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    I will be at Transformerscon and looking to trade.. if you are going, let's work something out here and I will bring it with me.. I'll also be bringing in extra items but not everything.

    Either send me your list or reply here.


    AM Prowl Turbo Cycle (with wheels, gas tank cover and shield)
    AM Axer Offroad cycle (with side car, missiles x 2)
    Crossblades inner robot
    Flattop (with micromaster)
    Gunrunner Shell (with inner robot, Rifle and Missile x 2)
    Ironhide (with gun, missile and red peg)
    Longtooth Shell
    Nightflight x 2
    Roadgrabber Inner Robot
    Sinnertwin (with monster gun)
    Skyhopper Helicopter
    Squeezeplay (COMPLETE)
    Tailwind x 2
    Thrust (with landing gear)
    Storm Cloud
    Whisper x 2

    CR Devil Gigatron MIB (complete)

    RID Mega-Octane (Missing Waist Shield)
    RID Rollbar (complete)
    RID Armorhide (complete)
    RID Movor (complete)
    RID Rotor (complete)

    ENG Starscream (complete)
    ENG Sledge
    ENG Ultra Magnus

    BT Hound MISB

    Hasbro Reissue Tracks MISB

    TFU Defensor MIB (Set of 6)


    AM Jazz rifle
    AM Skyfall partner
    AM Rollout partner (with both arms)
    AM Soundwave partner (with both wings)
    AM Grimlock partner
    AM Krok partner
    AM Mainframe partner
    AM Jackport partner (with both feet)
    AM Blaster Helipak
    AM Blaster Gun
    AM Soundwave Wingthing Wing (R) x 2
    Air Raid Gun
    Blastoff Vehicle Gun (R)
    Blastoff Vehicle Gun (L)
    Blastoff Handgun x 2
    Blot Handgun
    Blurr Gun
    Bomb-burst Gun
    Brawl Handgun
    Countdown Rocket
    Countdown Helipad
    Countdown Ramp x 3
    Countdown Red Dual Laser
    Countdown Black Dual Laser
    Dragstrip Vehicle Cannon (with connector)
    Flattop micromaster
    Gnaw Gun
    Grapple/Inferno Missile
    Grapple/Inferno Gun
    Headstrong Rifle
    Hound Missile Launcher
    Ironhide/Ratchet Gun
    Ironhide/Ratchet Missile
    Jetfire Booster (L)
    Jetfire Booster (R)
    Jetfire Backpack Armor
    Jetfire Leg Armor (R)
    Jetfire Leg Calf Armor (R)
    Jetfire Forearm Armor
    Jetfire Gun
    Kickback Gun
    Lightspeed Handgun
    Mindwipe Gun
    Omega Supreme Track A
    Omega Supreme Track C
    Omega Supreme Track E
    Omega Supreme Track F
    Omega Supreme Foot
    Omega Supreme Claw
    Omega Supreme Rocket Nozzle
    Quickmix Targetmaster Boomer
    Quickmix Targetmaster Richochet
    Roadgrabber Pompom Gun (R)
    Scourge Gun
    Seawing Gun A
    Sideswipe Launcher
    Skyhopper Rifle
    Sinnertwin Monster Gun
    Slingshot Gun
    Snarl Sword
    Soundwave Missile
    Squawktalk Gun (L)
    Streetwise Vehicle Cannon (with connector)
    Streetwise Handgun
    Sunstreaker Missile
    Tantrum Rifle
    Twin Twist Gun
    Black Zarak PVC (Not complete)

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