Transformers: We Will Be Heroes, Part one.

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    Oops! I first posted this story around the Forth of July...and promptly forgot about it before I went back to school. Bad me! :banghead:  But I'm back, and so is my Transformers Animated/Pokemon crossover. I've rewritten it a little bit, but only the details, so the main story is unchanged. Enjoy, and if you have comments please share them.

    Transformers Animated: We Will Be Heroes

    (Disclaimer: I do not own Transformers or Pokémon in any way. This is a piece of fiction, and any real events, people, and places are used creatively.)

    Part one: The travelers


    In a far off corner of the Milky Way Galaxy, far removed from Planet Earth and its self-centered life forms, lies another inhabited planet. Like Earth, this planet is home to an intelligent race that has pushed the boundaries of science, politics, and the arts. Great cities rise towards the stars, and they engage in trade with other galactic civilizations. But this is not an organic race. Instead, it is a race of thinking, feeling, living robots, capable of rearranging their bodies to become spaceships, ground vehicles, and even certain types of animals. This race of beings is called Transformers, and their home planet is called Cybertron.

    The origins of the Transformers are shrouded in mystery, but they believe that they were created by an ancient artifact known as the Allspark, a blue crystal that can create new life. For the Transformers, the Allspark is the only way for them reproduce. No one knows where it came from, and perhaps it is for the best, for the Allspark is an energy source of unlimited power, and in the wrong hands it would allow anyone to give life to the machines of other races and create an army capable of taking over Cybertron completely. Unfortunately, one tried to take the Allspark for his own and use it to rule over the planet.

    Megatron, leader of the evil Decepticons, was crazed to the point of madness in his desire for power. The Autobots, who valued peace and freedom above all else, could not let him gain the Allspark and use it for his own nefarious purposes. A war that lasted for a million years was fought to keep Megatron from possessing it, and it was only after the Allspark was sent out into space and away from Cybertron that the conflict came to an end. The Decepticons left to search the endless stars, but the Autobots knew that they would never find it, and so they concentrated on rebuilding their home planet.

    Chapter one: Children of the Allspark

    Sapphire lay on her bed and flipped through the worn pages of the book. It was real paper too, not a digital copy or a hologram. The gold ink shone in the light coming from the overhead lamp, giving a sense of enchantment to the story she was reading. An illustration of a prince and a princess standing in front of a crystal castle was on one page, and to the young Autobot it looked so real. Whoever had drawn it had really paid a lot of attention to detail, even including the runes on the prince’s sword.

    Sapphire was a very unusual Transformer. For starters, she had large, bat-like wings sprouting from her shoulders. They were made of a light-weight metal fabric stretched between metal supporting struts. Sapphire was not a baby anymore, and her wings were almost fully developed for flight. She sometimes spread them out when she was laying down, like she was doing right now. She was proud of her wings, and never missed a chance to exercise them.

    Another strange thing about Sapphire was her optics. Like most Transformers, her very, very light blue optical sensors were capable of seeing in infrared, ultra-violet, and X-rays, although now she was just using visible light. But unlike others, her optics had a sort of pupil that, while not improving her vision, kind of made the Autobots around her feel a bit uncomfortable when they looked at her.

    Other than those two features, Sapphire was a normal young Transformer. She was a rich blue in color, with lighter blue on her upper legs and forearms. She was wearing a short chainmail skirt and a top that covered her chest. Both were the same color as her body, with red accents. She had a red helmet-like crest on her head, but it was a permanent part of her body.

    She was in her room on her father’s ship, waiting for him. Sapphire actually shared the room with her dad, because the spaceships that were used by space-bridge repair crews were small and not very roomy. However, Sapph, as her dad called her, loved her father and didn’t mind sleeping in the same bed. Just as long as she could know that he was here…

    “Sapphire, are you still reading that book? Your bedtime was two hourly cycles ago.”

    She looked up at the Autobot who had entered the room. Thirty feet tall, with the kind of body structure that was typical of male Transformers; Optimus Prime was, if not a regal figure, then at least a respected one. Right now he was frowning at his daughter as only a parent could.

    “Sorry Dad. I guess I got too absorbed in it.” she apologized, smiling up at her father. Optimus just smiled and shook his head. Sapphire had a habit of staying up late, waiting for him to come to bed. He didn’t encourage or discourage that kind of behavior, because he liked knowing that she was waiting. After all that he had been through, it was nice knowing that someone was there.

    Optimus turned off the lights, plunging the room into darkness. He lay down on the bed and Sapphire cuddled up next to him. She put her arms around his neck and gave him a kiss. “Goodnight, daddy. I love you.”

    “I love you too, little one. Sleep tight.”
    Five hundred thousand years later…

    Kirin nearly jumped out of her seat when she heard the bell ring. All around her the third grade class at Icaon Primary Programming was rising up from their seats and talking about the summer.

    Kirin grabbed her pack out from under her desk. She walked out the door, down the hallway, and out into the Cybertronian sunshine. Gonna be hot today, she thought, letting her optics adjust to the glare. She skipped down the stairs leading to the sidewalk. Her classmates were running past, all eager to start their vacation. As she left the school behind Kirin wondered what was going to happen this summer. I hope it’s something cool.

    "Hey, Kirin!”

    The young Transformer turned around and saw one of her school mates running down the sidewalk. “What is it, Angel?” she asked.

    Angel, a white femme with gold highlights, had a large grin on her face as she stopped in front of her friend. “Guess what? My brother finally downloaded Dark Haze 2, and he said me and my friends could play it!”

    “My friends and I,” Kirin corrected.

    “Whatever! You wanna come over and try it out?”

    “That’s tempting, Angel, but I’m going on vacation with Sapphire and Hot Shot. We leave today, so I need to head over to the space port. Sorry.”

    “Oh,” Angel said dejectedly. “Well, promise me that you’ll come over and play it with me when you get back, okay?”

    “Don’t worry, I will,” Kirin replied as she started walking again. “See you around!”

    As Kirin walked down the streets of Iacon you couldn’t help but notice a few details about her. While she had the same kind if body structure as most of the femme-bots her age, her limbs were slimmer and better defined. Her ruby-red optics glimmered in the sunlight, matching the gems in her necklace perfectly. A small cannon was fixed to her left arm, which was strange since no one was about to attack her.

    She turned the corner of Gold and Silver Streets, heading to the space port. She walked, not transforming into her winged alternate mode. She liked walking, but she walked fast. There was not a moment to lose.

    Optimus was counting on them.

    First chapter, yay! Oh, and just to clarify things, Dark Haze is a Cybertronian video game series. It's survival-horror, like Resident Evil or Silent Hill, and takes place on a planet covered in a dark fog that hides horrific-looking creatures that can rip apart metal. The goal is to get your and your partner (either a NPC or a friend playing in co-op mode) to your spaceship on the other side of the planet.

    Wow, I just gave a detailed description of a video game that is not likely to appear in this story again. Maybe I'll have Bumblebee play it later on.
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    No replies? Come on, people, your making me sad:cry 

    Okay, here's the next chapter.

    Chapter two: Wandering samurai

    Rika Blackrose sighed as she watched her human friend struggle with the zip-line. The young Riolu had no idea why they had to cross the Absol Canyon, located in southern Hoenn, like this, but she did have to admit that it was more fun than hiking down one side and up the other. It was quicker, too. She just hoped the line could support their weight.

    She pulled a hair brush out of her backpack and ran it through her navy blue locks. Her species of Pokémon, the little dog-like bipeds that resembled the Egyptian god Anubis, were only two feet, four inches tall, but they were big on courage. It didn’t bother her that they might just be climbing into a death trap.

    “Okay, that should do it.” Tory said, walking up to his friend. His silver-white hair was full of twigs and leaves, but his smile was, as usual, untarnished. “You want to get in first or should I?”

    “You go ahead. I want to see if it can hold your weight.”

    Tory nodded and walked over to the line. The zip-line was made up of five one-inch strands of metal wire tied to thick trees on both sides, where a platform extended under it. A sort of bucket was attached to the line, held in place on the platform by a rope, and it was this that carried humans and Pokémon across the ravine. It was old, but in good condition, even though no one used it.

    The fifteen year-old human climbed up the tree and into the bucket. The line didn’t snap, and Rika took that as a sign that it could hold her and their gear as well. She jumped in, making sure that her katana didn’t get scratched on the metal surface. The line stayed where it was.

    Tory drew his knife from its sheath and held it under the rope. “On three,” he said, and Rika held on to the sides of the bucket. “One, two, three!”

    Tory cut the rope, and in an instance they were out of the tree and flying over the canyon. The wind rushed past the two travelers, and for a few seconds the world was stripped away. Then the bucket bumped against the other tree, and everything came rushing back.
    “That was so cool!” Tory was grinning from ear to ear as he twirled his stick over the fire. “Scary, but cool.”

    Rika nodded, concentrating on keeping her hot dog from falling. “Yeah. And it was faster than walking up and down the canyon. We made good time today,” she replied. They had camped between Slateport City and Mauville City when night had fallen, and were now making a nice supper.

    They had set out from Larousse City about a week ago, on a journey to foreign lands. To save space they carried only what could fit in their backpacks. No tents, large books, DVDs or bulky video game consoles. The only large pieces of technology they carried were their hover boards and Rika’s laptop computer.

    For Tory, the trip was a way to sharpen his skills as a Pokémon Trainer. He was adamant about becoming the very best in the whole entire world, and the chance to fight Trainers from other countries was a very tempting prospect. But he was also there to protect his Pokémon friend.

    Rika Blackrose came from a long line of heroes. For centuries her Riolu and Lucario ancestors had kept the peace among humans and Pokémon, acting as mediators between the two races. By manipulating the sacred energy known as Aura, they solved conflicts, healed wounds, and maintained the balance of the natural and technological worlds. Some had done it with human partners, some had been alone.

    Rika wanted to be a hero. But in high-tech Larousse, the chance to be one was very slim. HoennTech Police Bots patrolled the city; Trainers were always willing to fight criminals, and the security cameras in the stores caught everything. If she wanted to make a name for herself, Rika would have to go elsewhere.

    In the twenty-second century world the American city of Detroit, in the state of Michigan, was home to the greatest robotics company in the world. Rika was very interested in robots, and after much consideration decided to go there. Not only would she have plenty of criminals to chase, but she might learn something about her hobby.

    Of course, she couldn’t leave her sword behind. A Japanese katana that once belonged to a samurai ancestor, it had a steel blade with a pattern of six-pointed stars running down it. She had sharpened to a razor’s edge. It was her favored weapon. And the stars were a nice touch.

    Now, looking up at the real stars, she felt happy and content. For the first time in her life, things were going great.
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    These are the last three chapters in part one. Enjoy!

    Chapter three: Falling stars

    The ship was a small one, but since its occupants were only awake for a small amount of time, there was no need for living quarters. The weapons room was nearly bare, although a couple of guns leaned against one wall. And the bridge was almost empty except for one soul.

    Hot Shot was a pilot, and a slagging good one at that. He could fly any star ship in the Cybertron Fleet. Destroyers, carriers, fighters, you name it. He knew all the strengths and weaknesses of a particular ship, all of it. Right now he was adjusting the orbit of the ship around this new planet.

    A light on the control panel went on, indicating that someone had awakened from stasis. He glanced at it briefly, then turned his attention back to the view screen. This planet they were now orbiting was so wonderfully blue, with splotches of green and brown. White, fluffy clouds streaked over the surface.

    “Wow.” he exclaimed, not taking his optics off the planet. He had never seen anything like it in his entire life.

    The door to the bridge opened, and Hot Shot heard someone yawn as they walked over to him. “Hey Hot Shot. We here already?” Sapphire asked, her face clouded with sleep.

    It had been two hundred thousand years since the young Autobot named Sapphire had seen her father, Optimus, and in that time so much had happened. Her body had lost its child-like proportions and was now lithe and sleek. Startlingly cerulean optics made her seem a bit younger than her actual age of one million years. Her wings, once small stubby things that only provided a small amount of lift, now swept down to touch the backs of her lower legs. Sapphire was now a teenager, a young Autobot ready to take her place in society. Or get in trouble. Either one was okay with her. Right now she had a sword strapped to her back, and an ax hung from her belt.

    “Yep, we’re here. Supposedly this is where that space bridge sent your father and the rest of his crew, along with the Allspark. I just hope that there’s no Decepticons hanging around on the other side of that moon. Of course, you would just go at them with that ax of yours.” He flipped a few switches and a map of the planet appeared on the view screen.

    “That is true.” She wrapped her arms around her spark-mate. “ But you’re forgetting that I have the Sky Sword as well, sweetie. No bad guy would dare cross someone wielding that.”

    “Tell that to the Decepticons. Some of them are so crazy that they would love to fight the Sky Warrior. You should be careful, Sapphire. You could die if you try to fight Megatron. And I don’t want to lose you.”

    “You worry too much.” Sapphire responded. She leaned forward and kissed Hot Shot on the lips.

    For their kind, a kiss between two lovers was more than a way of showing affection. It was a way of creating a bond between them, a connection among two souls. It was also very pleasurable, releasing a flood of signals to the central processor.

    “HEY! Will you two quit acting so lovey-dovey?! We’ve got a job to do!”

    Sapphire jerked her head up. Kirin was standing in the doorway, hands on hips and an annoyed look on her face. Her sword and shield were strapped to her backpack, and a small Autobot flag was affixed to her arm cannon. She looked…cute, yet sort of dangerous.

    “Huh?” Hot Shot looked around, trying to see who was talking. “Oh, hey Kirin. Um, are you ready to go? I think I identified where they landed.”

    “Yeah, I’m ready.” The little robot walked over to the view screen and looked at the planet below. “Wow that is gorgeous. Of all the planets in the galaxy it had to be this one.”

    Sapphire could only smile at that remark. She and Hot Shot had found Kirin wandering the streets many years ago. The poor little girl had been scared, alone, and weak from hunger. The two of them had taken her in and nursed her back to health, but it had been rather hard. Kirin had refused to talk at first, communicating with gestures and weirdly animal-like sounds. She didn’t trust anyone, and was liable to attack other Transformers at the slightest provocation. It was obvious that she had suffered a traumatic experience.
    Now, seeing her acting like a normal young Autobot, Sapphire couldn’t help but feel glad.

    “So, is this planet inhabited?” Kirin asked, picking a piece of lint out of the muzzle of her cannon.

    “Well, scanners indicate that there is a highly advance organic race currently living here,” Hot Shot replied, turning a few knobs, “but they still aren’t as advanced as us. They have some pretty nice vehicles, though. We should be able to find alt-modes easily.”

    “Great. And you said that you found where Dad landed?” Sapphire asked.
    “Yep. The ship’s computer managed to patch into the planet’s information network, but it only got the basic stuff, like maps and languages, before it was shut out by over a million security programs. According to the organics’ maps, the landing site is right outside a city called Detroit.”

    “De…troit? Wow, what a weird name. Um…” Kirin hesitated. Oh boy, here it comes, Sapphire thought. “What is their weapons capacity?”

    “Why? Thinking of taking home a souvenir?” Hot Shot asked.

    “Just curious, I guess.”

    “Well, the ship did a quick scan and uncovered some missile bases near the equator, but other than that there’s nothing of importance. A few nuclear warheads are located in on the peninsula of that large continent, but they don’t look like a threat. All in all they don’t seem very hostile.”

    “Good. So we can go in, find Dad, and get out with a minimum of contact and conflict with the natives.”

    “I hope so. But remember, if anyone sees you in robot mode, just smile and wave. With luck they’ll think that they’re intoxicated or on some sort of narcotic.”


    “What the slag…” Hot Shot sat up abruptly and started manipulating the controls. A look of confusion crossed his face, which was quickly replaced by panic. “Oh no!

    That didn’t sound good. “What’s wrong!?” Sapphire said. “Did we get hit by a micrometeor!?”

    “No, but I seriously misjudged their weapons capabilities! There’s a satellite a few clicks away from us, and it’s armed with laser cannons!

    A shudder went through the ship at that moment, and the lights flickered off. “Oh, well isn’t this just a kick in the gearbox.” Kirin muttered. “No power!”


    Then the ship exploded.

    Chapter four: The discovery

    Rika woke up suddenly, her eyes scanning the wooded area they were staying in. But there was nothing that would cause her to wake up. She relaxed, thinking that she was startled by a rabbit or a fox.

    She had been enjoying a good night’s rest, saving up energy for the long trip ahead. Traveling without a car or a motorcycle was very slow, even with hover boards, and if she and Tory wanted to be in Slateport by tomorrow they had to get up at the crack of dawn.

    Suddenly Rika noticed that the area around them was getting brighter and brighter by the second. She looked up at the sky.

    Something unlike any Earth aircraft Rika had ever seen flew low overhead, spouting flames and making a horrible noise. She watched, dumbfounded, as it crashed into a nearby field.

    “Huh? What…?” Tory said, waking up. “Rika? What’s going on? What was that?”

    “Tory!” she cried, turning to look her friend in the eye. “I just saw something like an alien space ship crash into that field! We need to see if anyone’s injured!”

    “What? Alien space ship? A crash? Are you insane!? What if they’re hostile!? We could get our brains eaten!”

    But Rika was already scrambling for her sword.

    “Come on, man. Let’s go.”
    Sapphire had been thrown from the wreckage of the ship on impact, and now she found herself lying on her back, looking up at the stars. “Ow…” she groaned, curling up into a ball. The pain was excruciating, but the Academy trained its students to ignore pain until the crisis was over. This was a little too much, however.

    A hand reached down and grabbed her shoulder. “Hey, Sapphire? You okay? Please say yes…”

    “OWIE! Hot Shot! My shoulder’s melted! Don’t touch me there!” she screeched, wincing in pain.

    “Sorry, kinda hard to see in this light.” Hot Shot replied, helping her up. He had a broken arm that was throwing sparks everywhere, but other than that he looked okay.

    “Where’s Kirin?” she asked, looking around. The small purple and pink Autobot was nowhere to be seen.

    “I don’t know. She might have gotten out.”

    “Or she might still be in the ship! We need to put the fire out!”


    Sapphire turned and stared. Two organics were standing right in front of them, and the tall, silver haired one was holding a red and white ball in front of it. The smaller, fur-covered one was shaking its head and muttering something under its breath.

    “Um, hi?” she said, trying to make the best of the situation. But the tall one didn’t put the ball down.

    An explosion came from the ruined ship, and it wasn’t until it was over that Sapphire heard the sobbing.


    “Hey, don’t you dare go! I’m not finished with you.”

    “Tory, let them be! They’re fine. Let’s just leave.” One thing Rika didn’t like about her friend was that he was always trying to fight non-Pokémon in battles. He more than often got the crap kicked out of him. Now, as the two giant robots turned and ran, she tried to drag him away, but without much success.

    Rika cursed when Tory hit the button on his Pokeball, releasing Cam the Raichu. The rabbit-like Pokémon ran in front of the robots and growled, sending sparks flying.

    The two bots just looked at each other, then…WHAP! Cam was sent flying into the air, landing on top of her trainer. “Ooof!”

    Whoa, did that just happen? Rika observed. They knocked her right out of their way! But why? Are they in some sort of rush?

    Rika then heard a sobbing, choking crying sound, like a little girl in pain. She followed the robots to the crash site, and there she saw something disturbing.

    A smaller robot was lying on the ground near the ship, and it looked like it had been caught in the blast of the explosions. Its body was melted beyond repair, and Rika could see internal wiring poking through joints and cracks. It looked like it was ready for the scrap heap.

    That didn’t stop it from screaming loudly, like it was in pain. The two other robots knelt down beside it, and one of them, the blue one with the wings, picked the small one up and gently cradled it in its arms. “Its okay, its okay. You’re safe now. Don’t cry, little one.”

    What in the world...I can understand what their saying, she thought. It was common for Aura wielders to be able to understand any language spoken, whether it was Chinese, Russian, or Spanish. But it was only when another living creature spoke she could know what was being said.

    Rika put two and two together, and suddenly knew why. Acting on her instincts, she closed her eyes and brought up her Aura Sight.

    The Aura Sight was the most basic of Aura techniques. Using it, one could see the energy fields given off by Pokémon, humans, and animals, which showed up as bright blue when calm, and dark red when angry.

    She could see that these robots had Auras. And the small one’s was fading fast.

    Rika pushed away the Sight and spoke. “She’s not okay. Her injuries are life threatening, and if she isn’t healed in time she will die. I can help, but you have to trust me.”

    The blue robot looked at her with a confused expression on her face. “What…?” she said, but Rika shook her head. “Yeah, I’m speaking your language. Don’t ask how. Just let me help.”

    The blue bot laid the little one on the ground. Rika stepped up to her and laid her paws on her arm. Time to see if I can do this, she thought as she called up the Aura.

    Aura was everywhere around you. It came from trees, insects, microbes in the soil, and the grass beneath your feet. Anyone with the right genes could sense it, and if trained, you could use it to heal by channeling it into wounds. But if done wrong, you could accidently send your own Aura into the one being healed and kill yourself. But Rika had tons of experience with healing.

    When she finished she sat down and closed her eyes. The healing had taken up some of her energy. “There. All done.”

    Rika opened her eyes and saw that the small robot was sitting up and hugging her friends. The melted metal was gone, and pink and purple paint adorned her body. Rika smiled, glad that she had helped.

    “Rika?” Tory said, coming up behind her. He looked at the robots, then at her. Seeing his confused look, Rika just shook her head and rose. “Come on. We need to leave them be. Let’s find another place to camp.”

    They had only gone five yards when a shout came from behind them. Rika turned to see one of the aliens, the yellow one with the visor, running towards them. “Hey, don’t leave!” he said, skidding to a halt in front of them. “I don’t know who you are, what you are, or what planet this is, but I’m thankful for what you did for Kirin, and Sapphire and I feel like we owe you an explanation.”

    “An explanation? Okay then. Our camp’s just a few feet into those woods. Meet us there.”

    Chapter five: A mission, a quest, and new friends

    “And that’s the story. That’s how we came to your planet.” the one called Sapphire said, looking at Rika with a sad expression on her face.

    “So, let me get this straight. You’re from a planet called Cybertron, which is located in this galaxy and is home to a race of giant transforming robots,” Rika replied. “Your race was created was created by a strange crystal that you call the Allspark. A war between two factions called the Autobots and Decepticons was fought over control of the crystal, but it was sent into outer space. Many years later, your father and his crew of repairman find the Allspark and as a result get attacked by the Decepticon leader, Megatron, and his personal crew of baddies. They disappeared, and you and your friends decide to go look for him. You traced them to this planet but got knocked out of orbit by a satellite. Is that about right?”

    “Well, you forgot about the fact that we had to drop out of school to do this. But Optimus’s life comes first, and I’m sure that he’ll understand once we see him,” Hot Shot explained, leaning back against the trees. After the robots had doused the flaming wreckage of their ship, and Sapphire had retrieved her bow, they had joined Rika and Tory at the campsite, where Sapphire had told them reason they were here. Now they were relaxed and calm. The smaller Autobot was fast asleep, her head resting on Sapphire’s lap.

    “So, you’re just looking for him?” Tory asked. “Oh man, if I had known that I wouldn’t have sent Cam after you. I’m really sorry.”

    “It’s okay, Tory. Your pet didn’t do any harm. I should be the one apologizing for hitting her. I didn’t do any damage, did I?”

    “No, not at all. Just knocked the wind out of her. Of course, she hit me as she came down. Gave me a few bruises.”

    “So, Sapphire, do you know where your father is? Like, is he somewhere in this general vicinity?” Rika questioned, reaching in her bag for a chocolate bar. She unwrapped the foil and took a bite of the sweet candy while keeping her eyes on the blue robot.

    “Yes and no. Before that satellite blasted us the ship got a fix on his position. According to your maps, his ship came down on the other side of the world, outside a city called Detroit. Um, are you okay?”

    Rika stopped choking and gave the alien an amazed look. “Wait, did you say Detroit? That’s where we’re going! It’s in the country of America, and it’s where the world’s biggest robotics company has its headquarters.”

    “Really? Wow. What a coincidence. Who would thought that our first contact with the local life forms would be with two who were going to the same place?”

    “Yeah, that’s pretty freaky,” Rika agreed. Then she got an idea. “Hey, since we’re going to the same place, why don’t we travel together? I mean, you don’t have a ship anymore.”

    “Huh? Travel with you? I don’t know about that. It sounds sort of risky…” Hot Shot said.

    “Why not? After all, you need someone from Earth to guide you around, and Rika knows how to travel. And if you can transform into vehicles, then that will get us to Detroit a lot quicker,” Tory replied. “It’s a win-win situation. We both benefit.”

    “He has a point, Hot Shot,” Sapphire pointed out. “Even if these two have never been out of their home region they are still residents of this planet. They probably know more than we do.”

    “I guess you’re right. Okay, I’ll do it.”

    “And so will I.”

    “Great. From now on we’ll be traveling partners.”

    A noise caught Rika’s attention. The little bot had awakened and was now stretching her arms. “What’s this I hear about traveling?” she said, looking sleepy at the two organics.

    “Hey, sweetie. These two have offered to help us get to where Dad is,” Sapphire said, wrapping her arms around the little girl. “I don’t think I introduced you. This is Kirin. She lives with us because her father can’t take care of her.”

    “Hey there. Your really cute,” Tory complemented. Kirin just, well, the only thing Rika could call it was blushing. That is, her cheeks turned a deeper shade of purple.

    “Well, we better get some sleep. Even if you can drive us there, it’s going to take at least two hours before we get to Slateport.”
    ........................................................................................................eEnd of part one. I know that it's not the best fan-fic, but crossovers are rarely that good.

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