TransWarp Part1

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    (THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH TRANSFORMERS ANIMATED, this is my own version of the movie universe transformers, it will be put into two acts, end of act 1 will have a plot twist, megatron has a very minor role in act 1,)

    The stars are beautiful from this view Optimus thought. Even after leaving Cybertron on Teletraan with an elite group of Autobot warriors. Their war stretched for many years on Cybertron with the Decepticons for possession of the AllSpark. Even after he sent it out into space to spare any more destruction. The War continued. Megatron fled and searched for it but has never been seen from since. Shockwave has taken command with Starscream as his general. They to fled and we followed. We tracked them and their ship The Nemesis to an unknown planet called Eden. Seen from the viewscreen it is beautiful, a paradise. Shockwave must be stopped. He is looking for something there but what. I am still worried that the scout team hasn't reported back ye- "OPTIMUS!, COME QUICK" I turn around and see Ratchet, "What is it Ratchet, we just received a transmission from Shockwave himself, he says it concerns our scout team we sent, I fear the worst." "So do I Ratchet, so do I. Play it...."

    To be Continued Part 2

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