Transformers Years Before: Demon

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    Transformers YB takes place in a new continuity more coming soon!

    Transformers Years Before:

    There was a cyber-storm ravaging Iacon. Orion Pax a young and promising scout, and his friend, Dion were driving to the Cybertronian Library of Ancient Documents to deliver an important file to the great historian Alpha Trion, They drove into a small abandon area on the metallic road they were driving on. There, they found the bodies of the M-master team. They see nothing but offline Autobot and Decepticon alike. They transformed back into vehicular mode, but, at that very instant heard a moan in the distance.

    They were afraid and intrigued with the noise. Then they went a little closer. It was a red and white bot lying on their back, with energon dripping from their circuits. They went closer knowing his systems are most likely down. He stared back at them as they approached With a cry he said ”Help!” They knew he is not foe, but friend. It was Countdown the leader of the M-master team. He said with a weak, scuffed voice “Friends, I am Countdown,help me and my team!”, Orion spoke back with a sad voice”Unfortunately.....”,”Their slagged!” said Dion in his tough-man voice. A drip of energon came from his left optic,”Oh, I see.” said Countdown.

    Out of nowhere the ground began to shake. The metal street below them sunk and sucked in Countdown. “Ahhhh!” screamed Countdown, then he fell in. Dion said “Worse could happe.....”, Orion asked ”Dion are you alright?”, he turned around only to see a monstrous robotic beast. He stared at it, and with his one optic the beast stared back.

    He knew what or more likely who this beast was, a Guardian, one of the ancients, a being so powerful he rivaled Omega Supreme, Trypticon, Thunderwing or even Primus and Unicron! He knew it was.............Sixshot! He was once an Autobot, Quickswitch a six-changer. He was possessed by a demon who lurked out from The Pit, the soul so tortured, so twisted, the one, the only The Fallen!

    Sixshot transformed into jet mode and grabbed Dion, Dion screamed. Sixshot the transformed back into beast mode and devoured Dion hole. The metal grinders tore him to shreds. Piece by piece.
    Sixshot swallowed him. Orion couldn't believe it, he had just lost his best friend.

    Orion was in disbelief, Dion his longtime friend gone. Orion was so shocked he couldn't move a servo. Then, Sixshot turned around and a bolt of lightening flashed infront his face. The Sixshot started to rampage! Orion woke from his shocked state. Orion transformed into truck mode and drove extremely fast. He managed to get around Sixshot, who was going faster as well. Sixshot transformed into armored vehicle mode and drove against the winds in his direction. Since Sixshot was so tall the wind was stronger against him. Orion was shorter meaning his alternate mode was having less trouble moving about. He drove into the Cybernetican city of Axalon, Cybernetica was a branch of cities surrounding Iacon, it included such as Kaon, Destron and Seibertronia the main city of law in Cybernetica.

    Orion was racing to get there and to save his life. He saw a building so tall that the red energon clouds, the home of Alpha Trion! Orion raced in the home. Seeing no one made Orion frightened. He turned and saw Alpha Trion. The historian said “What brings you here Orion?” Orion tried to answer “It, it, it.......” He fell down. Trion was afraid. He picked up Orion and rested him on his coach.

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