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    Okay, I've had an idea brewing in my head for a Transformers fanfiction storyline called Transformers Unlimited. Basically, they're somewhat sleek versions of the G1 aesthetic to show they're technorganic. The Autobots are like so:

    Optimus Prime: Turns into a cab-over truck of the future that's combined with its trailer, resembling the Mitsubishi Fuso concept with a trailer instead of a dump truck bed and four wheels in the back instead of just two. In the trailer, he stores his signature weapon, a laser axe. The upper half of the trailer splits in two and sits on his shoulders, swept back like a pair of wings. Has a mouth in his faceplate similar to Optimus Primal, and, other than the more G1-looking antennae on the side of his head, has a head resembling RiD Optimus Prime’s super mode head, but has a faceplate resembling Optimus Primal’s with a mouth in the all-silver mouthplate. His deco homages RiD Optimus Prime’s super mode in having red legs and head instead of blue. His optics should somewhat morose.

    Roadbuster: The largest member of Optimus Prime's team, Roadbuster is what you'd call a demolitions expert: He's amazingly strong, and would be quite capable of lifting up a human battleship. His weapons are a pair of piledrivers that resemble Movie Ironhide's cannons, but, instead of cannons, they're piledrivers like Rumble and Frenzy's arms from G1. THey go down and forward to cover his arms for attack mode. They mount on the side in vehicle mode as fuel tanks, and a panel slides out from the part under the vehicle mode doors, revealing stairs. He turns into a green and brown monster truck, and his robot mode resembles a streamlined and less detailed version of Monster Convoy (Look to Monster Convoy's right side for a good image of his vehicle mode, which would also be Roadbuster's, plus the steps/fuel tanks/piledrivers on the sides) with a head that incorporates elements of Roadbuster (the visor) and Cybertron Crumplezone (the underbite).

    Snowcat: She turns into a white four-wheeled motorcycle with pink stripes, similar to the Dodge Tomahawk mixed with a more traditional Buell Firebolt, similar to Arcee's Movie 1 toy. Her robot mode continues this colorscheme. Her head resembles a somewhat feminized version of Cheetor's original head, you know: smaller nose, thinner face and head, slightly larger eyes, lips like every female TF on a more normal mouth, that stuff. Has a motorcycle hood for a (rather small) chest like Animated Prowl, with the windshield partially going in front of her face. In her stomach, you can see the two front wheels. The back wheels end up in her thighs, like Animated Prowl.

    Download: He resembles E.J. Su's Bumblebee design for the -Ations series, but his head resembles a G1 version of ROTF Jolt's head, as in it has the three crests, but has a more normal mouth and face. He turns into a blue compact car resembling a mix between the Chevrolet Groove concept’s back and roof, and Universe Legends Wheelie's hood and grill, with wheel covers like the Audi RSQ. His deco resembles Animated Soundwave with Allspark blue Tron Lines, even having an on button icon on the roof, but in the aforementioned Allspark blue instead of Soundwave's gold. His weapons are a pair of stingers that switch out with his hands, resembling more G1-styled versions of Animated Bumblebee's stingers. The vehicle mode roof is on his back, but extends upwards behind his head, where a pair of speakers can be seen behind his head, like on Animated Soundwave's back.

    Nightcruz: He transforms into what is essentially a black formula one car resembling the Fiovaranti FL1 concept with a golden flame paintjob where the white, orange and green are located on the Fiovaranti. It also has a closed dome canopy, but the car itself has a bit more of a solid form resembling a more G1-like version of Transtech Cheetor with smaller wheels and no cheetah face. He has wheel feet, similar to Animated Blurr, albeit the feet are a more G1 design other than the wheels, which are still hoopwheels. His weapon is a Surfblade, similar to Kiss Players Optimus Prime, but in primarily black with gold flames because a surfboard, or in this case, a hoverboard turning into a sword is awesome, even if it comes from Kiss Players. His robot mode somewhat resembles the same Transtech Cheetor concept design in body shape and transformation, but, of course, with smaller wheels, no arm blades, and more normally shaped legs. His head resembles Armada Blurr, but with a regular mouth instead of a mouth plate. There’s also a windshield that folds upwards like Breakway’s cockpit window. Make sure his optics are visible underneath his visor! The front wheels are on the hips, along with the front spoiler. In vehicle mode, the Surfblade stores underneath his vehicle mode, its exhaust pipes forming his exhaust pipes.

    Oh, and all of them have blue optics. Keep in mind, all of them except Optimus are relatively young, like the Cybertronian equivalent of mid-teens to early twenties, in this order: Download is younger than Snowcat, who is about the same age as Nightcruz, and they're younger than Roadbuster, who is much younger than Optimus.

    If one person could do all of these (In no particular order), I'd be happy. They can take their time, too, with separate pictures and all.

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