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Discussion in 'Transformers General Discussion' started by Sol Fury, Apr 5, 2008.

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    Some random thoughts I had reading the latest Club Magazine today (spoilers ahead... don't say I didn't warn you)

    - Alpha Trion is a few bolts short of a toolbox, planning to launch an all-out revolution. Do you think he is crazy paranoid, or could this be a "Shattered Glass" Alpha Trion that we are seeing?

    - Assuming what he said about Axiom Nexus is true, do you think they would make good antagonists for a "Crisis on Infinite Cybertrons?" They can control transwarp, bouncing you to their reality, or sending you on your merry way. They have those satellites, that keep the population docile (though they didn't seem to work too well in the Jackpot text story).
    Now, assume they have seen other realities, and decide that they don't like what they see out there, and decide to invade "in the name of order", wouldn't that be an awesome fight to watch? The Transtechs have better technology and could stop the warning getting to each universe out there, it would be a very interesting fight.

    Assuming that it's not all in Alpha Trion's head. Which it very well could be.
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    Yeah, reading the latest issue Alpha Trion does come off a few bolts short. He could just be psychotic or it could be something that was done to him. I mean, looks like the Decepticons are getting ready to experiment on the third club guy (keep forgetting his name!) so who knows what might have happend to Alpha Trion or perhaps some of his friends. You really don't get the impression that he's a nutter until the final panel... excentric yes, but the final panel makes you think he's totally bonkers. Though, given what my first impressions of this 'Utopian Society' were (not good impressions mind you) I'm willing to wait and see what happens next issue.

    And, yeah, the Transtech guys would make good villains for a 'War on Infinite Cybertrons'.

    Also, based on the preview pages for the Botcon comic, I find it humorous that the Transtechs shunted him into an arse backwards universe... wonder if it was on purpose or not?

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