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    Since this is my first post I thought I'd ask about a ebay thread I was looking at to bid.

    When I was young(8 or 9)I loved two char. in the show Beast Wars: Inferno and Megatron and when one day mum came around and told me we'd be going to the local toy store so she could get me Inferno, once we arrived there I practicly couldn't beleive they had both Transmetals megatron and reg. Inferno, I opted to get Inferno because every other time I tried to find him they never had him in stock.

    Although we didn't plan on purchasing any other figures, the next day seeing how much I loved the figure she told me she'd get me that Megatron, so we went, but it had sold :D 

    So the other day I went to the store with my cousins and a figure of Megatron reminded me of it. I checked ebay and found this listing, but since its not a buy it now, and its listed at what I think is cheap (the others with boxes go around 50, this ones at 15 in my currency)

    Is it the real deal? Should I skip ebay and go to another source? I want the Megatron to not be fake, and as any hobby I know people can make some good fakes out there. Heres the listing and thank you all for any help you can render.

    Transformers Beast Wars Transmetal - Megatron 1998 Bi-Lingual packaging | eBay

    Please Excuse me if this isn't the place for putting questions up, if it is not, could someone direct me to the proper section in the forum for this question? Thank you :) 

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