Transformers Universe: The Horsemen

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    A new Transformers Universe story, the idea came to me while I was messing around with my Energon Decepticons. The other side should excite some of you two, but I will write that later. Wanna see what you all think of what I got first.

    “This is Patrice Anderson, with GBS right in the heart of Cybertropolis, capital city of Cybertron, home planet of the Transformers. It has been 25 years since the Transformers first made contact with Earth, introducing Earth and her people to the intergalactic community. It was this act many believed that brought planet wide peace to Earth. We saw we were not alone in the universe, that we were a part of something bigger and grander then the difference and wars that wrecked our planet and lives. We saw the Transformers, united as one in peace and harmony and equality. It was easy to follow this example. On this, the 25th anniversary, we gather on Cybertron to celebrate.

    “Humans, Transformers and other sentient life forms from across the galaxy have gathered for the wonders and festivities and to hear Alpha Trion speak, the leader of Cybertron for over a millennium. Oh wait! There he is, on the balcony, Alpha Trion!”

    The obviously old red and purple mech makes his way to the edge of the balcony, and waves to the crowd, greeted with a large applause from everyone. Accompanying him, a younger looking red and blue mech, and a silver one, both smiling at the crowd.

    “Welcome my friends,” Alpha Trion begins, speaking into the PA system, “Over a millennium ago, our world, like many of yours, was a place of violence and death. We had been enslaved by alien invaders for longer then even I can remember. One day, a brave mech rose up, with the credo “Freedom is the Right of Every Sentient Being,” and led us against our oppressors as one unified force for freedom, and while many lives were lost in that battle, including his, we were free! It was this, that we united as one people, as one planet, and began exploring the cosmos, finding new worlds, and new friends. Earth is only the latest of friends we have made, though with their help, we hope to find many others…”

    Meanwhile, on the far side of the courtyard the celebration is being placed, a pair of red optics glow fiercely.

    “This will be even easier then Tarantulas alluded to,” one mentions, the closes of the four to the window.

    “This reality’s Cybertron is a world pacifists, how can this not be easy?” another mocks, banging across his chest.

    “Just because there are no factions of Autobots and Decepticons here Snowcat,” a third begins, “Does not mean we should take them lightly. They are still Transformers, and outnumber the four of us greatly.”

    “Who cares how many of them there are,” the fourth, sitting in the farthest corner states, “we serve Unicron, and he has given us the power to overcome any force Barricade, any force.”

    “I am inclined to agree with Sharkticon,” the first states again, his gaze still on the balcony, “look there, Alpha Trion’s bodyguards… in my reality, they are Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots and Megatron, leader of the Decepticons, but here they are brothers, here instead of enemies, they are comrades and protectors. They are not warriors, none of the Transformers here are.”

    “I would still think we need to act with a bit of caution,” Barricade warns, “Our mission here is to destroy Vector Sigma and the Matrix. We have already discovered Vector Sigma missing from the center of the planet where it normally is, and we have yet to see a Prime here at all, let alone one carrying the Matrix in his chest.”

    “Then we rip apart every Transformer here!” Snowcat stomps, “tear them asunder until none of them remain, or they gives of the locations of Vector Sigma and the Matrix, either way, we win, and get to have a ton of fun!”

    “Logic would dictate the one mech who might know anything, is Alpha Trion,” Barricade notes.

    “Agreed,” the first states, “him and his bodyguards are mine, the rest are yours, but before you go, we have another issue, the humans.”

    “All indications have them mostly demilitarized; they shouldn’t give us too many problems.” Barricade responds.

    “But in each of our realities from which we hail, they have been… problems, have they not? We should put some fear into them, something to keep them away from Cybertron while we destroy it!”

    “Sounds like fun!” Snowcat laughs, “What'd you have in mind?”

    “On Earth, there is an ancient myth of four warriors, who would bring in the end of things, I believe they call them, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse; Famine, Pestilence, War and Death.”

    “You would have us adopt these names?” Barricade asks.

    “Indeed. Sharkticon, you will be referred to as Famine; Snowcat, you will be Pestilence; War will be your name Barricade; and I will be Death.”

    “Why do you get to be Death?” Snowcat demands, “Why can’t I be Death Starscream?”

    With lightning fast reflexes, Starscream has created a sword of pure Energon, and has pinned Snowcat against the wall, the blade centimeters from Snowcat’s optics.

    “I withdraw the question.”

    “Go Horsemen!” Starscream yells, “let loose the end of things! Let us bring the Apocalypse to these beings!”

    The wall of the room the four were in erupts, letting Snowcat and Barricade fall to the ground, and Sharkticon and Starscream float straight out. On each of them, Barricade’s back and the chest of the other three, a crystal glows in a horrid neon green hue. The crystals spit out two weapons for each, large rotating drill cannons for Barricade; explosive boomerangs for Starscream; twin swords for Sharkticon, attaching to his forearms; and two large cannons for Snowcat, attaching to two cannons already existing on his back; all these weapons, comprised of pure Energon.

    The crowd screams and yells in panic.

    “Horsemen of the Apocalypse!” Starscream commands “Destroy them all!”

    “Pestilence! Transform!” Snowcat screams, becoming a ground based attack vehicle, letting lose with all six cannons that rest on his roof.

    “Famine! Transform!” Sharkticon screams from the air, becoming a shark shaped craft, loaded with artillery batteries and his Energon blades resting on the sides. And then two large torpedo bays fold out from the nose on the craft.

    “War! Transform!” Barricade yells, transforming in a large missile truck, the drill cannons attaching to the missile battery on his back end.

    “Death! Transform!” Starscream states coldly, transforming into a black jet. The wings of the jet fold out, revealing two more cannons underneath each wing, and the boomerangs attach underneath them. Starscream rockets towards the balcony where Alpha Trion’s two bodyguards are already attempting to spirit their protectorate away.

    “Orion go! Transform and get Alpha Trion out of here, I will cover you!” the silver bodyguard Starscream called Megatron demands, his left hand sliding into the casing for his forearm and being replaced with a glowing Energon spiked ball and chain.

    Starscream transforms as he lands, an Energon boomerang in one hand, his Energon sword in the other.

    “I never dreamed seeing you again would be so exciting,” Starscream smiles, dragging his sword across the floor.

    “Do I know you?” the silver bodyguard asks.

    “No, which makes what happens next, only half as satisfying as it should be.”

    Starscream throws the boomerang, which his opponent bats away easily, but is caught by surprise by the resulting explosion, and stumbles a few steps. Before he can recover, the Energon blade has sliced through his midsection.

    “No!” Orion screams, an Energon axe appearing where his left hand was, as the top half of his comrade's body, falls off, leaving the legs standing by themselves a moment, “He was my friend! My brother in arms! I will make you pay!”

    Orion charges, swinging his axe around at Starscream’s head.

    “What a pity,” Starscream smirks, blocking the axe his sword, “destroying you will be even less gratifying then him.”

    Starscream reaches out, digging his fingers into Orion’s chest, and ripping the housing off. Orion screams out in pain, his spark exposed. Without slowing, Starscream impales Orion’s spark on his sword, snuffing it out.

    “Who are you?” Alpha Trion demands, pressed against the wall, “Why would you break the peace that has lasted here for over a millennium? Why would you destroy two innocent sparks like they were nothing?”

    “We are servants of Unicron, the Chaos Bringer. We have come to this reality to destroy it!”

    “Unicron? You are after Vector Sigma and the Matrix then!”

    “Very good old man,” Starscream smiles, grabbing Vector Sigma by the throat, “now tell me where I can find what we seek, and I will make your death painless.”

    “Teleport by 61-809-10 Sigma,” Alpha Trion commands, disappearing from Starscream’s grasp.”

    “What? NO!” Starscream screams, slicing and blasting everything around him until he brings the building down.

    “What happened Death?” Sharkticon asks, landing in robot mode next to Starscream, pushing a deactivated Transformer from one of his blades, mech fluid splashed up against his body.

    “Alpha Trion knows where our bounty is, but is far more slippery then we anticipated. Have the others activate their Terrocon drones, and finish destroying the Transformers of this world. We go on the hunt!”

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