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    i just got back into playing wfc and was looking around for a good place to talk strategies and stuff about the multilayer and couldn't find any so i guess i'll just start one

    (if there is a thread about this already please tell me where to find it)

    ok since we're just started lets talk classes

    what's your favorite and how do you like to play them i/e what you strategy

    me i play the scout, i drive in camo hit them then drive out
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    What I like to do? Well, I like all the classes, but here's what I do.

    If I'm a Scout I stick to the shadows at first and drive around in vehicle mode until I spot an enemy. If I'm equipped with the Null Ray I snipe them, if not I cloak myself and stalk them until I'm close enough to take them out by a Scatter Blaster/Blade combo.

    If I'm a scientist I like to fly around at high speeds until I find a lone enemy I can pick off. I either swoop down and melee/EMP shotgun them, or I fire missles from the sky while barrel rolling.

    As a Leader I use Warcry on as many teammates as I can before I go hunting. I try to get as close to my foes as I can so I can melee them to death, or put as many bullets into their bodies as my Ion Blaster will let me, but I'm careful enough to where they can't melee me back.

    When I'm a soldier I lumber around with my Scrapmaker loaded until I see a group of enemies. I open fire with the minigun and whirlwind anyone who gets too close.
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    Well, i play a lot of WFC multiplayer.

    Some general tips for players.

    Always go to the right at the start of a match. Your bot is right handed and cover suits you best when you generally travel counter clockwise on a map. You do not have to expose yourself to shoot as much.

    I tend to use jets the most, but each map has a class that suits it best. Orbital and Gorge are definetly jet maps, Complex is a tank map for me, Streets is a leader map, and Rust is kinda open to all classes.

    As a jet I use turret and shockwave. It is all about getting the jump on a guy, and then get out of there. Launch some rockets as you approach, land and either emp shotgun or melee, then shockwave for the kill, and then leave.

    Any combat in this game makes noise, and that attracts other players. To better insure that you come out ahead, it is important that you are the attacker and not the attacked. That means not being greedy. Get your kill then leave and so somewhere to reload, heal up, and even wait for an ability to recharge.

    As a 3 hit box jet, you really need to be ready to go before you take on a target. If its 1v2 or more, your odds drop fast.

    Also as a jet, in maps like gorge, and orbital so some degree, the terrain can be used to your advantage more than other classes. A lot of my approaches on gorge involve me dropping under the terrain to make a surprise attack.

    As a leader, do not underestimate to power of your vehicle rockets, they fire fast and have a large payload. I "snipe" people with it.

    With scouts, at a relatively short range, just outside of melee, you can usually take a guy down with car machine guns. lots of people do not use the dash ability that cars have and you can use it to keep just outside of melee range and give your target just enough hope that he will foolishly follow you as you backpedal away and kill him.

    Tanks? Ever get into one of those situations where you both have just your guns poking out of cover, transform and shoot the floor next to his, you get burning robot parts flying out the right side in no time.

    And the hover perk isn't completly useless either. I use it as a counter to whirlwinding tanks and as a "triple" jump to get up places that normally only jets have access to.

    I have more tips that I will share later.

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