Transformers: Wings of Fire Chapter one (Movie-verse/Pokemon crossover)

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    When people try to write a Transformers/Pokémon fanfic, they mostly just have Ash and co. meet up with the Transformers and do some righteous ass kicking. That sounds very boring to me. My idea for a crossover is much more complex. Basically a retelling of the 2007 movie, it follows the adventures of a female Pokémon Trainer, Sennie Zephyr, and her Pokémon as she and her new friend, the motorcycle Autobot Arcee, attempt to help Optimus Prime find the AllSpark and save the world from the Decepticons. Expect lots of robots blowing things up, huge Pokémon battles, and loads of surprises.

    Transformers: Wings of Fire
    When the shadows come…
    And it seems like the world is done…
    A hero will arise…
    And see through the lies…
    So let the night stars shine…
    And we will bide our time…
    Until the day the hero comes…
    And the day that all are one…
    Ancient poem found inscribed on a wall in the Ruins of Alph.

    Chapter one
    “Sennie, will you please put that game away while I’m talking? This is important.”

    Sixteen-year-old Sennie Zephyr reluctantly closed her DS. “Sorry, Karen,” she apologized to the blonde-hair girl sitting across from her. The fancy restaurant they had stopped at for a bite to eat after school was packed with people. Too many for Sennie’s taste.

    Karen Brown just shook her head. “I don’t know why you keep playing those stupid Star Wars games. Anyway, you are coming to my party on the third of June or not?”

    Sennie rolled her golden eyes upward in a gesture of annoyance. The party! Always the party. It seemed to her that Karen had been talking about nothing but the get-together she had organized to mark the start of school vacation. “Yes, of course I’ll be there! I’ve told you a million times that I’m coming.”

    She reached down and gave her Vupix, Fire-shine, a pat on the head. The little fox-like Pokémon was underneath the table, chewing on a bone her Trainer had given her. Every now and then she would bark at the people passing by, and they would reach down and stroke her smooth red fur.

    “Just wanted to make sure, Frog-Eyes,” Karen replied, sitting back down and taking a bite of her salad, which was just lettuce and low-fat ranch dressing. “You have a history of saying that you’ll be somewhere and then not showing up.”

    “Oh leave her alone, Karen,” Mikala Banes, Sennie’s best friend and co-conspirator, said. “I remember you promising that you’d come to my tenth birthday party and then blowing it for a dentist appointment.”
    “I had a really bad cavity! Plus I had to go shopping with my mom afterwards.”

    Sennie listened to the two of them as an argument started. Well, she thought, here they go again, fighting about something trivial and stupid.

    She adjusted her motorcycle boots. Despite the fact that she was still, legally, a young girl, Sennie was smarter and more responsible than anyone her age in the town. This had convinced her uncle, Jack Zephyr, that she was ready to have her Driver’s license. After a week of discussing it with the police and town officials he had gotten her both a license and a motorcycle endorsement. And today he had promised her that when she got home from school she would have a new motorbike, which she needed for the summer.

    School was almost out for the summer of 2007, and for the high-school students of Tranquility, Nevada, it meant a welcome respite from sitting in the hot classroom watching educational videos about volcanoes. Plus the Pokémon training community was getting ready for the battles and contests that came along with summer.

    Sennie Zephyr was a Pokémon Trainer, like Karen. She was a wild one, though. Raised in the rough and dangerous Orre region by her grandfather, Sennie was used to Pokémon battles that were high-stake, and she was no stranger to fighting with guns and knives. In her life she had seriously wounded many men trying to take advantage of her.

    Of course, Sennie couldn’t blame them if the sight of her quickened men’s’ blood. She looked more like a supermodel then an outlaw, with her white and gold hair, her slim features, and her golden eyes. The fact that she preferred to wear shirts that barely covered her torso, low cut blue jeans, and had the mark of the Pokémon Hunters on her face didn’t help her a lot. At least the men here in America were civilized enough just to stare at her when she passed by.

    Mikala and Karen stopped arguing just then, and Karen, being the richest of the three, picked up the bill. “Wow, thirty bucks for a meal. I’m never coming here again,” she said, slipping her credit card to the waiter.

    “Then why did we stop here?” Mikala asked, fishing a stick of gum out of her purse.

    “Because they make the best salads ever, and I need to watch my weight. Not all of us have Sennie's metabolism. I can’t eat a double bacon cheeseburger and stay the same.”

    “Okay, but it’s your money. Next time we go out to eat, however, I’m picking the restaurant. I can’t stand fancy-pants places like this.”

    The three of them got up and left the building. Sennie reached down and scooped Fire-shine up, allowing the Fire-type to ride in her arms.

    The sun was shining down on them, and Sennie inhaled the fresh scent of the wildflowers that grew around the town. Summer was almost upon them, and she had a feeling that this one was going to be different then the others. A strange feeling was coming over her, a feeling that she was about to embark on a journey that would change her life.

    And if there was anything Sennie Zephyr wanted, it was for her life to change.
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    Keep going! I will have to show this to my daughter. She really loves Pokemon.
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    Chapter two

    “Uncle Jack! I’m home!” Sennie shouted, placing her backpack on the kitchen table.

    Sennie’s house was built on an island in Star Lake, a huge body of water whose southern shore made up the northern boundary of Tranquility. The house she shared with her uncle, aunt, and older cousin was big, with a garage that not only housed their automobiles but also had an indoor dock for their boat.. A bridge near the garage connected to a nearby peninsula, allowing them access the mainland. It was a lovely place, and the Pokémon on the other islands nearby were plentiful, allow Sennie and her cousin Andrea to go out at their leisure and do some hunting. And the fishing was great too.

    The kitchen was deserted, so Sennie looked out in the garage for her uncle.

    The garage was full of stuff: her uncle’s Pontiac Solstice, a work bench crammed with things like old toys and broken electric items, plus a dismantled pool. But there was something that had not been there when Sennie had left for school that morning.

    “Whoa!” she exclaimed, whipping the dust cloth off a new motorcycle standing in the corner. It was a sport bike done in red and pink paint, and although it had a few rust spots and dents, to Sennie it seemed to glow with unknown power.

    “Isn’t it beautiful,” her uncle, Jack, said, coming up behind her and scaring her. “Got it for three hundred dollars at Bobby Bolivia’s used car lot. You like it?”

    “Of course I love it! What kind is it?”

    “Buell Firebolt. I don’t know what model it is, but it looks pretty recent. Bobby was practically begging to sell it to me. Said it was cursed.”

    “Cursed?” Sennie looked at the motorcycle and then at her uncle. Anyone who saw the two of them together would not think of them as being related. Her uncle had brown, mousy hair that he always kept cut short, and he had heavy rimmed glasses that sat just below his eyebrows. Normally he stayed in his office in the basement of their house, pouring over old manuscripts and pictures of cave paintings, looking for traces of ancient aliens, a passion he and Sennie’s brother Chase both shared. But her uncle didn’t believe in curses or magic. He believed that what people reported as magic was just really advanced technology. Hearing him say that something was cursed was totally unlike him.

    “Still,” Jack continued, “It’s a wonderful bike. And there is something mysterious about it. You can sense the hidden power in it, right?”

    “Yeah,” Sennie replied, running her hand over the handlebars.

    Even though she tried to keep it a secret from the rest of the world, Sennie had strong psychic abilities. Ever since she had bent one of her grandfather’s sterling silver teaspoons using only her mind she had both tried to hide her powers and develop them more.

    If an object had had a bad past, or if the former owners had loved it a lot, then Sennie could sense the residual energy that the object contained. If she got a good feeling off it she knew that it was safe to use. A bad feeling, and she stayed away. It was useful when she was buying used stuff cheap from the flea market. If a object had a really bad feeling that could be a sign that the object was haunted by malevolent spirits, which would give her lots of trouble down the road.

    But this motorcycle…it had a strange feel to it. It had a sort of mix of feelings, like joy, sadness, anger, grief, love, hope, and many more that Sennie could identify. It was almost like a living human would feel, all the emotions you would find inside of peoples’ minds.

    “Um, Sennie? Are you okay?”

    “Uh, yeah, uncle. I’m fine,” she replied, coming out of her trance. That sometimes happened when she was concentrating on her thoughts.

    “Any way, it’s a little beat up, but that’s nothing you can’t handle. After all, you’ve repaired my car too many times to count. You’re a natural with machinery.”
    Later that night Sennie sat up in her room, watching her favorite TV show, Star Wars: The Stardust Chronicles, on her small plasma screen. Outside the night stars shone merrily. The moon was full, casting bright, white, light on the surface of the lake. The water lapped steadily on the shore, and the sound of many night insects filled the air. It was an amazing night, but Sennie wasn’t happy.

    The show ended, much in the way that it always ended: Ka-Lin the Jedi Kirlia, with her light-saber skills and Force powers, helped defeat the Galatic Empire and win a victory for the Rebel Alliance. The day was saved, for now at least, and the good guys won. A happy ending for everyone.

    But Sennie knew that happy endings didn’t exist. Life never ended, it was always going on, and the end of the day brought only that: the end of the day. No happiness and no true endings. The only true ending in this world was death, and death was never a happy ending. It was just an ending.

    She shut off the TV and undressed, slipping into her pajamas. She looked at her work bench, where five Pokeballs, which contained her Pokémon, sat. In them were Soul-fire the Charizard, Blaze the Blaziken, Wish the Jirachi, Kara the Kirlia, and her most powerful Pokémon, Aurora the Deoxys. They were all capable fighters, but ever since Sennie’s grandfather had died and they had moved to this small American town, they had been deprived of good battles. None of the Trainers in town were much of a challenge.

    Fire-shine nudged her trainer, and Sennie picked her up and crossed over to the window. The night was silent now, and as the two of them stared out at the dark world, they both felt sadness well up inside them. Their life was crashing down around their ears, and they were powerless to do anything. Even the good things didn’t make much of a difference.

    But tomorrow was another day, full of new adventures and surprises. And full of the promise of, if not happy endings, at least the promise of starting anew.
    Second chapter up, yay! Yes, Sennie is psychic. In later chapters this will play a big role in her involvment with the Autobots.

    The TV show she's watching, Star Wars: The Stardust Cronicles, is a anime show that, in the world this fan-fic is set, has a very strong following among the Pokemon regions' Star Wars fans. It's about a Kirlia with Jedi powers and her fight against the Galatic Empire. Sennie loves it and watches it every day.
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    Wow, its cool. pretty damn diffrent. which is never bad. next chapter please
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    Thanks for your support! I know that this is not the best fan-fic, but it's somthing I wanted to do for a while now.

    I stopped working on my Animated/Pokemon story because I don't think that I was taking it slow enough. I just wanted to get it on the boards as soon as I could, and the pacing was a bit off. Plus it was a little weird. I'm hoping to change some parts completely and maybe adjust the tempo. For now, just sit back and enjoy Sennie's journey.

    Chapter three

    The next day was Friday, a school day, and as Sennie soon found out, her last period History teacher Mr. Grey had not forgotten his annual end-of-school project.

    “Each of you will pick one of your ancestors and research his or her life. You will then present what you have found to the class,” he said to the assembled group, writing the assignment on the blackboard.

    Sennie listened from the back of the class. Stuck behind burly James the Troll and to the right of Goth-girl Lizzie Morgan, she was used to not being able to see the teacher. Of course, that also meant he couldn’t see her, which was useful when she was texting her brother or her friend Wes.

    Sennie craned her head over James’s shoulder to see if Mikala was taking notes. It was a shame that she and her best friend couldn’t sit next to each other, but Karen had the seat on the right and Mikala’s boyfriend Trent Demarco had the left.

    “You have six days to complete your task,” Mr. Grey finished. “Class dismissed.”
    “Six days. Subtract two days for the weekend and you get four days,” Mikala complained, picking a leaf out of her brown hair. “How does Mr. Grey expect us to do a whole presentation in just four days?”

    “Simple,” Sennie replied, whacking away at the brush before them with her machete. “We take only Saturday off and do research on Sunday. Now will you help me with these branches?”

    It’s hard enough going to school, Sennie thought as the two of them hauled away sticks and tree limbs from the old forest road, but this job is just killing me. Aw well, it brings in the money.

    Sennie’s job was a little business she had started when she had first moved to Tranquility. Local Pokémon trainers wanted rare Pokémon from the lake or the forest around town, but either they were too lazy to catch it themselves or the Pokémon they wanted was too strong for them to battle. Sennie’s idea was simple: if you were willing to pay, she would catch the Pokémon for you. It was a great job, and although work was only by commission, Sennie could charge whatever she wanted.

    Currently she was heading into the woods, tracking a rare Latios that a classmate said he had seen. Mikala was along for the ride, partly because she was bored but mostly because she was curious. The two had their motorcycles with them, which was good because Latios were very fast.

    Sennie didn’t know what to think of her new motorcycle. It ran perfectly, had a very quiet engine and great cornering. On the other hand, it had rust on the spokes, the throttle sometimes jammed, and she couldn’t get the strange robots-head insignia off the fuel cap. The insignia seemed to have been put on when the bike had been made, which was impossible.

    Finally they got the brush cleared away, revealing an old paved road from when a wealthy business man tried to set up a logging camp. Sennie and Mikala jumped on their bikes and rode down the overgrown but largely intact tar strip.

    “So, why did we just open up this road?” Mikala asked, looking back over her shoulder.

    “Latios and their relatives Latias are flying Pokémon, but when they get up to speed they go so fast they can’t turn fast enough to avoid trees. So they use roads and other straight lines to keep on track," Sennie explained. "They slow down when approaching corners and speed up again once they’re clear. If a Latios is in the woods it will have used this road.”

    “Okay, but can we find it soon? You know this place is cursed.”

    Again with the cursed stuff, Sennie thought. Why is everyone in this town obsessed with curses and dark magic?

    Mikala was right, though. These woods had a sinister reputation, and many of those rumors centered on this road. People said that if you came out here during the night you would hear strange noises and see weird shadows. And five people had disappeared out here in the past two years. One, a young Pokémon Trainer named Alec Able, had been found a year after he had vanished, but he was a mutilated, half decomposed corpse by then.

    A crashing sound off to the left scared Sennie, who grabbed a branch off the ground and raised it above her head. A huge hairy hominid quickly stood up and grunted at the two girls before wandering off into the thicker part of the woods.

    Sennie lowered the branch. “Well, that was odd. I thought Bigfeet didn’t live up here?” she asked her friend.

    “Neither did I,” Mikala replied, peering into the bushes. “Now I wish we had a camera.”

    They continued down the road, but a few yards away Sennie’s motorcycle stalled. “Now what?” she muttered, turning the ignition key a few times. The engine came on then died. It was like the motorcycle didn’t want to go any further. "Son of a..." Sennie started.

    "Hey, don't swear! There are kids reading this!" Mikala said.

    “Sorry. Looks like we’re on foot for the rest of the way. Come on.”

    The girls grabbed their backpacks off the bikes, and Sennie released her favorite heavyweight Pokémon, Soul-fire the Charizard. The huge dragon-like Pokémon spread his wings and snorted. Clearly he was ready for battle.

    The trio walked down the road, and Sennie noted that the sun was setting. They would have to work quickly if they found that Latios.

    “There!” Mikala shouted, pointing up ahead. A large blue shape showed through the trees.

    “That’s a Latios, alright! Soul-fire, go! Use Dragon Claw!”

    The legendary Pokémon was powerful, and it took all of Soul-fire’s ability to subdue it. But Sennie soon had it in a Pokeball. “Great catch!” Mikala said, applauding her friend’s efforts.

    Sennie smiled and was about to answer her friend when an odd noise caught their attention.

    “Um, what’s that?” Mikala asked.

    “Sounds like drums. Let’s go check it out.”

    “How’ bout no?”

    “Oh come on, Mika, don’t be such a scardy cat.”

    Even though night had fallen, they followed the sound with Soul-fire right behind them. It seemed to be coming from a clearing to the left of the place where the Latios had been found.

    Almost as soon as they got to the clearing, however, the drumming stopped. Mikala gave Sennie a scared look.

    The clearing was large, and it didn’t take long for Sennie to spot something in the moonlight. Bending down she picked up a small doll that had been left there. “What in the name of the gods?” she said, brushing it off.

    “Sennie, I really think you should look at this.” Mikala had a flashlight in her hand and was shining it on the ground.

    Sennie looked and was surprised to find a five pointed star etched into the ground. “Oh, I know what this is. Looks like a magic ritual someone set up. See, each of these points represents one of the four elements, with a fifth point representing the Spirit. It’s supposed to help in spell casting.”

    She walked around the clearing, noticing how carefully it had been done. At each of the five points was a single item, each corresponding to four elements: a hunk of amethyst for Earth, a glass goblet full of wine for Water, a purple candle for Fire, and a hawk feather cast in silver for Air. But the fifth point had something strange: a glowing orb of what seemed to be blue

    Sennie looked down at the doll in her hands. It was not human. She could see that it was some kind of robot, although it wasn’t like any robot she had ever seen. It had a female look to it, even though that was impossible. A small piece of metal was tied to its head with a length of dirty string. She gently removed it and slipped it in her pocket.

    “So someone’s been practicing magic here,” she said to herself, turning the doll over and over in her hands. “But who? And why?”

    Mikala screamed.

    Sennie whirled around and was confronted with a demon straight out of hell.

    It was a huge metal giant about the size of a house, and it’s lithe yet powerful body was painted a deep black. Two blood red eyes stared down at her.

    For the longest time Sennie just stared at it. Her mouth opened, but no sound came out.

    The metal giant looked down at the Trainer. Sennie found its gaze hard to return, but she tried her hardest.

    And then, in a rough, menacing female voice, it spoke.

    “Human, if you come to this place, you have a death wish!”

    Oh man. Looks like the girls just opened a Pandora's Box of trouble. This is not good, not good at all.

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