Transformers:Zodaic Force (The Bios part)

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    Hey is some Bios form My Upcoming Artwork called "Transformers:Zodaic Force"

    Cybertron Past

    Sentinel Prime-Autobot Supreme Commander
    “Only the day of fight wins by the Autobots.”

    Sentinel Prime is been Prime for years since he was taking over by his grandfather Nova Prime. Sentinel bring his rivals with he's Energon Sword and Shield to defeated the The Evil Go-Bot Leader, Cyb-Kill. But when the rise of the Decpticons, Sentinel face their leader Megatron to be kill by him. To be honor by Orion Pax to become Optimus Prime.

    Orion Pax-Autobot Junior Commander
    “Search from life deadly questions.”
    As the son of Sentinel Prime, Orion Pax is the Older than his brother, Dion. He like to listen to his grandfather Ratchet about the days of the first Cybertronian Wars and others. Orion had a crush on Ariel,the Daughter of Kup. After he saw his father's death than put in a Camp he escape the Camp, and take The Matrix of Leadership away for The Tripedacus Council. He later become Optimus Prime.

    Crystal Widow-Prime Empire Historian
    “Past is the key to the Future!”
    She is the cousin of Orion Pax and Dion,but her father is The Elite Guard Commander,Alpha Trion.
    She like to lean more about the Primes and the Empire that they built. She hear the that her Uncle Sentinel dies, and Orion gets catcher she going to find a way to freed her cousin from the Camp. Soon when Orion becomes Optimus Prime she too become a Techo-Organic named Blackarachnia.

    Dion-Prime Empire Master Builder
    “I like to built buildings!”
    Unlike his brother Orion, Dion never wanting to being a “Prime” he just want to be “Magnus.” Dion works with all the Autobots builders to built skylines,bridges, & All of the Buildings of Iacon. He know about a lot of stuff about The Elite Guard and The Autobot Gaint Project called O.M.E.G.A. S.U.P.R.E.M.E. When Dion find out that he father die and brother catcher Dion much fight the Decpticons. When Orion become Optimus Prime he finally gets his wish to called Ultra Magnus.

    I about to start on Aeirl's and Omega Supreme's Bios soon.

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