyone know how ?

    4) anyone know if there's anything hidden away that might be preventing my password automatic login change from working - perhaps something to do with user rights or power settings.

    I stuck - I've done all I can think of doing and nothing changes the login behaviour.

    5) Last question unrelated where the hell is the send and receive all function on window live mail ? is there really no button for it other than in the drop down meue where you usually find 'save' in wordpad ?

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