Transformers: Wings of Victory

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    Oh, so it’s story time now, huh? Welcome to the show, I guess. You’re probably wondering who I am, right? Well, don’t worry. I’ll get to all that in just a second. Okay, let me just start by saying that if you’re expecting me to talk about how I never believed in Santa Claus even when I was a little kid, and how reality sucks because aliens, time travelers, and espers don’t exist even though I’d kind of like them to and all that jazz, then get out. No, really, leave. You’re most likely thinking of that other anime. You know, the one with that crazy school girl that has those god-like powers and stuff. And for the record, this is not a story about pirates sailing across the ocean searching for one piece of mythical treasure, either. It’s also not about adolescent ninjas, people searching for mystical balls to summon a wish-granting dragon with, pocket-sized monsters that are captured and trained by humans to beat the crap out of each other for kicks, a kid possessed by a 3,000 Egyptian Pharaoh who plays with trading cards, or a lunatic with an afro who’s trained in the ancient art of using nose hair to fight the forces of evil. No, this is a simple story with a simple plot. It’s all about two normal kids who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. This is the story of a brother and sister who share a special bond. Not only do they happen to be twins, but they’re also the best of friends, well, sometimes, anyway. Uh, actually, to be honest with you, this story is just a little more complicated than I originally said. It's got twists and turns and all sorts of juicy stuff in it. It's got stuff that'll make your eyes burn out of your skull because of the sheer awesomeness of it all. You're gonna love it, or be totally creeped out by it. Whatever, I won't judge you. Oh, listen to me rattle on and on. How embarrassing. Okay, I should probably just start from the beginning. So, my sister and I were on our way home after our first day of high school. Everything was going pretty smoothly. You know, nothing out of the ordinary. Just a day like any other. Got that so far? Yes, I know, rivetting. Well, my sister decided to take a little detour that day. I tried my best to talk her out of it, but in the end, why even bother? I swear, sometimes it’s like talking to a damn brick wall with that one. Well, our father wasn’t expecting us home for a little while, so I thought “why not?” Oh, that reminds me. I still haven’t told you who I am, have I? Okay, well, I’m Mako, Mako Fujiyama. In case you haven’t figured it out, yes, I am the son of Hiroshi Fujiyama the famous industrialist. No, he’s not the famous scientist. He’s an industrialist. Yeah, there’s a difference. He’s a great guy, my father. Really knows how to run things. He’s the CEO, chairman, and founder of his own company, Fujiyama Futuristics, one of the biggest technology manufacturers in Japan, hell, in all of Asia!. But you already knew that, didn’t you? Well, you should. Oh, right, and my sister is Sakura Fujiyama. She’s kind of…well, you’ll find out soon enough. Wait, what was I talking about? Oh, right, it was after our first day of high school, and my sister wanted to drag me to this place she always goes to in her free time. Even though my sister and I don’t usually agree on certain things, I figured I’d humor her. So we went of to her favorite hang-out for a little bit. Little did we know, however, is that our lives were about to change forever, because on that fateful day, we would meet the most unlikely allies. On that fateful day, we would meet……the Transformers.

    Transformers: Wings of Victory
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    Hey guys, its SoundFire Prime. That’s right, I’m baaaaaack! It’s been a while since SoundFire Prime presents: TFA Season Four, hasn’t it? Well, after a long and much needed break from writing fan fiction, I’m ready to get back in the game! I give you my latest brainchild, Transformers: Wings of Victory. Basically, it’s Transformers if it were an anime, well, at least that’s what I’m shootin’ for, anyway. The premise is pretty much your average Transformers story. The Autobots and Decepticons have been fighting on Cybertron for centuries, and then they end up on Earth. The Autobots meet the humans and team up with them in their battle against the Decepticons. Well, this particular story just happens to end post-Great Autobot/Decepticon war many long years later. Optimus Prime and Megatron are long gone, and some of our favorite characters are either dead or laying low. Instead of Prime, Bumblebee, Megatron, Starscream, and all the usual suspects, this story focuses on the unsung heroes of the Transformers franchise…the Japanese characters. Yep, everyone from Deathsaurus to Victory Saber, though I plan to have a few old favorites pop up in the story every now and then. Anyway, I’ll be posting chapters throughout the summer for your entertainment. The thing is though, I don’t really intend for this to be an ongoing series, so I’m looking to have this wrapped up by at least early September. If I have any more inspiration + ideas, I’ll go on even longer. We’ll see. Well, here’s the introduction/prologue, and I’ll probably have the first chapter up in a few days. So enjoy!
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    Interesting a bunch of references dough. hard to keep track of them. None the less this seam very promising and hopefully as enjoyable as SoundFire Presents TFA Season Four. Just hope the update comes soon. I need stuff to read. :) 
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    The Melancholy of Sakura and Mako Fujiyama

    Okay, so now you probably want me to tell you the whole story, right? Well, okay then. As I was saying earlier, my sister and I had just gotten out of school. It was our first day at the same high school our father went to when he was our age. Things were going pretty smoothly. My sister and I had already made some new friends, and we didn’t get any homework on the first day of school. Not only that, but we were totally rockin’ our new school uniforms. All the girls were totally checking me out. Oh, and all the guys were ogling my sister. I would have easily beaten them up for eyeballing my sister, at least that what our father would want me to do, but at the time I was much more interested in getting some hot girls’ phone numbers. Anyway, my sister and I were walking home after school, and we had the following conversation…

    Mako and Sakura are walking down the street. Sakura reaches into her backpack and pulls out an EMF detector and begins fiddling with the controls, trying to get a good signal. The detector buzzes and whirs loudly as it reads electromagnetic frequencies, much to Mako’s annoyance.

    Mako: “Ugh, what is that thing?!”

    Sakura: “Don’t play dumb. You know exactly what it is.”

    Yeah, I do know what it is. She’s told me what that contraption is many, many times before. Thing is, I usually forget. Why? Half the time I can’t understand most of the things spewing out of my sister’s mouth.

    Sakura sighs deeply and rolls her eyes.

    Sakura: “It’s an EMF detector. It reads and detects electromagnetic frequencies. Paranormal investigators all over the world use EMF detectors to hunt for ghosts.”

    Mako: “And you brought it with you to school?”

    Sakura: “Well, duh! Come on, brother, don’t you know the stories?!”

    Unfortunately, I do. I was pretty excited about attending the same high school as our father, but Sakura was even more excited than I was because as long as I can remember, and I wish I had no idea about it in the first place, there have been rumors flying around about the school’s rather shady past. My sister is obsessed with all things paranormal. She’s been that way since…well; I’ll get to that later. Anyway, Sakura knew all there was to know about the supernatural. Ghosts, vampires, you name it; odds are she tell you everything about that subject with excruciating detail. She knew where all the local haunts were, and as it happened, our school was one of them. Apparently, back in the mid-1990’s, the school’s then-principal died of a heart attack in his office, and he’s reportedly been haunting the halls ever since. Now, depending on who you ask, you’ll learn that the principle either died of a heart attack, was stabbed to death by a bad seed that was sent to his office, or he was mauled to death by hellhounds and was sent straight to Hell because he had made a deal with the devil himself ten years earlier, and his soul was due. Unfortunately, Sakura knew all about this, and she was more than happy to attend a “haunted school”.

    Mako: “I don’t suppose you picked up anything out of the ordinary on that thing?”

    Sakura scoffs.

    Sakura: “No, I didn’t get a chance. One of the teachers confiscated it from me, and I wasn’t able to get it back until school ended. When I finally got it back, I was going to walk around the school grounds and see if I could pick up any signals, but I couldn’t because you didn’t want to wait for me.”

    Mako: “You’re lucky that’s all that happened.”

    Sakura: “What?”

    Mako: “That you got your doo-hickymabob taken away from you. Trust me; it could have been a lot worse, Sakura. You could have gotten detention.”

    Sakura: “Come on, brother, I’m not going to get detention for bringing an EMF detector to school.”

    Mako: “That may be, but the teacher could have easily mistaken it for some sort of pimped-out hand-held bomb control device. Had that happened, detention would have been the least of your problems. Hell, you could have been expelled! And don’t get me started on what Dad would have…”

    Sakura looks at Mako and scowls.

    Sakura: “Shut up!”

    Mako: “…”

    Sakura returns to tinkering with her EMF detector with a frown on her face. Mako can see the fear in her eyes.

    Neither I nor my sister could ever bear to even think about what would happen if we did something that would ultimately disappoint our father. Our father went to our school when he was our age, and the whole time he was there, he was the perfect student. Seriously, he was absolutely perfect. His teachers and classmates all spoke very highly of him. He had been in almost every single club there is at our school. He was super-popular, too. All the girls wanted to go out with him, and all the guys wanted to be like him. He also got straight A’s on ever single test, quiz and exam he ever took. Not once did he get anything lower than an A+. Not once. Not ever. He always pushed himself to his limits. Hell, as a matter of fact, I don’t think he even had any limits. His folks never really thought he’d amount to anything, and he wanted nothing more than to prove them wrong. Now our father has very high expectations of us. He won’t accept any grade other than an A+, an A or A-, if we’re lucky, but a B? Forget about it. If we got B’s, he’d disown us. I’m not kidding. The man demands perfection.

    Mako: “Well, the important thing is that all that happened was that you just had that device of yours confiscated, and that nothing else. And you got it back anyway, right? It’s not that big a deal, Sakura.”

    Sakura looks up at Mako and smiles.

    Sakura: “Yeah, I guess you’re right. No real harm done.”

    Mako nods his head and smiles.

    Mako: “Exactly. Anyway, Dad doesn’t really have to know about this. No need for us to tell him.”

    Sakura frowns and looks down at her feet.

    Sakura: “Yeah, but the school will more than likely contact him, and when he finds out, I am such toast.”

    Mako: “Well, not necessarily.”

    Sakura looks at Mako.

    Sakura: “What do you mean, Mako?”

    Mako: “Come on, sister, Dad never stays mad at you for long. All you need to do is work your magic and it’ll be like nothing ever happened.”

    Sakura’s face beams with excitement.

    Sakura: “Hey, you’re right, Mako!”

    Mako: “Have I ever not been right?”

    Sakura frowns.

    Sakura: “And you just ruined what could have been a happy moment.”

    Mako: “Oh, sorry Sakura, force of habit.”

    But I was right. See, Sakura is what you might call a “daddy’s girl” or “daddy’s little girl”. All she has to do is bat her eyelashes, pout her lip and say “pretty please”, and Dad gives her whatever she wants. It’s always been that way, but what about me? I’ve spent my whole life sucking up to the guy, but all Sakura has to do is snap her finger, and she gets a freakin’ pony. Come on, old man! Where’s my piece of the pie! You know damn well how much I want to drive your car! Sure, I could just have a car to call my own, but it’s not the same. I’m like my father in so many ways, that it’s not even funny. I dress like him, talk like him, walk like him, hell, I even listen to the same music as he does!

    Mako and Sakura walk into the Train Station and stop.

    Mako: “You know, Dad’s not expecting us home for a few hours, so did you want to get a soda or something?”

    Sakura strokes her chin and smiles.

    Sakura: “No, no, I have a better idea.”

    Oh, here we go. Famous last words, anyone?

    Sakura: “Let’s go hiking.”

    Mako: “Hiking? What do you mean, Sakura? You want to go to Mount Fuji?”

    Sakura: “You’re getting warmer…”

    After thinking for a moment, Mako shrugs.

    Mako: “I got nothing.”

    Sakura laughs.

    Sakura: “Duh! Aokigahara, brother! You know, the Sea of Trees!”

    Ugh, that’s right. I almost forgot. I wish I had, too. Aokigahara or the Sea of Trees is a forest at the base of Mount Fuji. It’s a popular location for suicides. It’s pretty much Japan’s answer to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco over in America. Because a lot of people have gone there to end their lives, the forest is believed by many, including my sister, to be haunted. If there’s one thing my sister and I don’t agree on, it’s the supernatural.

    Mako: “Aokigahara, huh? You sure you don’t just want a soda or something?”

    Sakura: “I’ve already got my EMF detector with me, so why not go?”

    Is she serious? I can think of a million good reasons as to why we shouldn’t go to the supposedly haunted suicide woods at the base of Mount Fuji!

    Mako: “I don’t know, maybe because it’s like 60 miles away from where we are right now?!”

    Sakura: “So? Come on, you could use the exercise!”

    Does she even hear what she’s saying half the time?

    Sakura shrugs her shoulders.

    Sakura: “I drift in and out.”

    Wait, how did she…?!

    Mako: “You’re really serious, aren’t you, Sakura?”

    Sakura: “As a heart attack, Mako. Ghost hunting is serious business.”
    Mako: “But you go there all the time and never find anything!”

    Sakura: “No, not always. I saw a lot of creepy shadows that one time I was there.”

    Mako: “That could have been anything. Perhaps the darkness was playing with your eyes. There are a lot of animals living in that forest, right? You probably just saw a deer or something run past you.”

    Sakura: “Or it could have been some kind of ghost that appeared to me in the form of a deer.”

    Mako sighs and facepalms.

    Like I said earlier, it’s like talking to a brick wall.

    Mako: “You’re being mega ridiculous. You know that, right?”

    Sakura: “Why do you always have to judge me, Mako?! I never pick on you for always brown-nosing Dad!”

    Though I hate to admit it, she does present a valid argument. Then again, I think everyone in Tokyo knows that I’m always kissing our father’s ass, so it doesn’t really matter much anyway.

    Mako: “Because it’s all a bunch of crap, that’s why!”

    Sakura: “What is?”

    Mako: “Everything you believe in! You’re not a kid anymore, Sakura! You’re too old to believe in all that supernatural junk! Sure, it was cute when you were like, I don’t know, eight, but now it’s just annoying!”

    Sakura: “Just stop it, okay, Mako?”

    Mako: “No, I’m not gonna stop it!”

    Sakura: “You know, contrary to what you believe, not everything in the world can be explained away by science just like that!”

    Mako: “Yes it can! Okay, you know what? I’ve held my tongue for far too long, sister! I’m only gonna say this once, and never again!”

    Sakura: “Please, just shut up while you still can, brother. Nothing good’s gonna come of…”

    Mako: “There are no such things as ghosts! They’re not real, and neither are angels, demons, vampires, werewolves, reapers, hellhounds, shapeshifters, wendigos, daevas, rakshasas, aliens, time travelers, or espers!”

    For those of you who have no idea what wendigos, daevas, and rakshasas are, I suggest you Google them, but not now. Do it later. The story’s getting too good for you to just stop and Google a bunch of mythical creatures that you’ve never even heard of.

    Sakura clenches her fists.

    Sakura: “I swear, Mako, if you go any further…”

    Mako: “And I hate to be the one to break it to you, Sakura, but there’s no Heaven or Hell either. Just like there’s no God or Devil! It’s all just a big steaming pile of crap! Mom’s gone! She’s just gone! That’s it!”

    Sakura snaps and shoves Mako as hard as she can, pushing him to the ground. Mako and Sakura stare blankly at each other. Tears slowly begin to form in Sakura’s eyes.

    Sakura: “Even if none of it’s real, even if there’s no such thing as Heaven or the afterlife, wouldn’t you at least like to think that maybe, just maybe, Mom ended up going to a better place than here? Would it really kill you to stop and think about that just once?”

    Oh, Sakura, you’re always playing the Mom card, aren’t you? She’s right though. See, our mother died some time ago, and it wasn’t until she passed away that Sakura started looking into all this paranormal business. Personally, I always believed that once you died, that was it. I know, not a very positive outlook on things, but that’s just the way I am. You could say my father was the same way. We both dealt with Mom’s death in our own way, but I think Sakura took it hardest. None of us like to talk about Mom’s death. It’s just too much. Our hearts can’t take it.

    Mako: “I’m sorry, Sakura. I know I shouldn’t have said that. I really didn’t mean to.”

    Sakura wipes a tear from her eye and crosses her arms.

    Sakura: “Then why did you?”

    I hate it when she’s right.

    Mako sighs deeply.

    Mako: “Look, I said I was sorry, all right? Now are you gonna help me up or not?”

    Sakura huffs and turns her back to Mako.

    Sakura: “Why should I?”

    Mako: “Because even though we don’t always get along, we’re still brother and sister, and it’s our job to look out for each other. You know, blood is thicker than water and all that sappy crap.”

    Sakura sighs and turns around to help Mako up off the ground Mako and Sakura look at each other with little smiles.

    Mako: “Still friends?”

    Sakura: “Still family.”

    Sakura gives Mako a big hug. Mako sighs and pats Sakura’s back.

    Croud of Onlookers: “Daaaaaaaaaw!!”

    Don’t these people have jobs?

    Mako: “So, do you really want to go to the Sea of Trees now?”

    Sakura: “Dad’s not expecting us home for a couple of hours, right?”

    Mako: “Okay, fine, but I’m not going to help you look for the lost souls of the damned and departed that may or may not even be there. If anything, I’m just gonna watch.”

    Sakura: “Fine, fair enough. So, let’s go! Come on, brother!”

    Sakura grabs Mako by his tie and drags him off in a hurry. A mysterious figure lurking in the shadows watches intently as Sakura and Mako run off.

    We didn’t know it then, but while we were off to the Suicide Woods, we were being followed by someone hiding in the shadows. And anytime something like that happens, you just know bad stuff’s gonna go down. Oh, and if you’re disappointed that there weren’t any Transformers in the first chapter, don’t worry. They’re definitely gonna show up in the next scene. Just wait and see! You won’t be disappointed, trust me!
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    Wrong Place at the Wrong Time

    Mako and Sakura are walking on the trail in Aokigahara at the base of Mount Fuji.

    Sakura: “Huh, I’m not getting any readings on my EMF detector. Maybe we should get off the trail and go a little deeper into the forest. I’ll get better readings if we go where people might have offed themselves.”

    I have an idea, let’s not and say we did, okay?

    Mako: “Are you mega insane, Sakura? We can’t go off the trail!”

    Sakura: “Why not?”

    Sakura smiles devilishly.

    Sakura: “You’re not scared, are you?”

    Mako: “Of course not. If we go off the trail and deeper into the woods, we’ll probably end up catching ticks or fleas or other blood-sucking parasites.”

    Sakura: “That never stopped me before.”

    Well, of course not. You’d be more than happy to Triple Lindy into an active volcano despite the intense heat and molten lava.

    Sakura: “Come on.”

    Sakura walks off the trail and treks deeper into the woods. Mako sighs and goes after her.

    Mako: “Okay, suppose there really are spirits of people who killed themselves roaming around here. Don’t you think you’re maybe like, disrespecting their memory or whatever by snooping about with some device that reads electromagnetic frequencies?”

    Sakura: “That’s a good point, but one of the beliefs out there in the paranormal field is that most ghosts don’t even know they’re dead, so they just go on living life like they would when they were actually still alive. If anything, I think a lot of the spirits of Aokigahara are nothing more than death echoes.”

    Mako: “Death echoes?”

    Sakura nods her head.

    Sakura: “See, the belief is that ghosts are trapped in the world of the living, and that they can’t move on to the other side. So they sometimes get stuck reenacting their deaths over and over again in a loop, that’s also what you’d call a residual haunting, which is pretty common. But sometimes these ghosts can be shocked into moving on to the other side.”

    Mako: “How?”

    An hour ago I was ridiculing my sister for believing in all of this supernatural nonsense, but now I’m having a normal conversation with her and asking her questions as if I really want to know about this stuff? Who am I, and what have I done with myself?!

    Sakura: “Because somewhere inside a spirit, there’s a part of it that’s human. You just have to be able to reason with it, tell it that it’s dead, and that it’s time for it to move on.”

    Mako: “Huh, you really do know a lot about this stuff, don’t you?”

    Sakura: “Yes, yes I do.”

    I can’t believe I’m even suggesting this, but…

    Mako: “You think you could ever make a career out of this?”

    Sakura: “No, not necessarily. It’s really more of a hobby. But it’s always something I could fall back on in case nothing else works out for me. Problem is, ghost hunting doesn’t exactly pay the bills, if you know what I mean.”

    That just might be one of the most rational things she’s ever said.

    Mako: “Well, even so, if you’re really serious about pursing this as a career, you should totally go for it, ‘cause I know you’d be really good at it.”

    Sakura stops and looks at Mako.

    Sakura: “You really mean that? I mean, you’re always saying…”

    Mako: “Hey, forget about what I keep telling you. Look, I don’t agree with you on this whole nonsense, but regardless, I’ve got your back, and I always will, even if it means keeping my big mouth shut and supporting my sister and her jacked-up hobby.”

    Sakura: “Aww, that’s so sweet!”

    Mako: “Yeah, I know, that’s just the kind of guy I am.”

    Sakura frowns. Mako laughs nervously and scratches the back of his neck.

    Mako: “I just ruined the moment again, didn’t I?”

    Sakura smiles and nods her head.

    Mako: “Right, sorry.”

    Mako and Sakura are being followed by a teenage boy wearing the same kind of school uniform as Mako, though he remains hidden in the shadows.

    Mako: “Uh, you ever get the feeling that you’re being watched?”

    Sakura: “All the time, brother, all the time. They’re all around us, you know. But its okay, you get used to it.”

    Mako: “Yeah…”

    Mako looks behind him, only to see that there is no one there. He shrugs and keeps on walking. The mysterious teenager sticks his head out from behind a tree and resumes following Mako and Sakura. Mako and Sakura come up on an old tent that had been pitched some time ago. Inside the tent are dozens of candy wrappers, empty beer bottles, a bag of chips, a wallet, and one or two shotgun shells.

    Mako: “Damn…”

    Sakura shakes her head.

    Sakura: “Someone was definitely here. Well, not for long, anyway.”

    I’m not one who gets freaked out too often, but when I saw what was before me, I’ll admit, I think I may have felt my stomach turn. To think that some poor bastard came out all this way, set up a tent, got wasted, and then ended it all just like that. Damn thing is that people just keep coming here when they feel like they’ve got nowhere left to go, no other options. They just give up...

    Sakura’s EMF detector buzzes softly and whirs louder and louder as she inspects the campsite.

    This is insane. Why are we even here? We should just go.

    Sakura: “Keep your eyes peeled. We may just see something.”

    I thought the point of these investigations was to do them at night. You know, when ghosts are supposed to come out and creepy things happen? We’re here in the middle of the afternoon. I’m just saying, is all…

    Mako: “Yeah, I don’t see anything.”

    Sakura: “Come on, stop shaking me!”

    Mako: “What? I’m not shaking you. I’m right here.”

    Sakura gasps with excitement and smiles.

    Sakura: “Then if you’re not shaking me…that means….omigosh! Actual physical contact! This is it, brother! You see, I told you there was something to all of this! Ghosts are real! They’re shaking me like a pair of maracas! Hey, they’re shaking you, too!”

    Mako: “What?!”

    The earth rumbles beneath Mako and Sakura’s feet.

    Mako: “Sakura, it’s the ground that’s shaking, not us. There are no spirits here!”

    Sakura: “Then there must be a whole legion of zombies trying to dig their way out of the ground beneath our feet! This is so much better than I expected!”

    Mako: “No, you pinhead! I think it’s an earthquake, and it’s a big one!”

    The ground shakes harder and faster, causing Mako and Sakura to fall to the ground.

    Mako: “We’re all gonna die, aren’t we?”

    Suddenly, a massive purple and white four-treaded tank with a mighty spinning drill emerges from the ground.

    Mako: “What in the…?!”

    Sakura: “Whoa!”

    Mako grabs Sakura and takes off running faster than the speed of light.

    What the hell is going on here?! Why is there a giant drill-tank coming out of the ground?!

    Sakura: “Why are you running away?! This is awesome! Let’s go back and check it out!”

    Mako: “The hell we will!”

    Sakura pulls herself away from Mako and looks back at the drill-tank. Mako stops to catch his breath and looks back at Sakura.

    Mako: “Don’t just stand there! Come on, let’s get out of here!”

    Sakura: “Not yet! There’s something mega fishy going on here, and I aim to get to the bottom of it. Why is there a giant drill-tank all the way out here in the Sea of Trees?”

    I’m sure you’ve all heard of the saying “shoot first, ask questions later”, right? Well, here’s a nice derivative for you to memorize: “run away, ask questions never.” Pretty clever, huh?

    The massive drill-tank shuts down its drill and slowly transforms into a giant, bipedal, robotic creature appearing extraterrestrial in origin, much to the surprise of Mako, Sakura, and the mysterious stranger who had been following them up to this point.

    I couldn’t believe what we were seeing! This drill-tank just burst out of the ground and then the next thing I knew, it was some sort of giant robot standing on two legs like a human would. What the hell is going on here?!

    The giant robot looks around cautiously and reaches down into the hole he’d just dug out of. He pulls out a load of glowing pink cubes and cradles them in his arms. He seems very careful not to drop them. Mako grabs Sakura and jumps out of the way as a black Baja Buggy carelessly zooms past them, having almost flattened them, had they not moved out of its way in time. The Baja Buggy screeches to a halt before the giant robot and surprises Mako, Sakura and the mysterious stranger by revealing itself to be a robot in disguise. It too is carrying a load of glowing pink squares. A magenta and white MiG-29 fighter jet dark blue and a white Dassault Rafale fighter jet soar overhead, transform into robots and join the others down on the ground. They too are carrying glowing pink squares. Then a white and gold KMW Gepard anti-aircraft tank rolls up to the group of robots and transformers, revealing itself to be a giant robot as well, and it too is carrying a load of glowing pink squares. The robots begin conversing with one another in a bizarre, alien dialect.

    Jarugar (translated): “Well, well, we did it, boys! We hit the motherload! This whole area is chock full of fresh, precious energon that’s ripe for the pickin’! At this rate, we’ll find enough energon to bring Cybertron itself back online!”

    Drillhorn (translated): “I guess it helps that that great big mountain over yonder is really a dormant volcano. It would seem that the mountain’s center is where the most energon can be harvested, though I wouldn’t advise getting too close. You know, what with the molten lava and all.”

    Gaihawk (translated): “Yeah, yeah, yeah, but is all this enough? I doubt it would be enough to please Lord Deathsaurus, but we have been gathering for what feels like countless Earth hours now. We should probably call it an Earth day.”

    Hellbat (translated): “Absolutely not, I’m afraid, at least not until we get the say-so from Lord Deathsaurus to do so. Remind me, where is Leozack in all of this? What could he possibly be doing right now that he can’t lend a helping hand here in this bloody forest at the base of this bloody mountain?”

    Killbison (translated): “He’s more than likely devising some devious plot to overthrow Lord Deathsaurus yet again. It is truly laughable, how he thinks that he can do a better job of ruling the Decepticons than Deathsaurus”

    A white and green Grumman F-14 Tomcat jet fighter opens heavy fire on the robots. The robots jump out of the way. The Tomcat jet fighter transforms into a robot and drops down on top of Hellbat and presses his foot heavily against Hellbat’s head. The robots proceed to speak English.

    Leozack: “Gossiping about me behind my back as usual, I see, huh, Hellbat?”

    Hellbat: “Why, not at all, sir. You simply overheard us talking about someone else.”

    Leozack looks up and glares coldly at the other robots and points his finger at each of them.

    Leozack: “I’ve come to expect this sort of behavior from Hellbat, but all of you, too?! Words cannot even begin to describe how disappointed I am in you lot, Drillhorn, Gaihawk, Jarugar, and Killbison! Why, what would the great and mighty Lord Deathsaurus say about this act of treason against his second-in-command?”

    Killbison: “Honestly, Leozack, I don’t think he could care any less about what we do to you! He hates your circuits! The only reason he even keeps you on board is because you just happen to be a convenient soldier.”

    Leozack: “I’ll deal with you boobs later! But for now, how much energon have you’ve gathered so far? I do not wish to be disappointed, and neither does Lord Deathsaurus, not that he should care how difficult it is to locate energon on a far-off planet.”

    Jarugar: “Aw, speak for yourself, Leozack! We are the ones doing all the harvesting!”

    Hellbat: “Yes, and just where have you been this entire time while we were breaking our backs squeezing this sponge of a planet of what little remains of its energon supply?”

    Leozack: “I had to make certain that there were no Autobots in the immediate area and beyond so you slackers could harvest the energon from this forest and its volcano in peace and quiet, and this is the thanks I get from you?!”

    The robots proceed to argue amongst themselves, giving Mako and Sakura the perfect opportunity for a quick escape.

    Mako: “Okay, I think it’s time to go.”

    Mako turns to run and steps on a twig, snapping it in half. He cringes and slowly turns around to face the robots, and sure enough, they’re looking right at him.

    Killbison: “Organics!!!”

    Hellbat: “Flesh slugs!!!”

    Leozack points at Mako and Sakura.

    Leozack: “Breastforce, destroy those little monkeys!!!”

    Okay, I want to laugh out loud because these giant robots apparently call themselves the “Breastforce”, but I’m too mortally terrified to do so. Whatever these things are, they don’t seem to like humans, and when giant monsters don’t like humans…things don’t usually end well. So what, are my sister and I gonna get out of this mess alive, or are we as good as dead now? All I can say is that we never should have come out to these damn woods. If the Sea of Trees is truly haunted, then we’ll probably be joining the ghostly inhabitants very soon. God, I hope we live…
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    The Huntors vs. Liokaiser

    Mako: “Why do I get the feeling that we weren’t supposed to see these things?”

    Sakura: “Quite down, you big baby! Maybe we can communicate with them, you know, reason with them.”

    So you want to try and reason with the giant robots that likely want our bloody, severed heads on sticks? Yeah, good luck with that.

    Sakura: “Uh, hello? Um, my name is Sakura, Sakura Fujiyama, and this is my brother Mako.”

    Sakura elbows Mako.

    Sakura: “Say something, dummy!”

    Mako smiles nervously and waves his hand.

    Mako: “Uh…hi?”

    The Breastforce look at each other.

    Sakura: “Can you understand us?”

    They were just speaking English a few seconds ago, so yeah, I think they can understand us just fine.

    Leozack: “Our cover’s been blown, boys! Now that the flesh slugs know of our presence on Earth, we are left with no choice but to wipe them all out and take their filthy mudball planet for ourselves!”

    Hellbat: “Good, ‘cause I was just gettin’ hungry for a snack!”

    Killbison: “Well don’t just stand around with your servos up your actuators, you morons! Let’s knock these little fleshies right outta the motherboardin’ ball park!”

    Leozack: “Get them!”

    The mysterious teenager who has been following Mako and Sakura emerges from the shadows. This mysterious teenager has messy brown hair and is wearing a navy blue school uniform with a black trench coat and a pair of black sunglasses. He speaks with an English accent.

    Basil Smythe Dashwood III: “I say, good day to you, filthy extraterrestrial mechanoids.”

    Leozack: “Ah, another human flesh slug!”

    Killbison: “Heh-heh, he talks funny.”

    Mako: “Aha! You see? I told you we were being followed!”

    Sakura: “Okay, but who is he?”

    Mako: “How should I know? Hey, guy, who are you?”

    Basil Smythe Dashwood III: “The name’s Dashwood, Basil Smythe Dashwood the Third at your service, my raven-haired friends.”

    Sakura: “Wait, I know you. You’re that foreign exchange student in our class, aren’t you?”

    Basil Smythe Dashwood III: “Heh, I see that my reputation as the only other British lad in Tokyo precedes me. Anyway, back to the matter at hand, yes?”

    Basil pulls out a .44 Magnum Colt Anaconda and takes aim at Leozack.

    Basil Smythe Dashwood III: “Right, now before you mock me for taking aim at you with a measly little pea shooter of a human weapon, I’ll have you know that this so-called pea shooter was hand-built by yours truly to fire electrically-charged armor-piercing sabot rounds that have been proven to inflict significant damage on your kind. And yes, I know all about you filthy extraterrestrial mechanoids and your presence on our sleepy little rock, but up ‘til now, I was unaware that there were more than just your average Pretenders living among us.”

    What is he talking about? Who the hell is this guy?! And what’s with the giant alien robots?! If anyone at all knows what the hell is going on here, then by all means, please let me know.

    Leozack grimaces and spits.

    Leozack: “Ugh, Pretenders. Of all the artifacts Megatron left behind, they are the most useless and disgusting! Honestly, Cybertronians with organic shells that transform back and forth into techno-organic abominations, blasphemy, I say!”

    Gaihawk: “Uh, technically, I’m pretty sure that Pretenders and techno-organics are two totally different…”

    Leozack slaps Gaihawk across the face and shoves him into Hellbat, knocking them both over.

    Leozack: “Shut up! I wasn’t asking you, Gaihawk!”

    Basil shoots Leozack in the kneecap. Leozack screams in pain, grabs his knee, and hops around in a circle.

    Leozack: “Yeeowwwww!!! You shot me in the knee, you little monster!! I’m going to squeeze the mushy organic juices out of you!!!”

    Basil Smythe Dashwood III: “Smashing! I hadn’t expected that to work the way it did. Jolly good, jolly good, yes, quite. Now, how many of you are there? One, two, three, four…seven, is it? Well now, while you may be a whole lot larger than us, I’ll have you know that we still have you outnumbered.”

    Mako and Sakura: “We?”

    Basil whistles loudly.

    Basil Smythe Dashwood III: “I say, come on out of hiding, you miserable lot!”

    Nine men and one other teenager armed with Desert Eagles and rocket launchers come out from behind the trees and surround the Breastforce.

    Drillhorn: “Look, Leozack, more humans!”

    Leozack: “Yes, I can see that. Thank you, Drillhorn…you dumbass…”

    Mako: “Friends of yours?”

    Basil Smythe Dashwood III: “Friends, peers, partners in crime, co-conspirators, whatever you prefer to call them, yes, yes they are. I fear we have not yet properly introduced ourselves. The lad over there with the crescent-shaped scar on his face is my cousin and good friend from Buckinghamshire, Nigel Whitehead.”

    Nigel Whitehead: “Charmed, I’m sure.”

    Basil Smythe Dashwood III: “The gentleman dressed in fancy hunting clothes and beret is Monsieur Jean Claude Chastel.”

    Jean Claude Chastel: “Bonjour, comment allez-vous? Ne pas répondre à cette question, car en toute honnêteté, je m'en fous.”

    Basil Smythe Dashwood III: “The chap wearing the gas mask and long coat is Father Heinrich Michel.”

    Heinrich Michel: “Kinder ärgern und ekeln mich an.”

    Basil Smythe Dashwood III: “And the rather tall gentleman in the black suit with dreadlocks and a cigarette in his mouth is Mr. Jacobo Marley Rose.”

    Jacobo Marley Rose: “Hey, mon, how’s it hangin’?”

    Basil Smythe Dashwood III: “And over there’s Ostman, Samaniego. Lutz, Smurl, Wilson and Bither. But their backstories aren’t neary as impressive as the rest of us, so don’t bother getting too emotionally attached to them, ‘cause they’ll probably be dead by the end of today anyway. Cannon fodder: always nice to have some around, I always say. Anyway, we are......the Huntors!”

    The Huntors, you say? Is that with and E or an O?

    Basil Smythe Dashwood III: “Well then, don’t just stand there, jaws agape! Fire at will, yes?”

    The Huntors open fire on the Breastforce and rain on them with a seemingly endless barrage of bullets and rockets.

    Basil looks back at Mako and Sakura.

    Basil Smythe Dashwood: “Well, go on, dammit! Get out of here while you still can!”

    Mako: “Heh, don’t have to tell me twice! Thanks again!”

    Mako and Sakura run off. The Huntors’ barrage of bullets and rockets has little to no effect whatsoever on the Breastforce.

    Leozack: “Is this some kind of joke? ‘Cause I ain’t laughing!”

    Nigel Whitehead: “Ineffective, Dashwood! What the devil are we supposed to do now?!”

    Leozack: “Argh! Enough of this screwing around! Breastforce, combine to form the mighty Liokaiser!”

    Combine? Oh, I don't like the sound of that...

    Leozack transforms into a gigantic upper torso. Jarugar transforms into a gigantic lower torso. Gaihawk transforms into a gigantic right arm. Hellbat transforms into a gigantic left arm. Killbison transforms into a gigantic right leg. Drillhorn transforms into a gigantic left leg. The Breastforce magnetically combine together to form a fully functioning gigantic robot monster.


    Liokaiser runs after the Huntors.

    Nigel Whitehead: “Dashwood, we’re in some pretty deep Barney now! For god’s sake man, what are your bloody orders?!”

    Basil Smythe Dashwood III: “Uh, oh dear…”

    Heinrich Michel drops his Desert Eagles and runs off.

    Heinrich Michel: “Wenn Sie Zweifel haben, nutzen Sie die Hölle aus!”

    Jean Claude Chastel: “Euh, ce qu'il a dit!”

    Jean Claude Michel drops his rocket launcher and runs after Heinrich Michel.

    Jacobo Marley Rose: “Uh…”

    Basil Smythe Dashwood III: “Oh, just go on, dammit!”

    Jacobo Marley Rose spits out his cigarette and stomps it out, drops his rocket launcher and runs away. All the other Huntors drop their weapons and run off.

    Basil Smythe Dashwood III: “At least bring your bloody weapons with you!”

    Nigel runs past Mako and Sakura.

    Nigel Whitehead: “Nice meeting you both. See you tomorrow in school, yes?”

    Basil Smythe Dashwood III: “Oh, boo! I hate you bloody machines! You’ve not yet seen the last of us!”

    Basil calmly walks away with his hands in his pockets and looks back at Mako and Sakura..

    Basil Smythe Dashwood III: “I suppose I’ll just see you two tomorrow then. We have a lot to talk about, but for now, good day to you both, yeah?”

    Okay, what was the point of all that? You’ve got a British kid leading a rag-tag group of hunters, er, Huntors that are like, the Ghostbusters meet the Inglourious Basterds, or something. I know what you’re all thinking, and you’re right, this story couldn’t get any more nonsensical. Well, you’re wrong. It can, and it will. You still haven’t met the Autobots yet…
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    Yeah...ummm...due to unforseen circumstances...Transformers: Wings of Victory will NOT continue beyond the most recently posted chapter. So...yeah...that's it...sorry. It's over. Done. Finished. You don't have to go home, but you have to get the heck out of here.

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