Transformers vs Disney and Non Disney Villains Round 3

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    Read the text below before each fight.

    Transformers vs Disney and Non Disney Villains Round 3 - YouTube

    Mok and Wheatley vs. The Maximals
    Already having installed a rouge security system, Mok teleports into the Axalon to mock the Maximals. He provokes Dinobot into attacking him and teleports away. Already lunging, Dinobot accidentally destroys the current security system allowing the rouge, Wheatley, to take control. (Gameplay by Riku9131 )

    Sari Sumdac and Animated Bumblebee vs. Darla Dimple and Max
    Sari and Bumblebee are invited by Cobra Industries to view a Darla Dimple show. Shortly after the beginning of the show, Darla reveals that Cobra has captured Autobot Tracks. She calls in Max to deal with Bumblebee. Even though Bumblebee is getting a beating, Darla sneaks into backstage to work the playing field to Mok's advantage, but Sari is ready with her Allspark Key.

    Prime Starscream vs. Zurg
    Starscream informs Soundwave that he will plant a Dark Energon crystal into the Earth so it will eventually increase in size and become useful. When Starscream lands in a canyon, he is attacked by Zurg and his drones.

    Zilla vs. Movie Decepticons
    Zilla arrives in a highly populated city and wreaks havoc. Megatron meets with Starscream to discuss on how to deal with the situation. Megatron forms a plan. They lure in Zilla with some food. Megatron is ready to fire across the street. Sideways, Starscream, and a squad of jet drones await their orders.

    Optimus Prime reveals a Cybertronian prophecy. Meanwhile, the Fates tell Hades the same prophecy but with slightly different ending.

    Megatron and Sentinel Prime order the Decepticons to attack the city. The aliens invade with such force that it even causes the Autobots to retreat.

    Maleficent uses her magic to seduce Frollo to join forces.

    Zim arrives in Earth's orbit and promises doom to earthlings.

    Cobra Commander meets up with a former rival, Veloci, to discuss a partnership. Though Veloci attempts to appear threatening, Cobra Commander is unshaken but accepts the partnership.

    Meanwhile, Facilier is following Cobra Commander's orders and asks his Friends on the Other Side for an ally.

    Mok perfects his plan on unleashing a demon.

    Ruber arrives to battle.

    Some old friends of Thrax's arrive to help Beast Wars Megatron.

    Another Megatron arrives to cause total war.

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