Transformers vs Disney and Non Disney Villains Round 2

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    Transformers vs Disney and Non Disney Villains Round 2 - YouTube

    Animated Blitzwing vs. Ursula
    Megatron tells Blitzwing that Hades has informed him of the location of the long lost Transformer, Trypticon. He says Trypticon is underwater, guarded by a sea witch. Blitzwing voluteers to go after her. Ursula is ready with potions when Blitzwing arrives. Blitzwing attacks but the witch uses her magic to block his attacks. Can Blitzwing beat the witch who turns sea flora into weapons?

    Lockdown vs. XL
    While Blitzwing tangles with Ursula , someone attacks some drones in Megatron's base. He hires the bounty hunter, Lockdown to deal with the intruder. Lockdown finds the intruder who turns out to be XL, an obsolete robot created by an unknown potential rival for Megatron. Loxkdown attacks but with XL's new weapons, he is a tough opponent to beat. Can Lockdown use the debris filled area to his advantage, or will XL have a new weapon?

    Dr. Facilier vs. Movie Mindwipe
    Cobra Commander begins his anti-Transformer movement by forming an alliance with Dr. Facilier, a voodoo witch doctor. Facilier's first target is a mysterious Decepticon called Mindwipe who hides in an energon filled cave. Facilier is to destroy Mindwipe and claim the energon. Facilier finds Mindwipe but things go south for him when Mindwipe reveals his mind bending powers. Will Mindwipe succeed in controlling Facilier or is Facilier not so easily manipulated?

    G1 Dinobots vs. Sauron(X-Men)
    The Autobots make their debut with the Dinobots. While looking for an area to train and gain strength, the Dinobots find the Savage Land, a world filled with prehistoric animals. Swoop flies around the island and notices Sauron, a pteranodon-like mutant, who is using his powers to panic the innocent dinosaurs. Swoop reports this to Grimlock who orders the Dinobots to save the dinosaurs by overthrowing Sauron. They attack his fortress but Sauron does not give up even as his powers begin to fade.

    Thrax sheds light on who his benefactor is, Beast Wars Megatron. At first Thrax has a laugh recalling how easy Airachnid was defeated but then tells Megatron that he would be of better use actually taking out his enemies than just fetching things. Megatron agrees and Thrax says it was the right decision.

    Ursula meets up with a friend of hers, the evil Emperor Zurg. The two discuss that they should quickly act to destroy the Transformers. Hades is revealed to have formed a secret alliance with them and tells them to relax. He has a plan.

    Meanwhile, in a Massive ship, the Almighty Tallest, leaders of aliens called Irkens, announce a plan to take over the universe called Operation Impending Doom II.

    A dark force reveals itself.

    Optimus Prime(Prime) meets up with other groups of Autobots and the Maximals. He tells them that the villains seem to have started a war and that innocent lives may be destroyed in the crossfire. The Autobots and Maximals form an alliance and Optimus sends a signal announcing to all villains that they will defend humanity.

    Spoiler before I get flamed,
    Blitzwing is not dead.

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