[Triple Changer] Sledgehammer

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    Rank: Major.
    Function: Fugitive Retrieval Specialist
    Allegiance: Autobot
    Faction: Iacon Security Service / Elite Guard.

    Appointed to the pursuit of the "worst scum of the universe" by whomsoever's in charge from one administration to another. Tends to be a little too happy to vocally sympathize with the Decepticons/Predacons, et al.

    He's prohibited by his work among the multiple factions on Cybertron from displaying insignia openly identifying himself as an Autobot.... (and isn't terribly broken-up by it.) To tell the truth, Autobot authorities aren't horribly disappointed by it either. He tends to get a touch overzealous in the process of his job, (seldom/occasionally) inflicting collatoral damage and making things diplomatically difficult (thus embarrassing) for his handlers.

    He's been assigned to the retrieval (or outright void/nullification) of Smokeshow & the small cache of deserters recently discovered on Earth. If recovered alive, Smokeshow and his group are to be tried for various crimes against "recognized sentient biologicals" including cultural contamination of a non-transwarp capable species and desertion.

    His immediate superior officer, Lieutenant-Colonel Roadbuster, would love to boot him from the service, aching for just one last screw-up to cement Sledgehammer's dishonorable discharge.


    ^^^ Lieutenant-Colonel Roadbuster ^^^

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