Transformers Universe SpyChangers Optimus Prime (G2 Colors)

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    I tried posting this in the articles section but I'm not sure it worked, so I'll post it here too.

    I found the Universe G1 color SpyChangers at Dollar General at $2 a pop, so I bought two that I really liked! This review is for you know who... G2 SpyChanger Optimus Prime.


    The packaging is neat, but average on the front, with the universe logo. But the back is real cool. It shows the spychangers in vehicle mode and has their mottos and bios. All except for Prime himself. For him, he's shown in vehicle mode and instructions on how to transform him. Also there is a drawing of G1 Prime. ( Strange, though, because the toy is the mold and paint job of G2 Laser Pime.) Overall nothing special, but cool nonetheless!


    Robot Mode:

    Th toy comes in robot mode so this is where I'll start. First off, NO WEAPON! But this guy is AWESOME! It's unbelievable how detailed and how great the paint job is on this toy! They must have molded this toy under a microscope. The detail honestly reminds me of the Cybertron toys! It's that cool! I still am in awe of the paint job! I hade no clue the places Hasbro could get to with paint! Primes eyes aren't a speck of yellow, his entire eyes are painted! The paint is only lacking in one place, the two middle wheels, unlike the others, these are blue. Those two also don't move unlike the others. Articulation is iffy. His arms and head move but his legs don't come apart or move at all, but this is a spychanger here, it's what to expect.



    Prime's transformation is simple, very simalar too mini armada prime! Push his legs in, ditto with the head, then click the shoulders and... walla!


    Vehicle Mode:

    All I can say is tha it's awesome for such a small toy! It makes me wish that he came with a trailer! Paint isn't lacking, he even has turquise stripes. (non-tacky) Again it is evident of the great amount of detail this figure has! With a highly detailed grill, head lights, top lights, rear lights, smoke stacks, gas tanks, door handes, treads on steps, and the list goes on, all in a 3 inch toy!!!



    This toy is nothing short of amazing! The detail and paint on such a small toy is unbelievable! Especially at such a small price point! Be warned: this toy in for collectors only! If you buy toys only for play value you will be sorely disapointed! But if you appreciate detail and displayability this is a must buy!

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    I think it's pretty neat as well. If you weren't already aware, the original release of this mold was the Spychanger version of RiD Scourge (which is why the lines are molded into the chest windows and shoulders), which of course was a repaint of G2 Laser Prime. It's one of those fun cyclical things. Too bad the Spychanger version has a nicer color scheme than the G2 version. (IMO anyway)

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