Triton headset experience! Please read!

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    First, this is the response that I got from them:
    'Thank you for previously contacting us. After you sent your initial email, you may have received an automated response with information about how to resolve any issues you may be experiencing with one of our products.

    If you no longer need assistance, please disregard this email.

    In the event you were unable to get the help you needed from the auto-response, please provide the following information so that I may assist you:

    · Product Name:

    · Product Item Number or Art Number (located on the product):

    · Serial Number (if available):

    · Description of the Problem or Question you have:

    · Retailer where product was purchased:

    If you are looking for a part or need to send in your product for warranty service, please provide the following:

    · Full Name:

    · Shipping Address:

    · Phone Number:

    · Item/Art/Model Number and/or Name of Product:

    · Part Requested:

    · Description of Problem (if this is an RMA request):

    Thank you for your time and patience!"

    Okay. Bought my son the Triton AX180. Had issues from the time that he opened it. Should have taken it to the store and been done, but I wanted to do the right thing and let the company try to fix it. My bad. I emailed them. No reply. 72 hours later, I email again. No reply. 3 weeks later, I get the above response to my email. I specifically told them that there was a defect in the headset, what I needed to remedy the situation (a detachable part), the model number, and I actually took the time to SIGN my email with my name. Three weeks later I get a condescending email discussing that I "may" have had a problem. Nice response time! Nice follow up! Great customer service!

    If you need a headset, buy a Turtle Beach! RUN LIKE HELL from Triton. If you have a problem, you might get it two or three months! Piss on them and their pissy headset!

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