Transformers Vengeance

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    This fanfiction is made in the spirit of the IDW comics set in the Movie-verse. I hold no ownership over the Transformers franchise, and I'm sticking to it. Set in the time-frame of Alliance, before Revenge of the Fallen.

    Transformers Vengeance
    Issue #1

    Space had a tendency to work in one’s favor; that is if they used its utter silence properly. Vacuum allowed even the biggest ships to glide through unimpeded, and silenced all screams of pain, even those of death. Right now, silence was what one ship desperately needed if it was going to survive this cycle.

    As the bright blue emergency lighting soon flooded the innards of the ship, Drift sat at the station of flight controller. Both his hands were gripping hard onto the dual movement j-sticks, his mind rushing with a multitude of thoughts. It was times like these that the Autobot wondered whether or not that cerebral processor would need fine-tuning in the near future. Then, he felt a hand on his shoulder, one that seemed all too familiar.

    Turning his head slightly, Drift’s optics met those of who he expected, the oldest ‘bot on the ship and probably the only one who had actually seen all the horrors of the Civil War; Blades. The circles of rust underneath his optics were a testament to that fact, fatigue at its lightest. The veteran began to speak through his own aging vocal processor.

    “Stop thinking so much, Drift. What did I tell you about thinking excessively?”

    “That the only thing it does is fry out your cerebral processors,” Drift replied in his own youthful tone of voice. Turning his head back to the viewscreen, Drift returned to the task at hand. Blades himself walked away and sat back down at the science station, where he continued to monitor sensor readings and kept a close eye on the stealth field. Quite an elaborate piece of equipment, it consisted of multiple hologram emitters across the hull that helped the ship blend into space perfectly.

    Unfortunately, the drawback was that it put a strain on the fusion torus when used, but that stealth field was the only reason a Decepticon cruiser less than a kilometer away didn’t see them approaching. So it was a necessary drawback until that ship was reduced to debris. Blades; however was an extremely firm believer in fighting dirty even if it was peace-time. As much as he didn’t like the tech, he appreciated it.

    Meanwhile, one more Autobot was at his place on the bridge, remaining silent at the communications station. Searchlight’s audio receptors were jacked to their highest level, listening in on COM signals that were coming from the enemy vessel. His big optics were affixed onto the screens displaying the coding wavelength and changes in the tachyon patterns. Then, his head turned towards Drift and he made one whisper to his superior.

    “No changes in the Decepticon transmissions. They don’t notice us at all. Suggestion: decisive attack with fusion torpedoes targeted on the engineering section.”

    “What’s the status of the fusion torus and electromagnetic ion engine array, Searchlight?” Drift asked, also in a low whisper.

    “Aside from the stealth field, fusion torus operating at nominal capacity and the engine array is prepared for whatever combat maneuvers you can come up with, Drift,” Searchlight said the last line with a hint of humor.

    “Cut the sarcasm, Searchlight,” Drift said as his right hand moved to a console with a single viewing screen in the center. Pressing one of the active-matrix LCD ‘buttons’, the screen suddenly switched to the visual of a massive gear flooded with constantly moving binary coding. This was Vector, the ship’s on-board ‘smart’ A.I. and an incredible piece of equipment. ‘He’ could run the entire ship without one Cybertronian aboard without trouble. ‘His’ influence extended to every circuit, every system aboard.

    “Ah, hello again, Drift. How may I be of service?” Vector spoke with a very Briton-influenced accent to the Autobot flying this stealth ship.

    “Vector, input combat program Gamma-Xi-2; load fusion torpedo tubes one to four, charge the port and starboard plasma cannons and prepare to drop the stealth field in 45 nano-cycles.”

    “Combat program Gamma-Xi-2 inputted; dropping stealth field in 45 nano-cycles,” Vector replied as the countdown began. Turning to Blades, Drift awaited an affirmative nod from his weapons specialist.

    Blades quickly watched as Vector began his work. The far left screen displayed that the forward fusion torpedo tubes were being loaded with Ragnarok-5 anti-ship type, The far right screen displayed the countdown and how it was getting smaller by the nano-cycle.

    “Don’t worry, Drift. Vector’s doing his job. The fusion torpedo tubes are loaded. We have 36 nano-cycles before the stealth field drops.”

    Soon, Drift turned back to Searchlight and expected him to say something. Not immediately getting the signal, the stoic ‘bot finally said something.

    “We’ve accelerated to three-quarters full sub-light. I’m prepared for an emergency transwarp jump and the escape course has been sent to the flight controller station.”

    Drift’s vocal processors smirked once again; that was how Searchlight worked, swift and precise. When they’d gotten far enough from the war, Drift would have to teach the poor fellow how to be social, find some fun with a femmebot. Then again, he himself was considered a deadly warrior in his own right. He was one of the few Autobots who was skilled in the ancient martial discipline of Metallikato. With just a hard swipe of his hand sideways, Drift could send a limb, blade or head tumbling to the ground.

    “Drift, now 20 nano-cycles until the stealth field is dropped. Enemy Decepticon warship has been identified through our Cybertronian Datanet uplink as the Doomsday, under the command of Buzzsaw. Known to be responsible for the destruction of civilian energon tanker J’hwan Canyon near Cybertron's moon of Althiex,” Vector finished the sentence gravely.

    “I know Buzzsaw…quite the character. I ripped his arm off after making the wrong remark about one of my friends,” Drift said coldly, recalling the image in his mind of seeing the slick Decepticon tumbling to the deck plating, screaming in agony as he saw what was now an empty and bleeding arm socket. Drift himself had been standing over him, the sliced-off arm in his left hand. His right hand was covered in the sparking, blue blood of all Cybertronians.

    “So, he sunk a civilian energon tanker? Then again, Decepticons are capable of almost anything brutal you can think up. How about we return the favor, in spades?” Drift motioned to Blades, Searchlight and Vector. Blades blinked “yes”, Searchlight gave a simple nod and Vector actually spoke. “It would be my great pleasure. All weapons systems ready. Combat program Gamma-Xi-2 ready for implementation. It is now t-minus 10 nano-cycles to stealth field deactivation.”

    Gripping both j-sticks again with fierceness, Drift was ready to send this ship to the Pit and make sure that Buzzsaw didn’t live through this scuffle. Searchlight quickly began to send out a jamming signal via the tachyon subspace COM array that would make sure those Decepticons couldn’t call in any friends. Blades saw Vector’s program plotting firing solutions for the fusion torpedoes. This was gonna be a frakking free-for-all if everything went well.

    “Five…four…three…two…one…stealth field deactivated; normal lighting system reactivated,” Vector spoke through his interface at the flight controller station. In the silence of space, the hologram emitter array deactivated and revealed the ship. A sleek yet tough design, she was designed to take a pounding. Atop the forward section, the bridge emitted a dim, bleached white light through its armored windows save for the forward window; covered by the sensor-fed holo-viewscreen. At the rear, the engine array of fourteen blue-emitting electromagnetic ion engines propelled the ship forward. She wasn’t much for a femmebot to look at, but the Gung Ho was one of the Autobots’ state-of-the-art prowlers.

    “Firing fusion torpedoes in tube sequential,” Blades said as he tapped on the fire button and the three Autobots watched as, in sequence, four large anti-ship torpedoes sheathed in bright violet fusion energy emerged from the mid-forward section of the Gung Ho and streaked towards the Doomsday’s engines.


    Sitting in the command chair of his ship’s bridge, Buzzsaw growled at his luck. Standing up, the quartet of razor-sharp rotor blades on his back cringed as his blazing red optics turned to the holo-viewscreen in front of him. Not only was there an Autobot ship under cloak less than a kilometer away this whole time but now there were four ship-killer fusion torpedoes heading straight for his ship.

    Switching his view to Brushguard, the angry Decepticon shouted with malice. “Well, what are you doing just sitting there like a drunken piece of scrap!? Get us out of the way of those torpedoes!”

    Seizing the j-sticks, the somewhat now-meek pilot quickly began to commence an escape maneuver. Twisting them hard to the left, Brushguard had satisfied Buzzsaw for the moment as the Doomsday was beginning to move away from the quickly closing fusion torpedoes.


    Of course…Drift knew from experience that Buzzsaw would immediately begin to move away from any enemy fire that came towards him. That’s why he had Vector choose from their stock of Ragnarok-5s. It was a model of fusion torpedo that once fired, would lock onto the unique ion engine trails emitted by Decepticon warships until it struck true. The unique guidance system had been perfected by Wheeljack shortly after Ky-Alexis fell…gotta remember to thank that nerd sometime.

    Blades smirked as he watched the fusion torpedoes suddenly shift their direction, their trails of violet streaking in accordance. “Vector, if you ever get a body of your own, remind me to buy you a barrel of energon.”

    “I shall keep that in mind, Blades. But I simply chose the Ragnarok-5 stock based on Searchlight’s idea. It seemed logical to use a fusion torpedo with a guidance system that locked onto Decepticon-built EM ion engine emissions.”


    As Buzzsaw saw the quartet of fusion torpedoes suddenly shifting direction like a femmebot getting a CNA-change, he slumped back into his chair and growled.

    “Drift…you slaggin’ piece of scrap…”

    Then, with a silent thunderous bang, the first fusion torpedo slammed into the starboard engine pod, sending spewing liquid-like flames of ignited plasma coolant into space and causing the three ion nozzles to switch from a bright blue to pitch black. The ship was rocked slightly as the flames quickly dispersed into nothing. Then, the second torpedo slammed into the central engine block. The same effect with the same results…those engines were out with ignited plasma coolant adding to the aesthetics. The number three then slammed into the portside engine pod, now rendering the Doomsdayimmobile yet far from defenseless. Buzzsaw growled pleasingly as he knew that at least he could put up a counter attack…


    “Vector, did you make sure that the fourth fusion torpedo was the kind we’d need to send that ship to the slaggin’ Pit?”

    “I suggest that Blades looks at the trajectory of the fourth torpedo for your answer, Drift,” Vector replied with some friendly sarcasm. Of course he did.

    The fourth torpedo suddenly twisted in the direction of downward for a moment, then suddenly came back up and slanted slightly until the warhead made close, personal contact with a very weak spot…and Buzzsaw screamed in frustration. Across the ship, power conduits were exploding, plasma coolant leaks began and panels were being blown off by sheer kinetic force. That very fusion torpedo had slammed at the one spot everybody overlooks…the underbelly beneath the bridge.

    On the outside, hull panels were quickly being blown out and liquid-like flames of ignited plasma coolant spewed out of the scorched places were hull armor once was. As the damage continued to slowly assert itself, the Doomsday began listing slightly to the starboard. Buzzsaw growled at how badly his luck could seem, and how worse it had gotten.

    As the three Autobots looked on at the sight of a once ‘proud’ Decepticon warship disabled to target status, Drift contemplated finishing them off. Staring the ship down for several nano-cycles, his line of thought was interrupted by Blades’ hand on his shoulder again. The old ‘bot said softly to Drift and to Vector soon after.

    “Let them go, kid. We’ve done enough for today. Vector, reactivate the stealth field and prepare for the transwarp jump. Set course for the Benzuli Expanse, Benzuli Transit Station. Set the countdown to jump five milli-cycles after we’ve activated the stealth field. Then deactivate the stealth field and proceed with transwarp jump.”

    Knowing that Blades was somewhat correct in his decision, Drift took his eyes off the holo-viewscreen and over to the interface screen where Vector’s gear was displayed. “Vector, carry out his orders.”

    “Understood, Drift; we’ll enter transwarp five milli-cycles after we’ve reached safe distance and the stealth field is deactivated.”

    Slumping back into his chair as the lights switched from white to blue once again, Drift turned to Blades who had just sat back down at his own station. “So, was the day worth your while?”

    “It’s always worth my while. Always has been since Tyger Pax and less Autobots began dying since Megatron left to pursue the AllSpark. Only drawback is that Cybertron’s been getting lifeless with each passing cycle,” Blade said the last part with sadness. Drift and Searchlight both knew exactly when the veteran spoke of, and they shared his feelings. There was a silence amongst the crew for four milli-cycles as they tended to their duties when Searchlight’s optics widened and swung his head at Drift.

    The ninja’s audio receptors caught the sudden movement of servos and turned towards Searchlight. “What is it? Picked up something?”

    With his vocal processors twisted into a small smile, Searchlight tapped onto a LCD button and the bridge was filled with a voice all too familiar to them…and a message that was loud and clear. Blades’ eyes were filled with a sense of life once again, and Drift merely stayed silent but in that good way as that message reverberated in that silence.

    “I am Optimus Prime, and I send this message to any surviving Autobots taking refuge among the stars; we are here, we are waiting.”

    Suddenly, the Gung Ho’s stealth field deactivated and all the fusion torus’ power was shunted to the transwarp drive. Without a command, Searchlight quickly began tracking the signal to its source. If that really was Optimus, and he and his crew managed to find a new home, they needed to track that signal if they ever wanted to get there. The three emitters at the bow began to generate deuterion particles, the particles gathering cohesion and soon generating a transwarp portal for the ship to travel through.

    As Blades looked with desperate eyes towards Searchlight, the nerd-bot suddenly exclaimed, “Got it! I’ve tracked the transmission! We’re clear for transwarp jump!”

    The Gung Ho slowly began to move toward the portal, its ion engines slowly cutting off power as the prowler would more easily transition to the unique way transwarp space works. Less than a nano-cycle later, the vessel passed into transwarp space and the portal closed behind it. As they began to travel in transwarp space, the crew of the Gung Ho let out a deep sigh through their vocal processors. All of them slumped back into their seats with relief. One line of thought ran through their cerebral processors.

    Finally…we have a new home. Way to go, Optimus.

    Drift – Steven Blum
    Blades – Rutger Hauer
    Searchlight – Corey Burton
    Vector – Richard Newman
    Buzzsaw – Tom Kenny

    Btw, here's my take on the Cybertronian system of time so there's no confusion for the readers.

    Nano-cycle – 1 second
    Milli-cycle – 1 minute
    Cycle – 1 day
    Mega-cycle – 1 hour
    Deca-cycle – 1 week
    Meta-cycle – 1 month
    Solar-cycle – 1 year

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