'Transforming' as a theme of the Movies?

Discussion in 'Transformers Movie Discussion' started by Autobus Prime, Feb 3, 2010.

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    I was thinking about this the other day, and I realized just how much this theme comes through TF07 as well as ROTF.

    What's the central thing about Transformers, really? It's the ordinary things turning into something extraordinary. Buy a car, and it turns out to be an alien robot. Who knew?

    This theme recurs all through both movies. Besides the physically transforming robots, you've got characters that start out ordinary, but become something more.

    Look at Sam, who takes on this responsibility that he never asked for, and then ends up standing with the ancient Primes themselves. Look at Mikaela, "evil jock concubine", who turns out to be hiding something much more heroic. Look at the soldiers who go against their superiors to do the right thing, the thing that has to be done.

    All through the movies, this keeps coming up. The spotlight isn't on the professionals, the people who should know how to get things done, but on the ordinary characters who can "transform" out of ordinary-mode.

    I think this must be intentional on the writers' part.
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    When you look "deeper" into the films it is certainly possible to see a theme of change, transformation, and growth in them. I too would imagine that this was a deliberate thing on the parts of the writers. It's a common enough element to try and incorporate into a story. Personally, I'm quite glad they were striving for something a little more thought-provoking (in a Hollywood, santisied sort of way) than just writing a movie about a kid that meets two warring factions of giant robots.

    Change and transformation is a theme that is pretty common in Transformers. It's been mainly confined to the comics, I think, where the writers have a little more room to develop deeper themes than a two-hour film or twenty-minute episode that generally more self-contained.

    It would be good to see the theme explored a little more in Transformers fiction outside of the comics. With Transformers now known to the world, I would like to see the change that this brings to humanity explored in Transformers 3. What I would like and what will happen, however, are normally quite different things. The transformation to humanity would be something to explore.
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    Indeed, it seems that changing and transforming are the main themes of the movies, which seems to be a good thing coming from the writers. It is really good when a movie brings you a message such as that.

    I have also noticed both movies had another message in addition to that. In TF1, Optimus would want to sacrifice himself, and an ordinary kid would now be ready to sacrifice himself in order to prevent the Decepticon leader himself from conquering the universe. The secondary theme of TF1 was sacrifice.

    In ROTF, the Primes stated it has always been Sam's destiny to ressurect Optimus, and Optimus' destiny was to eliminate the Fallen. The secondary theme of ROTF was destiny.

    Now, who knows how TF3 will be? Let's just hope it'll keep transformation as its main theme and have its own secondary theme.

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