Transformers Victory DVD box set (Metrodome)

Discussion in 'Transformers Feedback & Reviews' started by Sol Fury, Dec 28, 2006.

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    Just arrived in the post this morning! I've watched a couple of the episodes since then, very impressed.
    The video quality is excellent, considering the series hasn't been remastered so you're looking at 17 year old footage. The subtitles are nice and clear, from my quick look I couldn't see anything that flowed awkwardly or was nonsense. The subtitle quality is ahead of Headmasters by a huge margin, I'd say it's on par with Masterforce, which is how they both should be.
    The box is excellently done, fitting in with the other two sets beautifully on my shelf. The booklet that comes with the set is done extremely well as one might expect of Chris McFeely.
    The DVDs are region 2 encoded, though, so if anyone wants to import this set, you'll need a region free DVD player as well as the right wires to play PAL DVDs.

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