Transformers: Until All Are One!

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    This is just a concept outline. I have metioned my idea for Unicron in TF3 and a few people suggested that I post my full idea in the Fan Fic formum. So I thought about it and this is what came out. It isn't much and I am going to refocus my work on things I actually expect to get published. But I would still like some feedback. I may even do rewrites and actually make it less of "hey, look at what I typed up in a couple hours" and more of a "OMG this would be the greatest movie EVER!"

    Enjoy and again, I welcome feedback!

    Act 1

    CYBERTRON: With the Allspark gone, nearly no life remains. The bodies of dead TFs cover the surface. Only Shockwave, a lieutenant of Megatron remains with a small band of Decepticons. They await their master’s return in the Temple of the Allspark.

    They see movement. A dead Autobot rises again and attacks them. It tears out the sparks of several of Shockwave’s troops. They too rise from the dead and attack their fellows. More and more dead TFs raise and attack their living counterparts. Shockwave and a few of his troops manage to leave.


    EARTH: Since ROTF, many things of changed. The TF’s are out in the open. Some have become celebrities (Twins), some are viewed as great heroes (OP), some people distrust all of them, and there are even some who sympathize with the Decepticon’s. Sam and his family had to be relocated to government facilities after some Decepticon sympathizers attempted to kill them.

    Ron is working with Ratchet and Jolt to attempt to create Energon (he is an electric engineer). Judy has become something of a mother to many of the NEST men, making brownies and the like for the troops. Sam is continuing his education. Mikaela doesn’t live with them but an Arcee (one survived and the others were rebuilt) has become her guardian. Leo works there as a PR rep and Simmons returns to employment running the day to day duties of the NEST base.

    More Autobots have come to Earth. Most notably is Rodimus, who has become a sort of apprentice to OP and Ironhide.

    NEMISIS: The Decepticons have regrouped in the Nemisis. Megatron is punishing Starscream for his continued failure by draining him of some Energon to attempt to create more troops. It just isn’t producing enough. They receive a notification from Soundwave. Shockwave has entered the system. Megatron is surprised and greets him. Shockwave warns them of the events on Cybertron. Soundwave notifies them that many more, unidentified TFs have entered the system. Battlestations!

    Sam and Mikaela are on a date. They are discussing where the relationship is going. Sam is planning to pop the questions. He keeps chickening out. Bumblebee helps him out, sets the mood, and he finally does it. They make the announcement, much to everyone’s joy! Most of the TFs don’t understand the concepts. Arcee thinks it sounds lovely. Plans begin. Simmons helps with the wedding planning, though Judy has to take over after he has some pretty bizarre ideas.

    The NEST forces are confused as all Decepticon activity seems to have completely disappeared. While many are hopeful, OP is pessimistic, fearing something big coming.

    Sam and Mikaela want to get out to do wedding stuff but they are finding a lot of resistance. Leo, sympathetic, helps them sneak out of the facility. BB, Arcee and Rodimus see and follow.. While they are out, Megatron, SS and the Waves come to Earth to take Sam. The Bots defend them. BB is killed and Rodimus is wounded before OP shows up. Megatron begs parlay.
    The cons reveal what happened on the Nemisis. Their forces were whipped out and only they remain. They had come to get Sam because they believed the Allspark information still resided within his mind. Sam says it is gone, transferred to the Matrix, which Prime poses (he recovered it from the Sun Harvester before leaving Egypt).

    BB rises from the dead. He is restrained and they all return to the NEST base. They interigate the zombie Bee. He reveals that he is now part of Unicron. Unicron wants to kill all TFs and make them all part of him. He will not stop until ALL ARE ONE!

    Act 2

    Starscream is very curious about the project to create Energon by NEST. Megatron and OP access the Matrix to learn more about Unicron. Sam morns the loss of BB. Mikaela is concerned about him as he has become distant with her.

    The Matrix does not have any information on Unicron. Megatron is angered, feeling that OP is withholding information. He leaves and has a vision of his former master, the Fallen. The Fallen tells him that Unicron was once HIS master, that all he was doing was to prepare for Unicron’s coming. He tells Megatron to join with Unicron, who can give him great power.

    Starscream has a vision as well. Unicron appears to him and tells him that he is better than OP and Megs. Unicron offers to give SS great power and make him the leader of his new army. SS just needs enough Energon to open the space bridge.

    Megatron realizes that his vision is a lie, made by Unicron. He rejects it but realizes that his actions in the war have brought about the end of his race.
    Sam has a vision too. An unidentified spark tells Sam to use the Matrix to save BB. Sam asks Prime if he can use the Matrix to help BB. Prime says he is uncertain if he should expose Unicron to the powers of the Matrix. Angered, Sam (with Arcee’s help) steals the Matrix and stabs it into BB. It resurrects Bee. It seems that the power of the Matrix can destroy the Unicron infestation.

    Megatron suggests that he and Prime return to Cybertron, where the virus started. Prime agrees and they leave the remaining Cons and Bots to stand against the coming Unicron swarm.

    Starscream approaches Soundwave, suggesting that Megatron will not do what is right for the race. SS suggests that they take the Energon tech from NEST and use it themselves. SW asks where SS will get an army. SS reveals he accepted Unicron’s offer to lead the swarm. SW agrees to SS’s plans, but warns ShW of the plan.

    On Cybertron, OP and Megatron fight through Unicrons as they search for where the Allspark first landed on Cybertron, believing that it will reveal where Unicron is coming into their universe.

    On Earth, SS and the Unicron begin invading Earth, attacking on all fronts and spreading out the Autobots. NEST sets up defences against them from the Energon chamber.

    Act 3

    On Cybertron, Unicron appears to Megatron again. He reveals his origins and true desires. He tells of his brother Primus, who created the Allspark. By using the Allspark and not actually passing into this universe, he prevented Unicron from passing into it himself. But, with the last of the original Dynasty of Prime’s dead and the Allspark destroyed, Unicron has found a way to project his consciousness into the Universe. In order to truly enter, however, he needs the Power of the Matrix. He promises to let Megatron recreate the TFs once they have all been destroyed. Unicron only wishes to destroy Primus’ creations. At last, Megaton agrees to let Unicron reformat him into a PRIME! He becomes stronger, GALVANIZED! Coming out of the vision, he attacks OP!

    On Earth, many Autobots are dying. SS is getting deeper and deeper into the NEST base. Sam is nearly killed but Mikaela saves him. He apologizes for being a tool and fears that they will not survive. Arcee fears the same and tells Bee of her regrets of never sharing the bond that Sam and Mikaela share with anyone. Bee pledges that, if they make it out of there, he will bond with her. Arcee starts kicking ass.

    Back on Cybertron, OP and Megs are in a massive fight. It spans the whole planet. At last, Megs overpowers Prime and takes the Matrix from him. He stabs Prime with it and smites him to the ground. He turns and presents it to Unicron. To take it, Unicron makes a giant body out of all the dead TFs. He is the size of the mountain.

    Meanwhile, SS finally breaks into the inner chamber of the Energon creation chamber. Despite their best attempts, the Bots and NEST can’t stop him. He, however, does not intend to use it to help Unicron. He wants to use it become more powerful and finally stand up to Megatron. He absorbs the Energon but it is too unstable. He is overloaded and explodes. The shockwave deactivates the Unicrons, returns their sparks to them and we see a bunch of F22s hit by it but nothing seems to happen. The Bots, Cons and Humans discuss their options. Sam suggests that they go help Prime on Cybertron. But they don’t know how they are going to get there. SW has an idea.

    Unicron takes the Matrix and tries to merge it with his spark. It doesn’t seem to have any energy left. Unicron realizes that, when Megs stabbed Prime, he transferred all the Matrix to Prime’s spark. Meg double crossed Unicron to become more powerful and get him to come into the world so they can access his spark! He and Prime team back up and fight Unicron, but it seems that, even with two Primes, it does not look as though they are going to win. Megatron, certain of their impending death, apologizes to his brother for bringing about the end of all things.

    Suddenly, a meteor shower comes to Cybertron and crashes into Unicron. The other TFs have come, followed by human forces in the Nemisis and the Arc! Together, they join forces against Unicron. Even with all the TFs fighting, they cannot win. Rodimus reveals that he knows how to destroy Unicron but he did not wish to do it. He opens his chest to reveal that his spark chamber looks like the Matrix. He will merge it with Unicron’s spark, but it will destroy them both. He is willing to do this. Covered by the TFs, Rodimus fights into Unciron’s body and succeeds. They are destroyed.
    As the smoke clears, Rodimus appears in a spectral form. He reveals that he is actually Primus. He created this body to allow him to act in this universe without passing into it. He knew Unicron would greatly desire to find a way into the universe. Since his body could not pass, he would reveal his spark. At last, Unicron is forever destroyed in all universe. Primus leaves, with one last gift. The power given off by Unicron’s destruction is used by Primus to recreate the Allspark.

    OP, remembering Megatron’s words earlier, proposes a peace. Megatron rejects it, but says he will leave the Allspark. SW obtained the designs from NEST and has already improved on them. They are going to find a new planet and rebuild their forces. Before anyone can stop them, Megatron uses his improved power to create a Spacebridge and transport all the Decepticons to another world.

    With the Allspark, the Bots begin to rebuild Cybertron. They thank the humans for all their help. Sam is named ambassador to Cybertron. He marries Mikaela and the film ends with them, BB and Arcee on Cybertron, looking off into the sunset, uncertain of the future, but hopeful for tomorrow. Cue Linkin Park, end of movie.

    Epilogue: The other F22s that were hit by SS’s dying shockwave suddenly all transform. One becomes SS, reborn, his spark now immortal. The other’s become his own personal army of Seekers. They declare war on both Autobots and Decepticons.

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