Transformers: War for Cybertron Escalation tips and ways to get heavy metal war

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    I was reading through some of the other forums and I found out that a lot of people don't have the pass wave 15 trophy/achievement. So I figured I'd write a mini-guide on how to master escalation. I'm really good at it, just an FYI. My PSN is majiccrayon if you'd like to add me.*

    *I strongly advise taking in a full team of four*

    If you're a serious escalation player, I'd grab three other friends, all with microphones.

    In case you already didn't know there are 6 escalation maps
    -Broken Hope (free) Autobot
    -Remnant (free) Decepticon
    -Forsaken (add on 1) Autobot
    -District (add on 1) Decepticon
    -Pulse (add on 2) Autobot
    -Static (add on 2) Decepticon

    Autobot Team Suggestions

    -Optimus Prime, Zeta Prime, Ironhide, Ratchet
    -Optimus Prime, Jetfire, Bumblebee, Sideswipe
    -Zeta Prime, Scattershot, Arcee, Sideswipe
    -Silverbolt, Air Raid, Jetfire, Scattershot
    -Optimus Prime, Warpath, Ironhide, Scattershot
    -Bumblebee, Jazz, Sideswipe, Arcee
    -Silverbolt, Warpath, Zeta Prime, Jazz
    -Jazz, Jetfire, Optimus Prime, Zeta Prime
    -Air Raid, Sideswipe, Bumblebee, Optimus Prime
    -Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Ironhide, Jazz
    -Warpath, Scattershot, Zeta Prime, Arcee

    •The above teams abilities are well suited for working together, the same goes for the Decepticons*

    Decepticon Team Suggestions:*

    -Megatron, Starscream, Soundwave, Shockwave
    -Onslaught, Brawl, Barricade, Skywarp
    -Thundercracker, Dead End, Barricade, Soundwave
    -Shockwave, Slipstream, Dead End, Demolisher
    -Megatron, Soundwave, Brawl, Demolisher
    -Skywarp, Slipstream, Thundercracker, Megatron
    -Onslught, Brawl, Dead End, Demolisher
    -Breakdown, Barricade, Dead End, Slipstream
    -Slipstream, Sky Warp, Dead End, Megatron
    -Thundercracker, Soundwave, Dead End, Demolisher
    -Shockwave, Starscream, Barricade, Megatron

    Weapon Purchase Ideas:

    -Optimus Prime: Magma Frag Launcher, X12 Scrapmaker
    -Zeta Prime: X12 Scrapmaker, Magma Frag Launcher
    -Jazz: Photon Burst Rifle, Scatter Blaster
    -Bumblebee: Energon Battle Pistol, Scatter Blaster
    -Sideswipe: Photon Burst Rifle, Energon Battle Pistol
    -Arcee: EMP Shotgun, Photon Burst Rifle
    -Ironhide: X12 Scrapmaker, Thermo Rocket Launcher
    -Ratchet: X12 Scrapmaker, Energon Repair Ray
    -Warpath: X12 Scrapmaker, Magma Frag Launcher
    -Scattershot: X12 Scrapmaker, Null Ray
    -Air Raid: X12 Scrapmaker, Energon Repair Ray
    -Silverbolt: Photon Burst Rifle, X12 Scrapmaker
    -Jetfire: EMP Shotgun, X12 Scrapmaker
    -Megatron: X12 Scrapmaker, Magma Frag Launcher
    -Starscream: X12 Scrapmaker, EMP Shotgun
    -Skywarp: Null Ray, Photon Burst Rifle
    -Thundercracker: Energon Battle Pistol, Photon Burst Rifle
    -Slipstream: Energon Repair Ray, X12 Scrapmaker
    -Shockwave: X12 Scrapmaker, Scatter Blaster
    -Brawl: X12 Scrapmaker, Thermo Rocket Launcher
    -Demolisher: X12 Scrapmaker, Magma Frag Launcher
    -Soundwave: X12 Scrapmaker, Null Ray
    -Onslaught: X12 Scrapmaker, Thermo Rocket Launcher
    -Dead End: Photon Burst Rifle, Energon Repair Ray
    -Barricade: EMP Shotgun, Photon Burst Rifle
    -Breakdown: Scatter Blaster, Energon Battle Pistol

    General Level Tactics:

    -Scientists and Leaders Make a good duo
    -Scouts and Soldiers make a good duo
    -If you're a scientist, have heal grenades! You can move fastest on the battlefield to save teammates.*
    -Scouts act as good minions to Soldiers and Leaders, making up their short comings and protecting them, while they protect you because they're tough.*
    -Soldiers+Leaders= kicking butt.*
    -Use your abilities as often as possible, they could mean the difference between life and death.*
    -EMP grenades work well when you want to run away.*
    -Use Thermo mines as somewhat of an alarm system.*
    -Throw flak grenades into big crowds of enemies.*
    -Always stay by at least one other teammate
    -don't buy overshields to frequently, they can drain you of money
    -Use the guy or girl you're the best with, or most comfortable with
    -pool money together when necessary
    -use stomp melee more than regular melee
    -aim for the heads of enemies. Hitting an enemy in the head causes 2.5X the amount of damage hitting him anywhere else

    Broken Hope Strategies

    -If one of you is playing as an arielbot, there is a glitch that opens the 2500 point door for free. While in vehicle mode, barrel roll into through the enemy shield on the bridge closest to the 2500 door. Than fly in a hole to the very farthest back, then the front opens.*
    -Scouts, Leaders, and Soldiers can make it to the top of the bridge by jumping on little pillars on the side of the building where the overshield is located.*
    -recommend having at least one sniper on the bridge
    -don't stay in the 2500 door area for extended periods of time
    -when the tanks/destroyers arrive, they destroy the purchasable bridges
    -have the higher ground on enemies

    Remnant Strategies:

    -Open all doors as soon as you can, it's the smallest escalation map, you need a lot of room to hide and attack from
    -It's imperative that you stick together the most on this map
    -Roam together throughout the map, don't stay by yourself
    -use the multiple boxes around as cover
    -once all the doors are unlocked you can move from one overshield room to the other when your team gets overwhelmed to set up sort of a mini-base complex

    Forsaken Strategies:

    -Drain all of the water as soon as possible
    -Use the Ion Displacer hidden behind the waterfall
    -there are many rooms and corners to roam around. So I suggest flank enemies when your team is overwhelmed and killing them from behind.*
    -don't fall in the water, nobody can save you then
    -Use the shockwave ability to push enemies into the water, it doesn't give you points, but it does kill your enemies
    -There is a glitch where you can hide in the water. You need somebody with dash ability to do it though. When you're under the water, before you die, dash and transform VERY fast and you'll be able to stay in the water without dying. Once you come back out, you have to dash and transform again to go back in the water without dying

    District Strategies:

    -Have one sniper, that can cloak to linger around the bridges.*
    -the 2500 door area is the best Decepticon place to set up a base
    -Use the sentries to your advantage
    -The room parallel to the 'Generator' no enemies will go in except Brutes. Also use the laser grid
    -If you're a scientist I recommend flying low to the ground, and move like a scout when in ALT form, when there are lots of enemies around
    -What triggers Omega Supreme to power down is when you purchase certain things or if one person has a considerably higher amount of points than the other three
    -Don't immediately open the over shield door. Take the rout going through the side of the 2500 door, the AI is programmed to linger around the over shield tunnel

    Pulse Strategies:

    -Scientists can barrel roll through the shields that the destroyers come out of and open all the of the doors the back way for a considerably cheaper price
    -in the beginning when the destroyers come out either hide in the area where the ammo and health are or all of the players scramble in vehicle form to confuse them
    -The Thermo mine production pump kicks ass
    -Trypticon's screaming is annoying
    -Only use the Energy Pulse nuke when absolutely necessary! Don't waste your money on it every round.*
    -If all of your team is getting their health deducted fast, camp by the healing platform, it can heal everyone on your team, plus if you get overran you can split up through the two tunnels and then meet up again by the overshield dispenser
    -If a Destroyer drops a Nucleon Shock Cannon or an Ion Displacer, use it!

    Static Strategies:

    -This is the biggest map in escalation, run around the whole place to avoid enemies and being overwhelmed.*
    -This is also the most least favorite map of most WFC owners
    -The teleportation modules are very helpful when you have to escape
    -Most of the doors are worthless, choose them wisely
    -There is a glitch where if you hide in ceiling as a scientist around the area of the overshield you will not be attacked
    -There are plenty of pillars, boxes, etc. to use as cover

    I hope this helps some of you guys that struggle in escalation
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    Cool guide. I already got the Heavy Metal War achievement though. It was certainly a challange gut I eventually found a good team that was able to make it. I think I got disconnected but was able to join back around Wave 15. I actually got to Wave 8 playing solo at District.
  3. Reaper Cloud

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    I will definitely give this a read through, since I will be getting the game soon and will begin playing it this weekend.
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    I got lucky and played a match with guys who knew what they were doing. I would advise for others who have trouble getting past wave 15 to play as onslaught, deadend, air raid, ratchet, jazz, skywarp, and arcee and have a photon burst rifle and a scrapmaker. The burst rifle provides range and quick kills. Most of the characters I suggested have assault rifles anyway (and air raid and skywarp have a rocket launcher along with an assault rifle) so there's no point in keeping your default robot mode gun. The scrapmaker however provides an easier way to mow down shotgunners, titans, and tanks (I should know, cause I once killed literally all six tanks that were thrown at us before I lost the connection). But that's just how I get highscores in escalation.
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    Definetly a good guide and I would recomend broken hope as it does seem to be the easiest
  6. scoobsterinc

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    Yes so true XD
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    Great advice. I played Escalation mode for the second time last night (as Optimus) and got my ass handed to me but we made it through round 30 before I decided to drop out and go to bed. I had a blast except it seemed like everytime I needed points for ammo or health I never had any. I needs more practice.
  8. OptimusPrime108

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    These are really good tips. I'll definitely be trying some of these out.
  9. vatarian

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    I got the Heavy Metal War achievement solo.
  10. FanimusMaximus

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    I got the achivement using Zeta Prime, his Ammo Beacon comes in handy. Also I was playing online.
  11. brr-icy

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    just play a game with a friend and i, we get past wave 15 on most maps with ease, don't try going out solo or no one will come to your rescue. bh is easy with a couple scrapmakers in the overshield room
  12. Shizuka

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    No offence but I think you just over-complicated things :lol  but kudos. You just need to be competent and us your head. For example, having no money by wave 10 because you wasted it on ammo is not smart.
  13. UndeadMonkeyGuy

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    I've gotta say you've got your forsaken tactics all wrong. All you need for that is 4 decent players with scrap-makers & magma frag launchers It's hard to explain with words what to do but AVOID staying in the scrap-maker room you will soon get overwhelmed.

    This is how you survive Forsaken:

    Drain Water,

    All get in the small room with ammo and I think its flak grenades. (It has a door you can open to get to the large area out the back.) Lets call this room, Room A,

    Then you open the door to the large area, and your strait away in a room with health to the left, this is Room B,

    Everyone buy the grenade launcher, (between rounds)

    then return to Room A, (the magma frag launcher is 500 but then it glitches after the 1st purchase and for the rest of the team it will be only 200-300 points)

    Remember if you get on low health return to Room B and buy health, then return to room A.

    Go buy the scrapmakers when you have enough too. (between rounds)

    because of the grouping of enemys outside of room A you will get a constant flow of points,

    Whatever you do, DO NOT open the side doors by the health in room B, as this will allow the enemys to flank you, also do not go out into the large open space out back or they will spawn there and also flank you,

    BUT in between rounds get everyone to buy health grenades, and overshields as this will be very helpful in higher rounds. (This is room C) (Return to room A as soon as possible, also when the round starts and your in the large area still, cloak if you can as this will stop them spawning in there.)

    So constantly stay in Room A with your team only going to room B to get health,

    and between rounds buy the stuff in room C and return to A.


    I got to round 26 with this method BUT we didn't die on round 26 I just lost connection so we would of carried on for ALOT more.

    Remember if you run out of ammo, its with you in room A...

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