Transformers: Vendetta

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    My fanfic that I've been writing since December. Heres basically the overview of this thing:
    It has been a time of peace for the Autobots. Megatron has long since been defeated and the Decepticons have fled. The Autobots are now out to discover and protect the universe.
    But not all is peace.
    Starscream, one of the last Decepticons left alive from the Great War, is quietly gathering forces from around the universe. And they've pinpointed one weak point the Autobots overlooked: Earth.
    With the Decepticons growing strength, and the Autobots unaware, will the Decepticons finally rise again?

    Pretty cool, huh? I hope you think so. So far I'm on Chapter 32, and I'm not even half done yet. As for characters, I'm designing them based off of G1, Animated, and Movie-verse. I've combined these styles together to make some pretty awesome characters. Plus, as well as some classic Transformers, I've invented some of my own, including Busstop, a school bus Transformer. The story also dosent just focus on Transformers either. There are 4 main human characters, Jake, Thomas, B.j., and Sariah, who all get intertwined in this and, in a spur of the moment idea, eventually become Cybertronians. I can't wait to post up the story and the art for this project.

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