Transformers: We Will Be Heroes Part Two

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    This is part two of my Transformers Animated/Pokemon fan-fic. If you haven't read part one click here

    Part two: Police, tigers, and family ties

    Chapter Six: Slateport, here we come!

    “So, will someone please explain to me why we’re hiding in the bushes on Route 110, watching the road?” Rika asked, slapping away a mosquito.

    “I told you, we don’t have Earth forms yet, so we need to find ones that will fit our size and physical attributes,” Sapphire answered, leaning forward. The five of them were huddled in a wild rose bush, and Rika was starting to feel a little uncomfortable. Thorns were poking into her side, and she just hoped that the Autobots would find something quick. They were all watching the curve in the road off to the right.

    “There.” Hot Shot pointed as a yellow Ford Mustang came around the corner. A pink and purple RC F-22 Raptor fighter plane was tied to the top, and coming behind them was a blue Dodge Viper convertible.

    “Perfect! The right size, shape, and color. Okay everyone, get ready to scan.”
    As the cars drove past them the three robots stared at them. A blue grid appeared on the vehicles, but only for a brief moment. Then it disappeared, and the people in the cars left none the wiser.

    “No one else coming? Good,” Sapphire said, and she rose from her spot on the ground. Her body now looked like it had been constructed of auto parts. There were two wheels near her feet, two others were on her shoulders, and a mask of glass covered her face. Kirin and Hot Shot had features like their vehicle modes as well.

    Sapphire stepped out onto the road. “Right then. Watch how our power works.”

    Rika had to give them credit, the transformation sequence was impressive. Their bodies sort of folded up; compacting into the modes they had chosen. In seconds two cars and a model plane were sitting on the road.

    “Huh, I wonder if I’ll ever get used to that,” Tory commented, walking over to Hot Shot. He reached for the driver’s side door but was whacked in the shins when it opened automatically. “Ouch, that hurt.”

    “Sorry. I didn’t mean that,” Hot Shot apologized, but Tory just laughed and got in. Sapphire open her door and Rika hopped in.

    “Wow, real leather seats. Nice.”

    Soon the five of them were racing down the road, and Rika loved the way the wind came down from above. At first Kirin flew right above them, keeping within eyesight. But soon she started flying higher and father away. “Kirin! Don’t go too far!” Sapphire shouted, revving her engine and accelerating to keep up.

    Rika was the first one to see the flashing red and blue lights. “Hey, stop!” she said, which was a bad idea. Sapphire jammed on the brakes and came to a sudden halt, nearly choking Rika with her seatbelt. “What is it?” the Autobot asked.

    “The police. Looks like there was an accident, and a bad one at that. Let’s find a different road around them.”

    “Why? They’re letting cars through here.”

    “Yeah, but there’s one thing I forgot to mention. In order to be able to drive a car you need a driver’s license. However, you can only get one if you’re eighteen. If you drive a car without one and the police spot you its jail time,” Rika explained. “I’m only fifteen, so I don’t have one yet.”

    “Oh, I get it. Move over.”

    Rika did so, and looked out the window. The car wreck up ahead looked bad and she wondered what had happened. She looked at the dashboard, and then did a double take.

    A female human was sitting in the front seat, hands on steering wheel. Blond hair with blue streaks flowed down to her waist, and she was wearing denim shorts cut a little too high and a white tee-shirt with the words Cute but Crazy on it. Black sunglasses covered her eyes. She saw Rika looking at her and smiled. “Hologram. Convenient if organics are looking at you,” Sapphire said, but it was the human’s lips that moved. “Hot Shot’s got one too.”

    “Oh, cool.”

    They got through the police just fine, but Rika told them to keep the holograms up, just in case. They caught up with Kirin, who was hovering in the air a mile away from the crash, and continued on their way. Soon Rika caught the scent of the ocean, and then they went up and over a hill and saw Slateport City below them. “We’re here!”

    Chapter seven: Crossing the sea

    If you have ever been on a ship crossing the ocean you know how nice it is in good weather. The Autobots had transformed back into robot mode, which was easier for ocean travel, and were now relaxing on deck, under the night sky. The S.S. Dragonite was the fastest ship going to Japan, which was why Rika had picked it. Sure, the fastest way to America was to get on a ship going to San Francisco, but she and Tory wanted to see the world. Besides, they had all the time in the world.

    Rika unrolled her sleeping bag, putting it on a deck chair. Sapphire sat down beside her, holding the sleeping Kirin in her arms. Tory and Hot Shot were already asleep. All in all things were peaceful.

    “Hey Sapphire. I’ve got a question. About Kirin,” Rika said, jumping into her sleeping bag. “You know how you and Hot Shot wear that red insignia?”

    “Yes, it’s the Autobot symbol. Everyone on Cybertron wears it. Why do you ask?”
    “Well, I noticed that Kirin has a different insignia. Why is that?”

    Sapphire looked away, and Rika knew that she had hit a bad subject. “Sorry, my mistake. I won’t bring it up again,” she apologized, turning away.

    It was five minutes before the Autobot spoke again. “That’s because Kirin is only half Autobot. Her father is a Decepticon.”

    “What? Is that even possible?”

    “Yes. I don’t know her mother’s name, but Kirin said that her mother was a warrior who was tasked with finding Decepticons and destroying them. But then she met one who wasn’t as bad as the others, and I guess you could say that she fell in love. Then Kirin was… born, as you organics say, and once that happened she couldn’t return to Cybertron. So she stayed with the Decepticons.”

    “Why isn’t Kirin with her parents, then?”

    “Her mother was killed when her group ran into a bunch of space pirates. Kirin was very young at the time, so her father continued to take care of her. But then they were separated and somehow Kirin managed to find her way to the capital city, Icaon.”

    “And you found her and took her in.”

    “What else was I supposed to do? Leave her out on the streets? Even though I was still in school at the time, had a job, and was living on my own, I just knew that she needed me.” Sapphire stroked one of Kirin’s wings. “I mean, look at her. She’s so wonderful. She loves animals; playing games with her pals from school…it’s hard to believe that she’s been trained to kill others in an instant.”

    “You love her, don’t you?”

    “Of course I do. Anyone would love her. But…some of my fellow Autobots think she’s a sleeping menace. That she’s going to snap and hurt someone. A few of my friends won’t let their little sisters and brothers play with her. She doesn’t have many friends, but the ones that she does have are very loyal.”

    “Does your dad know you’re taking care of her?”

    “Yes, he knows. But Dad’s never met her. That’s one of the reasons I wanted to bring her along on this trip. So she can meet him. I know he’ll like her.”

    “Are you sure about that?”

    “Yes. Yes, I’m sure he will.”

    Chapter eight: Tokyo market

    “Wow, did you see that? That Roserade has a mohawk!” Tory pointed out, staring at the Trainer who had just passed them.

    “That’s twenty-second century Tokyo for you. Wacky body modifications and weird trends,” Rika said, keeping her attention on the sushi stall’s menu. “Yes, one box of shrimp and tuna sushi, please.”

    The group had arrived in Japan a week after they had boarded the ship from the Hoenn region. They were spending time searching the market for cool items. And there were plenty of them here. So far Rika had bought a set of real ninja throwing stars, a grabbling hook, and a hack-box that could tap into and disable any computer system. The last item was semi-illegal, but if Rika wanted to help the Autobots she might have to hack into something
    “Where did Kirin go?” Hot Shot asked, shifting his weight from one foot to the other. The bots had elected to stay in their natural forms while in Tokyo, and they certainly had managed to blend in with the other, human made mechanoids.

    “I think she went over to the animal sellers,” Sapphire replied, picking up a rather interesting looking device from an adjacent stall. “Um, Rika? What is this thing?”

    “Oh, that’s a Pokedex. It’s a sort of electronic encyclopedia that contains information on all Pokémon species. That kind’s a Sumdac Systems Mark Five: the most hi-tech and up-to-date version. How it got into a second hand shop in Tokyo Market I don’t know.”

    “What’s Sumdac Systems?”

    “That’s the company I was telling you about when we met.” Rika paid the shopkeeper for the sushi and turned to go. She offered a few pieces of fish to Tory, who practically inhaled them. She continued talking as they walked to the animal-selling stalls. “Established in 2060 by Professor Isaac Sumdac, it has quickly risen to become the world’s greatest robotics manufacturer, and has revitalized the declining industry of the city of Detroit. But it’s not just robotics. From items that help Pokémon Trainers to advanced prosthetic limbs, much of the world’s electronics are either made by Sumdac Systems or jointly developed with them.”

    “Sounds like you know all about them.”

    “Yep, I’m a big fan. Even in the Pokémon Regions, where the biggest robot maker is HoennTech Robotics, the Sumdac brand is still widely recognized. I’ve always been a robot freak, and I’ve studied the history of the company extensively.”

    “Well, you better be careful that you don’t sound like a spokes-Pokémon. Ah, here’s Kirin…”

    The little Transformer was standing with her back to them, but she turned around when Sapphire called her name, and Rika’s eyes widened when she saw what Kirin was holding. Orangey-red fur, black stripes, a long thin tail…

    “Uh…Kirin? What are you doing with that tiger cub?” she asked.

    “Isn’t she cute?” Kirin said, cuddling the young cat. “The man here is selling her cheaply. Please, Sapphire, can I have her? I promise to take care of her. Please? Please?”

    “WHAT!? Are you crazy!?” Tory shouted, causing a few people to give them a rather strange look. He caught it and changed his tone. “Kirin, a tiger is a predatory animal. They grow up fast and when they’re fully grown then can kill humans and Pokémon.”

    “I won’t let her hurt you, Tory. Don’t be such a scaredy-cat.”

    “She’s right, man. I’ve know Kirin since even before your grandparents were born, and trust me, she’s taken care of many predators that could even penetrate our armor,” Hot Shot explained. “She has a way with animals, whether organic or mechanical. Hey, that rhymes!”

    “Yeah, you’re a poet and you didn’t know it. But seriously…” Sapphire leaned forward and patted the tiger cub on the head. “If we buy you this tiger as a pet, Kirin, she’s going to be your responsibility. You’ll have to feed her, clean up after her, and make sure she doesn’t hurt any organics. Oh, and keep her from getting lost when we travel. Think you can do all that?”

    “Of course I can!” Kirin replied enthusiastically.

    “All right, then. Now, how much does she cost?”

    The tiger cub was, to Rika’s surprise, almost free. It turned out the cub had been born in the Tokyo Zoo, but the tiger exhibit was already full of big cats that were fiercely territorial. The board of directors decided to sell the tiger after they found out that no other zoo would take her.

    Bet they didn’t think that she would be adopted by a transforming robot from outer space.

    “I’m gonna call you Kisa,” Kirin said, petting the little tiger. Kisa only yawned and licked her lips. Kirin put the cat on the ground and fished around in the bag the stall owner had given them. She withdrew a light blue collar and leash set that was studded with rhinestones. The little robot put the collar on Kisa and clipped the leash on. She started walking, and Kisa obediently followed.

    “You really think this is a good idea, Sapphire?” Rika asked, throwing her empty sushi box in a trash receptacle as they walked by it. She pulled out the holster containing her new throwing stars and strapped it to her right forearm.

    “Oh, will you stop worrying, Rika?” Sapphire said, her long legs making it hard for the organics to keep up. “Kirin’s never had a proper pet before, even though she’s taken care of so many Cybertronian creatures. I think it’s time she had one.”

    “Well, okay. If you think it’s alright I guess I can’t object. Who knows, maybe Kisa might be helpful in finding your father. After all, animals are supposed to be able to sense unseen things…”

    Without warning an explosion knocked them off their feet and sent the fish stalls to their right flying. A bluefin tuna from one of them smacked Hot Shot right in the face and Rika barely avoided a swordfish that landed point-down next her. Smoke covered the marketplace, making it almost impossible for her to see. Over the panicked screams she could hear a slightly mechanical female voice say “Slag it! I missed!”

    “What’s going on?” Tory shouted over the noise, but Sapphire was already on her feet and had drawn her sword. Next to her Hot Shot had a gun in his hand and was scanning the crowd, his optics shifting from one person to the next. Kirin scooped Kisa up in her right arm and pointed her arm mounted cannon at a large shape that was advancing through the smoke. “Who are you? Show yourself!”

    The next thing Rika knew, a mighty wind came sweeping down, blowing the smoke away. To their amazement the smoke formed into a sort of tornado that appeared right in front of them and then collapsed in on itself.
    Another Transformer was where the smoke tornado had been, and now it stood up, revealing itself to be a female. Fiery red optics glared at the two organics, and thin metal lips pulled back in an evil grin, showing sharp fangs. Her arms were long and stick thin, ending in cruel talons, and fighter-plane wings sprouted from her back. She was painted a military-jet gray, but dark purple designs swirled across her body. Rika could also see that this newcomer had the same insignia on her chest as Kirin, but it was purple instead of red. So this must be a full-blooded Decepticon, the Riolu thought. Well, she’s going to have to fight all of us if she wants to get something from us. She drew her own sword and whirled it around her head.

    But the Decepticon wasn’t paying any attention to Rika, Tory, Sapphire, or Hot Shot. Instead she was looking at Kirin, grinning like a madwoman. Kirin looked, for the first time since Rika had known her, utterly scared.
    “Well, well, well. If it isn’t my rebellious little half-sister, helping her pathetic Autobot friends,” the Con said, cocking her head to one side. “You little traitor. Daddy always liked you better.”

    Chapter nine: Megaton’s successor

    “Half-sister? You never mentioned that Kirin had siblings!” Rika said, giving Sapphire an accusing look.

    “I didn’t think that was something you needed to know, Rika,” the large Autobot replied, her sword pointed right at the intruder.

    “What!?” the Decepticon exclaimed, an expression of mock surprise on her face. “You mean to tell me that you never told your new friends about your older sister? Ouch, that hurts.”

    “Um, hi Kelmar,” Kirin greeted sheepishly, her optics fixed on the ground.

    “Hi? Is that all you can say? Hi!? You ungrateful little walking slag-heap!” Kelmar screeched. “Do you have any idea how worried we were!? Blackaracnia was so upset she locked herself in her room and refused to come out!”

    “Hey, I didn’t choose to run away, sis! And besides, weren’t you the one who abandoned me in that cavern?”

    “True, but I was going back for help! By the time I got back to the ship and told everyone about what had happened, though, you had disappeared! You should never run off like that! Now come. It’s time we head back into space.” Kelmar turned to go.


    Kelmar stopped in her tracks. “What did you say?”

    “You heard me, you selfish idiot!” Kirin yelled defiantly. “I’m not going back to the Decepticons! If you want to take me by force go ahead. But I swear I will do everything in my power to stop you!”

    For a while Kelmar just stood there, looking at her sister. “Do you know who is taking care of you?” she said finally. “The oppressing Autobots! They drove us off of Cybertron, out into space. We are now hunted and shunned by creatures across the galaxy. They will turn on you, and you will regret not rejoining your true friends and taking your place as ruler of the Decepticons.”

    “I would never hurt Kirin! How dare you say that when you don’t even know me!” Sapphire shouted. Her hands shook, making the sword waver in the air.

    “Wait, Kirin is the next leader of the Decepticons?” Tory asked, puzzled. “Did Megatron himself choose her for that role?”

    Hot Shot and Sapphire looked at each other.

    “Oh ho, well this is a sticky situation.” Kelmar giggled, and it was a nasty sound. “You never told these organics who our father is, did you?”

    Suddenly Rika gat a cold feeling in the pit of her stomach. “Kirin, who is your father?” she questioned, but she had a feeling she already knew.

    Kirin looked at her friends, and the Riolu was shocked to see that she was crying. “Please, don’t judge me for who my father is. You see, the reason Megatron choose me to lead the Decepticons is because…Megatron is my father!”


    “Yes, and now it is your time to lead, little sister!” Kelmar cackled, and Rika suddenly realized that this Transformer was insane. “Our father has fallen by the hand of one Optimus Prime, and now we are waiting for you.”

    Okay, double shock. But Sapphire had a great poker face. Not for long, though.

    Kelmar grabbed her sister’s arm, and the blue Autobot suddenly swung her sword. It sliced through the Decepticon’s right arm, and Kelmar shrieked in pain and rage. Sapphire scooped the frightened Kirin up in her arms and ran, Hot Shot right behind her.

    Rika and Tory took this as their cue to run as well.

    The five of them raced through the streets of Tokyo, never looking back.

    Chapter ten: What true love is

    “I think we lost her,” Tory said, looking back up the river. He picked up the paddle and started pulling them out of the reeds. “How is she?”

    “Physically she’s unhurt,” Sapphire replied, holding the sobbing Kirin in her arms. “But she’s been emotionally battered. She’s scared.”

    The group had managed to escape the murderous Kelmar by running into the Japanese country side, stealing a large raft and heading down a river. Now they were floating along, getting their breath back.

    “I still don’t understand. How did we get away from her?” Hot Shot asked. He was holding Kisa in one hand, but the other one was still on his blaster.

    “I think Kelmar is a magic user. I’ve seen that smoke trick she used before,” Rika answered. “Very high level stuff. But magic-types can’t cross running water, like a river or stream.”

    “Magic? But how?”

    “I don’t know how she learned it, but it’s magic. You two,” she pointed at Sapphire and Hot Shot, “have got a lot to answer for, however. When were you going to tell us that Kirin is Megatron’s daughter?’

    The two Autobots just looked at each other. “We were going to tell you eventually,” Hot Shot said, “but Kelmar found us first and, as you say, spilled the beans.”

    “So, you knew, but you didn’t think that we would trust her if you told us, correct?”

    “Yes,” Sapphire admitted, an expression of anguish on her face. “But you must understand, all we were trying to do was protect her! The only ones who know who her father is are I, Hot Shot, my own father and my mentor, Rodimus!”
    “Well, I guess we know now too,” Tory muttered. He looked at the three aliens. “Don’t worry guys. We’re not going to tell anyone about her.” Rika nodded in agreement.

    Sapphire’s face lost its tense look. “Thank you,” she said, bowing her head. “You don’t know how much this means to us.”

    “Your right, we don’t. But I have a pretty good idea,” Rika replied. She opened her backpack and brought out a package of rice crackers and gave a few to Tory. “Hey, didn’t Kelmar say that your father defeated Megatron?”

    Sapphire looked thoughtful for a moment, but a frown spread over her face. “No, Dad could never defeat Megatron. Even with his Academy training it would be impossible.”

    “What’s the Academy?”

    “It’s a sort of boarding school for young Autobots. The tuition fee is high, but if you can afford it you’ll be educated in the art of war by the best fighters on all of Cybertron. If you do well you might even get into the Elite Guard, which is sort of our version of the Navy SEALS, when you graduate.”

    "Are you in it? You said you were still in school."

    "Slag yeah. It took dad forever to get enough money to send me there, but it's all worth it."
    “Your destiny shall be one of renewal. You will bring the purifying fire to Cybertron, and out of the ashes of the old world you will create a new one. A world where we can live in peace. My youngest daughter, I give this task to you…”

    Kirin woke up trembling, her entire body shaking like she was sick. A massive headache was spreading through her processer, and she leaned over the side of the raft. A wave of nausea hit her at that moment and she puked. A harsh chemical smell filled the air, and melted metal sank to the bottom of the river.

    Kirin sat back, her mind racing. Purifying fire…her father had said that to her many, many years ago. Her destiny…

    She looked at Sapphire. The female Autobot was curled in Hot Shot’s arms, peacefully asleep.

    Those two are so in love, the half Bot-half Con thought. And they love me so much, too. But I’m not worthy of that love. After all the Autobots I’ve destroyed, I don’t think anyone could love me for who I am.

    Oh daddy, where are you? I need you now more than ever.
    Kirin is Megatron's daughter! How shocking!

    On a side note, Kirin's pet tiger, Kisa, is a refrence to the shojo (Japanese for young girl) manga Fruits Basket, which is about twelve members of a Japanese family who can turn into the twelve animals of the Chinese Zodiac. In the manga the Zodiac Tiger is a little girl named Kisa. I love this manga, so I decided to put in a little homage to it.

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