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    I have the following Transformers for sale or trade. I am making room for new items.
    I would appreciate your help in this matter. They are loose but all are complete with weapons and instructions. All joints are tight and there is no wear or tear. They have been sealed in a glass case and used for display only. PM me with questions. I did price checking and have seen what these go for loose but prices are negotiable. Shipping Priority is $9.30 Parcel is $4.73. If international I will try to get the cheapest price for you.

    1. Astrotrain $7
    2. Sharkticon $7
    3. Tankor and Obsidian $10
    4. Starscream $7
    5. Thrust with Inferno $7
    6. Wheeljack with Windsheer $7
    7. Cyclonus with Blackout $7
    8. Acid storm $7
    9. Galvatron $7

    1. Powerglide $20
    2. Smokescreen
    3. Crosshairs $3
    4. Skyblast $3


    I Will also Trade

    Cybertron Voyger Starscream
    Cybertron Defense Hot Shot
    Cybertron Defense Red Alert.

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