Transformers: Wings of Fire (2007 Movie/Pokemon crossover)

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    I decided to create a new thread for my story, as I had the words Chapter One in the thread title and I had posted more then that, so I felt a little stupid. Plus I don't think I did a really good job with introducing my main human character, Sennie. But fear not, faithful readers! My Bayformers story with a Pokemon twist is back and better the ever. If you liked the first edition and are reading this again, welcome back. If you are reading this for the first time, thank you. I really don't care if you post praises, but constuctive criticism is alway welcome.

    Preview: Sennie Zephyr was never liked by the other Pokémon trainers in Tranquility, but that was okay with her. Even though her best friend, Mikala Banes, was the hottest girl in town, Sennie never rose out of her friend’s shadow. It was much easier to keep being a nobody.

    But Sennie had a secret, and it will take an intergalactic war and a friendship with a transforming robot from outer space to help her see who she really is…and why she must save the world.

    Transformers: Wings of Fire

    When the shadows come…
    And it seems like the world is done…
    A hero will arise…
    And see through the lies…
    So let the night stars shine…
    And we will bide our time…
    Until the day the hero comes…
    And the day that all are one…

    Ancient poem found inscribed on a wall in the Ruins of Alph, Jhoto Region

    Chapter one: Almost summer

    In the northern part of the state of Nevada there is a town called Tranquility. It’s a small-ish town, with only three thousand inhabitants. It occupies a part of Humboldt County in the north, and is unusual because it is in a isolated mountain chain, and sits on the shore of a massive lake created when a huge meteor slammed into the Earth during the last ice age. In time a river found its way to the crater, filling it with water and soaking the surrounding desert landscape. A forest sprung up as pollen and seeds drifting on the wind reached the lake and the now fertile soil around it. Animals and Pokémon came to the forest, and soon mankind reached it. A town was built on the lake, and Tranquility was born. It is a strange place, where, away from the main part of town, time seems to stop.

    Today was May twenty third, a Thursday, and the weather was amazingly fine. School had just gotten out, and at Nightbird café three girls were talking about the upcoming summer. Well, two of them at least. One had her nose in a Nintendo DS which was emitting the signature Star Wars theme music.

    “Sennie, will you please put that game away while I’m talking? This is important.”

    Sixteen-year-old Sennie Zephyr reluctantly closed her DS. “Sorry, Karen,” she apologized to the blonde-hair girl sitting across from her. The fancy restaurant they had stopped at for a bite to eat after school was packed with people. Too many for Sennie’s taste.

    Karen Brown just shook her head. “I don’t know why you keep playing those stupid Star Wars games. Anyway, are you coming to my party on the third of June or not?”

    Sennie rolled her golden eyes upward in a gesture of annoyance. The party, always the party. It seemed to her that Karen had been talking about nothing but the get-together she had organized to mark the start of school vacation. “Yes, of course I’ll be there! I’ve told you a million times that I’m coming.”

    She reached down and gave her Vupix, Fire-shine, a pat on the head. The little fox-like Pokémon was underneath the table, chewing on a bone her Trainer had given her. Every now and then she would bark at the people passing by, and they would reach down and stroke her smooth red fur.

    “Just wanted to make sure, Frog-Eyes,” Karen replied, sitting back down and taking a bite of her salad, which was just lettuce and low-fat ranch dressing. “You have a history of saying that you’ll be somewhere and then not showing up.”

    “Oh leave her alone, Karen,” Mikala Banes, Sennie’s best friend and co-conspirator, said. “I remember you promising that you’d come to my tenth birthday party and then blowing it for a dentist appointment.”

    “I had a really bad cavity! Plus I had to go shopping with my mom afterwards.”

    Sennie listened to the two of them as an argument started. Well, she thought, here they go again, fighting about something trivial and stupid.

    She adjusted her motorcycle boots. Sennie had just gotten her license back on her birthday, May nineteenth. She had been practicing her driving skills for a long time, and she was good at handling muscle cars, but what Sennie really wanted was a motorcycle, and a fast one at that. Something like a Kawasaki or a Ducati. She would need it this summer.

    School was almost out for the summer of 2007, and for the high-school students of Tranquility, it meant a welcome respite from sitting in the hot classroom taking tests and watching educational videos about volcanoes. Plus the Pokémon training community was getting ready for the battles and contests that came along with summer.

    Sennie Zephyr was a Pokémon Trainer, like Karen. She was a wild one, though. Raised in the rough and dangerous Orre region by her grandfather, Sennie was used to Pokémon battles that were high-stake, and she was no stranger to fighting with guns and knives. In her life she had seriously wounded many men trying to take advantage of her.

    Of course, Sennie couldn’t blame them if the sight of her quickened men’s’ blood. She looked more like a supermodel then an outlaw, with her white and gold hair, her slim features, and her golden eyes. The fact that she preferred to wear shirts that barely covered her torso, low cut blue jeans, and had the mark of the Pokémon Hunters on her face didn’t help her a lot. At least the men here in America were civilized enough just to stare at her when she passed by. But once they found out what Sennie was really like they lost all interest.

    Mikala and Karen stopped arguing just then, and Karen, being the richest of the three, picked up the bill. “Wow, thirty bucks for a meal. I’m never coming here again,” she said, slipping her credit card to the waiter.

    “Then why did we stop here?” Mikala asked, fishing a stick of gum out of her purse.

    “Because they make the best salads ever, and I need to watch my weight. Not all of us have Sennie's metabolism. I can’t eat a double bacon cheeseburger and stay the same size.”

    “Okay, but it’s your money. Next time we go out to eat, however, I’m picking the restaurant. I can’t stand fancy-pants places like this.”

    The three of them got up and left the building. Sennie reached down and scooped Fire-Shine up, allowing the Fire-type to ride in her arms.

    “Hey, Karen!” someone shouted, and the three girls turned to see Karen’s boyfriend, Mark Jameson, pull up to the curb in his brand new black Ford Mustang. “Hey, baby, need a ride home? Maybe we could swing by the lake house on the way.”

    “Well, when you put it like that…”

    “I don’t know why you tolerate that,” Mikala said to Sennie, watching the Mustang as it roared down the road. “Karen stole your boyfriend and you don’t even bat an eyelash when they talk sweet like that.”

    “He’s was never a good fit, Mika,” Sennie replied, turning her back on the receding car. “I just think he dated me because he felt sorry for me. Well, he’s not my boyfriend anymore, so I can’t complain.”

    “That’s a good attitude to take. Well, no use dwelling on the past. The present is what we need to focus on at the moment.”

    The sun was shining down on them, and Sennie inhaled the fresh scent of the wildflowers that grew around the town. Summer was almost upon them, and she had a feeling that this one was going to be different than the others. A strange feeling was coming over her, a feeling that she was about to embark on a journey that would change her life.

    And if there was anything Sennie Zephyr wanted, it was for her life to change.
    Well, it seems like Sennie had a boyfriend until Karen stole him. This plays a big part in who Sennie is.

    This is a nice edit, if I do say so myself. I think that it really describes the setting of the story. The town, which was never named in the movie but identified in the comic adaptation, really seems to be a magical place were anything can happen. But like many small towns these days, it has problems like drug use and gangs. We will see more of this as the story progresses.
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    Second chapter up! What will Sennie find waiting for her at home?

    Chapter two: The new motorcycle

    “Uncle Jack! I’m home!” Sennie shouted, placing her backpack on the kitchen table.

    Sennie’s house was built on an island in Star Lake, the huge body of water whose southern shore made up the northern boundary of Tranquility. The house she shared with her uncle, aunt, and older cousin was big, with a garage that not only housed their automobiles but also had an indoor dock for their boat.. A bridge near the garage connected to a nearby peninsula, allowing them access the mainland. It was a lovely place, and the Pokémon on the other islands nearby were plentiful, allowing Sennie and her cousin Andrea to go out at their leisure and do some hunting. And the fishing was great too.

    The kitchen was deserted, so Sennie looked out in the garage for her uncle.
    The garage was full of stuff: her uncle’s Pontiac Solstice, a work bench crammed with things like old toys and broken electric items, plus a dismantled pool. But there was something that had not been there when Sennie had left for school that morning.

    “Whoa!” she exclaimed, whipping the dust cloth off a new motorcycle standing in the corner. It was a sport bike done in red and pink paint, and although it had a few rust spots and dents, to Sennie it seemed to glow with unknown power.

    “Isn’t it beautiful,” her uncle, Jack, said, coming up behind her and scaring her. “Got it for three hundred dollars at Bobby Bolivia’s used car lot. You like it?”

    “No, I love it! What kind is it?”

    “Buell Firebolt. I don’t know what model it is, but it looks pretty recent. Bobby was practically begging to sell it to me. Said it was cursed.”

    “Cursed?” Sennie looked at the motorcycle and then at her uncle. Anyone who saw the two of them together would not think of them as being related. Her uncle had brown, mousy hair that he always kept cut short, and he had heavy rimmed glasses that sat just below his eyebrows. Normally he stayed in his office in the basement of their house, pouring over old manuscripts and pictures of cave paintings, looking for traces of ancient aliens, a passion he and Sennie’s brother Chase both shared. But her uncle didn’t believe in curses or magic. He believed that what people reported as magic was just really advanced technology.

    Hearing him say that something was cursed was totally unlike him.

    “Still,” Jack continued, “It’s a wonderful bike. And there is something mysterious about it. You can sense the hidden power in it, right?”

    “Yeah,” Sennie replied, running her hand over the handlebars.

    Even though she tried to keep it a secret from the rest of the world, Sennie had strong psychic abilities. Ever since she had bent one of her grandfather’s sterling silver teaspoons using only her mind she had both tried to hide her powers and develop them more.

    If an object had had a bad past, or if the former owners had loved it a lot, then Sennie could sense the residual energy that the object contained. If she got a good feeling off it she knew that it was safe to use. A bad feeling, and she stayed away. It was useful when she was buying used stuff cheap from the flea market. If a object had a really bad feeling that could be a sign that the object was haunted by malevolent spirits, which would give her lots of trouble down the road.

    But this motorcycle…it had a strange feel to it. It had a sort of mix of feelings, like joy, sadness, anger, grief, love, hope, and many more that Sennie could identify. It was almost like a living human would feel, all the emotions you would find inside of peoples’ minds.

    “Um, Sennie? Are you okay?”

    “Uh, yeah, uncle. I’m fine,” she replied, coming out of her trance. That sometimes happened when she was concentrating on her thoughts.

    “Any way, it’s a little beat up, but that’s nothing you can’t handle. After all, you’ve repaired my car too many times to count. You’re a natural with machinery.”
    Later that night Sennie sat up in her room, watching her favorite TV show, Star Wars: The Stardust Chronicles, on her small plasma screen. Outside the night stars shone merrily. The moon was full, casting bright, white, light on the surface of the lake. The water lapped steadily on the shore, and the sound of many night insects filled the air. It was an amazing night, but Sennie wasn’t happy.

    The show ended, much in the way that it always ended: Ka-Lin the Jedi Kirlia, with her light-saber skills and Force powers, helped defeat the Galatic Empire and win a victory for the Rebel Alliance. The day was saved, for now at least, and the good guys won. A happy ending for everyone.

    But Sennie knew that happy endings didn’t exist. Life never ended, it was always going on, and the end of the day brought only that: the end of the day. No happiness and no true endings. The only true ending in this world was death, and death was never a happy ending. It was just an ending.

    She shut off the TV and undressed, slipping into her pajamas. She looked at her work bench, where five Pokeballs, which contained her Pokémon, sat. In them were Soul-fire the Charizard, Blaze the Blaziken, Wish the Jirachi, Kara the Kirlia, and her most powerful Pokémon, Aurora the Deoxys. They were all capable fighters, but ever since Sennie’s grandfather had died and they had moved to this small American town, they had been deprived of good battles. None of the Trainers in town were much of a challenge.

    Fire-shine nudged her trainer, and Sennie picked her up and crossed over to the window. The night was silent now, and as the two of them stared out at the dark world, they both felt sadness well up inside them. Their life was crashing down around their ears, and they were powerless to do anything. Even the good things didn’t make much of a difference.

    But tomorrow was another day, full of new adventures and surprises. And full of the promise of, if not happy endings, at least the promise of starting anew.
    In the dream it was dark and cold. Sennie looked around, but she could nothing but blackness.

    “Hello!” she shouted, her cry echoing around her. She seemed to be in a vast, empty space, devoid of light and substance.

    “Sennie…child…” a voice called out, but there was no one there.


    “You time to awaken is almost here… find the Witwicky boy…and the Star of Cybertron…before everything is destroyed…” The voice was sexless, neither male or female.

    “How do I do that?”

    “The fates will guide you…they will whisper in your ear, telling you where to go…and what to do…”

    “But why? I’m nothing special.”

    “You hold the power of Arceus in you…and much more. It is in your soul, the power to change the world.” The voice became more distant. “Please, before it is too late…before Megatron rises again."

    And with that the voice faded and the dream ended.
    --------------------------------------------------------------------------A mysterious voice in her dreams...psychic powers...Sennie's got a lot of strange abilities!

    That Star Wars show she's watching, The Stardust Chronicles, was made in the Jhoto Region (where the games Pokemon Gold and Silver take place) by an animation studio called Pokemation. It was supposed to be my first crossover story attempt, but what I know about Star Wars could fit on a postage stamp, so it never got off the ground.
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    Chapter three: The forest

    The next day was Friday, a school day, and as Sennie soon found out, her last period History teacher Mr. Grey had not forgotten his annual end-of-school project.

    “Each of you will pick one of your ancestors and research his or her life. You will then present what you have found to the class,” he said to the assembled group, writing the assignment on the blackboard.

    Sennie listened from the back of the class. Stuck behind burly James the Troll and to the right of Goth-girl Lizzie Morgan, she was used to not being able to see the teacher. Of course, that also meant he couldn’t see her, which was useful when she was texting her brother or her friend Wes.

    Sennie craned her head over James’s shoulder to see if Mikala was taking notes. It was a shame that she and her best friend couldn’t sit next to each other, but Karen had the seat on the right and Mikala’s boyfriend Trent Demarco had the left.

    “You have six days to complete your task,” Mr. Grey finished. “Class dismissed.”

    “Six days. Subtract two days for the weekend and you get four days,” Mikala complained, leaning against her red Kawasaki Ninja and picking a leaf out of her brown hair. “How does Mr. Grey expect us to do a whole presentation in just four days?”

    “Simple,” Sennie replied, whacking away at the brush before them with her machete. “We take only Saturday off and do research on Sunday. Now will you help me with these branches?”

    It’s hard enough going to school, Sennie thought as the two of them hauled away sticks and tree limbs from the old forest road, but this job is just killing me. Aw well, I need the money.

    Sennie’s job was a little business she had started when she had first moved to Tranquility. Local Pokémon trainers wanted rare Pokémon from the lake or the forest around town, but either they were too lazy to catch it themselves or the Pokémon they wanted was too strong for them to battle. Sennie’s idea was simple: if you were willing to pay, she would catch the Pokémon for you. It was a great job, and although work was only by commission, Sennie could charge whatever she wanted.

    Currently she was heading into the woods, tracking a rare Latios that a classmate said he had seen. Mikala was along for the ride, partly because she was bored but mostly because she was curious. The two had their motorcycles with them, which was good because Latios were very fast.

    Sennie didn’t know what to think of her new motorcycle. It ran perfectly, had a very quiet engine and great cornering. On the other hand, it had rust on the spokes, the throttle sometimes jammed, and she couldn’t get the strange robots-head insignia off the fuel cap. The insignia seemed to have been put on when the bike had been made, which was impossible.

    Finally they got the brush cleared away, revealing an old paved road from when a wealthy business man tried to set up a logging camp. Sennie and Mikala jumped on their bikes and rode down the overgrown but largely intact tar strip.

    “So, why did we just open up this road?” Mikala asked, looking back over her shoulder.

    “Latios and their relatives Latias are flying Pokémon, but when they get up to speed they go so fast they can’t turn fast enough to avoid trees. So they use roads and other straight lines to keep on track. They slow down when approaching corners and speed up again once they’re clear. If a Latios is in the woods it will have used this road.”

    “Okay, but can we find it soon? You know this place is cursed.”

    Again with the cursed stuff, Sennie thought. Why is everyone in this town obsessed with curses and dark magic?

    Mikala was right, though. These woods had a sinister reputation, and many of those rumors centered on this road. People said that if you came out here during the night you would hear strange noises and see weird shadows. And five people had disappeared out here in the past two years. One, a young Pokémon Trainer named Alec Able, had been found a year after he had vanished, but he was a mutilated, half decomposed corpse by then.

    A crashing sound off to the left scared Sennie, who grabbed a branch off the ground and raised it above her head. A huge hairy hominid quickly stood up and grunted at the two girls before wandering off into the thicker part of the woods.

    Sennie lowered the branch. “Well, that was odd. I thought Bigfeet didn’t live up here?” she asked her friend.

    “Neither did I,” Mikala replied, peering into the bushes. “Now I wish we had a camera.”

    They continued down the road, but a few yards away Sennie’s motorcycle stalled. “Now what?” she muttered, turning the ignition key a few times. The engine came on then died. It was like the motorcycle didn’t want to go any further. "Son of a..."

    "Hey, don't swear! There are kids reading this!"

    “Sorry. Looks like we’re on foot the rest of the way. Come on.”

    The girls grabbed their backpacks off the bikes, and Sennie released her favorite heavyweight Pokémon, Soul-fire the Charizard. The huge dragon-like Pokémon spread his wings and snorted. Clearly he was ready for battle.

    The trio walked down the road, and Sennie noted that the sun was setting. They would have to work quickly if they found that Latios.

    “There!” Mikala shouted, pointing up ahead. A large blue shape showed through the trees.

    “That’s a Latios, alright! Soul-fire, go! Use Dragon Claw!”

    The legendary Pokémon was powerful, and it took all of Soul-fire’s ability to subdue it. But Sennie soon had it in a Pokeball. “Great catch!” Mikala said, applauding her friend’s efforts.

    Sennie smiled and was about to answer her friend when an odd noise caught their attention.

    “Um, what’s that?” Mikala asked.

    “Sounds like someone singing, and not too well. Let’s go check it out.”

    “How’ bout no?”

    “Oh come on, Mika, don’t be such a scardy cat.”

    Even though night had fallen, they followed the sound with Soul-fire right behind them. It seemed to be coming from a clearing to the left of the place where the Latios had been found.

    Almost as soon as they got to the clearing, however, the singing stopped. Mikala gave Sennie a scared look.

    The clearing was large, and it didn’t take long for Sennie to spot something in the moonlight. Bending down she picked up a small doll that had been left there. “What in the name of the gods?” she said, brushing it off.

    “Sennie, I really think you should look at this.” Mikala had a flashlight in her hand and was shining it on the ground.

    Sennie looked and was surprised to find a five pointed star etched into the ground. “Oh, I read about this in a book about witch-craft. Looks like a magic ritual someone set up. See, each of these points represents one of the four elements, with a fifth point representing the Spirit. It’s supposed to help in spell casting.”

    She walked around the clearing, noticing how carefully it had been done. At each of the five points was a single item, four of them corresponding to four elements: a hunk of amethyst for Earth, a glass goblet full of wine for Water, a purple candle for Fire, and a hawk feather cast in silver for Air. But the fifth point had something strange: a glowing orb of what seemed to be blue energy.

    Sennie looked down at the doll in her hands. It was not human. She could see that it was some kind of robot, although it wasn’t like any robot she had ever seen. It had a female look to it, even though that was impossible. A small piece of metal was tied to its head with a length of dirty string. She gently removed the metal and slipped it in her pocket.

    “So someone’s been practicing magic here,” she said to herself, turning the doll over and over in her hands. “But who? And why?”

    Mikala screamed.

    Sennie whirled around and was confronted with a demon straight out of hell.

    It was a huge robot the size of a house, and it’s lithe yet powerful body was painted a deep black. Two blood red eyes stared down at her.

    For the longest time Sennie just stared at it. Her mouth opened, but no sound came out.

    The metal giant looked down at the Trainer. Sennie found its gaze hard to return, but she tried her best to stare it down.

    And then, in a rough, menacing female voice, it spoke.

    “Human, if you come to this place, you have a death wish!”
    Finally, some action! Seems that Sennie and Mikala have opened up a Pandora's Box of trouble. Not good, not good at all.

    The introduction of magical elements in a story about super-advanced alien robots was an odd choice, but I think that it works. In the Pokemon world ancient magic and modern technology co-exist with each other, which allows for, if not epic stories, then at least interesting ones. For example, in the beginning of the first Pokemon movie Mewtwo was cloned from the DNA of the Pokemon Mew (Technology), but in the end, after Ash sacrficed himself to save his friends, the tears of the Pokemon brought him back to life (Magic). This theme, how the old belief in miracles and magic conflicts and co-exists with the new belief in science and reason, is something I want to explore in my fan-fic, along with friendship, love, and being true to who you are. And compared to what I've got coming, a magic-using Transformer doesn't seem so strange!
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    Thanks for reading! If you don't know anything about Pokemon I recommend going to Bulbapedia, a Pokemon wiki, and looking up things you don't understand.

    I'm planning to do a sequel to this story based off of Revenge of the Fallen. It's going to have more Trainers, more robots, and my fan-character Sapphire is in it as well. But before that can happen I need to finish this, so now chapter four is up. Enjoy!

    Chapter four: An unlikely rescuer

    “Why are you here, you putrid little meat bag?” the robot- Sennie guessed it was a she- growled.

    “Meat bag?” Sennie had finally found her voice. “How dare you call me a meat bag, you…You…What are you?”

    “That doesn’t matter. What does is that you are in MY ritual area and are holding MY doll. Give it to me now, or suffer a painful death.”

    “I really would do as she says, Sen,” Mikala said, coming up behind her.

    Sennie weighed her options. She could stand her ground like a proper Orre Trainer and get herself killed, or she could give this nightmare the doll and get away unharmed. She chose the middle ground.

    “Sure I’ll give you the doll,” she said, holding it out. The robot went to take it, but Sennie withdrew her hand. “But you have to tell me your name and what you are, first.”

    The robot looked offended, but she complied. “My name is Darkstorm. I am a Decepticon warlord, commander of the Dark Sun Combat group. My friends and I have become stranded here, and are now waiting for Lord Megatron to come and rescue us. That doll represents one of our enemies, who have been trying to kill me. I have been hoping to subdue her for some time now, and only today was I successful. Got it, fleshing?”

    “Not much help, but okay. Here’s your doll back.”

    The robot snatched the doll out of her hand and held it in her hands. “Hmm, the metal’s gone. Oh well, I’ll get a new sample soon. Thank you, human,” she purred.

    “Okay, time to leave,” Mikala said, pulling Sennie away.

    A huge hand slammed down in front of them. “Did I say you could leave?”

    “HEY! You tricked us!”

    “Well, that’s why we’re called Decepticons!” Darkstorm laughed. “I said I wouldn’t kill you, but I never said I would let you leave. Now you are my slaves forever.”

    “NO! Mikala, get out of here! Soul-Fire, get that monster!” Sennie shouted, and the Charizard rushed forward to cover her friend’s retreat. As Mikala ran out of the clearing Sennie commanded her Pokémon to use Blast Burn, his most effect and deadly attack.

    Unfortunately Soul-Blaze wasn’t as fast as the monster, who grinned and back-handed him, then swiped at Sennie with razor-sharp claws. Sennie managed to avoid them but was caught off guard when Darkstorm kicked her. She fell backwards into the dirt.

    “Stupid girl. That won’t work with us. We’re invincible. I guess I’ll have to kill you now. Can’t have a rebellious slave.” Darkstorm raised a huge hand over Sennie.

    I’m doomed, Sennie thought, watching all of this distantly, like she was already dead. She couldn’t even call out for help. It was like her lungs wouldn’t work.

    “Goodbye, little human…”


    A flash of blue light came out of nowhere and caught Darkstorm in the chest, pushing her backwards and depositing her in a pile of last fall’s leaves.

    A small robot-well, smaller then the big robot-leaped into the clearing right in front of Sennie. It turned and saw the human lying on the ground. “Hey, you okay?” it said, and its voice was that of a teenage girl.

    “Um, yeah.”

    “Good. Just hold on for a second while I take care of some business.” The young-girl bot returned her attention to Darkstorm, who was now lying under a tree.

    “Coward. Waiting until my back was turned before striking,” Darkstorm spat, glaring up at her attacker. “Of course, I wouldn’t expect anymore from YOU, Arcee.”

    “Nice to see you too, Darkstorm. By the gods, do you ever have anything nice to say?” the new bot-Arcee- said, leaning against the tree. “Last time I saw you, you and the rest of Dark Sun were under heavy fire from Ironhide and his group, you know, back in Crystal City? Thought you were dead. But it looks like you escaped. Mind telling me how?”

    “Underground tunnels. They ran all under Cybertron. We happened to be near one at the time so we just jumped in and left the battle field.”

    Cybertron, Sennie thought to herself. The voice last night said something about finding the Star of Cybertron.

    The other bot nodded. “You know, there was something funny about the fact that we didn’t find any bodies. Well, guess I’ll just leave you here to die. I distracted Barricade and Fracture, so they won’t be coming to help you anytime soon.”

    Arcee turned and walked over to Sennie, who was just standing there, watching this scene with interest. “Well, looks like she won’t bother you anymore. Now, let’s find you friend.”


    “Look, I’ll explain later. Right now we need to get you and Miss Banes home.”

    With that the bot ran forward and executed a perfect front flip. As she did so she changed shaped, parts of her folding in on themselves until…until…

    Sennie’s motorcycle was now standing there where a nine foot tall robot had been.

    “Well,” a voice said from the radio said, “are you coming or not?”

    And Sennie, who didn’t have any idea what had just happened, had no choice but to get on.
    Yep, Arcee's in this story! Originally she was among the robots supposed to be in the film, but the writers thought that it might be hard to explain why a robotic race would have males and females. Plus Bay wasn't very impressed with her size, so they replaced her with Ironhide. I decided to bring her back because I don't think femme-bots get enough credit. She also shares many character traits with Sennie, as we shall see later on, so it seems that the two would make good partners.

    The Decepticon who I introduced here, Darkstorm, is a fan-character of mine and the central villain in this story until Megatron shows up. Darkstorm is into using magic and trickery for defeating Autobots and their allies. She commands the Dark Sun group, a very dangerous group of Decepticons who infiltrate human societies, relay infomation about them to Starscream, and try to destroy them from the inside. They are very good at it, but it takes a few years for them to turn the people against each other.

    I don't really know where I got the name Dark Sun from, but I think one of my friends was once talking about a group in the Star Wars universe called Dark Sun. Aw well, who cares? It's a good name.
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    Chapter five: A discovery

    Sennie woke up the next morning in her bed, wearing her pajamas. Normal enough, but she had sticks in her hair, a cut on her arm, a huge bruise on her right leg and a massive headache.

    “Ow,” she said, gingerly touching her leg. How had this happened?

    All Sennie could remember about last night was going into the woods with Mikala and catching a Latios for a school mate. She must have misjudged the Legendary’s strength and gotten thrown around a bit.

    So, she thought to herself, I most likely bumped my head, not hard enough to make me pass out but enough to make me lose my ability to remember things, at least for a little while. Then I come home, get my PJs on, and collapse on my bed without cleaning up.

    That dream I had was weird, though. Transforming robots, really! I’m just glad that WAS a dream.

    Sennie went to the bathroom and made herself look presentable. She pulled on a shirt and a pair of blue jeans, got the sticks out of her hair, and applied the minimal amount of make-up she preferred.

    She walked down the stairs and into the kitchen. Fire-Shine was at her doggie bowl, eating her Kibble and Bits. The Vulpix looked up and yapped when her Trainer entered the room.

    “Hey sweetie, get your own breakfast?” Sennie asked.

    Fire-Shine nodded, then went into the pantry. The Fire-Type brought out a large dog bowl, then went back in and dragged out a bag of puppy chow. Sennie picked the bag up and poured the food into the empty bowl, and not too soon. Snowflake the Alaskan Husky bounded into the room, all big paws and curiosity. The puppy buried her nose in the doggy food.

    Sennie made herself a quick bacon, egg and cheddar cheese sandwich. Munching on it she went down to the garage. She was hoping to fix the throttle on her bike so that it wouldn’t jam. Fire-Shine followed her down.

    Her cousin Andrea was already down there, packing up one of their two boats with camping gear. “Oh, hey Sennie,” she said, looking up. Andrea looked like her mother: dark brown hair, slim build, and light green eyes.

    “Morning cuz,” Sennie replied, looking around. Her motorcycle was near the work bench, where she must have put it last night. Her uncle’s car was gone, and so was Aunt Caroline’s PT Cruiser. “So, heading out on that camping trip with Marty today, huh?”

    “Yep, and it’s gonna be great,” Andrea giggled, tossing a sleeping bag into the speedboat.

    Sennie’s cousin had a boyfriend named Marty Jameson, a clean, wholesome young man that every father wishes his daughter would fall in love with. He lived across the lake in a house built near the water. A week ago Marty had invited his girlfriend on a summer-long camping trip in Yellowstone National Park with his family.

    “Did uncle leave already?”

    “Yeah. So did Mom. Don’t worry, though. I said goodbye already.”

    “Well, I hope you have fun. Enjoy being eating by flies.”

    “Very funny, kid. You have a nice summer too.”

    Andrea jumped into the boat and revved the engine. She opened the doors leading to the lake and backed out. Sennie waved to her cousin. Soon she was out of sight.

    Sennie was going to miss her cousin. Andrea was one of the only two people in Tranquility she could be herself around. The two were very close.

    “Good, she’s gone,” a mysterious voice said behind her.

    Sennie whirled around quickly to see the panels on her motorcycle start to shift. In seconds a bipedal robot was standing where the Fire-Bolt had been.

    The same robot from her dream.
    “Are you ok, Sennie?” Mikala asked, parking her motorbike on the front lawn. “You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

    “No, I’m not okay,” Sennie replied, standing on the porch. She had run upstairs and called her best friend on the house phone, asking her to come to her house. “There’s a fu…I mean, an effing transforming robot in my garage. That’s almost as bad.”

    “It’s just that, well, you look a little pale. And you’re shaking.”

    “Really? I haven’t noticed,” Sennie replied sarcastically. “Come on, I left Aurora guarding it.”

    The two girls hadn’t gone four steps inside the house before Aurora the Deoxys raced up to them. “Sennie, I think I know what this robot is,” she communicated telepathically.

    Among all the known species of Pokémon, the space-going Deoxys were notorious for being hard to befriend. It was a miracle that Aurora had even learned to respect her Trainer. But now the two were inseparable, and Aurora, in an act of friendship, allowed her trainer to hear the Deoxys mind-voice, a powerful extension of their subconscious that allowed them to communicate with lesser beings.

    My kind has an old story about two races of metal beings that fought for control of a great power,” Aurora continued, her arm-tentacles waving around wildly. “In their battles they destroyed their home planet, forcing them to spread out among the cosmos. I think our guest is one of them.”

    “Great, aliens. Should have known that outer space would come into this at some point,” Sennie groaned. “Well, let’s go see what it wants.”
    “Alright, miss alien-robot, talk. What do you want?”

    The girls were in the garage, and Sennie was pointing her machete at the robot, who was now sitting on the work bench. The blade was an inch from the bot’s face, but it wasn’t having much of an effect.

    The robot stared at the two humans. “If you are trying to threaten me it’s not working. You humans are WAY too violent.”

    Sennie lowered her machete. Trying to intimidate the robot wasn’t going so well. Of course, not that she expected her blade to cut through metal armor.

    And Sennie really didn’t want to hurt the robot. It-she, based on the feminine voice and body structure- looked like she had been through a lot. Long scratches ran down her arms, patches of gray primer showed were her paint had been scored, and a thin, scar-like strip of melted metal ran down her face, crossing over one of her optics.

    Still, she was beautiful, in an artificial sort of way. Her slender body was perfectly sculpted, like a supermodel. She had slim, three-fingered hands attached to long arms, and a crest of hair-like plates adorned her head. Her metal lips were small and delicate, offsetting her huge optics. On her right shoulder was the strange insignia that Sennie had seen on the fuel cap of her bike.

    “Sorry, but you’re an alien,” Mikala said. “And according to Aurora, your kind are blood-thirsty killers who only want power.”

    “Not me. My kind just wants to go home.” The robot sighed, a very human-like trait. “I really miss home.”

    “Yo! Snap out of it, Bot-girl!” Mikala snapped.

    “Excuse me, but I have a name. It’s Arcee.”

    “Alright, Arcee. What are you and why are you here? And no word games or cryptic answers,” Sennie asked.

    Arcee turned to look at Sennie. “Do you really want an honest answer?”


    The robot smiled. “I am an Autobot, a robotic organism from the planet Cybertron. I am here looking for the Star of Cybertron and the Allspark, under the orders of Optimus Prime. My mission is to locate those two artifacts and to also keep you safe from the Decepticons. That clear enough?”

    “Um,” Sennie began, “the only thing I got was the part about robotic organisms.”

    “Well, I guess I should start from the beginning, then.”
    Looks like the girls are getting an explanation. Lets just hope they take it well.
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    Just a little heads up for my fans. Transformers: Wings of Fire will be taking a short break over the holiday season so I can catch up on writing the other chapters. I've really fallen behind in working on it. I will be back after New Years, so please don't be upset with me.
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    Happy New Year, everyone! The sixth chapter is up, and I hope you enjoy it!

    Chapter six: Explanations and answers

    “My race comes from the far side of the Milky Way Galaxy, in a loose collection of star systems that we call the Great Cluster. Our world, Cybertron, sat in the center of this cluster. It was different then the other planets because it was made of metal instead of stone and dirt. It was on this unique world that our race was created: Metal beings that could change shape to become many different things.”

    Sennie and Mikala sat down on milk crates and listened to Arcee tell them about her world. If there was one thing they had learned, when someone was talking you listened with all you attention.

    “We owe our existence to the Allspark, a powerful, cube-shaped artifact that has the power to create new worlds and fill them with life. We worshiped the Allspark for much of our early history, and many tried to claim it as their own, but when we realized the extent of its powers, our leaders declared that no one would be able to possess its amazing powers.”

    “For a time, Cybertron was a wonderful place to live, full of beautiful metal forests, large mountains and peace. But like all great powers, it was only a matter of time before someone gave in to the temptation to seize the Allspark for their own use. And so it happened that Megatron, Lord High Protector of Cybertron, became obsessed with seizing it for his own. As he was the head of the head of the military, Megatron had a ready supply of soldiers, and he soon had an army of followers, who, because of their love of deception, became known as Decepticons.”

    But peace had its defenders as well. Optimus Prime, leader of the science division, stood up against Megatron. Optimus rallied his supporters, the Autobots, and we fought our foes head to head. But in our battles, we neglected the condition of our planet. And so Cybertron became a wasteland, the forests razed, mountains leveled and cities destroyed.”

    “In an effort to stop the war and return our home to its peace-filled state, Optimus ordered the Allspark to be launched into space, towards a wormhole that would send it to some point in the galaxy. He hoped that Megatron would give up the fight after realizing that it was lost. Instead, Megatron followed the Allspark through the wormhole, and both the Autobots and Decepticons were forced to scatter across space, searching for it.”

    “Then we discovered a signal from the Allspark, summoning us to a distant and undiscovered planet called Earth by its inhabitants. After landing on the Moon, we hacked in to the planet-wide information network and found one lead to where it lay. Two scouts, my friend Bumblebee and I, were sent down below to follow the lead and protect the human who holds the key to the Allspark’s location. For Optimus knows that the Decepticons will stop at nothing to get their servos on it.”

    “Wait a minute, let me get this straight,” Sennie said, holding up her hand to stop the alien. “Are you telling me that I have some sort of map to what may be the most powerful energy source since nuclear power was discovered?”

    “No. Some other human has that clue,” Arcee answered, shaking her head. “But you have something that we need as well. You see, when the Allspark was sent out into space we also sent another Cybertronian artifact with it: The Star of Cybertron, a pure white crystal that is said to hold part of the power of our home sun locked inside it. Because it has been so long since the Allspark has been used, about two-hundred million years, it has lost much of its power. The only thing that can restore it is the power of a sun. We believe you have come into possession of the Star, and that is why I have been assigned to be your protector.”

    “How do you know that Sennie has this ‘magical rock’?” Mikala asked, crossing her arms. “How do you know you’re right?”

    “Because her grandfather was an archeologist and an antiquities dealer. Right, Sennie?”

    Sennie nodded. “Grandfather Sasuke was employed by the University of Kanto in his youth, and he amassed quite a collection of non-museum quality artifacts from digs. Selling antiquities became our main source of income when he retired, but we kept a bunch of the better ones for ourselves. How did you…”

    “Know about your grandfather?” Arcee smiled. “He left a record of all his sold and kept artifacts on an electronic storage device, which was then transferred onto your computer. Will you two stop gawking at me like that? It wasn’t hard to get past the firewalls and anti-spyware programs at all.”

    “Well, thanks a lot for invading my privacy,” Sennie huffed, glaring at the robot. “But you should know then that I brought most of our pieces with me when I moved here, and among them are a bunch of white crystals set in gold and other precious metals.”

    She tugged on a chain around her neck, pulling a large gold locket out from beneath her shirt. Sennie pressed the button on the side and showed the carved crystal inside to Arcee. “This one he gave to me on my tenth birthday. He said he found it in a temple dedicated to the Pokémon creator god Arceus, and that it is most likely the deity’s sacred treasure, the Jewel of Life.”

    “Really?” Arcee held out her hand and Sennie reluctantly handed her the necklace. The Autobot inspected it for a few minutes before handing it back to her. “It is a lovely gem, but the Star was set in a plain collar of platinum, as it was once a part of the crown jewels of our old kings and queens. It could not have been removed from its setting.”

    “Well, if I have it I’ll find it. But I’m more worried about these Decepticons. That monster we encountered in the woods last night…was that one of them?”

    “Yep, and you two are lucky that you got away with your lives. That was Darkstorm, one of the most vile Cons ever to have been created,” Arcee spat. “She will do anything for Megatron’s cause, and they say she sold her soul to a dark deity in exchange for magical power. She has been studying the dark arts for the longest time, and her knowledge of arcane matters is second to none. And her infiltration skills? She and the Dark Sun Combat Group are experts at invading organic societies. Darkstorm is backed up by Barricade, a brawler who is actually quite smart and sneaky, and her best friend Fracture, a femme who is so crazy she is approaching sanity from the other side.”

    “There are three of them?!” Mikala exclaimed, her eyes becoming as wide as saucers. “We are so dead!”

    “Mika, calm down, please!” Sennie said. It wasn’t like Mikala to get flustered about anything, but this wasn’t your normal teenage problem. “I’m sure that this Optimus Prime guy wouldn’t send Arcee here to protect us…”

    “You,” Arcee corrected. “We didn’t count on Miss Banes being around when Darkstorm made her move to capture you. She was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

    “Right, me. As I was saying, I’m sure Arcee wouldn’t have been chosen for this mission if she wasn’t a good fighter. Err, how many Decepticons have you destroyed?”

    “Close to about twenty five, maybe twenty four?” Arcee looked thoughtful for a few moments. “Although most of those were non-sentient drones, and my mentor Ironhide says that drones don’t count. But I can assure you, Sennie, you are safe under my watch. And as for you Mikala, I doubt Darkstorm will waste resources and time trying to hunt you down. You were just…”

    “Yeah, I know, I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Really seems to define my life as of late.” Mikala sighed and checked her watch. “Aw, HELL no. Look, as much as I want to stay and chat with you two, I need to get home. I’m expecting a package from the UPS guy.”
    “This is really out of my league,” Sennie complained, pouring herself a cream soda from the one liter bottle in the fridge. She slammed the door shut and walked over to the kitchen table.

    “Huh? Are you serious?” Aurora replied, looking up from her book. “Sennie, didn't you just say to me the other day that you wanted more adventure in your life?”
    “Not like this. This is like…saying you want a few slices of bacon and getting a whole ham.” The young human sat down beside her Pokémon and pulled out her Pokedex from the back pocket of her jeans. She scrolled to the bottom entry and took a look at the information displayed on the screen.

    Name: Deoxys
    Species: DNA Pokémon
    Type: Psychic

    Base Stats
    HP: 50
    Attack: 95
    Defense: 90
    Special Attack: 95
    Special Defense: 90
    Speed: 180

    Deoxys are viruses that mutated into Pokémon when exposed to intense radiation. They are capable of transforming into four forms, each with certain powers and abilities. They normally don’t trust humans, but some do form friendships with certain Trainers.

    Mutated viruses my foot, Sennie thought. No one else knows that the Deoxys race is an old one, one that established a trading empire that controlled their entire solar system. But no one’s ever going to know that, because Deoxys won’t trust someone who thinks of them as mere Pokémon.

    But even for all their power, can a Deoxys stand against a Decepticon? Can any Pokémon?

    Sennie looked across the table at the salt and pepper shakers in the middle. She reached out with her right hand toward the salt and made a come-here gesture.

    The salt wobbled a bit. It rocked back and forth before tipping over and spilling its contents on the table.

    Sennie grunted and picked up the salt. Long ago she could have made the shaker fly into her hand, using only the power of her mind. Ever since coming to Tranquility she had tried to hide her powers in order to fit in with the local Trainer population, but it seemed that hiding them made them less controllable and more unpredictable. There were some times that she would be at school and someone would be bothering her, and out of nowhere Sennie would mentally slam them against the wall. It got them out of her face, but then they wouldn’t talk to her. She had lost a bunch of potential friends that way.

    She picked up the salt and shook a little into her right hand. Sennie tossed the grains over her left shoulder, hoping her clean-freak aunt wouldn’t notice it on the hard-wood floor.

    Throw salt over your left shoulder, so that evil will not draw near…
    Wow, long chapter, and in it we get an explnation from Arcee and see Sennie's powers in action for the first time.

    Thanks for reading! I know that this isn't the best fan-fic around, and not all of you like Pokemon, and that I tend to ramble on about characters and concepts at the end of each chapter, but remember that this is only my second story, and that I'm trying to learn what works and what dosn't. Of course, I need feed-back from my readers if I'm to figure that stuff out, so please post your comments!

    If you are the kind of person who heads straight to the Fan Fiction boards when you first log in here you may have noticed a small POV story by me, Love you forever, was posted about four weeks ago. It's about my fan-charcter, Optimus Prime's daughter Sapphire, and you might consider it a teaser for the sequel to Wings of Fire. Like a lot of Transformers fan-fic writers I came up with an OC, but I decided to leave Sapphire out of Wings because writing father/daughter moments between Optimus and Sapphire would be almost impossible given the fact that the Autobots, sans Bumblebee, didn't show up until the middle of the film, leaving no time for me to write in the tender moments (dammit, Bay). I also have three human and two Pokemon OCs showing up for major roles, so adding more fan characters would just confuse things.

    If you liked Sapphire, though, you can look forward to seeing her in the ROTF-based "the Legend of the Primes (working title)". Yes, I have come up with a basic outline of that story before I've finished this one, but I already know how Wings will turn out, so I just need to write and submit it. Legends will have a darker tone, a tad bit more swearing (But not too much. After all, this is a crossover with the kid-friendly Pokemon), and many more Transformer, Pokemon and human OCs. I hope to have the first chapter ready to submit by either fall or winter of this year.
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    Awesome! I can't wait for the next chapter!
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    Thanks you, primal primus, for your encouragment! And now, for your enjoyment, I am proud to present the seventh chapter!

    Chapter seven: A chance meeting

    “So, what are you planning to do today, Sennie?”

    Sennie put her spoon down. “Well, me and Mikala are heading down to the library to do some research for our end-of-school project,” she said. “Then we’re coming back here to go swimming. That’s about it. What about you, Auntie?”

    “Work,” Aunt Caroline said, spearing her eggs on her fork and taking a bite. Sennie liked her aunt. She had long brown hair, a slight build and green eyes that held much intelligence, and could be counted on to have some interesting topic to discuss. “This new day-shift is really working for me.”

    “You too, uncle? Got work at the Lab?”

    Uncle Jack didn’t look up from the old manuscript he was reading.


    “Huh?” Jack said, jerking his head up. “What was that, honey?”

    “Work? At the lab?”

    “Oh, yes. A really big discovery came yesterday, so I might have to stay there tonight.”

    Good, Sennie thought to herself, which means one less person to poke around in the garage and find Arcee.

    Sennie had resigned herself to her fate. If the gods had decided to have her play a part in the Autobot-Decepticon war, so be it. She would try to help Arcee to the fullest extent of her abilities, although she wasn’t exactly busting with confidence. And Sennie wanted to learn more about the alien robots, like what did they do for fun? Did they play any kinds of sports?

    Autonomous robots is too long a description for them, though, she thought to herself as she put her oatmeal bowl in the sink. Now, Autobots is a shortening of that, but what could I come up with that describes the race as a whole? What is it that describes them the best? Well, they transform into other forms…Hey! I got it!


    Arcee looked at Sennie as the human and her Vulpix entered the garage. “What was that you said?” she asked, putting a small tool down on the work bench. The young Autobot was sitting on a wooden bench with her right leg out in front of her.

    “That’s what I’m going to call your race from now on. Because you guys can turn into stuff.” Sennie crossed over to where Arcee was and sat next to her. Then she noticed that part of Arcee’s leg armor had been removed, exposing circuitry and tubing.“What are you doing? Some sort of maintenance?”

    “Yeah, I have this old wound from a couple hundred years back. Got my leg smashed by a Decepticon mace. Hurt like slag.” Arcee pressed part of her thigh and the panel slid back into place. “That species name you came up with, now, that is good. “

    “Like it?” Sennie said, smiling at her new friend. “It really sums up you guys.”

    “It’s a good name. So, are we going anywhere today?”

    “Yep, library. Gotta meet Mikala there and do some research for our end-of-school project, so if you could transform right now we can hightail it out of here.”

    Arcee smirked and stood up, then ran forward and did her front flip, transforming back into bike mode.

    “Why you…Do you always have to show off!?” Sennie laughed.

    “Hey, in the words of my cousin Moonracer, if you’ve got it, flaunt it. Do you know how difficult it is to do a transforming front flip?” Arcee said through her radio. “I worked hard to perfect this move. Now get on, and hold on tight. I’m gonna show you just how good I am.”

    Sennie sat down on the bike/robot and pressed the button on the remote opener for the garage door. Fire-Shine jumped onto her shoulders as her human partner put her helmet on. “Full speed ahead, captain.”

    Arcee revved her engine and shot forward, nearly making Sennie tumble off. She held on, though, and soon the three of them were traveling along Tranquility’s back roads. Sennie then learned that Arcee would steer herself if the human did nothing, but Sennie could help her know where to go by twisting the handlebars. It was rather refreshing to be able to watch the scenery go by without worrying about the road.

    “So, do you have any siblings?” Arcee asked, turning down Lilac Street. They had come to a residential area, lined with houses and well-kept gardens. It was quite peaceful.

    “Two, my younger brother Chase and younger sister Molly. Chase lives with me and my aunt and uncle, although he’s away right now, but Molly disappeared when my father did, so I haven’t seen her since. I wonder how they’re doin…”

    Without warning a young man raced right out in front of them on a mountain bike, and neither Sennie nor Arcee could react fast enough to avoid the collision. The only thing Arcee could do was slow down.


    Sennie found herself sitting on the pavement, Fire-Shine in her lap and Arcee laying on her side next to her, tires spinning. The young man was on his stomach a few feet away, rubbing his jaw.

    “Ow, that hurt,” he groaned, picking himself up. He saw Sennie and walked over. “Need a hand up?” he asked, extending a hand. Sennie took it and, with his help, hauled herself up of the ground.

    “Are you crazy?” she said, glaring at the boy. “Why the heck did you rush out in front of my bike? You could have gotten killed!”

    “Sorry about that. I was coming out of my driveway. Thought I could beat you.”

    “Thought you could beat me!?”she exclaimed. Sennie noticed the boy’s curly brown hair and slightly dorky appearance. She had seen him around town before and at school, but his name eluded her.

    “Yeah, sorry about that. It’s my fault entirely.” He extended his hand for a handshake. “Sam Witwicky.”

    “Sennie A. Zephyr. Thanks for being a man and admitting your mistake. Now will you help me get my motorcycle up?”

    Sennie and Sam hauled Arcee to her, well, tires. The human girl was surprised at how light the Autobot was, and it took no time at all to get her upright.

    “Wow, that is a nice bike,” Sam commented, giving Arcee an approving glance. Sennie could tell he was impressed.

    “Yeah, it’s a good one,” she agreed, wiping off the seat. “Are you into motorcycles?”

    “No, it’s muscle cars for me,” Sam said. “I really would rather be sitting in the front seat of a fast car with air conditioning and a real speaker system then choking on smog and listening to traffic.”

    “Well, to each his own, I guess. I prefer motorcycles because of the freedom they give. You can weave through traffic on one and feel the wind in your hair, something that a car can’t do.”

    Sennie’s watch beeped at that moment, and she scowled as she checked it. “Oh no, I’m late! It’s twelve o’clock already, and I’m supposed to meet Mikala at the library around twelve fifteen!”

    “Mikala? As in Mikala Banes? You know her?” Sam asked her.

    Sennie nodded. “Yeah, and she’s going to give me hell if I’m not there on time. Look, it was nice meeting you and all, but I gotta make like a preacher and get the hell out of here.”

    “Um, okay then. See you at school.”

    Not much happens here except that Sennie and Sam run into each other (Literally) for the first time.
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    Sorry for the slow update. My computer was infected by like a million virus and bugs, so I had to get Norton 360 before I could do anything. But chapter eight is up, so read and enjoy!

    Chapter eight: Strange girl

    “This library stinks. Why can’t I find anything on the Old Kingdom of the Kanto Region?” Sennie complained, shoving the book on Egypt back onto the shelf. The Tranquility Public Library was an old stone building, originally built during the turn of the last century as an insane asylum. The heavy bars on the windows and lack of ventilation made it oppressing and moody, like Sennie was trapped.

    The two girls had met there to do research for the Family Genealogy Project, which was due this week. Mikala was choosing to do it on her grandfather, who had had many minor roles in science-fiction films from the 1950s, but Sennie was researching her ancient ancestor, Master Arad, an old king of the Kanto region who ruled from 2 BC to 73 AD. It presented a problem, though, because there was almost no information about him in the books in the library, and Sennie needed at least one book source for her presentation.

    “Beats me,” Mikala said, flipping through a magazine. “We’ve always had a crappy library, full of books no one reads and no online catalog. In fact, the only good thing about this place is the free high speed internet.”

    “Well then why don’t we leave? This place smells like mildew and must.”

    “I second that motion.”

    Outside it was hot and humid, the usual Tranquility summer weather. Arcee was in the parking lot next to Mikala’s Kawasaki, looking very uncomfortable in the heat. “Hey, Sennie, can we leave, please? It’s way too hot here…” the Autobot whined as they approached, shifting her armor around to let more air into her internal parts.

    “We are leaving. I have had it with this stupid library,” Sennie grunted, putting her helmet on.

    Mikala got on her motorcycle and gave Sennie a grin. “Hey, bet I can beat you to your house!” she challenged.

    “Not if I can help it!”

    “Cannonball!” Kara the Kirlia screamed, jumping off the dock. The small Psychic-type landed in the water right next to Sennie, creating a small wave that soaked the Trainer’s hair. She bobbed to the surface a few seconds later, a huge smile on her face.

    “Kara, will you be careful?” Blaze the Blaziken admonished from the dry land, giving his smaller friend a fierce glare. “You almost landed on Sennie!”

    “Ha, like I could hurt her! You really think are a bird-bird sometimes, dude!”

    “BIRD-BRAIN!!?? That’s it, you’re going down, punk!”

    Blaze dove into the lake, hell-bent on getting Kara. The smaller Pokémon was faster, though, and she swam out of the way of the Blaziken.

    “Why aren’t you stopping them?” Arcee asked Sennie from her perch on a rock. The girls had returned to Sennie’s house to cool down in the lake, as the afternoon had become unbearably hot.

    “Oh, Kara just likes to push peoples buttons all the time, and Blaze is too hot headed for his own good,” Sennie explained, swimming over to the rocks next to Arcee and hauling herself up. Her home had a sort of natural jetty made of rocks on one side of the small island, on which her uncle had built a dock for swimming. Since Sennie’s uncle was working at the town’s government-run Pokémon lab today, her aunt was doing her job as a nurse at the local hospital, and Andrea had left town with her boyfriend, there was no one around to see Arcee in her robot mode. “Those two will fight for a little bit before calming down.”

    “That’s if he doesn’t catch Kara first,” Mikala remarked, lying on her back on the dock. As usual she looked stunning in her blue and green bikini. Sennie always couldn’t help but feel inferior when she and her friend were compared. Of course, Sennie was not unbeautiful herself, and in her white and gold swimsuit she looked like a goddess.

    Sennie watched Kara as she taunted Blaze across the lake, using her psychic powers to send waves of water washing over her avian pursuer, who reacted by using Fire Punch to attack her, sending up clouds of steam when he missed her and hit the water. The two made their way back to where the others were, leaping around and generally acting like idiots.

    “Hey, watch it!” Mikala said as Kara soaked her hair, and Soul-Fire- who was sitting on a stout tree branch above the dock- swung his flaming tail out of the way of the spray. Blaze jumped after the Kirlia, readied another Fire Punch and swung. Kara ducked and Blaze accidently hit Aurora, who was playing with Wish the Jirachi. The Deoxys gave a small shriek of pain, dropped Wish and clutched the place where a chunk of her right arm had been. “You idiot!” she screamed, regenerating the missing part. Wish bobbed to the surface, an angry look on her face.

    “Okay, you two, stop this right now!” Sennie shouted at her Pokémon. Kara and Blaze didn’t stop. Arcee looked at her human friend. “Doesn’t seem to work,” she noticed, giving Sennie a puzzled look. “I thought Trainers were supposed to have the loyalty of their Pokémon.”

    That pissed Sennie off a bit. “KARA! BLAZE! STOP IT!” she screamed, clenching her fists.

    The water around where Sennie was standing started to roil, and a huge wave appeared out of nowhere, sweeping the battling Pokémon into the water. They surfaced, spitting out water. “Sennie, why the hell did you do that?” Blaze sputtered, wiping his eyes.

    “Well, you two need to get along! Grow up and play nice!” Sennie scolded, glaring at the two.

    Arcee looked at Sennie quizzically. “You did that?” she asked, disbelief in her optics. “How?”

    “Um, well…” Sennie looked around her. No one but her friends and Pokémon, so she guessed it was safe to reveal her secret. “Okay, I’ll admit it. There are some people on Earth who are able to use their thoughts to alter the world around them. They can, among other things, shift rocks, heal wounds and control others, all using the powers of their minds. It’s called being psychic.”

    “Really.” Arcee stared out at the water for a bit. “And are you one of those people?”

    “Definitely. You saw that wave. But my powers are a tad bit, well, unpredictable. I can’t really control them. After moving here I suppressed most of my abilities, and now I have very little control.”

    “Suppressed? Why the in the Pit would you do that?”

    “Because of Karen and the stupid little status quo at school.” Sennie closed her eyes and sighed. “The first day at middle school I was putting my stuff in my locker. Karen came over and told me not to get in her way. She was being such a queen bee, and I can’t stand people like that, so I used my powers to make her believe she was being attacked by a weasel. I would have gotten away with it, too, if I hadn’t laughing when she started freaking out. To make a long story short, she realized it was me doing it, told the principal, and got me in detention. And to top it all off, Karen wouldn’t talk to me for the rest of the year. She still thinks I’m going to sic an imaginary ferret on her.”

    “She’s gotten better,” Mikala piped up. “This year she invited Sennie to her end-of-school party on Trainer’s Island.”

    “Yeah, which is going to be totally wicked. Only Karen’s friends and the better Trainers are invited, so this is a real step up for me.”

    “Well, it seems like your life is getting better,” Arcee said, and then she giggled. “You really are a strange girl, Sennie.”

    Sennie just grinned. “Arcee, you haven’t seen anything yet.”


    Two hot girls in bikinis. I bet all the boys reading this are drooling.

    They say to write what you know. Now, I was a Poke-Freak before I first saw Armada and became a Trans-Fan, and after seeing the 2007 movie on DVD I was spurred to write a crossover story based on my two favorite franchises. I spent all of 08 and most of 09 working out the kinks in the narrative, because I wanted it to at least be a good effort at a story, and then I started writing it on my new laptop. I'm really proud that I've come this far, but this is only the beginning. The two sequels will be better, I promise.

    I think Pokemon and Transformers go together quite well. On one hand you have these giant transforming robots, and on the other you have strange magical creatures with amazing powers. It's fun to see how they might interact with each other, like having Optimus Prime use a huge flying Pokemon to get the jump on the Decepticons from above. Pokemon could even add their energy attacks to a Transformer's blaster fire to make it more powerful. And once you mix in Legendary Pokemon things can really get crazy.
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    Chapter nine: Not just a game

    “Aw, heck no!” Sennie groaned, smacking her hand against the metal bench. She was sitting on the bleachers of Tranquility High School’s football field after school on Monday, using her laptop computer to check the latest scores from the American Pokémon Trainers League.

    They were not promising. Ray Hunter, the hotshot Water-type trainer from Boston, Mass, had been riding an undefeated winning streak all this year, only to be knocked out yesterday by Jamie Palmer, the Leader of the Los Vegas gym. This was aggravating to Sennie, who had been rooting for Ray ever since he had exploded onto the scene with his victory over the Leader of the New York City gym.

    “Did something happen?” Mikala asked, leaning over her friend’s shoulder to see the screen. They had originally come to the field to meet Mikala’s boyfriend Trent after football practice, as the couple were heading out on a date.

    “Yeah, Ray got his butt whipped. I hate it when that happens. You root for a team or a person, they do well and just when you think they are invincible, they get trounced thoroughly.” She glared at her computer for a while before sighing and shutting it down.

    “Well, don’t be upset, Sen. It’s all just a game.”


    “You know what, never mind. Are you leaving?”

    “Yeah. As much as I like hanging out here I need to get home. Enjoy your date with the star quarterback.”


    “Just a game? Mikala should know by now that it’s never just a game to me,” Sennie complained, reclining beneath the huge oak tree. It was a lazy almost-summer afternoon, and despite the fact it was bright and sunny, Sennie was in a bit of a bad mood.

    “Are you still going on about that?” Arcee asked, examining the nail-like projections on the ends of her fingers. They were sitting on the shores of Star Lake, a short distance from Sennie’s house, watching a group of geese gliding along. The Autobot squinted at her hands and frowned. “My nail-plates are so ragged. Think I should get a manicure?”

    “If they look like crud, yes. And yes, I’m still not over it.” Sennie scratched Fire-Shine behind her ears. The fox-like Pokémon was sitting beside her Trainer, enjoying the sun. “It’s just that I love battles, and when my favorite Trainer gets beaten it makes me mad.”

    “How about taking the challenge yourself? Bet that would be fun.”

    “No, and probably never going to. Just doesn’t seem like a challenge.” Sennie closed her eyes and sighed. “Back in the Orre Region my Pokémon were the best around. There was few who dared to challenge us, because we would utterly defeat them, anywhere, anytime. But no Pokémon ever got hurt, because the opponents were also really good. Sometimes we were the ones who got trashed, but we always got back up and showed them who was boss. It was fun.”

    “Flash forward to 2005. My grandfather had just died, and me and my younger brother had moved here. I check out the local Trainers and guess what? They’re nothing but a bunch of posers!”

    “Posers?” Arcee repeated, confusion clearly showing on her face. “Um, Sennie, you must remember that I am new to Earth, so I really don’t get some of your human sayings.”

    “Sorry. A poser is someone who acts like they are one thing but in reality is something completely different. That’s what the Trainers here are. They put on a show of confidence, strutting around and acting tough, but they have no skill and no strategy. Their Pokémon are tough, but easily taken care of because they don’t do anything but use powerful attacks, which are easily avoided. They can only win against each other, so an outsider like me, with powerful Pokémon, deep tactics and psychic powers, is not welcomed. That’s why I don’t challenge others. It’s much better to be ignored then seen.”

    “But if you are as good as you say you are, won’t that bring you more respect if you fight others? Hey, it’s kinda gotten cloudy.”

    “Not at all. The American League runs on what I like to call ‘the American Idol system’, meaning that you can’t just rely on skill alone, you need to capture the hearts of the American public. And no one is going to get behind a freaky kid like me.”

    “Oh,” Arcee said, returning her gaze out to the lake. There was silence for a few moments before the Autobot spoke again. “That’s not to only reason, is it?”

    “No, it’s not.” Sennie glanced around nervously. “ Arcee, do you believe in the paranormal?”

    “Somewhat. I don’t believe in monsters, but I do believe in ghosts. Why do you ask?”

    “What would you say if I told you I don’t think I’m human?”

    “Not human? That’s ridiculous. You look like a human and act like a human, so you have to be human.”

    “Not really.” Sennie leaned closer to her friend and explained in a whisper, “In medieval Western Europe there was once a belief in changelings, fairy babies that were left in the place of a kidnapped human child. A lot of the time the changelings were sickly, and either they died or were discovered and killed, but a few were healthy and were raised by their adoptive human family without ever knowing that they were really from fairyland.” Sennie giggled mischievously. “But these children had strange powers, so they never really fit in.”

    “Sennie, don’t tell me the reason you won’t compete is because you believe you are a teenage changeling. That’s just too far out for me to take seriously.”

    “Hey, it explains why I have these powers, and it doesn’t end there. My younger brother thinks that changelings were extraterrestrial/human hybrids created when aliens mated with humans.”

    “Okay, that’s just wrong. Your brother really believes that?”

    Sennie nodded. “Chase is a self-styled amateur UFOlogist. He loves anything to do with aliens and unidentified flying objects. He has investigated hundreds of cases both here and in the Orre region, has his own UFO website,, plus he’s written two whole books on the subject, UFO Hunting for Teens and Middle of Nowhere: Roswell Revisited, although they haven’t sold well. When it comes to aliens, Chase knows what he’s talking about.”

    “Where is he? You’ve said he was away but you’ve never said where.”

    “Kanto Region. Currently they’re experiencing a huge increase in UFO sightings, so Chase took off with only some money, his Pokémon and a suitcase full of video equipment and underwear. He’ll be back soon, his money gone and fifty tapes of UFO sightings in his bag.” Sennie stood up and stretched. “Come on, Arcee, let’s go home. Uncle’s probably wondering where I’ve gone.”

    Why does Sennie think she's not human? Any guesses?

    Yeah, Sennie's little brother is into UFOs in a big way. We'll meet Chase Zephyr soon.
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    I stopped paying attention somewhere before the preview started.

    The concept is so biblically awful it's not even funny. Sorry.

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