Trying to find a JLA graphic novel

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    Featured this guy who idolized Superman, even had a big S-shield tattoo on him. He was a metahuman, but not crazy powerful.

    But since he wanted to be a better hero, he let soem scientists (STAR or Cadmus or someone like that) do all sorts of crazy shit to him. Like, he had bypass circuits installed in case of mind control. The scientists did it for free for an opportunity to study a metahuman.

    Then he joins the JLA and shit goes wrong. Not sure one point he used an "inertia reverser" or something on the Flash and threw him miles into the sky.

    Anyways, I cannot, for the life of me, remember the name of the graphic novel or the hero-turned-villain. And yes, I have Googled the shit out of this, but clearly not well enough.

    Any help would rock. Thanks!

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