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    This is an alternate version of what happens when soundwave returns from his mission in triage. As always please read and reveiw if you like
    Disclaimer: I do not own transformers. They are owned by their respectfull owners which are Hasbro and Takara and possibly others. I also don't own anything else mentioned unless they are OCs.

    "Normal Speech"
    A/N: Expect stupidity, comedy, and other various forms of entertainment.
    ::Comm link::
    (Mental link/Telepathy)
    Takes place during the end of Triage
    Soundwave retrurns from his mission with a damaged laserbeak.
    "Knock Out, Laserbeak requires assistance immediatelly!." Soundwave says nervouslly
    They can hear the worry in his voice box. Seconds later Knock Out removes the hand gernade and operates on Laserbeak.
    "I didn't know Soundwave could talk." K.O. says
    "He can he just doesn't talk much." Megatron answers
    Megatron helps Soundwave remove his face mask. K.O. glances and notices Soundwaves face. There's no deformities aside from the cuts of broken glass. Soundwave spits a shard of broken glass on the floor.
    "They cracked the outside and busted the inside. It'll be a while before K.O. can get to it."
    Megatron gets Soundwave some Energon. Soundwave takes a drink and sets it down on a counter.. K.O. hides a chuckle as Soundwave walks to med bay's wash room.
    "What's so funny?" Megatron demands
    "Sorry my lord. I've just never seen you like that around soundwave before."
    "Many think he's just a drone but what they don't realize is that Soundwave is one of the strongest out there. Like you said, we're lucky to have him."
    "I'm suprised you haven't made him second in command."
    "I tried. He turns it down. If he wanted to he could be a strong leader but he'd rather be third in command and the communications officer simply because of the restraint it gives him and the joy and freedom he gets with his position."
    "As weird as it may sound, I've seen Soundwave angry. He trusts me to keep him under control which is why he'd rather be third. I don't blame him personally."
    "I don't either. Being second in command does stuff to a mech or a femme."
    Soundwave comes back revealing his tall and thin protoform. He starts repairing his armor and cleans it. Knock out isn't suprised by it at all. Soundwave usually helps K.O. when he's off duty.
    "So what's with the visor any way?" K. O. asks
    "It channels his abilities better and allows him to do his job better." Megatron answers
    "Oh. Are you okay my lord. You seem odd all to once."
    "If anything happens to Laserbeak we'll all feel it. I feel sorry for the Autobot Soundwave would seek vengence on."
    "Is that fear?"
    "Well you can calm your fear my lord and your worry Wave. Laserbeak will make a full recovery."
    "Thanks." Says Soundwave.
    Soundwave strokes his tender fingers along Laserbeak's thin wing. Laserbeak chirps.
    K. O. gets to work on Soundwave's mask. Soundwave snatches the mask away. He uses his tentacles to pin K. O.
    "Wave what the frag?" K. O. asks angerly
    "K. O. sustained several minor injuries. Repair takes precidence over visor." Soundwave replies
    "Thats not necesarry my commander."
    "Resistance futile. Soundwave superior."
    Soundwave's eyes glow.
    "Frag." K. O. gulps

    Yay another fanfic done. Thank You for reading this. Have a nice day.
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